Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Convince Your Husband to Quit Amway

I get a lot of Google hits on the above. I’m the top of the search results the last time I checked though I’m sure IBOFB will do his own investigation and find out that someone has since topped me.

That tells me there are a lot of desperate wives surfing the Internet who are fed up with the Amway bullshit.

The page on my blog being hit is a couple of stories I copied from elsewhere on the Internet about a couple of fed up wives who left their husbands, about 7 years apart who had almost identical stories. Neither story actually gives advice on how to convince your husband to quit Amway. They did what they had to do to protect themselves, their family, their finances, and their sanity. I’m not here to put any drastic ideas into wife’s heads. Women who’ve reached that point already know what they have to do to protect themselves.

I can’t offer substantial advice either other than wait it out and hope your husband is one of the majority who leaves Amway within the year when he finally figures out he’s not making any money. Everyone has different tolerance levels and bank account balances. What pisses off one woman might have little effect on another. Mostly what really pisses off women is the attitude adjustment their husband goes through due to involvement in the Amway cult. Sweet, sensitive husbands are turned into angry, ugly, sneering creatures who constantly criticize everyone who is not in Amway or supporting their Amway business.

What can she do? Here’s some suggestions that might help break a husband of his Amway habit.

1. Tell him dinner will now be served at 8pm each night. Be at the dinner table or go hungry. (He might launch a counter-attack by purchasing excessive amounts of Amway food bars to eat on the run.)

2. Whenever he has an Amway meeting planned tell him that you have sex pencilled in on the calendar for 8pm that night.

3. On Amway meeting nights host a party at your house. Even if its just a small gathering of family or friends. It will probably turn into an Amway bitch session.

4. Plan fun outings on nights when Amway meetings are on.

5. Book a night at a romantic hotel - something like a spa resort - on an Amway meeting night. Be prepared to go alone and enjoy a massage.

6. Tell him if he can’t be home by 10pm when you’re going to bed that he better not wake you up when he gets home and tell him to sleep in the spare bedroom or on the couch.

7. Start researching on the Internet how other people have been victims of the Amway scam. Knowledge is power.

8. Ask your husband if he’s aware that the income from tools is the main source of income for higher level pins. He needs to sponsor and keep active at least 100 IBO’s before he starts to make a profit.

9. Share with him some of the stories you’ve read on the Internet about people who’ve spent years and tens of thousands of dollars and still aren’t making money.

On the last 3 be prepared for him to launch a defensive counter attack full of Amway speak about how its not true.

For the rest of them hopefully the husband eventually realizes he's missing out on some good stuff and it might be more fun doing those activities than going to an Amway meeting.

Consistency. Don’t let him win the Amway fight.

The other thing that might work - and the threat of it is what finally worked for me - and here you’d have to consult an attorney to see if it will fly - threaten to sue the sponsor and upline and maybe Amway too for alienation of affection. In most law cases the person being sued is the husband’s mistress but other third parties have been successfully sued too for any participation they might have had in destroying the marriage.

Amway is of no interest to me though I can see how other wives would want to sue the company that causes a lot of pain. The only ones I wanted to hurt were the ones I don't like - the fucking assholes in the upline, the cult leaders who caused the emotional and financial distress. Ambot actually liked these people and didn’t want me to sue them plus he'd pretty much stopped going to Amway meetings by the time I was in talks with my attorney so it didn't take much to convince him to walk away. But I tell you I wish I had sued those bastards!!!! Well what I really want to do is rip those bastards nuts off for brainwashing my husband and trying to destroy our relationship. Suing them and causing them financial hardship would only be a distant second best!

There are wives out there who have sued their husband’s mistresses for alienation of affection. Amway is a mistress. I would love to hear of any lawsuits where a wife has sued Amway for alienation of affection. What a victory! That is someone I would love to meet who has the guts to tell this cult they've had enough bullshit. A Google search turns up no lawsuits like this but I think its just a matter of time before some fed up wife takes on the upline and/or Amway for alienation of affection and more power to her!


  1. Anna I thank God every day that my husband was willing and strong enough to quit and become a Former Ambot with me! I can't even imagine what these poor women have had to overcome. It scares me to think what I would have done if one of us still wanted to pursue this stupid waste-of-time-and-money business and the other one didn't.

    I guess wives could just threaten to turn gay or they could do what I did: miraculously end up in the ER every time there is a meeting planned! No matter how much your medical bills add up to be, in the long run it will be much cheaper than staying an IBO!

