Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amway is Killing Me!

A recent searcher on Google found their way to my blog by typing in “Amway is killing me”.

Literally or figuratively I have no way or knowing.

I’ve seen comments on other blogs and in the book Merchants of Deception where association with Amway literally killed IBO’s.  

Tired IBO’s died while driving home late at night from an Amway meeting and fell asleep at the wheel and were killed in a car crash. There were two employees at Amway headquarters who worked in the technology department (I think) who were having an affair and the man killed the woman and then committed suicide - if I’m remembering the story correctly. I read it last year and haven’t gone back to review it.

There are likely many other stories out there that we don’t know about. I’m sure some IBO’s have committed suicide after losing all their money, their house, and their family thanks to their Amway stint. All tragic deaths. And of course similar stories have happened to people every where who had nothing to do with Amway. I’d say its accurate that Amway has been a contributing factor to some deaths. Actual numbers will likely never be known. Who keeps track of morbid details anyway where people were killed and Amway was the common denominator.

What about figuratively? People often throw around phrases like “If you don’t show up at dinnertime with my pizza I’m going to kill you.” Unless they’re a mentally deranged individual they don’t really mean they’ll take the person’s life if their slice of deep dish pepperoni doesn’t show up on time. More than likely they’ll just be pissed off and won’t slice the person’s throat.

“Amway is killing me.”

Interesting topic for a search and I wonder how Amway is killing this individual.

In my case Amway was killing me by using my husband against me on the direct orders of this fucking upline and that son of a bitch Platinum in particular. Amway took a lovely, kind, sensitive person and turned him into an ugly, sneering, condescending son of a bitch who looked down his nose at people who didn’t want anything to do with Amway and treated them like shit the way he was trained to do so by his upline.

Amway was killing me by stealing our money.

Amway was killing me by stealing our time.

Amway was killing me filling my house with their shitty products.

Amway was killing me by putting up with a pompous sack of shit Platinum who demanded my husband’s submission and adoration.

Amway was killing me by tormenting my emotional well being.

Amway was killing me by boring me to death sitting in at meetings and functions.

Back to the original searcher who says “Amway is killing me”. I sure hope he means this only as words of frustration and not that he’s actually considering killing himself, committing suicide because of Amway.

Good luck to you searcher. I hope you find the answers you need to break loose from the Amway cult.


  1. I just dropped my husband off at the train station for Spring Leadership. My kids cried the whole way home for their daddy. Thank you for your blog, because at least I know I'm not insane for holding my anti-Amway stance. When hubby first joined, I thought it'd be just for a few it's almost a year and I'm freaking out. My marriage is in pieces and it's all my fault for being so "negative" on Amway. Ha! Keep writing and thank you. You give me strength to keep fighting!

  2. Hello Anonymous. I'm glad you found your way here. Now you know you're not alone! Hopefully some of the things I've written will help you deal with your situation. What a tough spot to be in. Dealing with crying kids while your husband buggers off to chase an elusive dream.

    If you haven't already done so I recommend you download a free copy of an ebook called Merchants of Deception to help you understand what is happening. And then do whatever you can to get your husband to read it.

    All cults operate in a similar matter. The first thing they do with the new recruit is separate the person from their family and friends. In other words get them away from people who can reason with them and give them a truthful opinion about Amway and the group they've joined.

    Telling you you're negative is Amway speak. You'll hear it at every meeting and in every tape. Oops! I better say CD before IBOFB shows up to demand where we found a tape since they haven't been produced since he was in diapers! Amway IBO's are the most negative people I've ever met with their predictions of doom and gloom for everyone not involved in "the business". IBO's can not tell the difference between "truth" and "negative" so that's why they refer to everything that goes against their cult leader's beliefs as negative.

    Your husband is probably about ready to quit Amway if its going to happen. He might hang in a few more months. Ask him for his profit and loss spreadsheet so the two of you can take it to a financial expert and get a 3rd party opinion of this business. Your husband has already separated himself from reality by insisting that everything is all right and business is going good and just wait until he "gets there".

    If your husband doesn't budge on anything, perhaps you have family you can discuss your situation with and get some advice from people who know both of you. Somebody needs to sit him down with his profit and loss statement and show him he's losing money and convince him that businesses with a 1% chance of success are a poor opportunity to get involved with.

    Good luck to you!

  3. Oh and here's a little message for any lousy ambot who shows up here with their canned speech about how this wife is negative and how she's holding her husband back and how she's the reason why he's not successful in Amway.

    Fuck you!

