Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fuck You IBO!

It finally happened! Someone did a Google search for “fuck you IBO” and found my blog! You guessed it. Number 1 on the search engine!

Yes this is definitely the place to be if you want to tell any IBO you’ve ever met: “Fuck you!” Or live vicariously through me saying it.

Depending on your perspective there are different types of IBO’s to say fuck you to:

1. from the point of view of someone who is not associated with Amway and does not want to be associated with Amway and does not want to be hounded by Amway IBO’s
2. from the point of view of someone who has a spouse, family member, or good friend who is an Amway IBO
3. from the point of view of a former IBO who has found out the truth about Amway and the tool scam

So rather than say fuck you over and over in each sentence I’ll just say it once at the top of the list.


  1. for saying where else can you start up your own business for only $150 but neglecting to mention all the other costs once you’ve paid your start up fee
  2. for saying people who have nothing good to say about Amway are only trying to steal your dream
  3. for saying people who don’t support your Amway business don’t want you to succeed
  4. for saying “don’t say negative!”
  5. for saying buy from your own store
  6. for trying to break up marriages
  7. for saying the more meetings and functions you attend the more successful you will be
  8. for saying “You can’t quit now because you haven’t been in it long enough to succeed” no matter how many years you’ve been in Amway
  9. for hounding me to buy your shitty overpriced products
  10. for lying about how the upline does not profit from the sale of Amway tools
  11. for lying about how you’ll only spend 10 to 15 hours a week in this business
  12. for criticizing people who have J.O.B.s
  13. for saying you’ll always be broke as long as you’re working for someone else
  14. for saying you must be on DITTO
  15. for saying you must be CORE
  16. for being disrespectful
  17. for bringing misery to people’s lives
  18. for saying you must always listen to tapes (oops I fucked up by saying TAPES!!! IBOFB will be in to leave a comment that tapes haven’t been sold since he was shitting his diapers and CD’s have been sold for the past few decades)
  19. for forcing us to buy tools by saying you won’t work with us if we don’t buy them (even though the Amway literature says buying tools from your LOS is optional and your upline can’t refuse to mentor you and assist you to build a business if you don’t buy them)
  20. for wanting your errands done for free
  21. for saying attend all functions no matter what else is going on in your life
  22. for not getting off my ass about recruiting me as an IBO
  23. for getting bitchy if we question anything
  24. for brainwashing us
  25. for lying about how everyone in the upline is very successful
  26. for telling us an Amway business is a great tax shelter and everything is tax deductible
  27. for not taking “NO” for an answer
  28. for telling us to sign up our dog and cat as downline IBOs
  29. for not minding your own fucking business
  30. for lying about being debt free
  31. for being bullies
  32. for telling us to charge Amway products and functions onto our credit cards
  33. for lying about Amway owning the Amway Arena in Orlando Florida
  34. for lying about the health benefits of Perfect Water
  35. for blaming people who don’t succeed in their Amway business as being lazy
  36. for blaming people who don’t succeed in their Amway business as not trying hard enough
  37. for underestimating the power of the Internet
  38. for telling us to wear business attire to all meetings
  39. for lying about how Artistry is one of the top 5 best selling cosmetics in the world
  40. for telling us not to have any competitor’s products in the house if Amway sells a similar product
  41. for telling us to lie to prospects so they don’t know they’re coming to an Amway meeting
  42. for telling us to do what our upline tells us to do because they’re the only ones with a sincere interest in us
  43. for lying about how you’ll be our best friends forever
  44. for saying duplicate your upline
  45. for telling us that self consumption is essential to our success in the Amway business
  46. for forcing your personal beliefs upon us
  47. for saying that people who refuse to be part of the Amway business are losers
  48. for saying don’t do anything and don’t buy anything without first counselling with your upline
  49. for telling us not to socialize with friends and family who are not in the Amway business
  50. for saying “always edify your upline”
  51. for being annoying as hell
  52. for lying about how you’ll buy back books and tapes (ah shit I meant CDs) if we decide not to build an Amway business
  53. for lying about how we’ll collect residual income for the rest of our lives
  54. for telling us to cancel our plans if you want to schedule a last minute business meeting
  55. for saying “if the dream is big enough then the facts don’t count”
  56. for berating us if we didn’t bring any prospects to an Amway meeting
  57. for giving us “lines” to use to trick people into attending an Amway meeting
  58. for holding late night meetings
  59. for causing financial losses
  60. for causing emotional distress
  61. for scolding us if we miss a meeting
  62. for being the biggest bunch of liars I’ve ever met
  63. for being the greediest assholes I’ve ever met
  64. for being the biggest troublemaking bastards I’ve ever met

OK I think I’ve said enough fuck you’s for now. If I keep thinking about it the list will keep growing and I have to stop this post sometime! Feel free to load up the comments with the many ways you want to say FUCK YOU IBO!


