Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who is Nelsen of the Infamous WWDB Amway Family Reunion?

So who is Nelsen of the infamous WWDB Amway Family Reunion?

In a previous post I mentioned that someone - or perhaps a couple - named “Nelsen” are holding a Nelsen Moving Up on July 14 2011 and the Nelsen Family Reunion July 15 to 17 2011. See this post for the web link where I found out those dates.

I have no idea who “Nelsen” is so I hit good old Google and searched for Nelsen Family Reunion 2011. I got a ton of hits from what appear to be legitimate families with the last name Nelsen who are holding reunions. So that tells me “Nelsen” is either a very busy boy or I better put in some more search criteria. I added Amway after that. The first three links are my blog. OK well that’s not helpful but it is kind of fun because I’m probably misdirecting some Nelsen Amway fanatics who can’t find the information they seek.

The next link is to Amquix’s site, Jane’s Quixtar Amway Story.'s_quixtar_story.html

In this story she references executive Diamonds Theron and Darlene Nelsen. Now whether or not they are the same “Nelsen” holding the Amway WWDB Family Reunion from July 15 to 17 2011 I haven’t the slightest idea. You know how it is with Amway and WWDB and classified cult information. They don’t let that information get out there easily. Where’s Wikileaks when you need them?

More compelling is Jane’s story. I’ve said it before. Every Amway widow seems to have pretty much the same horror story. Just the players, the amount of financial losses, and the locations are different. Hers ended sadly because Amway destroyed her marriage. Chalk up another Amway divorce.

I guess we have to wait and see what happens once Puryear Family Reunion has ended in July and if World Wide Dream Builders give some web time to Duncan and Nelsen and any others???? Horror of horrors. Its bad enough to know that I’ve uncovered three WWDB Amway Family Reunions. Could there be others lurking out there?

On behalf of poor old Jane - I’d like to send a big fuck you out there to World Wide Dream Builders, Amway, the Nelsens, and anyone else who played a part in flushing $35,000 of Jane’s money down the toilet and destroying her marriage.


  1. I just read Jane's story. It is compelling and so very sad. It could have been my story - just change the names. Thank God we quit before it really did end our marriage.

    This is the reality of the mind-control amway has on its IBOs.

    We are so often attacked by drive-bys telling us we were just lazy losers, etc. If every one of them was required to read Jane's story before coming in here to strafe us, I think they may hesitate. After all, she gives her full name.


  2. And the Nelsons she talks about are Theron and Darlene. Seemed to be nice people but, like I said in an earlier post, he showed the plan to seven bus. associates, six got in, and POOF! they were diamonds.

    So what's with us lazy losers already?

    My question back to them would be: if you believe this is unremarkable, prove it by doing it over and over again. Well, why not? It's bragged about from stage like it's just a normal part of being in amway.

    Usually when we have stuck to our guns asking pointed questions that IBOs have no answers for, they then hit us with, "Well, look at all the wonderful things we are learning from amway. We are going to change the world b/c of the wonderfulness we are learning. You lazy losers don't know the first thing about wonderfulness and you'll have to work your J.O.B.s for the rest of your unwonderful lives."

    Okie, dokie.


  3. CT - a lot of us say the same thing - thank god we got out of Amway before it ended our marriage. WWDB used to brag about how Amway saved marriages and how they only have a 2% divorce rate as opposed to the rest of the US at 50%. Well how do they know? Where are all these people whose marriages were saved by Amway? I've heard maybe two Diamond speakers say that from the stage. I read dozens of stories on the Internet about destroyed marriages. I'd say there is more proof out there that Amway destroys marriages than saves them.

    Of course the Nelsons seem to be nice people. Isn't that what everyone says about scam artists after they've taken their money? They seemed like such nice people. How about when someone gets arrested for being a serial murderer? The neighbors and coworkers all are interviewed on the news saying he was a really nice normal guy and they can't believe it.

    Sometimes lightening only strikes once.

  4. Oh, Anna, it's ridiculous to keep telling that story. It's so unbelievable that after a while, I began to doubt it. Is it true? I suppose it could be - but how do you teach your downline to do that? It was that 'lightening' you mentioned.

