Monday, December 19, 2011

Amway People Assholes

I kid you not. Some poor soul who has been plagued with brainwashed ambots showed up at my blog after doing a Google search for “Amway people assholes”.

Boy did s/he come to the right place!

So what is it about Amway people - ambots - that makes them such assholes?

Loaded question! The list is endless!

Here it is from my perspective based on my experience with my upline. What makes Amway people such big assholes?

  1. They’re liars.
  2. They’re sleazy.
  3. They’re swindlers.
  4. They only like you for your money.
  5. They’re arrogant pricks.
  6. They’re full of shit.
  7. They’re out to destroy relationships.
  8. They deprive people of sleep.
  9. They’re pompous bastards.
  10. They think they’re experts on everything.
  11. They make fun of people who have jobs.
  12. They think they’re better than everyone else.
  13. They’re the biggest bunch of phonies around.
  14. They stalk you in Barnes & Noble.
  15. They’re always right and everyone else is wrong.
  16. They call people losers if they’re not involved in Amway.
  17. They call their own cult members losers if they quit Amway.
  18. They drop their friendship if you don’t buy their overpriced Amway shit.
  19. They’re useless.
  20. They accuse everyone of having a job and a boss even people who are retired or already own a business and don’t have bosses.
  21. They justify their evil actions by claiming to “bless” or “help” others.
  22. They’re unreliable.
  23. They’re obsessed with all things negative.
  24. They’re rotten bad ass fuckers.
  25. They snipe you on Facebook.
  26. They accuse others of “not trying hard enough” even if they’re busting their asses.
  27. They cause others to suffer financial losses.
  28. They’re fucking troublemakers.
  29. They’re quick to point fingers and find fault with everyone else.
  30. They lead people into bankruptcy.
  31. They force their cult followers to “submit to upline”.
  32. They waste everyone’s time.
  33. They’re rude.
  34. They pester you in grocery stores.
  35. When not at Amway meetings they’re always on phones and sending texts.
  36. They demand you attend all Amway functions.
  37. They’re cultists.
  38. They cause others to go into debt.
  39. They’re close-minded.
  40. They’re out to scam you.
  41. They believe they’re smarter than people who are not in Amway.
  42. They’re annoying.
  43. They’re greedy bastards.
  44. They peddle Amway shit.
  45. They’re brainwashed.
  46. They justify Amway’s high prices on a make belief high quality.
  47. They make you pay to listen to their bullshit.
  48. They’re deceptive about the tool scam profits.
  49. They deny they’re with Amway.
  50. They’re low life scum sucking bastards.
  51. They’re obnoxious.
  52. They’re full of self importance.
  53. They unnaturally worship their cult leaders.
  54. They’re freaks.
  55. They incite hate.
  56. They accuse people not on board with Amway of being dream stealers.
  57. They refer to everyone not in the Amway cult as un-Christian.
  58. They’re creepy.
  59. They’re snake oil salesmen.
  60. They’re in denial about their pyramid scheme.
  61. They’re slimeballs.
  62. They’re always holding grand openings.
  63. They’re always pestering to show you the board plan.
  64. They’re pretend business owners.
  65. They’re under the impression Amway is the only recession proof business.
  66. They’re secretive.
  67. They can’t mind their own business.
  68. They’re tax evaders.
  69. They’re pests.
  70. They’re self-righteous.
  71. They’re out to piss everyone off.
  72. They’re fucking inconsiderate bastards.

OK I’ll stop before I hit 101 again. When are they going to bring back 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show?

OK. Back to my Christmas baking. I’ve had enough fun today!


  1. Anna - This telling-Google-search has inspired you to produce (in your inimitable style) a faithful and accurate sketch of the tragically-comical 'Amway' Master Race. However, if you just change the wording very slightly, you have produced a faithful and accurate sketch of any other psychotic gang of absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, cult proselytizers.

    All these impoverished troops of heel-clicking clowns (no matter what ego-inflating titles they have given themselves), play out essentially the same fictional scenario as total reality.

    For centuries, all fanatical core-cult adherents have been programmed to believe that they alone represent a positive or protective force of purity and absolute righteousness derived from their leadership's exclusive access to a superior or superhuman knowledge, and that they alone oppose a negative or adversarial force of impurity and absolute evil.

    Whilst this comic-book narrative remains the cult adherents' model of reality, they are, in effect, constrained to modify their individual personalities and behaviour accordingly.

    If you and your readers want to look at how this tragically-comical mind-cancer can gnaw its way an entire country, look no futher than North Korea.

