Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days 2011 in Denver and Portland

Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days will be held in Denver Colorado October 21 - 23 2011 and then again in Portland Oregon November 4 to 6 2011.

What happened? Somebody at World Wide Dream Builders fuck up and not reserve an arena in Oregon for October ahead of time and it got booked up? Or is this a scheme to scam IBO's to attend both events?

There is absolutely no information to be found on Google for FED except for me high up there on the search engine. So yup you got it. Once again a post that serves no purpose other than to misdirect a few Amway IBO’s who are desperately trying to search for information to the 2011 Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days.

All roads lead to Anna Banana! Here the truth is free. You don’t have to cough up $225 to read my blog. You do have to rack up $225 on your credit card for a ticket to hear a bunch of Diamonds bullshit you and show you pictures of material possession that they may or may not own or might have rented for the video shoot.



  1. My diamond gave people hell for using a credit card for the FED. Of course he's ok with credit card use if the person is in debt with no more cash. Somehow i dont think they pay much in taxes.

  2. Colin - the funny thing is at the Amway meetings the cult leaders say try to find people who are in debt. Yeah so they can go into more debt! But they bullshit these unfortunate debt-ridden people into thinking Amway is the answer to making lots of money to pay off the debt when the reality is they incur more debt. So maybe the strategy is to find people who are already in debt because they're open to being in debt and watching the credit card bill go higher and higher.

  3. What happened to the FED in San Diego???


  4. Cassette Tape - as far as I know there could still be a FED in San Diego, I just don't know about it. My guess if its not held there in any more is because Dean Kosage lived in San Diego county and is no longer with WWDB and he may have been the driving force to have it close to his home.

  5. Anna, i remember having FED in vancouver bc and more states throughout the usa for wwdb. Now the system income is shrinking to almost nothing. Thanks to people like you,joecool,scott larsen etc.

  6. Our Platinum used to brag about how there were Amway functions everywhere.

    Not so.

    Amway's worst enemy in the past 15 years is the Internet. Sure it might make sales easier but it also makes it easy for former IBO's to write articles and write blogs and write ebooks to get the truth out there and hope that there are less victims. Less IBO's buying function tickets means they have to cut back on these events.

    But who knows. Perhaps there will be FED in other places. I just know about Denver and Portland because that Paul Tsika guy that Dean Kosage and/or his happy girlfriend have a bug up their ass about posted it on his web page.

  7. Maybe the internet is doing a lousy job translating to chinese or punjabi. Cause those places are still packing in people to the major functions and selling tools.

  8. Colin - there are a lot of people from the Asian communities living across America. They are hugely community, church, and family oriented and are able to find a lot of recruits both locally and family/friends who live in other countries. There might be a lot of peer pressure to sign up and buy Amway products and tools. I know our Platinum was always saying he wanted to "crack China".

  9. I happen to be 20 years old and going to Portland. I am looking forward to working with Amway as I just started. I read all the hate against the company and laugh at the bias a lot of people proclaim..... Give me examples perhaps? Talk the talk and walk aye?

    I joined Amway for the experience in business, money management, etc. I went in loving the business model and realizing I would have to dedicate time and energy. ANYBODY who spends enough time doing something WILL succeed, it's a game of numbers. Anyhow, call me an idiot and bash me if you please, just understand I made this choice on my own, don't plan on seeing myself part of the manic economy the future inevitably holds. Amway is an investment in my future, a platform of later success.

    One last thing, my mentors are the BEST ever, always accessible and full of wisdom I put to use in my everyday life. Perhaps those who failed didn't have a good mentor?


  10. Hello TestServINC/James! Thank you for dropping by my blog. I hate to tell you that you will be in deep shit with your upline if they find out you were here!

    Well yeah if I was 20 years old and going on a road trip I'd be looking forward to it too!

    If you've really been reading all the hate against Amway and have not been able to come up with an example yet, then I'm afraid there's nothing else we can do for you.

    If you joined Amway for experience in business and money management you are going to be deeply disappointed. Their money management consists of telling you to buy Amway products and tools and when you run out of money you will be counselled to go into debt so you can continue to buy these things. You will not get any real business advice because this is a pretend business.

    I wouldn't have called you an idiot except that you found your way to my blog by doing a search for "FED Portland 2010 WWDB" and the majority of IBO's looking for information on FED are looking for this year's schedule not last year's!