    I already heard it a million times. So you are not original with any brainwashed bullshit. Ambots are good at finger pointing.

    Once again - fuck you to everyone who has ever blamed the wife because the husband didn't build a successful Amway business.

  4. Good to hear from a real victim of Amway. Corporate Frauds Watch reported the stories of a couple of victims in India. Nobody believed the blog. Some even went to the extent of accusing me of cooking the stories. It is a fact many husbands are harassing their wives to go to houses of friends and relatives to sell the products. They accuse the wives not cooperating with them to become rich.
    You might feel happy to learn that the police raided the premises of Amway India in the Southern State of Kerala and closed the shop.
    Anyway, it is a going to be a long struggle finally to shut it down forever. has been relentlessly fighting against the all kinds of multilevel marketing companies.
    Shall I use your story in our blog.
    Shyam Sundar

  5. Thank you for stopping by Shyam!

    My mother lived in Calcutta many years ago and told me about the poverty and families sleeping on streets and I think its disgusting that this horrible evil company named Amway and their greedy army of IBO's has gotten in to destroy lives of people who may already be financially disadvantaged. Amway sells hopes and dreams of a pathway to golden riches. Amway seems to have legal troubles in just about every country it has invaded. Hopefully they'll be shut down in India - and everywhere else too! - and stop destroying people. Sure feel free to use any of my stories in your blog. The more people who can get the truth out there the more power we'll have at stopping people from getting involved with Scamway.

  6. To 'Ambots' - in order to save the world, it becomes necessary to destroy it.

    Far from achieving 'Total Financial Freedom,' countless, male core-'Amway' adherents have, in fact, wound up on mortuary slabs. They fell asleeep at the wheels of their clapped-out cars. These vulnerable guys were indoctrinated to believe that they were heroic 'Road Warriors,' the 'Amway' elite, who (exactly like their heroic 'Diamond' leaders) would selflessly drive anywhere (at any time) to build the 'Business' and achieve their 'Dreams and Goals.'

    Sadly, anyone reading these alarming facts without a direct personal experience of a deluded 'Ambot,' will not be able to appreciate the full horror that groups like 'Amway' represent. However, unquestioning core-'Amway' adherents are no longer the individuals they once were. Whilst they remain under the malign influence of their group, they are effectively dead; for they have been gradually dissociated from external reality and reformed into de facto slaves furthering the hidden criminal objectives of their leaders, completely dependent on a collective paranoid delusion of absolute moral and intellectual supremacy fundamental to the maintenance of their individual self-esteem/identity and related psychological function. It becomes impossible for such deluded 'Ambots' to see humour in their situation or to feel pity for, or to empathise with, non-adherents. Their minds have been programmed to interpret the manipulation, and/or cheating, and/or dispossession, and/or destruction, of inferior outsiders (particularly those who challenge their group's controlling scenario) as perfectly justifiable.

    I too, have witnessed this first-hand with vulnerable members of my own family.

    Just like Adolf Hitler, the otherwise-mediocre little charlatan-bosses of pernicious totalitarian/cultic mobs like 'Amway' and 'Scientology' have become immensly-wealthy by peddling vulnerable individuals essentially the same narcissistic lie - i.e. they claim to offer a superior knowledge - an exclusve means of self-betterment which will permit their unquestioning followers to achieve a secure, future, Utopian existence.

    For decades, the absurd leadership of the twin movements known as 'Amway' and 'Scientology' have steadfastly pretended absolute moral and intellectual authority whilst running, and occulting, esentially the same advance fee fraud. Indeed, the 'Amway' and 'Scientology' Utopias (as well as the sacred scientific means of achieving these comic-book guided-fanatasies) have been portrayed using virtually the same ritual words and images.

    In both 'Amway' and 'Scientology' core-adherents have been indoctrinated to believe that all their previous thinking was wrong and dangerous, and that they should kill off their former 'negative' selves and cross over a bridge into a 'totally positive' brave new world. This radical transformation process has involved excluding from the adherents' lives all 'negative' influences; particularly, free-thinking individuals who try to reason with them.

    Thus, although it can seem impossible to casual observers, the most-deluded 'Ambots' actually believe that in order to save themselves, their friends and their families, it is first necessary to destroy all of these 'negative and dangerous' people.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  7. David - thank you for posting this. I am going to copy and paste it today as its own topic just in case people miss this.

    Its sickening to hear how people die because of Amway and falling asleep at the wheel and then other ambots call them warriors who died on duty. Horrible insult to families who have family members who died while in battle and who are real soldiers, not the 8 o'clock Amway Warriors.


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