Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Intelligent Ambot Strikes!

I got love bombed!

This was left under my post about messing with spring leadership.

Anonymous said...

Don’t you just love it how these ambots think that everybody in the whole world who isn’t part of Amway does not own a business. Its just such an inconceivable and foreign concept to them that there are actually business owners walking the face of the earth who have nothing to do with Amway. Many people who visit my blog have mentioned they own their own business either as a sole proprietor or as a family run business. Myself included. I’d say many of us already know the value of owning our own business. We also know the trauma of “owning” an Amway business.

I don’t agree that employees never make more than their boss. Here its important to note that the boss and the owner are not necessarily the same person but a fucked up IBO would not know that there’s a difference because of the information control from their upline. A boss could be a paid employee too. In most cases you’d think the owner makes more money than the employees but not always. Bills and salaries are paid first and whatever is left over is usually the owner’s profit. If its a bad month with unexpected expenses after the bills are paid maybe the owner gets zippo. (Just like an Amway business!) If business is really suffering and they close up shop the employees are probably eligible to collect unemployment benefits but the owner does not so even unemployed the employees still make more money than the owner.

Put it another way that no ambot will be able to grasp. Amway owns the products and Amway owns their commissioned salespeople - aka IBO’s. No IBO out there will ever make more money than Amway. The Amway owners sit at the top of the pyramid and there they’ll stay until some extraordinary lawsuit comes along that topples them off and shuts them down for good.

Job pyramid? Gee, where have I heard that one before? Oh I know! At just about every Amway meeting where the speaker tries to deny that Amway is not a pyramid. If someone has to spend a lot of time denying something that’s a good indication of a problem. Didn’t an attorney general in Michigan already label Amway as a pyramid scheme about 30 years ago? Even since then IBO’s have had to do damage control and the best they can come up with is some fucking job pyramid. Bunch of fucking morons!

Lets see 19 and 23? Just about the right age for Amway cultists to reel them in. On their way to retirement this year? Then to further punctuate that because everyone who is not involved with Amway has no clue what year this is they add 2011 in brackets.

If they were actually learning anything from their upline about running a business they would have learned that the things you can not do yourself you hire someone else to do. This is why we hire professionals like accountants, attorneys, computer gurus, etc.

These know it alls need to hire a computer expert because they are going through life seemingly unaware that their caps lock button is stuck on their computer and they don’t have the knowledge to know how to turn it off. But then most IBO’s drift through life seemingly unaware of everything that’s going on around them.

Their writing skills are poor and they don’t know how to express themselves properly to avoid looking like fools. They can hire someone to write for them. What about an image consultant? I read on another blog that IBOFB is running a service to improve online images. Perhaps these ambots should consult with him.

Like we need any further proof that Amway IBO’s are a bunch of judgemental bastards who look down their noses at anyone who has a job.

Like we need any further proof when ambots show up with these comments - and they all sound exactly the same - that they’ve all been listening to the same sermon from their cult leaders and parrot it back at us.

Yes you are in a cult and you are being scammed while you scam others. That’s what Amway is about.

And leaving comments like this on a blog just contributes to the overall bad image Amway has.


  1. Any guess these two still live at home with mommy and daddy?

    Typical of this spineless generation.


  2. Yup still live at home with mommy and daddy who are paying all the bills while the kids throw their money at Amway. Though with their attitudes they'll probably get kicked out soon enough and then they'll be in the real world of paying rent, buying groceries, paying the electric bill, the cell phone, water, Internet, cable, etc. They won't have any money left to spend on Amway! They likely got the same speech we did about making $100K in 6 months and after that they can sit back and wait for the money to come rolling in. Lazy little bastards!

  3. Once again, I will politely ask this IBO to disclose their Schedule C from their income tax return, along with a profit and loss statement for their Amway business.
    I am beginning to sound like a broken record...

  4. So...what's so wrong with being an employee? I make good money, have a flexible job, love my job, my boss is great, etc....what's so WRONG with that?


  5. David - what do you bet they don't even file taxes!

  6. FM - with an attitude like that you'd be a very bad little IBO! Ha ha!

    Good ambots must make fun of everyone who has a job and criticize them for not owning their own business. They must hate their job and go to work with a shitty attitude and tell all their coworkers they're a bunch of broke losers because they work for someone else.

    Ever wonder why a lot of IBO's get sacked from their job? Negativity! Who needs that? Only cult members.