  2. I don't understand....your husband is out there, working his ass off to build a business with Amway so that he can pursue his and his family dreams...and you are trying to sabotage it....explain it to me, please!!

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  3. You forgot to add that I’m a negative, unchristian dream stealer!

    If you come back, read this post to see my answer to you:

  4. Anon, your website is really lame. Kinda embarassing what you're doing lol. Your scam seems even worse than amway hahaha

  5. Colin - how did I know that you would be curious enough to look at that website! Ha ha! Everything about Amway is embarrassing!

  6. Amway is my husband's mistress - and has been for over 7 years. It has total control over him. It controls his time, our finances, what he eats, what he buys, who he speaks to, what he listens to - everything!!!! He even chooses meetings and functions over special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

    anonymous - if you think Amway husbands are "out there, working his ass off to build a business with Amway so that he can pursue his and his family dreams" you are seriously delusional.

    Amway it is not creating a dream life - it is stealing a dream life.

  7. Anonymous - I'm sorry to hear that your husband has stuck out the brainwashing for 7 years. I feel your pain how it controls your husband, the finances, what we buy and eat, and everything else in his life. Been there, understand that. I wrote a post about how IBO's throw out the phrase "dream stealer" all the time. The biggest dream steal is Amway.

    If you haven't already done so you should download a free copy of an ebook called Merchants of Deception. Its a real eye opener. I encourage you to do whatever it takes to get your husband to read it too.

  8. In response to the earlier Ambot comment (isn't it funny how all their responses seem to come right off the indoctrination tapes they have drilled into their heads?), I have found so many stories where the husband's obsession with Amway has virtually nothing to do with making a better life for his wife and family. He wants the "dream" for himself. And it doesn't matter if he misses out on important events of his children, or the family eats noodles every night while he eats well wining and dining a prospect. He becomes oblivious to his family's suffering. All that is important to him is his "real" family upline. Some get so brainwashed, they would gladly clean out their kid's college fund in order to buy tapes and go to functions to get the "love" and approval of the uplines. Too bad they don't see that the phony smiles and "love" showered on them by their "real" family at Amway magically fades away once they no longer are lining their pockets.

  9. Anonymous - yes every brainwashed IBO that has to leave a comment on my blog or a blog written by someone else about their Amway experiences is a typical canned response that we've all heard hundreds of times before on CDs, tapes, and Amway meetings. They all think they're so original! What would their upline have to say if they knew they were reading negative!

    There are many stories on the Internet that you've just summed up briefly. Bottom line is we all have the same story. The level of abuse and brainwashing and financial losses might be different but its just so spooky reading things by people I don't know and it could have been written by me.

  10. Hurray.....Finally I could do it.I could get my husband get out of this Amway which is taking out most of our time and money.Thankyou Anna for the info and the stories.Your site made me work faster to get my husband out of amway.I could relate to most of the stuff that a wife of amway IBO experiences.
    Here goes my story.We came to US about 5 years back and the first month we landed in US my husband is approched by some ex collegue whom he used to work with back in India.He had great respect for that guy so he signed up.We never questioned them for anything and strictly followed what hey suggested.2 years in the biz we are at 300PV.Still we didnt have any complains and were going to all the associations and doing all the 9 core steps.The problem started when my husband lost job for few months.We couldnot attend the meetings,couldnot do the PV as directed by them.They started pressurizing us and we said we wanted to take a break as I was pregnant by that time and couldn't handle that pressure.The stepped back for a while and once my husband got the job it all started again.By this time I lost belief and the trust on our upline.Since my husband still has hope in this biz I joined him.After all he is working so hard to provide a better life for our family.2 years passed by and momentum kicked in and we are at 1500pv.We fairly got good money but we are not even at the breakeven point.We bought a new car at his point and my uplines are very upset about it and in the next meeting the topic is how we shouldnot buy any fancy stuff or new things and that we should believe in delayed gratification.That didnt bother us because buying a car is not a crime or waste of money.So we took it lite.We started working much harder and by the time we build our second leg our first leg completely fade away.Again we are at 300pv.I completely lost hope and didnt want to continue in it any longer.We worked so hard for 5 years and we are still at the 300pv.This didn't make sense to me at all.I started to get away from associations and then my upline lady comes into picture.She tried everything to get me back into associations but this time I'm firm on my decision.My husband never pressurizes me into things that I don't like to do.But he continued to go to the associations and work so hard and increased his activities.He asked me to come to 1 last counselling session with our upline and he said that would be the last thing for me to do in the biz.Glad I went there.My uplines main focus was how man doesn't succeed because of their people failed by listening to their wife and how somebody succeeded keeping their wife's advice aside in the biz.He started giving examples of people who left their wifes for the biz and the system because they believed it is right thing to do.My husband got upset for the way he is talking and started questionong him back.This is the first time he questioned him back.Later I was completely away from biz and husband is attending meetings here and there but not on a regular basis.Then he called my husband alone for a counselling session and I don't know what he talked there.But I never saw my husband that much serious and upset about somebody.That night he said I will put my 200% in the biz for 3 months and if it doesn't work I will get out of it.
    I can't tell you how hard he worked all the 3 months but with no results.Finally the day came and he stick to his word he is out of amway and we are having some peaceful time with family.We now have control over our time and money.The time we left our little boy with the babysitter will never come back but we atleast realised it sooner than many others who are in the biz for more than 10 years and are the same level.Thank you Anna for your blog which made me talk to my husband frequently with some genuine stories.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with our story. Actually I might copy it into an upcoming post because this one is old and a lot of readers will miss it.

