Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can You Get The Free Amway Products and Then Quit?

Interesting. A Google search for “can you get the free Amway products and then quit” brought a searcher to my blog.

All I could think was what the hell are the free Amway products? Those bastards don’t give nothing away for free.

Signing up for Amway including the starter kit that was around $150. My memory might be a little off. It was broken down to something like $60 for the Amway annual membership and $90 worth of Amway products. I could be $10 or so off in my recollection but I’m in the ballpark.

In the Amway literature it says you are not required to buy the starter kit of Amway products but the upline rides your ass as soon as they’ve recruited you to sign your life away to the cult. They say “you want to be a serious business builder don’t you? Then you have to buy the starter kit. You can try the products yourself and tell others how good they are or you can give them away. If you give them away they become marketing and promotional material for your business and you can deduct them when you do your income taxes.”

I’m not sure if this unfortunate recruit was lied to and told the cost to join Amway is $150 and you get “free” products for that price. IBO’s use whatever lies they can to sign up an IBO so that’s my guess.

More than likely my guess is dead on than the fantasy that Amway is actually giving away free products!

Its possible someone in this IBO’s upline pulled a fast one on Amway like our Platinum frequently did to screw over Amway. He’d call Amway and say he sold a case of XS Energy Drinks (or any other equally disgusting Amway product) and say the buyer hated the product and he’d ask for a replacement, another flavor to see if the sucker would like it better. So our lying Platinum constantly got freebies that way by pretending all his customers hated the Amway products. Hating Amway products is not such a far stretch from the truth!

The only other instances of free products that I can think of is if someone in Amway’s shipping department fucked up when picking the order and put something extra into the case. Hey some IBO gets free stuff they’re not going to phone head office and bitch about it. They’re going to keep it. After all Amway is ripping everyone off with their high prices they feel entitled to keep any freebies that end up getting shipped to them.

And quite rightly so I say.

So to the IBO who found their way here with the question can you get the free Amway products and then quit, I say absolutely you can quit ASAP. That’s the best thing you can do! Quit the fucking cult! The sooner the better so you can get a refund on your Amway membership. And yes more than likely Amway will not want their shitty products in the starter kit returned so you can keep the “free” Amway products.

And that in a nutshell is how you get free Amway products. Though why anyone would want them is the bigger mystery.

Wow! Talk about a treasure! Struck gold on this one!


  1. I gotten free amway diet products,XS,and other samples from a ibo. But i never signed up or baught anything from this person. Realized i can get a better deal with slim fast products or whatever they sell at wall mart. Im not good with returning dvds. Love to jerk the ibos around a tiny bit:)

  2. The best way to screw amway over is to sign up buying only the literature option without products(not sure if this is still available). It was available when i was involved and very few distributor knows about it. Then do what you mentioned in your blog with the XS buy return and say customer not satisfy. When you feel like you've taken enough from these guys quit.

  3. Colin just because you got the products for free doesn't mean the IBO who gave them to you got them for free! Unless of course it was our Platinum screwing over Amway with his little scam within the scam! We were told to budget $60 to $80/month for "samples" we had to buy to give out to others. That $60 doesn't go too far. Thats 2 cases of XS Energy Drink right there. But yeah get there hopes up and take whatever they're dishing out!

    I'm not aware of the literature option without products.

  4. Lobotomized for AmwayJuly 29, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    Anna, I can't believe you would think an ABO could like to a prospect. That NEVER happens. Nevermind, I can't even say that with a straight face. The prospect must be getting free samples from the ABO... My advice to the prospect is... pretend your interested and milk the ABO for all he's worth. Just to screw with em. Not sure what you'd do with all that wothless junk though.

  5. I wasn't presented with the option, I was just told the membership fee was $160. Then there was another $50 fee for the training/mentorship program but I never got on that.

  6. I had never heard of amway before my first meeting. And I didn't know much about pyramid schemes, MLMs. I had no idea. I was such easy prey. If I had found your blog before registering I would have ran away fast.

  7. You people are all fools. There's nothing wrong with Amway, they make flawless world class products. The problem is you! I bet you're a lazy ass hole that expects the world to be handed to you on a silver platter. Try going to your 9-5 job and refusing to work, what would happen? Yep, they'd fire your ass for being a lazy prick! Amway won't fire you, but if you do nothing you'll get nothing. It's a PERFORMANCE based system you jack ass! So here you are telling people how they can take advantage of the company so they can get free stuff?... Um, so obviously you're the criminal here.


    1. Anonymous - its always nice to have a brainwashed Amway Ambot show up with such a lovely representation of their company.

