Thursday, September 8, 2011


I’ve been getting hits for WWDB app for the past couple of months and I included it in an earlier article about how it was being introduced at Puryear Family Reunion.

If you do a Google search the top 3 hits for “WWDB app” are a radio station in Philadelphia and two of Anna Banana’s posts.

What is a desperate IBO to do? It must just suck when World Wide Dream Builders and Amway don’t make their information readily available to their ambots and they end up at my blog reading the truth about what its really like inside the Amway cult.

I’ve been getting a lot of hits for the WWDB app. Maybe not as many hits as I get for the Neha and Ganesh Shenoy divorce but still a lot of hits.

My regular readers know me well enough to know if I can lure in unsuspecting IBO’s with a few keywords I am up for it! Here is the link to the app that was released on September 1 2011.

Its a free app.

What?! World Wide Dream Builders giving something away for free! Those words shall never be spoken in the same sentence! Of course 19 ambot cult followers have already been in to give it glowing 5 star ratings as of September 8 2011. Well maybe one or two don’t think it deserves a 5 because its a 4 and a half star average.

Remember when I said it was a free app? Sure downloading it is free but look at the screen shot they show. You need a user name and password for WWDB in order to log on. That’ll cost you $50/month!

The reason panicked World Wide Destructive Bastards are having difficulty locating the WWDB app is because those WWDB head honcho bastards call it the WWG app.

All the better to confuse you rotten little ambots!

Ah you get what you pay for when you slap down your $50/month!

So fine those head honcho bastards don’t want to make it easy for cult followers to find anything so they send them to my blog where they can get the information they seek. And the truth that Amway and WWDB don’t want them to find.

WWDB WWG app already has a couple of reviews. I tried to rate it but you have to own the app first. Seeing as how its free it seems one could download the free app and then rate it but first you’d need an iPhone or iPad to do whatever it is you need to do to get it onto your device, rate it, and then delete it. Lets think about this. You don’t really want someone to pick up your iPhone to check out your apps and then have to put up with the ridicule as someone accuses you of being an Amway ambot! How embarrassing is that?!

If anyone is able to accomplish putting in some stinker ratings and reviews leave a comment here and let us know how it goes!

Where’s Colin? Surely that guy has an iPhone!


  1. No iphone or smart phone for me lol. Im on the internet to much as is. Amway should have a program like internet explorer but blocks negative blogs or sites like yours and same with iphone apps.

  2. Colin - you disappoint me. I thought you were one of these technical geeks that had all the latest gadgets!

    Amway's master plan for blocking sites like mine is to have their cult leaders spread the word to the ambots not to read negative. They can't help but read my blog seeing as how its so high on the search engines for just about any criteria they input. This post is number one for anyone searching for "WWDB app".

    Someone's gotta get the information out there!

  3. My gf is the one with all the gadgets. She always have to have the newest iphone,blackberry,macbook,ipad lol. If the stuff is one year old she'd want a new one.

  4. Not me. I have enough trouble figuring out how to get the DVD to play a movie let alone one of those smart phones!

  5. My phone is pretty average. I call out. I receive calls. That's it. Today's generation would call it a stupid phone. That's O.K. I'm older and I have more insuance!

    I don't need or want to be in 'constant contact' with anyone for any reason. I don't care to know when you sneeze, or what Connie Coworker said today. Nobody's that into you.

    There's a big world out there, and today's phone-junkies are missing it. Chiropractors are rubbing their hands together in anticipation of all the new business they will get when these guys get arthritis in their necks from looking down all day.

    For all the 'connection' these phones are supposed to give us, people are more disconnected from each other than ever before.


  6. CT - I have an average phone too. I rarely use it, only have one just in case so I have the cheapo monthly plan. Its not for being in contact with anyone other than family. I really have no desire either to be in constant phone and text range of everyone I know. Call me on my house phone if you need me and if I'm not home leave a message. Just the type of attitude that Amway cult leaders hate. Good little IBO's must constantly be accessible to them.

  7. I want to add that World Wide Destructive Bastards should be sending a commission my way. I get a high number of desperate ambots showing up here after searching for WWDB app and my post is able to provide them the link they seek. That's more than I can say from anything from Amway or WWDB. Hmmm could that be because my blog is higher up on the search engines that they are????


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