      As you found out people in Amway are only friends as long as you're buying their stuff and making money for them so when your husband wasn't working and unable to buy in then they really start riding your ass cause they're not making money off you. They're only friends for money.

      You have to work hard to plead with people not to quit so that's why you were able to get to a certain level for awhile but not maintain it. That's normal for Amway.

      Humiliating other cult members happens all the time at Amway meetings. It's all part of being in a cult where they fluctuate between punishment and live to keep the followers in line.

      Yes I know that very peaceful feeling that comes over a household again once you get out to Amway. Glad to hear you're getting your lives back on track.

    2. Hi,

      Right now I am going through this situation where my husband keeps on talking about doing this...His uplines keep calling him for those associations and other meetings...though we both joined the biz together I gave up after 2 months after realizing that my little son one year at that time will not be seing as much of me if i do this...but my husband continued to attend the meetings..though he is not doing it always now, whenever there is any conference, his upline will promptly call him and he will go to that without considering me or his son. I have requested him so many times to leave the biz but he just keeps talking that he wants to make it big some day. I am just fed up of all this now and he has a amway conference to attend tomorrow..nd that is our wedding anniversary day. He is very adamant that he wants to attend the conference even though I ve tried to make him understand that its very difficult to make it big in this sort of biz..Now i am at a point where I have almost decided to just move on with my life and split up with him as I dnt want these fights to interfere with my little one's upbringing. I ve tried almost everythng to make him understand that amway will not work for us but he is too adamant to listen to my words..just keeps saying that he is doign it for "us"....its really frustrating...good that i found this blogspot to just put down my frustrations..can u pls give me some suggestions on how to make him understand?

    3. Hi Anonymous. Sorry to hear about your situation. It may or may not make you feel better but your story is the same as so many others so you're not going through this alone and you aren't the first and you won't be the last who is going through the Amway hell.

      If you haven't already done so, look at the links on the right side further up this page. There is one for a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. Download and read it. Its a horror story of being inside the Amway cult. All true. Written by a former Emerald who had 1000 people in his downline and he was only earning about $30,000/year, a far cry below the $100,000 + he expected to be earning at this level. Your husband is going to have to sign up a whole lot of people and keep them motivated to stay inside the Amway cult and keep buying shitty overpriced products if he has any hope to eke out a meager commission check of a couple of thousand each month. For all the hours he put in. He'd be better off working a minimum wage job. Less stress, less hours, more money.

      The life of an Amway ambot is all about missing birthdays and other special occasions and parties in order to show their love and devotion to their Amway cult leaders. Sorry for you to have to celebrate your anniversary by yourself. This is how the cult leaders control their Amway downline. When someone is brainwashed into the cult nothing in their life is more important to them than Amway. I can't even say you'd be second on your husband's list of importance. You might be in the top 10 but not the top 5. That's the harsh reality of being married to an ambot.

      You won't make him understand this is a bad business opportunity because he's been brainwashed by his Amway upline to dismiss anything said to him by sources outside Amway. He will not believe anything unless he hears it from his Amway cult leader - and all they do is spout off lies and bullshit.

      Most women can wait it out because the averages are on their side. Most ambots quit within a few months. 95% who sign up with Amway quit inside 2 years. They quit when they realize they're not making money and they have no more savings or room left on their credit card to buy Amway products and tools and they'll be insulted and abused by the assholes in their Amway upline.