      Do you have shit for brains? Amway can fire any IBO they want to. Our former platinum got fired but low level bastards like that are not advertised as much. But damn right when Amway fires a diamond the word is out all over the Internet. You are a commissioned salesperson for Amway and they can fire you at any time for any reason just like pretty much every other employer out there. Stop by again. I'm going to feature your comment real soon filed under Amway asshole of the week

    2. They don't tell you the market is SATURATED, More than half will refuse to tell you it's Amway at all until you get there! Why? They have generated bad will for generations and they can't even say their own name. I liked a few of the products but you can get comparable things at Dollar Tree! (energy drinks, makeup, etc)

    3. Hi angela. Yup we talk about Amway's over saturation in the marketplace all the time. Legitimate companies space out their sales reps so they're not overlapping territories. But no one can go around calling Amway a legitimate company. They fool some dumb bastards into thinking they're "Independent Business Owners" but really all those poor saps are is members of an expensive buying club. And right on. You can buy better products at better prices just about everywhere else. Can you believe those Amway assholes sell lipstick for $20+. And lipstick manufacturing costs including the packaging probably comes in at less than $1. But Amway's owners need to make a hefty profit plus all the assholes in the Amway upline get a piece of the commission so that's why the price is jacked up. And like you said go to the dollar store and buy a $1 lipstick probably better quality and better color selection than what Amway sells.

    4. Amway's lipstick costs TWENTY DOLLARS? Are you kidding me?

      Hey, I'm a guy and I don't know cosmetics. But twenty bucks seems outrageous for lipstick. It would have to have aphrodisiac qualities for that kind of price.

    5. Anonymous - I'm sure there are high end cosmetic companies out there who sell lipstick higher than that, but no one could ever call Amway high end! LOL! The high price does not reflect the high quality that Ambots so desparately want you to believe. The high price reflects the many who are getting a cut of the profit or commission.

  8. well call me ambot. I will admit the when i first started dealing with them I was thinking cult but I actually learned a lot. And yeah you may be paying monthly fees but who in their right mind would think you can get away with anything for free. It is a business you are running. Just like any other establishments like mcdonalds, they have monthly expenses. You cannot expect to make money if you are not willing to spend it.

    1. OK Ambot. Thanks for showing up with the canned Amspeak bullshit. Hundreds before you already showed up here saying the same thing they duplicated from their Amway cult leaders. Yawn. At least you can never accuse an Amway Ambot of being original! LOL!

      At least businesses like McDonalds are successful. They sell a specific type of product (fast food) for a good price and people know what to expect and approximately how much they'll pay when they walk in. You'll make a whole lot more money for yourself if you buy a McDonalds restaurant than you'll make losing money in the Amway scam. Do you even look at the small print on the Amway literature? Head office says only a tiny fraction of 1% of IBO's make money. That's over 99% failure rate - Amway's numbers, not mine. Their small print shows a system designed for failure. I don't think anyone could say the same thing about McDonalds.

    2. Ugh, yet another person trying the apples/oranges comparison of McDonalds. Yes, one has to "invest" in their business. But that is more than just being your only customer and buying brainwashing CD's and trying to find other people to do the same thing.
      Could you imagine a McDonalds being successful if the owner was the only one (or perhaps his mommy is buying the food, too) buying a Big Mac? And thinking that if he buys a lot of it and piles up all those McRibs and apple pies and cheeseburgers in his garage that he looks "successful" and is "investing" in his business? Is he going to start being successful when the pile in his garage gets high enough (because he certainly wouldn't be able to eat that much in any given month). And how does self-consumption put money into his pocket when he's the one who paid for it? So he buys $300 worth of food and the McDonalds corporation gives him a $10 check? And he considers that his "profit"? So then what he has to do is find other people to buy McDonald restaurants and have them do the same thing. Does that make much sense?

      But that is what you are saying if you try to compare the two business models. They don't compare.

      And please stop referring to it as your "business". You are NOT a business owner. You are a poorly reimbursed commissioned salesperson. Working a pyramid scheme trying to find enough people below you on the pyramid to actually make money. Good luck with that. Less than 1% in Amway even break even.

    3. HI Anonymous. Yup those Amway ambots all think they're so original showing up with the old McDonalds comparison. At least this one didn't run off the canned Amspeak about Amway being a franchise just like McDonalds.

      That's a funny image that a McDonalds owner has only himself as a customer and is stocking his garage with Big Macs and apple pies.

      Yup ambots don't get it that they're lowly paid commissioned salespeople and not "business owners".

  9. I came across this blog and I went to a meeting. I've tried several products now. So here is my opinion.
    Here is
    PLAN A
    - $30 a week at fast foods.
    - $30 a month on vitimins that don't work
    - $100 a week on slim fast or even worse equate that is FULL OF FAT
    - $100 on everyday products you use
    $260 that someone else gets paid for-- Walmart? Meijer?
    PLAN B
    - $30 for meal bars from your business
    - $30 on Vitimins that work
    -$ 78 for Shakes that work, organic gluten free
    - $70 on everyday use products.
    $208 AND GET BONUS...

