Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Platinum Bites The Dust

A few weeks ago we were having dinner with a friend who also happens to know and dislike our former Platinum from the first time we were in Amway and WWDB over 10 years ago. Our friend was never in Amway. She’s not friends with our former Platinum either, just knew her back then through mutual acquaintances.

She told us that she knows someone who is still in Amway who knows our former Platinum, not sure if in the same downline or crossline or what. Anyway according to the Amway insider our former Platinum did something bad and got booted out of Amway.

When we knew her I didn’t like her. She was a mean, bossy bitch. To put a positive spin I do not remember feeling that we were in a cult or that there was any brainwashing going on. I don’t know if cult techniques weren’t encouraged back then in World Wide Dream Builders or if she violated the be-a-good-cult-leader policy or if she sucked at brainwashing. I don’t know. All I can say is back then we lost a few thousand dollars, never signed up any downline, never made any money and quit. There was no emotional distress.

The horror didn’t come until the last round of Amway. That was the full hell, sheer terror, full-blown cult version of Amway.

As far as I’m concerned Amway gave the wrong Platinum the boot. Our last Platinum is more deserving. He’s a liar and he fucks over Amway and steals from them. Apparently those are traits that Amway likes and encourages in their Platinums because he’s still strutting around being the arrogant asshole top shit Amway commissioned saleman that he thinks is the best job in the world.

Terminating a Platinum? Why would Amway do that? Someone at the Platinum level probably has at least $25,000 a month in downline sales going through Amway. Amway doesn’t want to lose those kinds of sales.

So why would Amway terminate our first Platinum? For being a mean bitch? Not likely. They’d have very few Platinums left if they used that criteria.

Terminate a Platinum for lying to their downline? Holy shit! Amway would have zero Platinums!

Terminate a Platinum for lying to Amway’s head office and stealing from them? Nope. Our former Platinum is living proof that a Platinum can get away with that and Amway doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t do nothing.

Our first Platinum did not abuse the downline the way our last Platinum did so if someone is going to get booted out of Amway for being an asshole to their downline it should have been the pompous sack of shit not the mean, bossy bitch.

So much for her being a “business owner”. I don’t know of any real business owner who owns a legitimate business that can get fired. You own your own business don’t you. You’re the boss. Who can fire you? Can you fire yourself? Ha ha!

My husband and I have operated a business for many years. Who can fire us? I suppose we could fire each other. What fun would that be? It would be kind of dumb. Give the other guy more work to do.

Just one of the many lies is the Amway bullshit that you’re a business owner and you own your own Amway business. The truth is you can get your “business” ripped away from you at any time for apparently no good reason after spending years and thousands of dollars on the Amway scam. Our first Platinum is proof of this.

Oh well. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person! Ha ha!

One down one to go......


  1. When you terminate a diamond or platinum it benefits their upline. They come in and raid what's volume is left over. My upline diamond raided one of his groups by not allowing him to get a certain pin level. The person got frusterated and left the scam. He came right in and took over the meetings & volume.

  2. Well you know that's what they say that the upline absorbs the downline of the person who left Amway. I think the reality is the majority of the downline will quit within a few months. Most of them don't have a relationship with the Diamond or Emerald especially if they don't live locally and can't run enough meetings to keep the downline motivated to keep throwing their money at Amway.

  3. Amway did this platinum a favour by terminating him or her. I just hope they dont become like tex and even though they are booted. They are obsessed with getting their shitty products from amway every month. Most platinums are losing money month anyways.

  4. Colin - our former Platinum was a couple. Husband was usually around but it was the wife who was usually running things. She purchased their Platinumship when they started out. She was likely the reason they got the boot for whatever reason that might be. Well if they're dumb enough to keep buying Amway products after getting the old heave ho that's their problem.

  5. "So much for her being a “business owner”. I don’t know of any real business owner who owns a legitimate business that can get fired."

    Recently, the argument I heard from the MLM jackasses (Zoivi jackasses not Amway, different companies same practices) was that it all is just like McDonalds. You could own your own McDonalds and you sell McDonald's products and it is still your own McDonalds business that you control while still functioning under the McDonalds brand. Also, like starting any other company you need to put in your own money to like buy the building before seeing the results...

    I tried to explain that it was a franchising and different than and cultish MLMs. Yes, perhaps you pay a fee to sell be able to legally sell the product, but I don't see McDonald's franchise owners recruiting more people to become McDonalds owners. Also, technically they don't own their own "business", they still report to higher leveled people. Oh, and McDonalds supplies the building and location (

    It would be awesome if you did a post to totally retaliate this warped "McDonalds = MLM" argument!!! At first it seems believable and I know people would fall for it. I would be really good to inform people that it's a stupid comparison and don't fall for it!


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