      You want to make sure all your ducks are in a row. If that means you make an appointment with a lawyer to make sure you know your rights - does he pay the rent/mortgage and pay support, etc and if there's any chance that a cult member could get any kind of custody of a child. I've had a lot of ambot children stop by here with very sad stories of the horrible childhood they went through because their parents were members of the Amway cult. A trial separation might be the best thing for the emotional well being for yourself and your child.

      Once you've read Merchants of Deception see if you can get your husband to read it too and see if that reality knocks some sense into him that if someone with 1000 people in their downline can't make money at the Amway scam then what are his chances.

      Good luck to you!

    4. i'm sorry you couldn't stick it out with your husband to create an even bigger dream than what you had. you're very sad. i hope you find something better to do with your life, soon. Ta-Ta!

    5. Your wish came true a long time before we ever signed up with Scamway. We own a good business that allows us to lead a nice life. We don't have to lie and scam people so I'd say that's doing something better with our life. Hopefully you'll get out of the Amway cult and find a similar success soon.

    6. Hi Anna please help me I am in the same situation. My husband is mad about this Amway business. He thinks that this is the only way to be out from his 9 to 5 job. He wants to be financially free. He was in the business before our marriage but he never told me. After marriage I am helping him to build the business but nothing is happening still earning around 80 to 90$ on spending $1000 every month. His upline are his God. For evenin spending more than $100 he will ask them. And sometimes they Buckley is giving comments but my husband is mad about this cult. I am crying and writing this. What to do.

    7. Hi Anonymous. I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

      I'm not sure what else I can tell you that wasn't already covered in the article or in the comments following this article. And this is one article that we do rerun because it's so important.

      Oh and I'm not referring to the comments from the Nigerian scammers! LOL!

      Every Amway loser our there wants to quit their J.O.B. because they're big important "business owners" and shouldn't suffer the indignity of working for the man.

      Hope your income alone can cover all the monthly bills plus his expensive Amway habit.

      I can tell you this. One way or another your husband isn't going to have that 9 to 5 job long. I saw lots of Ambots get fired when we were in the Amway cult. Amway cult leaders teach Ambots to have lousy, sneering attitudes to their coworkers and boss. That doesn't usually go over so well.

      Not telling you he's in Amway before marrying you? Everyone in Amway is a liar but that's a pretty good one to keep from you. Especially when you consider he had to get permission from the fucking assholes in his Amway upline before getting married.

      And yes all Ambots worship the fucking assholes in their Amway upline like they're god. You will NEVER be more important to your husband than Amway and the fucking upline assholes. NEVER!

      You won't even be in his top 5.

      How do you feel about that?

      Can you live with a husband who doesn't consider you more important than a box of laundry soap?

      How do you feel about him dragging you into debt with him while he spends $1000/month tithing the Great Amway God?

      How do you feel about crying all the time?

      Here's the 2 things you do this week. You need to read a free ebook called Merchants Of Deception. Look on the upper right side of this page for the link under more information about Amway to download this true horror story written by a former Scamway Emerald.

      And #2 - you make an appointment with a lawyer. Not saying you have to get divorced ASAP or anything here just saying you need to know your rights.

      If you keep fighting your husband on all the time and money he's spending on the Amway cult, the fucking assholes in his Amway upline will be telling him that you're a negative unchristian dreamstealing wife and he needs to get divorced. You need to have your ducks in a row for when that happens. Prepare yourself by seeing a lawyer asap who can give you advice.

      As you can see I've already given that advice in other comments.

      Don't know what else I can tell you but good luck to you and I hope you get back the life you deserve.

    8. Consider this woman's idiotic husband. He spends one thousand dollars a month on Amway, just to get back an eighty or ninety dollar check from them!

      In other words, he's giving about $11,000 a year to his Amway up-line.

      Let's see if there's some Amway asshole out there who'll come here and try to defend that obscenity.

    9. Anonymous- that’s what being brainwashed by a cult does to you. Everyone looks at you like an idiot. That $1000/month could be a mortgage or investing in the stock market. Instead this Amway loser is buying overpriced Amway shit at retail so he can earn “commission” aka the difference between Amway “retail” and “wholesale” as counselled by the fucking assholes in the Amway upline and get the difference back from Amway in the form of “commission”. Heard that one at every Amway cult meeting. The thing is Amway’s “wholesale” price is 3 or 4 times higher than buying a similar product at a regular retailer.