    IF I was looking to do something I would rather do something that matters than do 31, pure romance. or even Shakeology.- that is a RIP OFF

    AKA did you know that NONE of the Owners of McDonalds eat their Crap. Atleast I would eat these products

    1. Anonymous - you're not so good at math are you? In Amway its all about throwing around all these numbers to confuse the ambots. Take your Plan A. $30/week at fast foods (YUCK by the way - who does that?) is $120/month. $100/week on slim fast or whatever (again YUCK who does that) = $400/month. Your Plan A adds up to $650/month not your miscalculated $260. Doesn't matter anyway. Its all part of the Amway plan to fuck people up by tossing random numbers around.

      And I call bullshit that none of McDonald's owners eat their crap. I knew a man back in the 80's who owned a McDonald's and I'd often see him sitting in the restaurant eating a McMeal. In fact there's an Ambot who visited us last year who claims to own several McDonald's and he eats at his restaurants and invited me to join him there for a meal. Yeah who remembers Theo? LOL!

      If its not too late, run as far as you can from Amway and those asshole ambots before they fuck you up good.

    2. You must be making money to be evaluating an eleven billion dollar company. LMFAO

    3. ghcfkj - thanks for letting us know that Amway is now making more than the earnings they reported for 2014 like anyone here gives a fuck. We make about as much money as what Amway reports a Diamond makes. Some would call that chicken chow others would be happy to make as much money as us. Like probably every broke Amway loser out there. So who really gives a fuck how much people make except for fucking Amway assholes?

  10. You little broke bastards. Clearly have nothing better to do with your life. Instead of spending so much time doing nothing with your life, you could have made money from amway. You're damn right no one gets it for free. Everyone works hard to get there and buy the products. It comes from the ambition. You're literally an anonymous making $0 from this while someones out there working for an $11B company (bigger than yahoo and starbucks) making bank from their hard work. THAT'S the difference

    1. Hello Unknown aka ghcfkj from San Jose - like we can't figure out its the same Amway loser dropping 3 comments on the same post within minutes. And if you're so fucking concerned we're broke then why don't you send us money so then we won't be broke anymore? Who else is obsessed with broke in this world except fucking Amway assholes. And we put this blog together to help others not fall into the Amway scam and go through the same financial and emotional distress that we went through. And yeah you're right we make zero. We put this blog together out of the goodness of our hearts. We're not scamming anyone out of money. We have nothing for sale here? Can the lying scamming assholes in your Amway upline say the same thing? Who's trying to scam you out of money. If you got a problem with reading about how people in Amway are a bunch of fucking lying scamming Amway assholes then don't come back and read. Sounds simple right. Are you Ambots dumb enough to believe the Amway cult leaders who tell you that Amway makes more money than Yahoo and Starbucks? Just goes to show what brainwashing does to you.

  11. You little broke bastards. Clearly have nothing better to do with your life. Instead of spending so much time doing nothing with your life, you could have made money from amway. You're damn right no one gets it for free. Everyone works hard to get there and buy the products. It comes from the ambition. You're literally an anonymous making $0 from this while someones out there working for an $11B company (bigger than yahoo and starbucks) making bank from their hard work. THAT'S the difference

    1. ghcfkj - you got nothing better to do with your life than copy and paste comments under a couple of different names? I think you better go running off to the assholes in your Amway upline and ask for more instruction on how not to say negative. Better hop on the Amway truck and get the fuck out of here.

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      ───▄▄██▌█ ░ ░The Amway I DONT ░ ░
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      ▀(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)▀ zooom zoom zoom!!!!

  12. Replies
    1. Hi sophiat - the simple way to quit Amway is to stop buying their shitty overpriced Amway products, stop listening to the CD's, and stop responding to phone calls and texts from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline.

      Would you have to ask how to quit your gym membership? You quit paying and you quit going.

      That's as simple as it is to quit Amway. In a few weeks you'll be able to deprogram yourself and start thinking for yourself again.

      Way to go for quitting Scamway! Good decision! And good luck to you getting your life back in order!

  13. Its not up to 3 weeks i joined Amway and i av decided to quit but my uplines says hes giving me more 10 days to think it off and still remain on the business but i said NO... Now, he is insisting on more 10 business days..... But am quitting, i dont evrn have chances of selling the products not of still rema8ning in the business....

    1. Alabbey - don't fall for it! The assholes in your Amway upline are trying to string you along long enough so that you past the deadline for getting a refund.

      Good for you for figuring out quickly that you have no chance of selling Amway's overpriced shitty products and that you'll only end up losing lots of money the longer you stick around. Don't answer phone calls or texts from the upline. They're going to be vicious on their attacks on you for quitting their cult. Good luck to you.

