Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love What You Do?

If you love what you do you never work a day in your life.

That’s something to think about whether you’re self employed or work for someone else.

There are employees who love the company they work for, the owners, their bosses, the job itself and are perfectly happy.

Of course Amway IBO’s look down their nose at these people and sneer at them because they have a J.O.B. But then Amway IBO’s are the biggest judgemental bastards around!

There are many entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses using the concept of find something you love to do and figure out a way to make money at it.

Again Amway IBO’s will sneer at these entrepreneurs because the business they own is not an Amway business. It is so totally inconceivable to Amway IBO’s that people can actually own businesses that have nothing to do with Amway and make a decent living and love what they do. But then what else do you expect from a bunch of Amway IBO’s who are the biggest judgemental bastards around?!

I had no interest in getting involved with Amway. I didn’t like our sponsor, disliked the upline, hated the high priced products, and hated wasting my time at board plan meetings and functions listening to bunch of assholes lie to us.

There is no way in hell that I could ever use the phrase “love what I do” when referring to Amway.

How can I love lying to people about how good business is when in reality we’re losing money?

How can I love taking time away from my family, friends, and activities that are important to me to waste time at Amway meetings?

How can I love watching the credit card soar when we were debt free before getting involved with Amway?

How can I love enduring these fake nicey nice people who love bomb us and promise undying lifelong friendship?

How can I love listening to Diamonds lie to us from the stage?

How can I love lying to people that the reason Amway products are high priced is because they’re high quality?

How can I love being an IBO - aka commissioned salesperson - when I don’t have the personality to be a salesperson?

How can I love putting up with a pompous sack of shit Platinum who expects submission and obedience and undying adoration from the cult followers?

I loved what I was doing before being involved in Amway and I love what I’m doing now that we’re not involved anymore.

Do I love what I do when it comes to blogging? You bet! I love bitching about the assholes I had to put up with during the Amway hell days.

Thanks to me blogging about them karma bites those bastards in the ass - right where I’d love to kick them!

Well, no, that’s a lie.

That’s my second choice where I’d love to kick them!


  1. Been out of the business for about 4 years and are just about finished paying off our high interest credit cards used to run our business. We were rubies for a while anyway. Of course we paid a ton for that pin. We make a great income now that we're out and we actually save money and spend time with our family. We were debt free before the business and were in terrible economic shape when we left. So glad to be out!

  2. Anonymous - thanks for stopping by! I bet that's going to be a big weight off your shoulders when you get that last credit card paid off! At least you were in a position to get that Amway debt paid off. I feel so bad for seniors and others who are on fixed incomes and think Amway will be their financial solution to leading the good life. You reached a fairly significant level and the money just wasn't there.

    PS - If you go to David Bach's website and wait a couple of moments for a pop up box to fill in your email address, he'll email a link to download for free his ebook Start Over Finish Rich. I'm not sure how long he'll have that promo up. I downloaded it when he offered it free for one day about a year and a half ago and I haven't read it yet but I have read some of this other books and find them helpful. No strings attached. With your email address he'll send out occasional emails about a new book coming out but I get them so rarely I don't even recall it, other than the one I just got about this freebie.


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