Monday, November 21, 2011

Ambot Mission - Seek and Destroy!

When we were in Amway it appeared to me that the only thing the ambots in our upline were interested in doing was destroying other people’s lives. Of course all under the guise that they were “helping” others.

Yeah helping them to the poor house!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an IBO who has been involved in Amway only for a few months or for many years. Either way you’re losing lots of money. 99% failure rate. Amway’s own literature shows that less than a third of 1% of IBO’s make money. Its a safe bet that everyone you meet who is involved in Amway is losing money and they’re probably bitter about it but they have to keep up a happy face. The lie. Business is going good. To prove it they’ll whip out a credit card and buy themselves some new toys like a music sound system. Couldn’t afford this if I wasn’t doing good in Amway. Fake it till you make it!

I met a lot of angry people in Amway even though they plastered on fake smiles and pretended like nothing was wrong if there was a newcomer to the group. But they were angry. They were brainwashed by their Amway cult leaders to spend a lot of money buying Amway products, buying motivational books and CDs, buying tickets to functions, travel expenses involved in functions, and if they didn’t have the spare cash on hand to go into debt. Also ambots had to furnish their homes with nice things and buy nice business suits and do everything they could to convey to others how successful they are. Bring out that credit card again!

Ambots were losing money and going into debt to do so all under the name of Amway. Thanks to their upline cult leaders who convinced them this is what they had to do to be financially successful in Amway. It might be hard in the beginning but once the money starts rolling in the big bucks from residual income will be coming in forever.

In the meantime ambots are so angry about their financial losses that they get extremely angry at people who have things they don’t have. Can’t afford a nice car or to buy a house as long as you’re involved in Amway. The upline cult leaders tell you how to spend your money and you damned well better spend it on everything that has to do with Amway!

In their anger ambots seek out others they can financially destroy too. Gotta suck in some other poor bastards in whatever extreme hope they have that one or two downline or customers might help them get some of their money back. So they lie and say everything is wonderful and Amway is awesome and come and join us on the road to financial freedom. And once you’re in my downline if you own things that I don’t have I’m going to take them away from you!

Our upline Platinum (and probably everyone between us and him) was outraged that I drove a newer model car. Outraged! I paid cash for it before we signed up with Amway so its not like I had to take out a loan or anything. The car was mine free and clear. To me its just a car. I don’t have any strong emotional attachment to it. I don’t even like shopping for cars. I keep the car looking good inside and outside, regular oil changes and tune ups and other maintenance as needed. Its reliable and looks good, almost looks like new condition and meets my purposes. As far as our Amway upline was concerned how dare I have a better car than others in my upline. How dare I!!! The rest of the upline bastards are driving around in rust bucket clunkers that are always breaking down. We were counselled to sell my car, spend a few hundred bucks and buy a 30 year old luxury car clunker and use the remaining money to buy Amway products.

Yeah right you sack of shit Platinum. Fuck you asshole. How about I quit Amway and keep my car?

The other thing that caused outrage with our upline was that we owned a house. Well many years ago we saved up money for a down payment and bought our first house. That’s what responsible people do isn’t it? This is all happened long before we got involved in Amway. As life progresses and needs change people sell their houses and use the equity to buy a new one and here we are in our current house also purchased before getting involved in Amway. The upline ambots were outraged! How dare we own a house when hardly anyone in our upline does! So how can those fucking ambots take our house away from us? Got it! They counselled us to take out a 2nd mortgage or take out a line of credit against the equity in the house and use this money to buy more Amway shit and “invest in your business”. Keep doing it until you can’t pay it back and meet your mortgage payments and the bank will foreclose. Its all part of our scheme. You can’t have what we don’t have because you haven’t earned the privilege yet!

Yeah right you sack of shit Platinum and all the rest of you fucking upline bastards. How about I quit Amway and don’t lose my house?

Angry jealous ambots. Just another one of life’s pleasures one has to put up with when getting involved in the Amway cult.

“You can’t have what we don’t have and if you already have it when you come into Amway we will take it away from you!” The ambot mission. Seek and destroy!!!!


  1. The ambot definition of "invest" seems really different from any other definition of "invest" I've ever heard.

    Kind of like all the tapes/cd's/whatever- sort of low on signal-to-noise ratio (I tried listening to a couple, and there's really no information there at all. Truly bizarre.)

    An awful lot of ambots end up trying to recoup some of their "invested" money by way of garage sales. Not a big return on that one, especially when no one wants to buy the old "tools".

  2. Hi Anonymous - you are correct! Ambots have a cockeyed idea of just about everything and that includes investing. In fact our Platinum said that when we make money in Amway HE will tell us how we spend it. You guessed it. Buying more Amway shit and investing in the tool scam!

    I wrote a post about Amway tapes and CDs. My Ambot used to crank the stereo and they'd be screaming like some hell and brimstone preacher under a tent in the bayou. You're right, no information at all in those tapes. They all say the same thing blabbing about how they used to be poor and now they're filthy rich thanks to Amway.