    Again, I hold no ill-wil toward the diamonds, but in light of the number of divorces and the mass exoduses from amway, I think I'd tone down the rhetoric a tad.

    I can just see a major functon today: "And we saw the light and just HAD to get into amway, and our lives are totally different, and we tiptoe thru the tulips of amway la-la land all day long, and God's blessings just pour down on us all day long b/c of the wonderfulness of amway, and what are you people waiting for, and have you bought your tickets for the next major function, and stuff."

    All the while, the new young'ins are tweeting and texting the shit outta each other and paying no attention. They've forgotten how to pay attention.

    Diamonds from stage: "Hey, Young'ins, are you gettin' this? Are you hearing what we're saying to you? Put down those confounded 'negative' cell phones and listen up. Now where was I? Oh, yeah. Don't listen to your negative parents and for heaven's sake, stay off the bathroom wall of society. You're not on that bathroom wall of society, are you? Are you on that dirty internet? Well, stay off it. Winners avoid all technolgy that isn't WWDB approved. You got that? You will do product pick-up by hand, you understand? I said, do you understand? For heaven's sakes, I asked you to put away those Ipads and cell phones. Will someone go around and pick up those blasted negative whipper-snapper confounded things? Arghh, I just dropped my notes. I can't see where I dropped my notes. Martha, can you help me find my notes, and where are my glasses? Excuse me, Folks, this will just take a moment. O.K., here we go. Are you writing this down? Here are the 9 steps to C.O.R.E. Number one..........." blather, blather, blather.

    And so goes another interminably l-o-n-g major function.

    Every July I just love staying home and not suffering thru another one of those.


  5. Nothing is true in Amway.

    It'll be interesting once these aging Diamonds start to die off if they were really able to will their business to someone else. That's something I heard a lot of that you can write up a will and leave your Amway business to some poor bastard but I've never heard of it happening. Its my guess Amway just absorbs it once a Diamond dies or quits.

    1. Well Bill Britt just lets see what happens..I was personally sponsored by a very well liked Diamond and never ONCE upon all my times counseling with him or or his wife was I ever told do to do anything but the right thing..That even included putting my family first..

  6. Thanks for this blog. I, too, am an Amway survivor. Only years after I got out did I learn that my uplines were making money off of my purchasing books, tapes, and ticket functions. Yay for freedom from MLM! I am proud to write that I am a MLM survivor!

  7. Thanks Anonymous MLM Survivor! Glad you stopped by.

    Unfortunately most IBO's don't go searching for the truth before they sign up. Its only after they've suffered emotional distress from the brainwashing cult techniques and the financial losses that they go looking for other survivors and find the real story. The only people getting rich in Amway aren't really getting rich from selling the overpriced products. They're getting rich from selling the fake training materials.

    1. What sore losers... unfortunately you guys you have not learned the value of working effectively through true concepts of success. Whine all you want we are getting better and stronger and more efficient each day.

    2. Anonymous - thanks for stopping by to speak negative and let us know that Amway is still a blame the victim scam.

  8. LOL... she lost $35 000 in 11 years, that's just shy of $3200 a year... you all understand this is a product business and despite what you think about the business structure the products themselves are very rarely second to none. Even a deaf mute could sell enough product in amway to profit $3200 a year to cover those expenses, not to mention the tax return money if you even keep half assed books. I love how she fails to mention how much money she made from selling products and tax return income for running a home based business.... and if she didn't make her money back from sales volume and tax return, then I do not feel sorry for her.... she was just lazy and I know how much you all Love to hear that!

    1. LOL right back at you. Shitty Amway products are the first to the garbage heap!

      $3200/year is relatively minor. Most IBO's spend a lot more than that a year.

      Yup yet another brainwashed ambot confirms the only way to make money at Amway is in the form of a tax return when you deduct Amway expenses off your regular income. The only way you get a tax return is if you're losing money.

      Keep it up with the canned amspeak responses. Uncle Sam will catch you eventually! LOL!

    2. Hey Anonymouse, reading this bathroom wall of the world are you? Clearly you are not teachable and don't listen to your god, i mean upline. When are you going diamond? Scratch that it won't happen, when are you ever gonna go platinum? You know how to do it - here's a tip, lie, manipulate, be a phoney and consistent, that's how.
      And whatsup with all the negative attitude? Ain't ya reading from the scambook list?