  1. I would like to say, thank you! Please, come again!

  2. Thanks Amthrax! The more I kept adding to the list the more pissed off I was getting (at IBO's) so I finally had to say enough and stop!

  3. Hi there I AM AN IBO. You won't be for much longer if your upline catches you reading this negative shit!

  4. I must admit that my upline Silver and Rubies were fine people (they are both no longer active or in the business). Maybe that's why I stuck around for as long as I did with no demonstrable results. If I had an upline like yours, I would have quit sooner!

  5. Yeah, why do the IBO's read this negative stuff, when they are told doing so will cause a delay in building their business. Maybe those who do read this are beginning to snap out of their brainwashing.

  6. Amthrax I've known our sponsor for about 15 years. Back then I could barely tolerate him and its worsened over the years because he's a troublemaker. The Amway stint only worsened how I feel about him. Its a really bad idea for any IBO to sign up a friend if their spouse can't stand them. Otherwise they could end up starring on a blog like this! If any current IBOs are reading this hopefully they'll get that message. The rest of the upline I grew to dislike as the months wore on.

  7. David the IBO above is Joecool's anonymous buddy from Scarborough Canada who thrives on reading blogs by former IBOs. I doubt he'll be snapping out of his brainwashed state anytime soon!

  8. Anna;

    This is the best anti-amway post I've ever read.

    As I was reading down the list, I started reading faster and faster, and getting more pissed.

    I dare any 'bot' to counter.

    This list is simply jaw-dropping.

    Amway really doesn't own the the arena in Orlando? Wowzers. They've bragged about that for at leas 15 years.

    But what am I saying? Mercy me, I will need 5 CASSETTE TAPES to recover.

  9. Lobotommized for AmwayJanuary 21, 2011 at 5:54 AM

    Best. post. ever. Nice job. I think what makes me most angry about these jackwagons is that they make us, otherwise reasonable, intelligent people doubt our own better judgement.

  10. Anna: So the IBO is THAT guy. Thanks for telling me. I can't tell one IBO from another, because they all sound alike in their Amaspeak. I guess if you repeat a lie loud enough and often enough it will be accepted as truth (brainwashing). Unfortunately, history has taught us this is not a good thing, as evidenced by Nazi Germany and the former USSR.

  11. Thanks Anonymous. You know this didn't have to be an anti-Amway post. Its an anti-upline post. This could have been any other MLM or business out there as long as the players had remained the same, the abuse had remained the same, and the lies were told. Because it is Amway who already has a bad reputation due to the tool scam, overpriced products, apathy, lawsuits, etc the two kind of go hand in hand and therefore this blog swings in that direction.

    Yeah, the more I added to the list the more pissed off I became as I remembered these things.

    The city of Orlando owns the arena. They put up for bids many years ago anyone who wants their name on the stadium for marketing and advertising. Other venues in other cities do the same thing. I think it used to be the Price Waterhouse Arena then Amway won the bid for 4 years (I think). When the new arena in Orlando was built Amway was given the right of first refusal to have their name on it. They bought 10 years to have their name on their for I think $40 million dollars. My numbers might be a little off. I don't have the story in front of me. The next thing you know the upline will be bragging that Amway owns all of Orlando!

  12. Thanks Lobotomized. The truth makes people angry especially when they realize what they'd previously thought of as "negative" is really the truth.

  13. Hi David, yeah Scarborough likes to come here and read. He doesn't post a lot because he's more into arguing with anyone who says Amway is a bad business opportunity. Its kind of hard for him to come here and argue that my upline are a bunch of angels when he doesn't know them.

  14. Who wants to testify under oath what they experienced with Amway?

  15. Greg Duncan used to say from stage, "Amway owns the Orlando Magic."

    And we bought it. How could we prove otherwise. Makes everything the windtalkers said suspect.


  16. Anonymous I'm not quite sure of the ownership of the Orlando Magic team. The owners of Amway either own or part own the team and Alticor or Amway might be listed as owners too so Duncan saying Amway owns the Orlando Magic would be more or less pretty close. Perhaps someone who is into basketball might know the team ownership.

  17. I believe Rich Devos owns the Orlando Magic.

  18. Anon/Anna, a simple google search for "Orlando Magic owner" gives you the answer.

    Don't you know how to use the internets? LOL

  19. Tex - I wasn't interested enough to check. Though I checked a couple of years ago and had some vague recollection. You have to remember I have no natural curiosity.

