Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FED Up This Weekend in Denver Colorado

Yup its getting closer. Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days will be held in Denver Colorado October 21 to 23 2011.

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog long enough know this is yet another post to misdirect IBO’s who are desperately seeking information about this bullshit Amway World Wide Dream Builders function.

Anna Banana can’t help it that she’s so popular that the Married to an Ambot blog is right up there at the top of the search engines!

Anna Banana can’t help it that Amway and WWDB are so highly secretive that they make it so very difficult for their little ambots to find the information they urgently seek and force them to read my blog to find out the truth!

So the brainwashed ambots will descend upon Denver and give their money to their cult leaders who say the same old bullshit over and over no matter how many functions you attend. Ken and Barbie will slink across the stage dressed as if they’re attending the last formal night in the dining room on the Titanic. Their ship is sinking fast so they’ve got to scramble to find something to say to motivate the ambots in attendance and scam them out of more money. How about boring the brainwashed ambots with their life story. Oh goodie. We already heard the life story of the last 4 rat-faced Ken and Barbies ahead of you and every one of you bastards has the same story. Barbie was working a minimum wage job as a waitress at Denny’s. Ken was pumping out portaporties. They were renting an apartment in a building next to the train tracks and every time the L went past their pictures rattled off the walls and all the dishware shattered. Then one day a dear friend showed them the Amway business plan and they signed up and started being brainwashed by Amway cult leaders. Their first major function came up and they couldn’t afford to go. Someone loaned them $20 to buy gas and they loaded the car up with Amway snacks and slept in it while attending the function. They sucked up to everyone in their upline to learn their secrets. The recruited others into the pyramid scheme. They scammed their downline out of their money. They destroyed the lives of everyone they met. None of that mattered in their greedy quest to pay cash for mansions, jets, yachts, sports cars, and luxury vacations. Now look at them and how far they’ve come from that shitty apartment they used to live in. Their message to the masses: “You cult followers better pay attention to how we are liars and scammers and have no morals and don’t give a shit about anyone else and if you do what we do then one day you can walk across the stage with us.”

Puke city!

Why do all you bastards have the same story? Do you have bad memories and don’t remember telling your life story over and over so many times that everyone copies from each other and nobody really remembers what they used to do and where they used to live when all those lies roll into one? I didn’t find the story exciting the first time it was told nor did I find it thrilling the next fifty times with subtle variations from each Ken and Barbie.

Telling the same old story over and over again.....

Bad memories?

Annoying behavior?

Brainwashing techniques?


  1. LOL. That was a funny one Anna. So true. I did about 8 years in this Jonestown hell. Was really close to big WWDB pins, geographically speaking. Lost wife, house, money. 10 years later still not fully recovered. Keep up the good work! You are doing a good thing.

  2. Anonymous - I'm sorry to hear what happened to your life thanks to Amway. Horrible evil company that destroys lives. At least it sounds like you're getting yourself back on track and it takes so many years longer to do that than the actual amount of time spent having Amway ruin your life. Thanks for stopping by with the kind words!

  3. My upline told me that FED would be a out of world experience. Going to FED would mean going Platinum in 6 months. Yet, that was his second FED and that shit sack upline did not even become an Eagle.

  4. Anonymous - everyone's going Platinum in 6 months.

    And Diamond in 2 years.

    Even if your upline became an Eagle its unlikely he'd hold it for too long. The downline he's bullying to buy buy buy and get the PV up there are running out of money and will get disgusted and quit.

    Our sack of shit Platinum has been in Amway for about 15 or 20 years and has been in and out of Platinum qualification for years. He'll never get higher than that because he's a sack of shit bully and people finally have enough of the abuse and quit.

  5. Yeah we were told that same lie "a function puts you 6 months ahead in your business (business not)" The benefit of attending a function amounts to the upline diamond cult leader - a $40 or $50 cut off of every ticket bought by a stupid ambot.

    No sooner than you come back all fired up than you wondering where is the promised 6 months ahead of the curve in "business" deal? You know for sure you are being a real phoney when you as other ambots, are talking it's a 2 - 5 year plan while you have not yet even made platinum in over 6 years. And looking around makes you realize you are not the only one. Then your critical thinking starts to kick in, maybe even just a little bit, and you start wondering 2 - 5 year plan? For real, for whom? Because in those 6+ years you have not seen anyone do it. 2-5 year plan? WTF

  6. ExAmbot - Ha ha! According to our upline I'd be a Diamond by now, easily outdistancing our Platinum and Emerald who'd been in 15 or 20 years or maybe more, not quite sure when the Emerald got in!

    Yeah everyone's fired up for a week when they come back from a major function only to say what the fuck nothing is different. No new prospects. No new customers. And I already bought my ticket to the next Amway function so I gotta go or lose that money. Shit!


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