Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who cares about Amway?

Seeing as how ambots throw around the phrase “who cares” all the time to prove that they are uncaring, greedy bastards - such wonderful characteristics for a human being to have - I thought I’d throw out “who cares about Amway?”

That’ll make those brainwashed IBO’s shit their pants! How dare some lowly blogger insult the company that is going to make them millionaires!

Even though IBO’s throw out “who cares” just as fast as the money is draining out of their bank accounts, think of the horror and astonishment as they accept the possibility that there are actually people in the world who don’t care about Amway.

You’d think that Amway the company would care about their bad reputation but they don’t care otherwise they’d be doing something to improve their public opinion so the who cares attitude comes right from head office. I know that the two or three times I had to contact Amway’s unhelpful customer service desk I was met with a who cares attitude. Amway made it very clear to me that they do not care what is said at Amway meetings. If Amway’s head office doesn’t care what is said at Amway meetings then who does care?  

Probably only us bloggers who get the word out there about what really happens at Amway meetings and the lies told to downline at the Amway meetings are the ones who care. We care about others and don’t want to see this “who cares” company and their cult leaders destroy any more lives.

If Amway was just any other company selling overpriced substandard products there probably wouldn’t be a whole lot of Internet interest about them. Oh there’d be customer reviews about the shitty Amway products and warning away other consumers but for the most part people would move on and find a similar lower priced product that they like better.

Amway is hardly the only company out there offering overpriced shitty products. The typical consumer reaction if they don’t like the prices, the quality, the service is to find another store they like better.

As we all know selling shitty overpriced products is not Amway’s only contribution to society. They are also responsible for bringing misery to thousands of people’s lives: debt, home foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorces, destroyed relationships.

Amway doesn’t care about any of the people whose lives they’ve destroyed. If Amway actually cared they would offer former IBO’s full refunds for every nickel they’ve had to spend on Amway products and tools. If Amway really cared about people they’d assist former IBO’s on getting their lives returned to normal both financially and emotionally.

So how about it Amway - a big shout out to my reader from Alticor in Ada. My opinion of your company would be a hell of a lot better if you took that $40 million you used to buy the 10 year rights to have your name on the arena in Orlando and put it back to the people whose lives you’ve destroyed.

But Amway does not care.

The reason the public doesn’t care about Amway has less to do with their shitty overpriced substandard products and more to do with the outrageous behavior of IBO’s. IBO’s are professional liars. They trick people into coming to Amway meetings. The prospect for customers at Barnes & Noble after being told not to bug patrons in that book store. IBO’s are ruthless in their pursuit of destroying other people’s lives and when confronted about how their attitude has gone down the toilet since they signed up with Amway their attitude is “who cares”.

And there you have it. The reason the population doesn’t care about Amway has less to do with the shitty overpriced products this company sells and has everything to do with the shitty who cares attitude of IBO’s and the destruction the Amway cult leaders bring to other people’s lives. IBO’s are the reason that Amway’s public image suffers. Will Amway ever do anything to encourage their IBO’s to have a more positive, caring outlook towards everyone and everything? Unlikely when the corporation can’t even do it themselves.

Who cares?

Not Amway.


  1. Damn right they don't care. They've been made aware of at least 2 instances of dubious claims by Amway Distributors, and high level ones at that. Here's a link

    I have informed Amway of these instances, yet nothing.

    You are exactly right, Amway doesn't care what IBO's say. That is abundantly clear by their (lack of) response to what appear to be obviously misleading claims.

    Of course, I'm open to correction if Amway does decide demonstrate that they are appropriate statements, or that they did something about it.

    Don't tell me this type of behaviour doesn't go on all the time bvecause I would not believe that.

  2. Thanks Rocket!

    The only people who think Amway cares about them are current IBO's.

    Get a clue! Nobody cares!

    You'd have better luck flapping your arms and flying to the moon than informing Amway of anything and expecting any kind of response to show they care about your concerns or will make changes.


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