  20. You could have checked in less time than it took to type your answer.

  21. Anna, like you i never cared or wanted to google that info. I just know there where enough ambots & suckers who overpayed for junk so rich devos can own practically anything he wants. Even if it's a nba team.

  22. Why? I have no natural curiosity. Ambot reminded me of that a little while ago because I didn't open a package that came in the mail for me today and so he "accidentally" opened it so he could see what it was.

    And no it wasn't XS Energy Drinks! Ha ha!

  23. Yeah I think Tex is confusing us for people who actually care. Whoever owns the damn team doesn't change my life one way or another!

  24. colin/Anna,

    It's obvious you don't care, but it is fun to thoroughly document it. LOL

  25. Holy shit Colin! We’re in big trouble now! Tex has documented that we don’t care who owns the Orlando Magic! He’s going to take this documentation about us straight to the FBI and CIA! I guess they ignored his documentation over the past year about how Micheal Jackson is still alive and living in Tahiti so now he has to annoy them with the real important stuff! Ha ha!!!

  26. You don't care about a lot more than who owns the Orlando Magic, but it's not a crime to be stupid. LOL

  27. Anna, had a hard time sleeping lastnight knowing ibofb or tex might be documenting this stuff. You might wanna becareful and not post to many f bombs in your blogs. Actually, tex might ask the court for more money saying if it wasnt for amway he wouldnt have to put up with the fouled mouth anna and the non logical bastard colin lol.

  28. Colin people don't need to read my blog if they find the language offensive. For most people that seems to be why they like coming here. If they can't curse out their former upline its fun to live through me doing it. Yeah Tex should ask for more money because he has to put up with foul lanuguage, dealing with stupid people he finds on the Internet, finding suitable comebacks to their idiotic statements, and all the time he has to spend educating them. Ha ha! And the real funny thing is he'd probably win!

  29. I agree, keep up the f-bombs and other cursing. It is DEFINITELY going to help my Amway lawsuit! LOL

  30. Well whatever I can do to help you win your lawsuit Tex. I might not support you as a party in the action but I support you in spirit. If a blog where someone curses out their former upline helps your lawsuit then my work here is worth something. I only started the blog to help Amway widows but if it helps out others then that's a good thing.

  31. What you should be thinking about is preventing "Amway widows" from being created in the first place, but that would take caring, right?

    Supporting me "in spirit" doesn't cut it, it takes ACTION, but that would take caring as well, right?

  32. If I knew how to prevent Amway widows then I'd be posting that here.

    You already said I'm too stupid to join your action!

  33. You know how, add a link to my blog and stay focused on the Amway Tool Scam.

    Almost anybody can overcome stupid, if they want to do so. That takes caring.

  34. Tex you post so many links to your blog that I don't have to!

  35. As I said, "Almost anybody can overcome stupid, if they want to do so. That takes caring." LOL

  36. For all you know I could already by one of your co-plaintiffs on your lawsuit or my husband could be and I'm getting tired of being called stupid all the time and ready to let you go at it with one less person. Never thought of that did you?

  37. I think I know who is on my own lawsuit. LOL

    However, you are probably eligible to be part of the Pokorny class action lawsuit, as you have been an IBO since 2003.

    But you probably won't care if you get your money back or not, you're too busy cussing up a storm against your former upline. LOL

    One less person means we don't have to share the $155 million, or whatever it becomes, with one more person.

    Never thought of that did you? Now, where were we, talking about stupid? LOL

  38. Am I sure who is on my own lawsuit? Yes, I am. Now, where were we, talking about stupid? LOL

  39. Tex, If you want people to respect you and take you seriously get over the fact that not everyone wants to be part of your lawsuit. You are downright rude to anyone that does not want to jump on your bandwagon yet you use blogs like this to promote your blog and your cause.
    In my opinion your blog is incoherent, disorganized and it is hard to decipherer exactly what you are trying to accomplish with it. The fact that you still buy products, indirectly or not from Amway, the company you are organizing a lawsuit against further damages your credibility.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  40. Thanks Lemming. You have pointed out what all of us except Tex see.

  41. lemming,

    I don't want people to respect me, I want them to start THINKING and DOING instead of just BITCHING.