      And $11,000/year spent tithing the Great Amway God sounds about right for an Ambot to prove their love and devotion.

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    1. Erianna - so what you're saying is on that faithful day your husband became unfaithful. What do you want to take that cheating bastard back for. Next time have Dr Akim cast a spell on him to make his dick shrivel up and drop off.

  12. I'm sick and tired of my husband choosing amway functions over special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Spending money for function tickets, I'm always the one paying when we're going out because he doesn't have money but miraculously when there's function, he got money. Good thing I procrastinate on having a joint account with him. Right now I'm seriously considering divorce because I don't know what to do.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Sorry to hear about your husband. That's the way it is inside the Amway cult. The followers have to do what their Amway cult leaders tell them to do and that means socializing with ambots and not going to family functions. And spending as much money as they can get hold of or go into debt for to tithe the Great Amway God.

      You can be very certain that the assholes in your husband's Amway upline are counselling with him to get out of his marriage. Nothing brings those bastards more happiness that destroying others relationships.

      As hard as it is to understand, your husband has been brainwashed by the Amway cult leaders and he has to shower all his love and devotion to them. As a wife you're probably not even in the top 10 in his list of importance. Amway shit is in the top 10. He's become a real nasty ugly son of a bitch throwing insults at you and finding everything wrong with you. That's the brainwashed ambot talking not the nice caring man you married, though he will return to that once he gets out of the clutches of the Amway cult.

      You can try and wait it out. According to Amway's figures 95% of cult members quit within 2 years. Most Ambots quit after a few months, probably don't make the one year mark once they figure out they've been scammed. The damage that Amway does can set a person back financially several years.

      It might not hurt to see a lawyer and know what your options are in case of divorce. Money problems are a huge reason why people get divorced and thrown in the influence of a cult - HUGE. The lawyer can probably give you advice, maybe knows of a cult interventionist, so you can make a decision. I would also ask the lawyer about pressing fraud charges against the assholes in your husband's upline or if they can be sued for alienation of affection. And yes, everytime an Amway ambot opens his mouth he's spitting out lies to further his scam along. Fraudulent little bastards that they are. I really regret not suing the fuckers in my husband's upline. The thing is even though it'll be easy to win a lawsuit against those fucking Amway assholes, collecting a judgement will be hard because they have no money, probably don't own a house you can attach to, and probably drive a piece of shit car that you wouldn't want to attach to. You got to hope they got a job you can garnish wages on, again tough because most ambots get fired from their jobs due to their shitty attitudes after joining the Amway cult. Attaching their Amway income of $10/month ain't gonna be worth it.

      Good luck with whatever you decide.

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    1. Oh for fuck's sake Jones. Nigeria didn't recently relocate to the USA!

  16. Dont you see ? this is a senior ambot that is trying to ridicule and take away from the validity of real issues people are facing as a result of the amway cult. why not delete their crap and keep the blog on topic ?

    1. Senior ambot? Nope. I think its a Nigerian scammer!

    2. One has just as much luck with a spellcaster as they do with Amway in making money, i.e. zero.

    3. Anonymous - those spell casters probably think they're on to something here. A lot of former IBO's and those married to an Amway ambot might like to cast spells on the assholes in their Amway upline! LOL!

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    1. Jessica - do you really think anyone here wants to hear your testimony about how you took your lying cheating son of a bitch husband back? Are you that desparate to have a man in your life that you'll put up with his cheating because once a cheater always a cheater. Next time have Dr. Dr. Ekpiku of Ekpikuspelltemple cast a spell to make his dick shrivel up and drop off.

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    1. Hey Dorothy. Ever hear the saying once a cheater always a cheater? Better make sure he gets tested for STD's. Those love spells aren't going to get rid of herpes and AIDS for you.

  21. hi! my dad is an "Ambot" and I really need help in getting him to quit this nonsense. I'm 14 but I'm already aware how unprofitable amway is and how it cheats people's money. my parents' income isn't stable and now that my dad has fancied over amway, we're having increasing withstanding bills and fees. he is really really obsessed with amway that he has a room (once a toilet) FILLED with amway products and I AM SERIOUS the room really has no space to walk in AT ALL!! I always get mad when he tries to force us to use his amway products when their quality is really crap especially the dishwasher soap and artistry facial product. my mom cries in the middle of the night without our knowledge but she doesn't know that I was awake. i have seen it multiple times (and every time I wake up at night) so I guess she does it frequently. my dad always rages too. he throws tantrums over the smallest things sometimes I really feel like screaming when he's angry. my dad also never listens to my mom, he's always so mean to my mom he can even use a knife to stab her when she bad mouths amway. that is how terrible he is been brainwashed. he has got a very very bad temper every second now. the money he spent on amway really can take my family probably to a few countries in Europe and back. not to mention that I also have 5 more brothers. he goes to amway every night and never bothers if we have no transport to our swimming trainings or dance classes or whatsoever classes. pls help...

