Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What’s in your garage?

I saw a post on Amthrax about a lot of Xango boxes stacked in the garage. There was no room to park a car in there though the fellow still managed to cram his motorbike in - a quick shot of it while the camera pans the garage.

Where I live a lot of people have their garages packed full of storage items so there is no room to park a car in there. Absolutely crazy. Unless this is only a temporary residence -  downsize! Ask most people what the purpose of a garage is and they’ll say its a place to park the car. Not a storage unit.

Our Platinum had a regular sized house with a 2 car garage. His cars were parked in the driveway. I went inside their garage. There were a lot of Amway boxes in there but not so much that a car or two couldn’t be parked inside if they shoved those boxes against the wall and stacked them. I’m not sure if this was personal consumption or sales but I suspect most of it was given out as samples, and here I’m talking XS Energy Drinks and Perfect Water. Remember our Platinum was screwing over Amway by getting free sample cases because he’d call in to say his customer didn’t like the product and they’d send him a replacement. That kept him in drinks and to give out samples.

The real reason cars could not be parked in here were because of all the tables. You’d think this place was a boutique run by the Addams Family. Even in the dim light we could see very table held Amway products and practically one of everything that was sold in the catalogue. Every type of Artistry makeup on one table. Skin care on another table. Nutrilite on another table. Food bars and drinks on another table. Cleaning products on another table. And so on. A rough estimate is 12  to 15 card tables. It would be kind of fun driving a car in there and busting some of that damn Amway shit!

I’m not really sure why they had the garage set out this way. Its not like there were just exclusive Amway products on show. They had other things stored in the garage like sporting equipment, car products, and tools. We’re not talking ambience here. If this was supposed to be set up like a store where customers come in to look over the products and then place an order, the Platinum didn’t say anything to us about that. In fact they didn’t say much of anything. Just herded us all in there to take a look - had to be about 30 or 40 IBO’s there that day - and we had to squeeze inbetween people and laden tables. This is worse than hitting an electronics shop on Black Friday! Everyone just hung out talking because no one could move being packed in like sardines. And then after the Platinum decided we’d done enough oohing and ahhing and worshipping of his Amway store, we went back inside the house for the Amway meeting.

One time Ambot had to pick something up at the Emerald’s house. Or maybe he was dropping something off. Running an errand for the Platinum obviously. When Ambot got home he told me he’d seen the garage. He estimated there were over 100 boxes of Perfect Water in there. The Emerald told him those were his customer sales for the month. I just can't see a market for overpriced water. Maybe those customers were IBO’s in his downline. The Emerald couldn’t park his car in the garage either.

The big question is did he really have customers for all those boxes of water (unlikely) or was he stockpiling product and getting his PV up there?

We’ll never know. Fortunately Ambot didn’t stockpile products hoping for future sales. All the useless Amway products he bought were bad enough. I enjoyed tossing them in the trash after Ambot finally had enough of this scam.

Spending money on Amway = tossing it in the garbage. We might as well have burned twenty dollar bills. Would have been cheaper in the long run.


  1. I thought the person in the video choose to have all those xango boxes. He's not taking a loss and helping xango leaders sell that garbage.

  2. I don't know the story about the Xango in that video but Ambot says our Emerald brought in pallets of Perfect Water and his garage was stacked mostly with water "for either his personal consumption or future sales". No room in there for cars. Ambot said a lot of the boxes on the pallets ruptured during transit and one truck driver was pissed off at the puddles in the box (either a 3 ton or 5 ton truck not a semi trailer) that he had a mess to clean up. Well I guess when you come down to it all Amway is is one big mess that someone has to clean up!

  3. Im sure many platinums and diamonds buy cases of doublex with other products and sell them on ebay. Seen that stuff sold at a huge discount.

  4. I guess they got to get rid of them somehow. Seems to me it would be easier to take the hit on loss of PV and return them to Amway.

  5. Actually, if you want to prop up your business after it falls backwards, it makes sense to buy some products to enable you to maintain your fake qualification, so you qualify for various Amway and Amway Tool Scam bonuses.

  6. What's in my garage?
    The two cars that I paid for in cash AFTER getting out of the Amroid business(because it's a pain in the ass).
    And how did I get that garage (attached to a house)? That's right, I worked hard at a job and make 6 figures instead of chasing an illusion.

  7. Years after we quit amway, we were finally able to deal with taking down the shelves we had put up for our amway products.

    And the same vicious trolls that tell us we are liars will jump on this, too - well, why did you allow yourself to be forced to stock amway? blah, blah, blah

    Here's why, asshole: if someone in my downline orders a single box of tampons, I had to order the entire case. When we went 1000 pv, we were told how priviledged we were to go RDC (Regional Distribution Center). Wow! We could order for our entire downline. Aren't we lucky?

    What dumbasses. Our upline must have thought they got a real sucker this time. They were only too thrilled not to be shipping crap to us every week - and who can blame them?

    We were constantly help up as examples of 1000 pvers. gag

    It has taken us nearly a decade to use up all that shit. Foil, tampons, etc., etc.

    It is awesome to finally be able to let off steam. And, Honey, I'm boiling!!!!

  8. I think you should start up your own blog too. I'd love to read it!

    Well at least you had (overpriced) stuff in your garage that you could use. I ended up tossing the extras.

  9. Hi, Anna;

    Confession time: I don't have any idea how to start my own blog and if household knew I was even doing this it would create problems.

    I hope you don't feel I'm trying to take over your great blog. It's so much fun to read your stories - they'd make a great book.

    I am happy to contribute to yours, with your permission, of course.

    God speed

  10. Anonymous, just go to www.blogger.com to create your own blog. Use any name you want. In case you haven't figured out Banana is not my last name just I heard it so many times when I was a kid! No one in your household would know if you use another name and seeing as how you've been out for 10 years they probably wouldn't care.

    Your stories make a good contribution to this blog and hopefully gets the word out there to others what they're in for if they get involved with Amway.

  11. I will consider it.


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