Friday, October 7, 2011

4 Things Never to Buy

4 Things Never to Buy from Amazon Amway

I read this article about 4 things never to buy from Amazon but I decided the same list also applies to Amway.

1. Groceries - that would be anything you buy from Amway that you can stick inside your mouth and consume (food bars, vitamins, XS, Perfect Water, etc)

2. Hardware and Hand Tools - I don’t recall ever seeing any hardware items being sold by Amway but its a good idea not to buy them if they do offer them. Get them much cheaper at Lowes or Home Depot! As for hand tools, lets knock off the “hand”. Do not buy tools from Amway. That’s called investing in the tool scam. Don’t do it!

3. Home Furnishings - I’ve seen some home furnishing from Amway or the Ribbons catalogue. For the most part they’re substandard quality and overpriced. Save money and buy from Walmart.

4. Cleaning Supplies - yup, don’t buy them from Amazon and don’t buy them from Amway either for the same reason listed in the article - too expensive!

The entire article is here:


  1. And don't buy that jewellery and make-up that are also way overpriced. I can identify an Ambot by their jewellery now!

  2. Ha ha thats funny Elizabeth! You must be a jewellery expert! I can't tell an Amway piece of jewellery from something that comes out of the bargain bin at the dollar store! Absolutely don't buy Amway's make up and cosmetics because its priced up to 4 or 5 times more than their competitors. Though I expect IBOFB to show up and say something to the effect that its fairly priced due its prestige!

  3. Here's another thing not to buy from Amway: The idea that they offer a viable 'business opportunity". That's what they are really selling: hope for dopes.

  4. Had a ambot show me and a friend the scam recently. Told them i cant find a single product that id use which i cant find cheaper or better quality. He went over 100 products and i think only one i might buy. Some new joint relief liquid juice product for 15cents per. Guess he realize i wouldnt make much of a customer. Cause delivering 1.50 a month of this product would be a waste of time. But even if he delivered...i wouldnt go for it. I think you can get the capsule version for even less at wallmart.

  5. Colin you can get just about everything Amway sells at Walmart for much cheaper and equal or better quality. Are you sure that joint relief liquid just wasn't the old Nutrilite raspberry twist tube that you add to water? It it is its been around for a few years so I wouldn't call it new. I also will say it doesn't give any joint relief, not for me and not for the customer who bought a box from us. It didn't taste too bad but then I like sour drinks. Tastes better than XS piss water!

  6. Anna- it was the nutrilite rasberry tube. Was told it's a good joint formula. Did it cost 15cents per tube? I think he was willing to lose $ to come back to haunt us to buy into the system.

  7. Colin - then the IBO you met lied to you. That raspberry twist tube had been around for at least 4 years, maybe longer, but what one person's perception of "new" is and someone else's is subjective. I looked at the Amway website. They cost $12.35 for a box of 20 tubes. Do the math. You were lied again about how they cost .15 cents a tube. My calculator, rounding up comes to .62 cents each. Don't forget to add in tax and shipping! Could be rather expensive per tube!

  8. Wow the lying scumbag. Guess he had to say that cause i trashed all the pricing he gave me. Did have a bit fun cause he brought a new distributor along while he showed the plan. The newbie had this worry look cause i look so uninterested lol :)

  9. One of the qualifications for being a successful Amway IBO - being a good scumbag liar!

  10. The contents of the tube are Glucosamine, this has been proven to help joints. It's the same stuff that's in many pills, and other juices.
    The IBO cost is about 9 dollars for 20. That's about .45 cents per tube. Not a lot or easily less than what you can get many other places.


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