    1. Hi Anonymous. Sorry to hear you're going through the Amway hell hole and how its destroying your family. We've had several children of ambots stop by to share their stories and its amazing at their young ages they see Amway for the evil scam that is, such good insight for youngsters. This won't help you but your dad is a classic ambot. They all treat their families like ahit and are angry at everything probably because they know they're sucked into the Amway trap and losing lots of money. You didn't say how long your dad is in. Most quit within a year so you might have to hold out until he hits rock bottom and gets a reality check. Any longer than 2 years and he's probably a lifer in the Amway cult. I hear you on the dishwasher soap that does a piss poor job most of the dishes have to be washed again by hand. That soinds like your job! Look on the right side of this page under more links about Amway and you'll see a free ebook called merchants of Deception. You and your mother need to read it to understand more about this evil cult your father is in and hope your mother makes smart decisions for her and her kid's well being. Good luck to you'

    2. hi sorry my dad joined amway since last year so I guess there's still hope. he's away out station for an "amway seminar" for a few days already and only informed us just the night before he left (Thursday and he left at 4/5 am) and ended with a scolding and complaint of how much bad luck we bring him and how imperfect our family is *shrugs* he didn't even call back to check on us or ask about my sick mother *sigh* is there anyway to help stop my moms heartbreak?

    3. Hi Anonymous. It's always been my opinion that people in Amway should not be allowed to have children. They should surrendeer them to the state. No child should have to live with their parent's bad decision to join a cult. And yours is a little tougher because only one parent is in Scamway. Your father's is being abused by the assholes in his Amway upline who are telling him that his family is to blame for his lack of success. This is a common tactic by the Amway cult leaders because Amway is a blame the victim scam. Over 99% of people who sign up to Amway will NOT make money so instead of blaming a system designed for failure the Amway cult leaders use blame the victim. Nothing makes the assholes in the Amway upline more happier than destroying other people's marriages and family life. That's the kind of sick bastards that are in Amway.

      Your mother needs to step up and protect her children. If that means a temporary separation from your father then whatever she has to do to stop the abuse he's doling out. And keep in mind your father's behavior is very typical of an Amway Ambot. They're being abused by their Amway upline so they turn it around and kick their family with the emotional abuse. Do you have a family member that you can go live with until your father leaves the Amway cult? Is there a school counsellor you can talk to about the situation? Good luck.

    4. It's so sad how Amway can destroy families. The brainwashed Ambot becomes detached, edgy (from losing so much money), and since Amway can't tell the truth to the Ambot as to why they are losing money which would be to say "yeah, we're a cult with a 99% failure rate drawing unrealistic circles with products too expensive to sell outside of the cult so you have to be a good liar and scammer to draw new suckers in to buy, so they tell the victim "you're just not working hard enough" or "it's your family... they aren't supportive and are dragging you down with their negativity and bad luck". My God, what an EVIL CULT!!! The ONLY people who think they are "better people" due to Amway are the Ambots themselves. EVERYONE ELSE outside of the cult see them change into truly awful, greedy, lying, phony, creepy, self-centered jerks.

    5. Anonymous - not only is it sad how Amway destroys families, when you're living this hell and watching it from the inside and helpless and powerless to do anything about it, then you get a clear vision of how Amway is a cult and how your husband loves and worships the fucking assholes in his Amway upline more than anything else. Its fucking sick!

  22. This comment by an anonymous 14-year-old is heart-rending.

    Amway, you goddamned lousy shit-sucking CREEPS! You are destroying this young kid's family just as deliberately as if you were starving them to death!

    To IBOFightback -- listen, you stupid pro-Amway shill and lickspittle! You are defending this sort of thing? You are sticking up for this family-destroying criminality? You are willing to go all over the internet to sing the praises of a sick, money-hungry cult that breaks up a family?

    Take a long walk off a short pier, IBOFightback.

    1. You said it Anonymous. Sometimes you just want to see all these ficking Amway assholes have a slow excruciating death and then the evil will be lifted from the earth.


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