Saturday, February 5, 2011

You Can’t Quit Now!

“You can’t quit now. Not when success is just around the corner. You’re about to go really big.”

We’ve all heard that phrase from our upline. Or something similar enough.

They do whatever they can to motivate their downline IBO’s to stay with Amway. Keep buying products and buying more tools so the upline can benefit and get rich.

What about something else they say that goes to the effect: “You haven’t been in Amway long enough to make any money from it.”

Its kind of like you’re in Las Vegas and playing a slot machine for an hour. You’ve invested a couple of hundred dollars into this machine and you know at any minute this machine is due for a huge jackpot win. You don’t want to walk away after investing a fair amount of money but on the other hand there are other things you have to do like those tickets to the Celine Dion show cost $500 and you better get your ass in your gear before you miss the show and have a pissed off spouse.

Its kind of like being in Amway and pissing off your spouse by throwing away your money chasing useless dreams!

The guy playing the slots is going to get a coins dropping into the bin every now and then, enough to entice him to keep playing that machine.

Kind of like Amway. In a one month period to qualify for a bonus check you have to spend about $300 buying shitty, useless products and Amway corporation issues a check for $10 to entice the IBO to hang in a little longer. The net loss is going to be way over $290 because of the cost of tools depending on whether or not there’s a major function that month could be a net loss of well over $500.

I’d rather take my chances in Las Vegas. Even with the cost of getting there and hotel and meals it’s still cheaper than an Amway function. And more fun. Better food, better enteraitnment, better tourist attractions. Better odds than 1% of actually making some money too!

I’m sure Amway IBO’s will argue that Ambot and I weren’t in Amway long enough to make any money. That’s why we quit and we’re a bunch of losers, etc, etc. So how long does someone have to be in Amway to figure out that they’re not making any money and they’re losing too much money and its better just to cut the losses and quit now. A couple of months? 6 months? A year? Two years? Longer? How many years does it take just to sign up ONE downline? If you can’t sign up anyone in a year that’s a pretty big clue that maybe its time to jump off this sinking ship.

Nope, you can’t quit now, not when success is right around the corner!

I read a book called Merchants of Deception written by a former Emerald. His experience was eerily similar to ours even though we didn’t have any where near the downline he had. We had zero downline. No customers other than a couple of friends/family who took pity and bought a couple of small things. The original website is gone. I’m not sure why the author decided to close down shop about a year ago but a mirror website exists and a free copy of the book is available. I highly recommend reading this book. It spells out why the system is stacked against IBO’s and why it is nearly impossible to reach the income levels the Diamonds taunt will be yours one day as long as you don’t quit when success is so close you can reach out and touch it.


  1. Hey Anna,
    It's Former Ambot here...LOL
    I just finished reading that book yesterday. In a lot of ways it helped me to cope with the fact that we are not alone in Amway ruining our lives. In other ways it got me so pissed off that I can't stop raging about how much I hate Amway! There were too many similarities between his story and ours. I have so much respect for that guy refusing to give up and tell his story, despite the ass hole upline threatening him. I seriously wonder how many thousands of people have stayed silent for fear of Amway. Mad respect for ANYONE brave enough to tell the truth!

  2. Hi there Anonymous! That was a powerful book and I'm glad that its helped you. And it should instill anger. Deception is what Amway and your upline are all about.

    I've monetized my blog. Be sure to click on an ad on your way out so I can make more money each month than the average IBO!

    Thanks for stopping by again!

  3. I was in vegas little over a week ago. Played the slots,blackjack,texas holdem,and roulette. Overall i had a awesome time especially when the hotels where cheap & awesome buffets. Was up 150 or so gambling. With amway im guaranteed a loss. Just glad im not wasting money on some stupid function.

  4. Haha will do! I'm sure you'll make more in a day than we did in 4 years. Maybe once I figure out how to actually make my own blog then maybe I'll start earning money too:):):) sure would be nice to make back the 50K we lost.



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