Monday, July 18, 2011

What is Fast Track?

Fast Track =  a bullshit WWDB/Amway program to whip the cult followers into a frenzy of making a few bucks fast.

I might get some ambots showing up to say I’ve got Fast Track all wrong and the criteria has changed but I’ll try to lay it out how our Emerald told us. I found this information courtesy of a cheat sheet that my Ambot wrote notes in about a meeting he attended that he also taped. I have the recording on our computer so I went in to see if I could make some sense of it.

Nope. Its the usual Amway fast talk double talk to excite the audience and confuse them with the facts. Or lack thereof.

Fast Track was on the agenda at the recent Puryear Family Reunion.

If they were calling it Fast Track a few years ago when we were involved in Amway then that tells you times ain’t changing much even though the upline tries to scam everyone by saying “exciting changes are just about to happen”.

So Fast Track ain’t new. It ain’t exciting. It ain’t a change. Its the same old bullshit they were teaching when we were in.

OK the Emerald talked real fast, all the better to confuse us. Seeing as how most of the cult followers in the room were already brainwashed they were able to accept what he said with their usual unconditional love and devotion.

Here is what I heard on the recording. It took me a couple of playbacks to make sure I had it right. Wouldn’t want IBOFB showing up to say I’ve got the facts wrong!

And I could have the facts wrong. Perhaps some Fast Track criteria has changed in the past couple of years.

Hang on to your hats while I try to dissect the mumbo jumbo.

The program called Fast Track has 2 phases. The first phase is referred to as 50/150. The IBO has to create volume, their own personal shopping, and get clients. (Ha ha! Yeah good luck with that!) If the IBO is at least 150 PV (and here the Emerald says $500 in Amway purchases) out of which at least $50 is from clients, the IBO gets an extra $50 bonus.

Wow! Whooppee! How exciting!

Then the Emerald drops the bomb. This Fast Track program is only available to new IBO’s in the first month of being in “the business”. Sucks for all the other IBO’s who have plugging along for months or years. Look around the room. There are no new IBO’s. Just the same cult followers I’ve seen for months.

But wait! The first phase ain’t over yet! In the second month the IBO has to keep the same suckers, err customers, and do the same thing over again for another check for $50. And do it again in the third month. Extra $50/month = $150 total for 3 months.

I’m sure everyone is sitting on the edges of their seats breathlessly waiting to hear about Phase 2 because after all the asshole Emerald said Fast Track has two phases.

OK. Wait for it. You don’t want to go home before this very important information is disclosed.

Phase 2: show 10 people the plan and sign up two of them. (Yeah right. We all know how easy it is to find 10 suckers to show the board plan presentation to let alone sign up 2 of them.) But forget two people. Go for three. Sponsor three people who can do the above 50/150 and the sponsoring IBO will earn an extra $200.

Then the asshole Emerald spends the next five minutes or so going over the numbers if you can find even more people than the three previously mentioned.

You’ll be an Amway gazillionaire by the end of the year! That’s right! Working part time ten to fifteen hours a week in your spare time! Then you’ll never have to work another day in your life! You’ll be walking the beaches of the world and the residual checks will just keep rolling on in forever! It gets even better!!! When you die you can will your Amway business to your spouse or your kids or whoever and they will have residual income for the rest of their lives too! Woo hoo!!! Riches for the descendents forever and ever!!!

Makes you wonder if the Emerald was smoking something funny before he showed up for the meeting!


  1. Fast track is for new IBOs to buy plenty of tools. That way, upline fast tracks your money into their bank accounts!

    There was a fast track program when I was in WWDB and it was basically doubling up your tool purchases.

  2. Ah ha! So Fast Track is different now. Instead of the cult leaders trying to get a few bucks into the new IBO's bank account right away, the new scam is to get them to buy plenty of tools right away!

    Fast Track the downline's money into the upline's bank accounts.

    Those old cult leaders must be getting pretty desperate these days.

  3. If I recall correctly, fast track was doubling up CORE. Show more plans, consume more PV (300 PV for a single) and buy 7-9 tapes/cds in addition to standing orders. Attend all functions and buy extra tickets!

  4. Maybe that's what the Emerald meant by create volume. Buy and self consume more Amway products. Buy more tools. Buy more tickets.

  5. I just turned 20 years old my parents have been in Amway my entire life, when I was 18 I joined Amway myself. All I can say is because of it my mom was able to retire in her twenties and my dad was able to scale back from his engineering career and spend more time with me and my sister while we were growing up. So really what I'm try to say is kiss my ass you miserable bitch HAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. You lying little asshole from Abbotsford British Columbia Canada who showed up here looking on the Internet for information about Amway's fast track program! If your lying parents were really in Amway they'd be able to tell you all about it. And if you've been in Amway for the past 2 years then you're too fucking late because fast track is for IBO's who have just signed up.

      Fucking loser!

      But thanks for your comments. My readers from Amway's head office in Ada Michigan like to drop by and see what people are saying and they are under the false impression that all Amway IBO's are considerate polite people who would never post bad comments anywhere on the Internet have been proven wrong yet again.