  7. And at 19 and 23, they have oodles of credibility.

    Yeah, they're going to really get some boomers all 'fired up' to join amway.

    O.K., here's your sign, Children. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. (and the scars)

    Go back to your mummy and daddy, er, I mean, upline and tell them you really told us!


  8. Maybe they live in a commune with their leader and the other cult followers.

  9. Anon, he reminds me of the ambot who use to trash my buddy for buying a subway franchise. This person now owns a ritzy house with couple nice cars. But the ambot is still living with mommy and daddy hahaha

  10. Colin your ambot friend is still trashing your Subway owning buddy and calling him a broke loser, etc. How dare anyone own any business if its not an Amway business!

  11. Anna, the ambots say during meetings that buying a mcds franchise is like buying yourself a mediocre job. Where subway or mcdonalds corp can come in and buy the franchise from you. Also they tell peop that owning a franchise is very stressful and hardly any income.

  12. I think we're going to see a transitioning to younger IBOs.

    Boomers are wise to amway now after years of being in the cult and losing their asses.

    Now we're being hit with ObamaCare, etc. We're simply in no mood for cult crap. The money is gone and we're still, in some cases, caring for kids at home and taking care of aging parents (in my case).

    Amway will now be forced to focus on the young'uns. They are broke and have no loyalty gene.

    Good luck with that one.


  13. CT - I did a post about how our Platinum said to only target people under the age of 35 because they were less likely to have heard of Amway. People over that age had either been scammed by Amway or knew someone who had.

  14. Colin - the McDonalds/franchise always came up at the meetings. I'll probably do a post about it seeing as how I love exposing the Platinum's lies!

  15. McDonald's is doing great in this economy.

    Amway? Not so much.

    Sucks to be them.


  16. The McDonalds franchise comparison was used during plans in my era (early 90s). It was used to emphasize the importance of duplication, duplicating your upline that is.
    "If McDonalds can be successful duplicating the same successful methods over and over again, why wouldn't you by duplicating your successful Diamond?"
    Damn am I ever glad I failed to duplicate my upline Diamond Greg Duncan, as he went Bankrupt and had his houses repossessed by the bank.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  17. Anna, atleast with franchises there's some sort of reliable income. With amway the losses are also reliable lol.

  18. CT - I'd agree. Most McDonald's out there probably make more than the highest paid IBO.

    Lemming - McDonald's franchise taught 20 years ago? Also 2 years ago. So much for all those exciting changes! Teaching the same old bullshit!

    Colin - you're right. That's the one thing you can count on in Amway - losses!

  19. Greg duncan or the avrg diamond can never afford to buy a mcds franchise. They have standards and wont accept some bum who's gone backrupted. Not sure if any diamonds have a mill or two buy a franchise

  20. They'd probably be doing a lot better financially if they pooled their money and bought a McDonalds franchise or two. They'd hire managers and employees to operate the restaurant and then they really could sit back and do nothing or walk the beaches of the world and just let the money roll in each month.

  21. I've always wondered what the ambot response would be to me claiming that I've found my god-given vocation working with the poor in a low-paying J.O.B. Do amway IBO's sneer at all workers outside "the business"? Would they sneer at Doctors Without Borders folks or all those great people who dropped everything to help rebuild Haiti?
    I guess my real question is: Are the Amway folks trying to make my husband look down on me and my vocation?
    To probe my husband on this, I asked him what he thought of the phrase "retire the wife so she can be at home with the kids". He used to get as offended as I do (my response is "retire your damned self! God has me doing great things here!") but this time he said, "It depends on how you define retirement." Tense moment, I'll tell you.
    I have a frickin' degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I'm supposed to be wicked smart, but I am completely out of my league trying to get my beloved husband out of this trap. Thank God for the internet so I can find you all for support!!!

  22. Anonymous - yes Amway IBO's are taught to make fun of everyone who has a J.O.B. Its how the IBO feels superior to everyone else because they've figured out the secret (Amway) to lifetime riches and only have to put in 2 to 5 years and never work again. Everyone who has a J.O.B. is an idiot, broke loser, etc because they refuse to be drawn in to the scam.

    Yes your husband's upline is brainwashing your husband to look down at what you do for a living. He'll be complaining to you soon enough, if it hasn't already started, that instead of wasting your time at a go nowhere job that you should be attending Amway meetings and functions if you really want to be going places in your life.

