Friday, February 18, 2011

Searchers who end up at Anna Banana’s Blog

I get a lot of interesting and not so interesting Google searches that end up at my Married to an Ambot blog. Some searchers are looking for something completely unrelated to Amway and they usually leave as soon as they’ve realized their mistake. I get a few horrified IBO’s who end up here too. Most leave but a few stick around long enough to leave an Amway speak comment about how we didn’t try hard enough.

I get some searches where I say to myself, why the fuck is someone searching for that? Talk about brainwashed!

And I get people who are so  pissed off at Amway, end up at my blog, and literally spend hours reading every single post I’ve written.

What I love is my blog is high on the search engines for IBO’s who are seeking information about Spring Leadership and Dream Night. Nothing like screwing up Amway and WWDB! Of course right now its Spring Leadership that’s coming up in a couple of months and anxious IBO’s are seeking information. Instead everything high on the search are blogs similar to mine that tell what really happens at these Amway functions. We’re higher than the web pages of Amway and WWDB propaganda. What does that tell you? Us bloggers are gaining the edge getting the truth out there and getting more page views than the corporation! Yay us!

I also get a huge amount of searches looking for “Artistry Cosmetics” I’m right up there on the first page behind the Amway propaganda on Google. Doesn’t seem to bother Amway too much that I’m diverting their traffic otherwise they’d have offered to buy my blog.

A recent searcher typed in “Fuck Brad Wolgamott”. Hmm. I’m pretty sure I’ve never written that phrase! They ended up at my IBO’s are Free Labor post. Someone may have typed Brad’s name in the comments and of course my posts are full of fuck this and that so its logical to get a hit with that search criteria. I’m pretty sure I might have heard Brad Wolgamott speak at an Amway function though nothing about him stands out. Unmemorable experience for me and I have nothing to say about him. But I’m willing to help out that searcher and send out a big fuck you his way.

I get a lot of search hits for “Amway horror stories” or “Amway cult” or “cult horror stories”.

There’s a lot of people out there who don’t realize that Amway is a cult. I wouldn’t have thought so either until Ambot’s involvement and the brainwashing by his "Christian" Platinum cult leader.

I get searchers for creepy employees ending up at my Amway is Creepy post. Oddly enough I’m right below the hit for David Letterman is creepy for having sex with female employees!

I get a lot of searches for “quit Amway” or similar searches like how to get friend or husband to quit Amway. What about “big losses in Amway”? I get lots of searchers finding their way to my blog with that one too. “Annoying Amway IBO’s” in the search criteria find their way to my blog too!

Does Amway head office care that people are actually typing this stuff into search engines and coming to my blog? Do they not care that people think Amway IBO’s are annoying? Nope, not a chance. Amway head office = apathy central.

Sometimes I get people looking for an Amway IBO. Poor bastards must want to buy some overpriced Amway shit! Boy did they come to the wrong place! Well they could click on one of my Google ads that pop up from time to time, ad space purchased by Amway IBO's. Send a buck or two my way by clicking on an ad. That works for me!

What’s even more bizarre is that I get search hits for IBO’s looking for basic business information that their upline should but does not provide them with like “help with selling Amway products” or “how to hold an Amway Grand Opening”. Yup they get directed to my post about our Grand Opening and figure out real fast that no matter how much planning goes into it and how many people are invited, it’ll be a bust. I’m glad I’m getting that information out there. Don’t waste your time or money on an Amway Grand Opening!

I get 2 or 3 searchers each week looking for “how to say fuck in igbo”? They all end up at my Fuck You IBO post.

Am I the only person wondering what is igbo?

Google search! Ta da! Its a native tribe language in Nigeria.

I am the top hit for someone looking for the Igbo translation for fuck. I’m even higher on the search engine that the person who has this post: “Help! Why are my Igbo men rubbish in bed?”

Sorry I can’t help her with that one! Ha ha but I love it!

What’s really sad are the ambots who search for “World Wide Dream Builders is awesome”. Talk about brainwashed! I mean who is so infatuated with the scam that they type that into a search engine? The same type of brainwashed ambot who types in “Amway is awesome” and come to my blog thanks to the Youtube video called My Awesome Delicious Amway scam.

These must be new recruits in the early stages of the brainwashing process. Give them a year and they’ll be back doing searches like “Amway is a cult”, "Amway scam", “Amway sucks” and “lost money in Amway”.


  1. I can't stop laughing. Good one, Anna.


  2. Fuck Brad Wolgamott...Both googly & literally!

  3. Glad you're enjoying the comedy CT!

  4. Anonymous - I'm sure its not the first time that Brad Wolgamott has been told to fuck off!

  5. really very funny this post i like that thanks

  6. Hi Romantic Dinner! Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Anna,

    I'm proud to be the searcher who typed in "fuck brad wolgamott" on your blog site.

    Now, I extend that same heart felt "fuck you" to all Amway/MLM supporters!

  8. Anonymous - I'm always happy to send a fuck you out to any Amway IBO whether or not they're Brad Wolgamott!

    I'm sure a lot of his former downline and former WWDB Diamond friends are all sending out a lot of fuck you's to Wolgamott!

    It feels good getting that out of your system doesn't it!

  9. BRad Wolgamott loved his Asian women. Ever wonder what he was doing in the Phillipines so much and his trips to Hawaii.. that was really sketchy

  10. Regardless of nationality or race which can be a huge attraction, if Brad Wolagamott loved women too much that's probably why he's no longer married!

  11. Although divorced Brad and Leslie still running their business under the same IBO#.. Still slaves to money.. He will never be free

  12. Anonymous - no one is ever free as long as they're chained to the Amway cult.


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