Monday, January 31, 2011

Miss Popularity?

The Married To An Ambot blog started out as a way for me to get a few things off my chest about my upline and totally took off in a way I never would have imagined. I have a huge readership between 200 to 500 page hits a day. This month alone just over 10,000 readers have visited my blog - and we still have a few hours to go before January is over! Sure a lot of them are repeat visitors. A lot of people find me by doing Google searches and my blog is at the top of many searches. I’ve already blogged that I’m right behind the Amway propaganda when people search for Artistry.

You’d think these statistics would be somewhat alarming to Amway especially since I have regular readers from Alticor in Ada and Buena Park and occasionally from Grand Rapids and Missouri City and even Amway Germany’s head office who just love reading about what I really think about my upline. They can see the numbers on my blog’s stat counter. Pretty good for someone who’s only been blogging for about 5 months.

But oddly enough my popularity doesn’t seem to bother Amway enough to offer me the right amount of money to just go away and stop blogging. People sell websites all the time for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Millions of dollars to sell a website. I’m open to it. Anna Banana can be bought!

I’m used to apathy from Amway head office employees. We reported our Platinum right about the time we were getting out of Amway and the official response and here I’m paraphrasing: “We’re not responsible for what is said at meetings.” To some extent that is true. People can’t be responsible for lies that someone else has uttered. But who is responsible then? Who at Amway head office will take responsibility for complaints about lies told at Amway meetings? No one! Apathy central! Platinums and higher can say whatever lies they want at Amway meetings and head office isn’t going to take any action. Even when we have it recorded. Nope. Apathy city! Not interested. Not going to rock the boat. The upline brings in lots of money. Amway head office doesn’t give a shit about pursuing complaints made about Platinums and higher and that’s probably another reason why IBO’s walk away - no support from head office! That’s why bloggers like me take to the Internet and share our stories to warn other people what lies ahead of them. Others take more extreme measures judging by the lawsuits out there.

My regular readers know we weren’t in Amway very long. We never reached any significant level. Between 100PV and 300PV each month depending on how much Ambot charged to the old credit card. We never signed up any downline other than one person who quit a couple of weeks later after getting scolded by our upline for missing a meeting. We never met anyone of significant levels either. Though the pompous sack of shit Platinum would disagree and point out he’s been [in and out of] Platinum [qualification] for years and how he’s King Shit and we should have been honored to be in his presence. However we hadn’t “earned the privilege” to meet anyone of higher levels in the Amway house of cards.

So a few months involvement, never meeting anyone significant in Amway, and not attaining any level of significance, I only have limited stories. There’s only so many ways I can tell my upline to fuck off! I think I really got a lot of it out of my system with my post Fuck You IBO! It felt so good writing that down and letting go of it!

Have my stories all been told? I wasn’t in Amway long enough to have scads of stories. I wasn’t privy to any secret meetings. I didn’t meet any king pins. Although I went to major functions, monthly rallies and about 50 living room meetings I can look back through my previous posts and see I have covered a lot of our Amway penance.

Don’t worry. I don’t plan to disappoint my readers by stopping blogging, unless of course Amway pays me the big bucks to go away. Although I might be running out of stories to keep up with the momentum of regular blog posts as something jogs my memory about a horror tale during our Amway dark days I’ll keep writing. I’m just saying I don’t know if I can keep up the posting frequency I’ve managed until now. Its one of the reasons I eventually plan to organize and turn this blog into a free ebook. Maybe this year. Maybe next.

I’ve enjoyed meeting many of you through this blog and hearing your stories and and I assure you that I’m still here trying to figure out what to write next. Its just that some weeks I might be more prolific than others.

Thank you to all my readers for your support and sending me over 10,000 views for the month of January! I love having you stop by!

To the courageous women who have shared their stories, thank you and I hope to keep hearing from you. I wish you well and hope you get your lives under control without the Amway black cloud following you everywhere.



  1. Thanks Anna, I just caught up with your posts. I am busy working on my master's degree, so you can only imagine how many times my ambot has told me what a waste of money and time it is. Who is the "dream-stealer" in our relationship?

  2. Hi chrissy. Thanks for stopping by! You keep going after your master's degree. Don't let any of those Amway dream stealers take that away from you. I was accused dozens of times by my husband of not wanting his dreams to come true. Well what about my dreams? How come it has to be all about him. Whatever happened to "our" dreams. The real dream stealers are the people who use that phrase. Your husband will probably have quit Amway by the time you get your degree. Which will hopefully allow you to get a good job or start your own business so that you can repay some of the debt your husband has racked up from Amway.

  3. Missed reading your blogs last week. Was in vegas getting drunk,gambing and enjoying their buffets

  4. Hi Anna:
    I didn't realize you have only been blogging for only five months now. Good job with over 10,000 monthly hits to your blog. Your amway experience must have really been intense and concentrated, as you term your involvement as "a few months". I am ashamed to even admit that my involvement was for years. But I woke up to it. I don't think I was totally under my upline's thumb, as I made a number of major decisions like getting married, buying new vehicles, selling and buying homes to name a few while an IBO. These moves probably really pissed them off to no end!
    Speaking of education: I'm taking a serious look at getting a Masters Degree in what is an upcoming field from a world class university. Keep blogging and make em really pay to keep you from exposing this deplorable scam.

  5. Hey Colin I bet you made more money in a week in Las Vegas than most IBO's make in a year!

  6. Hi David. I'd say the reason my experience was so intense was because of my intense dislike of our sponsor and Platinum. They're the reasons I write this blog. The sponsor I've disliked for many years. It only took a matter of weeks to dislike the Platinum. The one positive thing I'll say about him is that he is an excellent cult leader. He'd be able to get his followers to drink Kool Aid without question! Yeah, that probably really pissed off your upline that you didn't counsel with them first before making your purchases! That's good you're thinking about going for your Masters. At least you won't have any IBO's breathing down your neck about how you're wasting your time and money on an education!


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