      You can tell this Anonymouse is the scam's fluff I refer to who feverishly contribute to kingpins' pockets. People have quit scamway at Q12, emeralds, diamonds levels because they saw the scam and desired to stop the lies, manipulation and being phoneys, they were lazy too, right? They did more than you will ever do in scamway, pretend MLM "industry" or elsewhere. Some have gone on to lead very fulfilling lives and attain even more real success. Go hide your mousy face somewhere the IRS will catch up with your hobby self soon enough.

    3. ExAmbot - I'm sure we have him scared now! He won't be back. Unless its to bitch about how he got audited! Find some way to blame that on me too!

  9. If you all feel this so strongly do what I do when something illegal has happened report it!! I never built MY Amway business because I didn't have the confidence...Do you realize how many businesses that have HUGE start up costs fail...Do you think someone buys a McDonalds franchise and changes anything in it and expects it to be successful...At least have the decency to be honest like I have that the reason it didn't work had to have been because you didn't do all the McDonalds like steps required to make it work..

    1. We have reported it and we also feel putting a blog together to warn others what it's like putting up with the fucking assholes in Amway is much more effective. Did you read my recent post about Amway ambots and their fucked up version of McDonalds?

    2. Wow, you both really ARE idiots. A personal friend of mine, currently in the business, just hit the platinum level. He went from making $300 a month in the business, to an average of ~4k a month. Scam? Not if you take it seriously.

    3. Anonymous - you're an idiot if you believe your lying sack of shit Platinum. Emeralds earn between 2 and 3 thousand dollars a month - no matter what those lying fucktards in Amway lie to you. Ask your lying sack of shit Platinum to show you proof that he's making 4k/month. This would be his profit and loss statement, checks from Scamway, and/or his tax return. If he tries to give you some bullshit about how that's private and personal remind the fucker that when its a business and a plan that you're selling to others to sign up, then the business owner has to open their books. He'll never do it because he's a fucking lying sack of shit. You're the idiot if you believe the bullshit he's feeding you.

  10. Wow... the ignorance here is astounding...

    Of all the things that I could respond to you and your abhorrent level of misguided hatred I have only this to say and, in my humble opinion, it's probably the most revealing part of your outright prejudice:

    How could you possibly have considered yourselves intelligent and active IBO's over the course of 11 years in the World Wide Group and yet not know, in June of 2011, who Theron and Darlene Nelsen were?

    1. Mike - wow the ignorance at Amway meetings is astounding!

      I have never said I was an intelligent Amway IBO. A god damned fool maybe for getting involved in the scam.

      Amazing that people in Amway think that the rest of the world know who Amway cult leaders are. The majority of the world does not know and doesn't give a shit either!

    2. I would not at all expect that "the rest of the world" would know who the Nelsen's were. I wouldn't expect anyone outside of World Wide to know who they were. OUTSIDE of World Wide. However, I would expect those within World Wide, especially for 11 years, to have at least a passing knowledge of who the Nelsen's are. I'd be curious to know if your mindless "Ambot" was "programmed" with the knowledge of who the Nelsen's are and you, as appears to be par for the course - judging by the rest of your blog, chose ignorance.

    3. Really Mike who gives a flying fuck?

  11. I guess that was expected. I was wondering how long it would take you to become dismissive and use profanity. You're quite an amusing character. An amusing protagonist in a fictional sob story.

    When it really comes down to it, I can appreciate having people like yourself and JoeCool out here on the web. You've created a sort of weeding device for the World Wide Group in specific and Amway in general. Some will see this tripe for what it truly is and ignore it. Some will develop real questions from this drivel, a genuine, unbiased skepticism, which I welcome as an opportunity to educate. Some will believe your every word and those, although I will be more than willing to educate and inform, I will be more than happy to see on their merry way back to whatever life it was they were content (or not) with previously.

    So really, thank you for all that you do for our businesses.

    (Of course, I really should put the obvious disclaimer that the above opinion is solely my own and not of WWDB or Amway)


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