    I realize most people are wimps, and I shouldn't expect them to join my lawsuit. I've been blogging for almost 6 years, so you have pointed out the obvious with that comment. LOL

    In my opinion, you've proven you're a flaming IDIOT. If you can't understand the first thread, then ask a question, here or on the blog, IDIOT! The fact that I buy Amway products that have already purchased for less than IBO cost, and you can't get that through your thick skulls isn't my problem, it's YOURS!!! LOL

  42. The Idiot Rule: If you identify 10 unrelated persons as idiots within any one month period chances are you have overestimated the number of idiots by 9 and the guilty party is not one of the 10.

  43. No you're the idiot! LOL As long as I say LOL after everything LOL Then I can feel superior. LOL. Even if I am a lame-ass-redneck. LOL With't...LOL...make...LOL...LOL...LOL...any...LOL sense!!!LOL

    Tex, you're an IDIOT!!!!

    oh ya...LOL

  44. Lobotomized for AmwayJanuary 25, 2011 at 5:40 AM

    WOW. Really? Let's play who said it.... A-hole platinum/diamond or Tex?

    1. Who Said it: "I don't want people to respect me, I want them to start THINKING and DOING instead of just BITCHING."

    2. Who Said it: "I realize most people are wimps, and I shouldn't expect them to..."


  45. Tex still talks like an IBO. Perhaps the real point of his lawsuit is to get back in with Amway.

  46. Tex continues to prove that he has no respect for anyone else's opinion much like a brainwashed IBO.
    Keep purchasing Amway product Tex, regardless of how you buy it you are still buying Amway product and that makes you a hypocrite.
    Your insults and name calling make YOU look like an IDIOT.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  47. I clicked on your “Turn Off Your Cell Phones!” blog while I was searching for something else & got caught up reading the comments, then ended up here after following a link posted there. I must tell you, I find your discourse to be brash and absent of both restraint and modesty…and indisputably authentic! What an engaging blog; and what a great avenue for giving voice to your indignation and encouraging others who have had a similar experience. By the way, after the sixth or seventh use of “LOL” by your friend, Tex, I was reminded of Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Keep up the great work. I imagine your writing is a crystal clear portrayal of your experience. You could, and probably should, write a book.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. I agree with Frank. You are an excellent writer Anna. Your blog has been both entertaining and therapeutic for me. It has been over 15 years since I left the business and it still haunts me, all the time away from my kids, all the money down the drain, all the people I sucked into what I thought was real and all the friends and family I ignored and alienated. I am glad there are Blogs like yours that not only serve as a warning for would be Ambots but also are a support group for those of us that were one time or another sucked into the cult of Amway.

    I'm thinking that our combined Amway experiences would make one hell of a movie with comedy, drama and mystery.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  50. Darned Internet shut down as I was responding basically thanking Frank and Lemming for their comments. This blog has been therapeutic for me and this post in particular got so many emotions out. I'm running low on stories but I'm happy for others to come here to vent. I think that would be a horror movie! Maybe this blog will become an ebook one day......

  51. I just want to say that I absolutely love your site, and this list is amazing! Every item on there is spot on. It is good to know that there are other people out there that feel the same way about Amway as I do.
    I was an IBO for a little over a month and I just quit. I was sick of being pressured into attending all of their crazy cult like meetings and wasting all of my free time "building my business", 5-10 hrs. a week my ass! I have a couple of good friends who are still in it and I can already see that they invest way too much time into Amway. They are starting to only spend time with Amway people and are neglecting their other friends and family. I just hope that it doesn't completely consume their lives. I know if I tried to get them to stop they will tell me that I'm trying to stand in the way of their dreams and that I'm not a positive thinking person. Bullshit! I am one of the most positive people you will ever meet. Sorry if I don't get absurdly excited about making money, there are many other things in my life that are way more important to me.

  52. Hi Keith! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying what you're reading. This post managed to get a lot out of my system, most of the comments directed at our sponsor and Platinum who are people I can't stand - obviously! Its IBO's like them that give Amway a bad name.

    I'm happy to hear you got out of Amway before too much damage was done. Your friend's leaders have started them on the brainwashing process which means separating them from people who are not involved in Amway. It will completely consume their lives until they quit. Not everyone gets out as fast as you. Well the only person we signed up as an IBO also quit in a month! We should have quit then too.

    You don't need to be excited about money but you definitely want to be in a good position when you retire. You want to own your own home and have savings and investments to carry you through the rest of your life. I recommend you look at books by David Bach who writes The Automatic Millionaire and the Finish Rich series. He's not selling anything other than his books and he has some really good advice that will put you on track way ahead of your Amway friends. There are too many horror stories on the Internet about people who got involved in Amway and ended up losing their homes to foreclosure and declaring bankruptcy and some of them are retirees. Very sad what getting involved in Amway can do to destroy people's finances and lives.

    Good luck to you!


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