  6. Just from the awful context in you blog I can see why you failed. Moral people do not post like you post to the world (online). Often I see people who fail in their endeavors behave in the way you so explicitly portrayed through your post. Ironically, if you put as much passion into Amway or any other endeavor as you did in writing your rant above; I bet you would have succeeded. Failure is awful. I feel compassion towards you that you continue to hold onto the pain of failing. Consider picking yourself back up again and trying again with as much passion and conviction as you had in your rant. Also, I thank you for helping me decide that I truly should register as an IBO. I use the products anyway so might as well get something back, right? And if you choose to succeed rather tha fail again, please reconsider Amway as the vehicle to get you there. I would be happy to sign you up and we can build our success together.

    1. Hi Anonymous from Edison, New Jersey. Of course I failed. Have you even looked at the small print on the Amway literature where it shows less than 1% of IBO's make money. That's 99%+ who will fail at Amway. The system is designed for failure. You will fail too because the average is so high against anyone to make money in Amway.

      You want to sign me up for this scam again? Are you fucking kidding me? I have no desire to lose money in that pyramid scheme again. I'm too busy with our own business. We make about the same amount of money as Amway's literature says a Diamond makes. So by your reasoning, if I'm a failure then Amway Diamonds must also be failures. In inside a system designed for failures. Quit listening to the fucking assholes in your upline. They're a bunch of airs who are only out to steal your money. The biggest bastards youll ever meet in your life.

  7. Again, your language shows your character so clearly. I am sorry you are so bitter and sad. I guess all the money you claim you are making is not providing you with any job; how very sad. Part of making the status of a Diamond is the growing pains your go through; these help to shape your character and prepare you to receive such a blessing. Amway aside, you will never be successful until you work HARD and part of that includes changing yourself to a better you (you can start right now by simply disciplining your tongue and the profanity you spit from your mouth)! You say I will fail but failure is in the eye of the beholder. I already feel more successful by simply being a kinder person compared to how you market yourself to be through your writing. I do hope I am wrong (in per-judging you from what you write) because we need more kinder people in the world. Deep down in side I think you are just hurt and deep down you are probably a very kind and caring woman...I hope that is true.

    I also think your not very honest, because if you truly were as wealthy as you claim to be, you would not even bother with such a tacky blog. I know when I reach Diamond (yes, I signed up for Amway last night-thank you for helping me with the decision!). I will be busy fishing with my husband and kids, spending time with people who are kind and happy, and sharing my wealth and volunteering for poor, hungry, beaten, and unloved children and animals.

    As I mentioned in my first post, perhaps re-direct all this energy you have to do some good and in turn that good will come back to you many times richer.

    1. Edison - I see you didn't look at the small print on Amway's literature regarding compensation. Instead you chose to listen to some lying Amway assholes who undoubtedly are all gushing over you and showering you with love and telling you you're a winner. Been there seen that. Too many people learn the Amway scam lesson the hard way. There is no reason to believe that you'll be any different than everyone else who signs up. Hopefully you'll have this figured out by the end of the summer before you go into too much financial and emotional distress.

      And yes I'm a very nice person. I write this blog to help others who've been scammed by Amway and treated like shit by the assholes in their upline. The blog has brought comfort to many who realize they're not alone in the hell they're going through thanks to Amway.

  8. Thanks for the head-up. I was just wondering...are you still married?

    I am happy with your confirmation that you are a very nice person. I found our chit chat amusing but I am actually here to see if you maybe interested in working with me. You are very passionate and I can help you overcome any challenges in properly expression yourself. Check it out and email me if interested: Hope to hear from you, Take Care!

    1. Oh come on Edison. Surely you can do better than prospect someone who blogs about how Amway is all about financial loss and emotional distress. No one at this blog will ever get involved in MLM again.

      Hasnt your upline told you to make a list of everyone you know and start hounding them to buy Amway products and attend Amway meetings to get them to sign up? Here's how it goes. After everyone you know starts avoiding you then you'll be forced to prospect at Barnes & Noble and grocery stores and the mall. Once management kicks you out there's nobody left. Most IBO's never sign up one person on their downline. In the beginning some people you know will make pity purchases to help you out but then they'll try to avoid you.

      You have to be a good liar to succeed in Scamway. Most people can't tell lies too long because their morals and conscience bug them.

      And yes we're still together. We got out before Amway destroyed us. Too many others not so lucky.

  9. Well thanks for at least checking my site, every visit counts (I'm sure your page tracks visitors as well) :)

    I am glad you are still together, I wasn't so optimistic given the demeaning title of your blog. As you insisted how happy, prosperous, and fortunate you are NOW; I wish nothing but a continuation of exactly what you have going for you right now.

    Take care,

  10. i feel so sad for edison. or bernie. they have clearly been indoctrinated. i only wish that these people can just SEE and not have to experience it the hard way. if only they will just google MORE and question MORE. UGH so frustrating. i really dont understand how amway gets so powerful in controlling their minds to reject all negativity without questioning. all the same retorts. ugh!!!!!!


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