    Not interested in bashing you. To earn that right you must be one of the assholes in my upline!

    Sorry to burst your bubble but it doesn't matter how much time you spend in Amway you likely won't make any money. Amway's own literature shows that less than 1% of IBO's will make it to Platinum or higher and whether or not they're making any money is debatable. Its just like spending a lot of time sitting in front of a slot machine plugging in quarters. It doesn't matter how much time you spent its not always going to pay out.

    At your age you are still young enough to recover. You will learn from this experience and if the money you lose makes you less likely to fall for another scam then you will have learned something.

    Good luck to you.

  11. Anna do you own or have owned any other business before aside from Amway?

  12. Wes - thanks for stopping by my blog! If you were a regular reader you would know my husband and I have owned our own business for many years and that it nearly started to suffer because he was putting more time into trying to run a pretend Amway business instead of concentrating on his legitimate business.

  13. @ TestServINC/James
    Being an IBO does not make you are a business owner. You will not be independent because you will have to follow the rules of conduct put forth by Amway. Owners make the rules and employees follow it, you will quickly figure out where you and other IBOs belong. Did you sit down with a qualified financial adviser (uplines do not count) discussing about your business plan? Do you have a monthly budget for your business? Do you have a list of business expenses which is separate from your personal expenses? You need to be able to separate your self from your business. Every business suffers losses during start up, but the personal bank accounts of the owners do not suffer. How do you plan to cover your losses if you do not see a net profit for years.

    You will get your example of Amway's pitfall in 3-6 month when your friends will become tired of hearing Amway this and Amway that. But, you will have to become a core IBO, so you will barely see your friends anyway. You will also resent your friends because they are a roadbump in achieving your dream.
    And yea, after your "mentors" realize they can no longer squeeze money out of you, they wont be so nice to ya.

  14. Anonymous - no one in Amway does the things you mentioned because those are steps one would take in a real business. In Amway "counselling with upline" is the only step they need to take! Ha ha! I recommend to all of them to buy errors and ommissions insurance in case someone downline sues their ass off fraud.

  15. @FirstTestServINC

    First off you are 20, like Anna said you have ample tidme ahead of ya to recover, you will need to just remember that.

    "Amway is an investment in my future, a platform of later success."

    I presume you are going to a Portland University. Why? After all Amway gods I mean upline leaders deride formal education to the ground! They advice you not to bother with college and instead put all your effort in building amway once you are a diamond you will not need eduction. How do you feel about that?

    Also you will notice they brag a lot about their kids attending top flight colleges all the while bashing college education! This is a diabolic parallel.

    "I joined Amway for the experience in business, money management, etc. I went in loving the business model and realizing I would have to dedicate time and energy. ANYBODY who spends enough time doing something WILL succeed, it's a game of numbers."

    Sure you can pick up some experience mostly networking skills but no less than you would if you utilized your local library, barnes'n'noble, WSJ, etc. and for waaay less $!

    "ANYBODY who spends enough time doing something WILL succeed, it's a game of numbers."

    A wishful unqualified statement. I was taught the same exact thing and held the same sentiment to my mind's core. Later I realized it's designed to lull one's critical thinking to dissuade against exiting continuance in amway activities, the lengthening of which benefits the milkers. It's a serious irony when one is presenting a 2 to 5 year plan
    while a lowly platinum level has eluded him/her for seven, ten or more years. It's actually laughable! I am inclined to think these ambo.. I mean IBOs are deluded.

    "One last thing, my mentors are the BEST ever, always accessible and full of wisdom I put to use in my everyday life. Perhaps those who failed didn't have a good mentor? "

    Test the access and the goodness of your uplines this way - express you need sometime off from the system that is stop attending meetings, stop weekly cds etc. My bet is all the love is preicated upon you purchasing system tools.

    Like you said it's a numbers game (and not a business) failure and success is a mathematical certainty. Less than 1% even make it to platinum, the rest are sadly, the fodder that keeps buying stuff, whose cash ends up enriching the uplines and amway owners. This fodder recycles while fresh blood joins after the older ambo... I mean IBOs fall off. This has been going on since before you were born.


    "failure and success is a mathematical certainty"

    Limit that to "failure" only.

    "failure is a mathematical certainty" is more like it!


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