    IBO's who have been properly brainwashed will think you're a loser because you work a job and are employed by somebody else instead of owning your own Amway business. They have no concept that people have a calling to do things in life, whether its in the ministry, doctors, firemen, military.....

    I bet if an IBO's house was on fire they'd sure be glad to see some firemen show up instead of hearing that they can't attend the house fire because they're attending an Amway meeting!

    You need to get your husband to look at the ebook Merchants of Deception. Here's an Emerald couple making around $30k a year instead of the $100k they were told they'd be earning at this level. Both of them "retired" while their credit cards are through the roof and the house is going into foreclosure. They had 100 people in their downline and a thousand others in various legs and they couldn't make a go out of this business because the odds are too greatly stacked against them in a system that is set up for failure.

    Did you ask your husband how he defines retirement?

  23. I remember why my wwdb diamond always compared their incomes to a mcdonalds franchisee. The owner of a mcds franchise usually make 10% or 200k-230k. My upline try to convince us his income was higher with no inventory,employees,hassle,1-2 mill investment,etc. I think owning a mcds franchise is a safer bet than a lame diamond distibutorship.

  24. Our Platinum never compared his income to McDonalds - nowhere even close - but I bet if he had his brainwashed followers would have believed him! All he did was try to persuade his followers that owning their own business was like being an Amway franchisee similar to someone who owns a McDonald's franchise. I know which of the 2 is making the $$$!

  25. Someone who most of you are familiar with (cough.. insider... cough) once issued a challenge of investing in him/Amway instead of McD and guarantee the same result.

  26. Rlaurens, i rather just buy some mcds stock than invest in insider. Wasnt he just a 100 pin or something lame?

  27. i just read that book Merchants of Deception. what a revelation! it will lift the veil from any ambot! let us know what happens. i'm glad to offer the book's pdf link

  28. This rhetoric should fall under "Name that CD!"

    Retire my ass!

    this 19yo newbie ambot doesn't even have enough experience wiping clean her ass. you can tell it stinks all the way to her brain by what she spews here.

    the vomit spewed by these amway vermin from their trashy cds makes me sick - it's all too familiar and just to know now they are chewing on it just like i had done is sickening. it never stops because say it with me "there's a sucker born everyday"

    you did a good job to school this ambot clown - she's just not worth me insulting. they are starry eyed newbies kissing their upline's stinky ass in hopes of one day being like them. for now they can't see how their upline is lining up his/her pockets from their J.O.B. income.

    i will take liberty and explicate to this ilk of humanity whatup @ land'o amway. you coward poster let me tell you who bought your upline kingpin's ferrari, mansion etc. it was me. you see he/she used the cash i used to buy cds, books, subscribe to kate, attend all function etc. to buy all that stuff. now if you multiply all that cash with the number of people i had in my group, then add all the other groups you start to see buying a ferrari is quick as cash. then i and my group quit. he didn't worry about that. because just about then as i was walking out the door i saw you and your boyfriend coming into the meeting room and took my place. now you are the new ibos doing all those things i used to do - buy cds, books attend functions etc. and the cycle continues. i don't know what your diamond is talking about buying now but let me give you a hint who will buy it for him - you!

    cause you have a job and he doesn't, cause he is "retired." and he needs you to buy the tools-cd's, books etc. so he can CONTINUE to line up his/her pocket. so he/she needs you to continue to have that job to support him and his lifestyle. so forget about retiring cause you still haven't kissed all of his and her nasty ass!

    you see your upline kingpin reads a lot of books and granted to become a kingpin he has some smarts. in one of those books is written "there's a sucker born everyday." so he/she knew the moment i quit he/she had to replace me with you to come into and continue the game. when you quit he will repeat the process again with another sucker born another day. yesterday it was me today you are that sucker! you get the idea.

    we all know the routine and we know it's coming. when you are ready we await to welcome you into the real world of jobs and businesses other than amway. countdown starts now...

  29. ExAmbot - Merchants of Deception is a great book and has been a real eye opener for people thinking of getting involved in Amway or those who are considering leaving. Forever grateful to the author for his bravery at publishing his story.

    Any chance I get to insult an ambot is bonus for me! I pretend its someone in my upline and I'm getting even for the endless abuse we took. I wonder what their cult leaders would say about them reading and commenting on blogs like this.


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