    When the self-appointed 'Great Leader' Kim Jong-il (previously ranked 31 in Forbes Magazine's list of the world's richest and most-powerful people) died this week, he had around $4 billions on deposit in private banks in Luxembourg. This was just in case he had to flee from his victims; for the majority of the 'Great' Kim's subjects live at subsistence level (thanks to foreign food-aid), whilst (down the decades) millions have already starved to death.

    Even when faced with irrefutable evidence like this, there are still numerous intellectual prostitutes (mostly co-opted 'sociologists' like Prof. Eileen Barker in London) who steadfastly pretend that the totalitarian cult/mind-control phenomenon does not exist.

    It is sobering to reflect that the overall average annual income for North Koreans, remains substantially higher than the average overall annual income for Ambots.

    If (down the decades) all temporary Ambots had been forced to rely only on what their group has paid them, then tens of millions would have starved to death.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  2. David - I have to do my part to let others know what its like being in the hell hole of the Amway master race. My blog has helped people who've just signed up and gone online to do more research to quit. No one in their right mind who has done their research wants to get involved with a bunch of assholes who are going to bring financial and emotional distress to their lives.

    There are enough bloggers who cover why Amway is a shitty business opportunity. I'm here to describe how human beings are treated by their upline once they immerse into the cult. For the most part my post is directed at our sponsor and our Platinum but the characteristics match just about every ambot I've met.

    If these ambots have what it takes to make a little money in Amway, they would probably do very well if they started up a legitimate business where they do not provide overpriced products and services and aren't out to scam people out of their money and brainwash them into their cult.

  3. Good description, Anna. In India, Amway Enterprises claims that it has waived entrance fee to become IBO. But through 6-4-3 scheme they create groups and that is nothing but pyramid scheme.

  4. LO< they could have just googled "IBOFB".

  5. Shyam - Amway's attorney's must be very good at finding loopholes in the Indian laws!

  6. Ha ha Joecool! Yup they could have just googled IBOFB or our sponsor or our Platinum for the definition of asshole!

  7. Ironically IBOs relay on their JOBS to support their scam. Tell an IBO to bash their JOBS in their workplace (like they do at their cult meetings), they will scurry back their little dirt holes. Uplines are rats in the real world, they have bad breath (glister), apparently have weak bones and immune systems, they drink piss(XS), and eat shitty bars, they wear dirty cloths and pretend to be successful.
    Oh, my shit sack upline went all the way to Canda (from California) to sign someone up, just to keep me in Scamway. Apparently they are running out of people to scam in the US. Good work Anna, Joecool, and Rocket.

  8. Anonymous - thank you for dropping by! IBO's either rely on their J.O.B. or credit cards to support the Amway scam. I'm sure a lot of them are disrespectful in the workplace with their attitude about jobs and how they're better than everyone else because they have their own business and don't tend to keep their jobs for too much longer. Uplines are worse than rats! The Amway scam is alive in many countries preying on victims who can least afford to lose any more money. You're not keeping with it. Rocket, Joecool and I are all the same person - along with a few other aliases!

  9. "Rocket, Joecool and I are all the same person - along with a few other aliases!"

    Like ExAmbot as well LOL!

  10. Jobs provide a punching bag for scammy uplines. Yet they provide the $$ ambots use to support the scammers' life styles! It's ridiculous and a perfect case for cognitive dissonance affliction.

  11. Other aliases: MLM Punisher, Lobotomized, Former WWDB Lemming, Amthrax....

    Confuses the shit out of the Amway lovers!

  12. i got to said yeah its true amways dosent work. but it dosent work for those who dont bother try to do it.
    it like any ordinary business if u dont know how to work it you will loose your business and your money. and it does help relationship yuo just got to know verry well how to make it work pay attention next time if you are really smart any question ask me in

    1. Hahaha...the beauty is everyone know how to run other businesses, now please count 1,2,3..did you do it..Good :) now open your eyes and look around you...wht do you see? common....I know its hard for you...after all your brain is wired that way..
      I will tell you...People, Businesses...everything..and these trades are running from centuries...its easy to do these..
      I dont want to use the word 'Amway"...but.. anyways ...amway has to pay their new employees every month...atleast $3000/month...then it makes sense for me...why cant they...they are billion droller company right ? they dont because ..its a parasite model :)))

    2. Then use the word Scamway! Different asshole same shit! LOL!

  13. Here's a little hint for you Anonymous. When you put your email into your comment you're not as anonymous as you think!

    Oh gee words of wisdom. Total amspeak from some demented Amway cult leader. Gee I never would have figured that one out for myself. Thanks for the enlightment! Not. Yeah right Amway helps relationships. Right into the divorce court that is.


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