    Or maybe that's just filthy!

  3. Anna - It has just been announced that a self-styled, self-help guru, James Arthur Ray (b. 1957), has been sentenced to 2 years prison in Arizona for the 'negligent homicide' of 3 of his customer/victims.

    In the introduction to his best-selling, 'self-help' books, Mr. Ray boasts about how he has previously worked for 'Amway' and 'Herbalife.' Indeed a lot of the cultic 'negative v. positive' bullshit that Mr. Ray spouts, could have come from any 'Amway' gathering

    Mr. Ray killed his 3 victims, and caused 18 more to be hospitalized, by persuading around 50 individuals to stop eating for 36 hours and then to remain in a dark, steam-filled plastic tent (or 'sweat lodge') for a further two hours, on the pretext that this was a 'secret native-American ceremonial/scientific method' to remove 'toxic negativity' from the human mind and body. Mr. Ray has also put forward the frighteningly- familiar ideology that his followers should kill their previous 'negative loser' identities, in order to become born again as 'positive winners.'

    Some of the other self-destructive things which Mr. Ray persuaded his adult victims to do, without their fully-informed consent, were:

    - Hand-over almost $10 000 each
    - Shave their heads
    - Ask his permission to go to the toilet, etc.

    Mr. Ray used the classic charlatan's trick of giving his victims the illusion that they were making a free-choice. In reality, Mr. Ray maliciously used classic, coecive behaviour modification techiques to lure his ill-informed victims into a psychotic state where, stripped of their critical and evaluative faculties, they could no longer determine what was safe, and what was reckless, behaviour.

    Difficult as it is to believe, just this one absurd, but nonetheless dangerous , event, organized by Mr. Ray in 2009, brought him around half a million dollars. Even after he had been arrested and charged with manslaughter, Mr. Ray remained so arrogant that he still advertised the same fraudulent gathering for 2010.

    It is interesting that Mr. Ray's attorneys gave an extraordinary declaration to the Arizona court in which they insisted that their client was 'not a guru' and that his own clients were 'not cult followers'.

    In reality, Mr. James Arthur Ray instigated a group which has exhibited all of the universal identifying characteristics of a pernicious, or criminogenic, cult. However, this phenomenon still does not exist, legalistically, in the USA.

    In an ideal world, the establishment, or perversion, of a non-rational belief system for the clandestine purpose of human exploitation, should be classified as one of the most-heinous of all crimes.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  4. David - yes he's been in the news. However this is the first I've heard of any connection to Amway.

    Like any other former Amway employees or IBOs that go rogue you'd think Amway is going to have to do some damage control on their connection to this one.

    Or go their usual route and deny any responsibility and go on an attack against the victims instead.

  5. Anna - When caught red-handed, one of the tactics used by the 'Amway' bosses to divert investigation and avoid liability, has been to pretend that their sales-force has been infiltrated by crooks, and/or cultists, peddling unapproved training materials. This is what happened in France with Jean Godzich in the late 1980s, and in Britain with Messrs. Scriven and Gregory, in 2007. After years of committing an advance fee fraud which couldn't exist without the 'Amway' pyramid scam, these characters were excommunicated from 'Amway'when the organization faced external investigation, on the grounds that they'd broken the rules, but both the 'Amway' pyramid fraud and the related advance fee fraud, has sailed on regardless.

    In the case of James Arthur Ray, he claims to have been employed by the the 'Amway' and 'herbalife' companies as a consultant. However, Mr. Ray is essentially identical to the 'Amway' and 'Herbalife' bosses - a psychologically-dominant charlatan peddling salvation, but who exhibits the diagnostic criteria of severe and inflexible Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    There are also people suggesting on the Net that James Arthur Ray is a former 'Scientology' initiate who apparently has had connections with the 'Scientology' front-group known as 'Narconon.'

    The instigator of 'Scientology,' L. Ron Hubbard, developed a similar 'sweat lodge' scam in the 1950s, when he began peddling his followers a program of fasting, benzadrine and saunas which he called 'Purification Rundown'. Hubbard also pretended to have a secret knowledge acquired from the Blackfoot Indians.

    All of James' Ray's native-American hocus-pocus is far too close to this Blackfoot Indian chapter of Hubbard's comic-book fraud, for it to be pure coincidence. However, in this particular case, I some how don't think that the usually-litigious bosses of 'Scientology' are going to sue Mr. Ray for plagiarism.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  6. David - caught red handed! Good term but Amway doesn't seem to lose any sleep due to it.

    Cast blame elsewhere, deny responsibilty, use other distraction techniques.

    Just because Ray claims to have been employed as a consultant I bet someone from Amway is going to go into damage control and claim they have no record of this person in their list of contractors and vendors and its something he's making up.


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