Friday, September 9, 2011

I’m FED Up!

I’ve been getting a lot of hits lately for Free Enterprise Days that WWDB and Amway is holding October 21 to 23 2011 in Denver Colorado and November 4 to 6 2011 in Portland Oregon. I don’t have much more to say about FED that I didn’t already cover in posts last year so I’m recycling for the new readers who haven’t already seen them.

And of course for the keywords! Seeing as how Amway and WWDB make it very difficult for ambots to find any information about functions they have to come to my blog which is high on the search engines to learn all about what they’re getting themselves into.

FED = Free Enterprise Days and it is an Amway World Wide Dream Builder major function held on a weekend in October.

This event was being shoved down our throats before the Family Reunion function in July had finished. Ambot had to ante up the cash for the tickets while we were still at the Family Reunion.

We had to drive 2 states away to attend. After the debacle driving to Family Reunion I refused to allow any passengers in my car. Oh, I was a bad little IBO. How selfish of me not to want to spend my money on gas and wear and tear on my car for the privilege of enduring Amway speak from some demented, brainwashed passenger on an all day drive. Three months ahead of the function the upline were arranging car pools and sharing of hotel rooms. Yeah, right. I really want to share a hotel room with a bunch of kids. The upline chose a rather expensive hotel and said we should all get reservations there before it sold out.

I had a better idea. I was going to fix those bastards. I told Ambot I was bringing the dog with us. I found a hotel that takes dogs and booked a room there at about a quarter of the price of the hotel the upline were staying at. Once word got out that any passengers would be sharing the back seat with a shedding panting dog no one was too eager to hitch a ride with us. Go figure!

Pissed off the Platinum to the nth degree that he didn’t have all his cult followers in the same hotel.

The upline still badgered Ambot to drive to their hotel room after the day’s bullshit session ended so they could have their “night owl”. Its after midnight and everyone is tired. All the better to brainwash the IBO’s. Thanks but I think I’ll stay in the hotel room with my dog. He’s better company than those Amway morons.


  1. You are an idiot.

  2. And you are so dumb you got hit by a parked car!

    But thanks for stopping by anyway Anonymous from Bangalore, Karnataka, India!

  3. Ahhh, an IBO discovered another website that is not Welcome to the internet. I am FIRED UP to earn a paycheck.

  4. Anonymous - they can hardly help it. My blog is very high up on the search engines for just about any words an ambot will put in. Doesn't seem to bother Amway in the slightest that I'm misdirecting their traffic!

    1. do you get paid for how many hits your blog gets??...hopefully it's more than what you made as an IBO cuz that didn't seem like very much...which is no one's fault but you're own by the way.

    2. Ah, the old Ambot "blame the victim" routine. Despite it being a flawed plan filled with lies and non-reality based projections for income growth, and despite story after story of brainwashed IBO's saying they did everything their upline told them, bought into the whole enchilada, went to all meetings and functions, but only found themselves going deeper and deeper into debt because of it, the standard Amway line is "if you fail, it's your own fault". Their only fault is falling for the whole song and dance "dreams" bullshit and lies that lured them into the trap in the first place.


  5. I was in Amway as a good litle WWDB zombie/wife from 1989 to 2001.

    So now there are only 2 FED's? There used to be 4- the northwest, California, Denver-area and the midwest like Minneapolis or St. Louis. Shows how much WWDB had grown (shrunk actually) in the past 10 years. They must be losing distributors like crazy with legs collapsing everywhere. Serves WWDB right!

    Maybe people are wisening up and realizing that only the big pins make money in the system. The one purpose the peons (ambots/zombies) serve is shoving money from overpriced products, functions and tapes in their direction.

    Just wondering, does anyone know what Theron/Darlene Nelson and their downline are doing. To be honest, I had a world of respect for the Nelsons because they came across as very caring- something unusual for a big pin in the business. I just hated most of our selfish upline and the other big pins like the Britts who were smarmy and self-indulgent.

    Keep going at what you're doing and hope it saves someone from joining up and LOSING their dream as they watch their money run out the door.

    1. Anonymous - ha! I knew eventually someone would show up here and say they were a good ambot wife! Most of the women who comment here had the same attitude I did! 12 years! You must have gone through sheer hell!

      Yeah I guess last year there were only 2 FEDs. Seems to me I remember more places a few years ago too. Must really piss off the Diamonds too because their income has decreased if there are less functions for them to speak at.

      Yup only the people at the top of the pyramid are making money at Scamway and they're the same people who've been involved since the 70's and 80's. You hear all this blabbing about new Diamonds but the lowly new Diamonds are obviously not getting the good speaking gigs where the real money is to be made.

      I have no idea about the Therons. Never heard of them until I started writing this blog.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Only 2 FEDs??? Good gravy! I thought they were a $9.1 bagillion dollar business and only getting bigger. Does anyone really believe all this money is coming from selling soap? Please. It's coming from many many other investments, but you will never be told that.

    If it was growing at such a phemonemal rate, why are WWDB Diamonds, Doubles, and even Triples going bankrupt? How can that be? The spin must be fantastic.

    So glad my life is normal once again. Forgot for a while how wonderful it is to come home after work (you know, that pesty J.O.B. that pays for ALL the amway stuff/functons/etc. and provides paid holiays, health insurance, vacations - yeah, that dirty thing) and I get to STAY HOME! It's awesome and I'm fired up about it.


    1. CT - the brainwashed ambots believe it!

      Life might be back to normal for me but its my calling to get the word out there on the Internet about upline abuse and what you have to put up with when you're inside the Amway cult. I know the blog brings comfort to those who find they are not alone in how they feel.

  7. Hmmm, since I haven't been involved in "Scamway" for the past 10 years after breaking out of my near 13-year coma as a good Stepford drone and SUBMITTING to my cult-adoring husband, it makes me wonder where all the diamonds we used to worship are now. I heard many of them are oh-my-god (gasp) WORKING! Looking up on the internet I also read several interesting things. Such as: Bill Britt got caught having a long-term affair and cheating on wife Peggy, Greg Duncan has been in bankruptcy court for several years (confirmed by brother Brad), and one of his downline diamond couples got divorced and the wife had to file a restraining order against her hubby because of threats of violence to her and her family. Yet all ALL OF THESE PEOPLE still speak at functions about how God is the center of their lives and how successful "Scamway" is. BTW, this stupid cult cost me MY marriage after we lost close to $40,000 buying products and tools and attending functions and I began to question why a so-called business that preached about the importance of family made us go to seminars and rallies over national holidays and important dates like Mothers and Father's Days and our uplines discouraged us from bringing our kids to distance functions. I'll take a J.O.B. any day, thank you.

    1. Anonymous - oh my gosh I knew one day I was going to find an ambot's wife who actually acmitted submitting to him! Ha! Oh yuck. There's a reason why most marriage ceremonies omit the word obey out of the vows. But not in the fucked up Amway world!

      The most important criteria to be successful in Amway is to be a good liar. The people you mentioned all have that quality. Other qualities are important too: ability to brainwash, ability to be a good bullshitter, no morals, no guilt at destroying other people's lives, etc.

      Sorry to hear yours is another marriage destroyed by the Amway cult. $40,000 is a lot of money to lose to this pyramid scheme. Its usually the snapping point for most wives. That 40k would be a good down payment on a house. Hell even buy a house outright in some parts of this country! Putting up with that kind of financial stress and emotional stress of a brainwashed spouse in a cult is something most relationships can't overcome.


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