  14. Its not up to 3 weeks i joined Amway and i av decided to quit but my uplines says hes giving me more 10 days to think it off and still remain on the business but i said NO... Now, he is insisting on more 10 business days..... But am quitting, i dont evrn have chances of selling the products not of still rema8ning in the business....

  15. Thanks to you a lot Anna Banana..... My other question is, the starter kit, xs energy,artistry products and all things they sent to me, what can i do with it? More over, when the man who introduced the business want to sign me up, i said i av no money in my account, then he decided to use his card. In short, the $181 was charged from his account... Hope am still saved?

    1. Alabbey - LOL I love it! You are one of those rare people who get to screw over an Amway Ambot for a change! LOL! Just give him back the Amway products and tell him you quit. Then it's up to him to get a refund from Amway. You're not out any money. That loser put your sign up fee in his credit card that's how desperate Ambots are to sign people up. LOL! Thanks for the laugh at an Ambots expense!

  16. Dear Alabbey --

    Do not listen to your up-lines! Quit Amway immediately.

  17. well.. This is all bullshit. I was invited yesterday and my friend is like 'ive seen positive changes...'. so I respect her and meet up with her and her so called 'mentor'. ok now, to be honest, I signed up, it was like in that 30 min presentation, I was completely brainwashed. they didn't give me any time to think and charged fucking $225 from me..!! so, I come back home and start thinking straight.. and I realised that THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT... its a bait.. so you want me to constantly promote your brand that I personally hate, dragging my friends and family into this, become that annoying person that takes every opportunity to interact to promote something no one is even interested in... I am a totally laidback person, messy style and whatever, they want me to 'present, myself 'formally', liken= you want me to loose my fucking identity man, and not to mention loose my actual friends as well.. who wants a brainwashed bot near them.. so today, I decided that I'm gonna quit straight away.. i'll ask for a refund but I really don't think they'll do it.. do you think ill get a refund??

    1. Hi Shagun. Thanks for stopping by. Your friend with the "positive changes" has been brainwashed into the Amway cult. You must have been in a room full of Ambots. They all act in that same creepy nicey nice way when they're love bombing you.

      Thanks for letting us know the current registration fee to the Amway cult is $225. It used to be around $150. The only things that change in Amway are the faces and the prices keep going up.

      You should be able to get a refund. Most states have a law that is something along the lines of a cooling off period. You sign up for something like a time share and the next day you wake up and go what the fuck did I do. The cooling off time period varies with each state. It might be a week or 2 up to a month. At any rate Amway is a month to get a refund so you want to move on that fast. Amway and their Ambots typically dick you around long enough until the time period lapses and they tell you tough shit you took too long, no refund.

      And go straight to Amway. If you go to the loser who recruited you, he'll say "you can't quit now, not when success is right around the corner. You're about to go really big, I can feel it."

      Hopefully you paid with a credit card and sometimes those companies will help you when you say you just got scammed. Amway is well known to them.

      Good luck to you. You dodged a bullet. Amway only brings financial and emotional distress to the lives it destroys.

  18. "Researching" (googling) Amway I ended up in this blog and let me tell you that is all true. This company brainwashes their IBOs and their consumers too. I was invited several times to join and even attended one of their conferences with my "neighbots" I found out later that the had paid for my entrance! That conference was full of crap it wasn't even about a business plan some guy just talked about his success story. I could've read a more successful biography for free. I used to work at a fast place restaurant where we would get a lot of these ambots and they're all rude what can you expect from a company that mentors a bunch if idiots. Glad I never joined please don't waste your time all Amway Ibo's I've met still keep their 9-5 jobs after being in business for 2 years, none of them have succeeded.

    1. Hi Unknown. Well at least you did your research and decided financial and emotional distress is not for you.

      I have many brainwashed Ambots who show up here and say they did their research and are going to sign up to Amway. If they have to leave that comment you know they already have signed up. And if they really did their research they'd know Amway brings misery to so many lives and why do they want to be a part of that?

      I agree that finding something free to read is more productive than attending Amway meetings.

      As for Amway meetings at fast food places, those broke losers can't afford nicer coffee shops and restaurants. And you didn't mention it, but most of them were probably standing around and not ordering anything anyway cause they can't afford it after tithing all their money to the Great Amway God. And those guys were lucky to have their 9-5 jobs 2 years later. Most Ambots get fired due to their shitty attitude at work and disrespectful to coworkers and customers. As you experienced, all Amway Ambots are rude. They're brainwashed to believe they're better than everyone else just because they're in Amway. They're sneering, snotty, ugly bastards who spew forth negativity no matter how hard they preach about never saying negative.

      Good for you. Stay away from those Amway creeps.


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