Saturday, December 10, 2011

Don't Feed Your Dog ANYTHING from Amway!

“Can dog consume Double X”.

Yes, believe it or not some idiot did a search for that and ended up at my blog which is really high on the search engines for just about any criteria. In this case it brought the searcher to my post about the Nutrilite Dissolving Test where I talked about Nutrilite vitamins finally flushing when I used a bag of dog shit to coax out a hold out vitamin!

But that brings me back to the searcher's question about the dog consuming Double X. Why the hell would s/he want to do that? Double X has adverse reactions to some people who take them so why risk your dog’s health. I know people give their pets human vitamins for certain ailments like glucosamine or MSM for joint issues. If someone is so inclined to give their dogs something like that there are better quality vitamins in the marketplace that are much more reasonably priced than Amway’s shitty overpriced vitamins.

More than likely this searcher was told by their upline to sign their dog up as a customer and let them buy their own dog food or in this case Double X vitamins. Yeah like a dog has disposable income and is capable of making their own buying decisions! Not to mention typing on a computer! What else advice do you expect from people involved in a pyramid scheme and involved in fraud and encouraging others to fool around with a fake business. Sign up them phony customers!

Anyway I thought now would be a good time to share a post from last year about Amway’s shitty dog food. One of my readers had a different problem with their dog in that Amway’s Nutripet made it vomit and they had to rush it to an emergency vet.

Bottom line if anyone loves their dog do not feed it anything to do with Amway or you will be sorry.

I’m going to rant about the shitty Amway dog food. It costs approximately the same as any high end dog food out there. Whether or not it has the same high quality ingredients as other dog food companies I can’t say because I haven’t recently compared. I will say the one time we bought a bag of Amway’s brand dog food that I’ve never seen so much dog shit in my life! I’m the one who usually walks the dogs. I’m more into fitness than Ambot and I walk everywhere and those dogs give me an excuse to get out of the house every couple of hours. I take the dogs out for a walk first thing in the morning. I’ll usually get one shit out of each of them. After we switched them to Amway dog food the morning walk consisted of 4 to 6 shits! Luckily I stuff lots of baggies into my pockets! These dogs were easily shitting 10 times each by the last walk of the night and huge baggy filling ones at that! I'd get home and flush them one at a time and the next thing you'd know the toilet was clogged and the bowl nearly overflowing. The Amway dog food made me very proficient at using a toilet plunger! But I confess. If Ambot was home and the water was rising in the toilet, I'd turn the water off and start screaming that the big shits had plugged the toilet again and make him unclog it.

Ambot tried to put the Amway dog food onto his next order. I told him if he wanted to keep buying the shitty Amway dog food that he would now be taking over full time walking the dogs and cleaning up after them - a task he doesn’t like. I suggested he find someone in his upline to take over the clean up duty if they wanted us to buy Amway dog food. I got no takers. Imagine that!

I was able to put the dogs back onto the high quality, low stool dog food that they’ve enjoyed in the past.

This drastically reduced the money I was spending on baggies.

This also drastically reduced the number of clogged toilets.


  1. The problem with Amway dog food is nearly the same problem as with all the crappy consumables (supposedly as good as the more well know and marketed products). They pay a premium price (plus)and in turn get a mediocre product at best. They buy the bullshit about the products and then start actually buying the bullshit products.

    Honestly, the first time I tried drinking an XS energy drink, it sickened me. I asked my wife how in the world her daughter and son in law could stomach that awful tasting crap and pay such a premium price to get it? Of course I knew they were not so much enthused by the product as they were in supposedly becoming wealthy in a 'soviet' like 5 year plan.

    Love your blog!


  2. Hi Quiztarisacult!

    There were no overpriced Amway consumables that I liked enough to want to buy when we were in Amway and none that I'd ever consider buying now that we're out. I didn't mind their juices but a tiny tin costs way more than a jug of something that tastes better from the grocery store. I never bought those 6 pack individual tins prior to Amway involvement and still don't. Always looking for the best value for my money and Amway does not come close! I did not like the XS energy drinks. Maybe energy drinks are more of a guy thing. To me XS tasted like cat piss, not that I go around sampling that but if I could imagine how it would taste - XS is it!

    Thanks for loving my blog!

  3. Hi Quixtarisacult! Thanks for your comments about my, err, Anna's blog. IBOFB swears that we are one and the same. As for the dog food, I also read other testimonies about dog owners cleaing up more crap after their dogs had Amway dog food.

    But I guess more crap is expected when ingesting Amway dog food. IBOFB is full of Amway stuff and he's full of crap as well. :)

  4. Good to see you again QIC! Where ya been?

  5. IBOFB must think I'm pretty clever pretending to have a conversation with myself! For some reason IBOFB has been spending a lot of time at our blog recently.

  6. IBOFB is a wanker. A wanker with no discernible success in Amway.

  7. Anna - I think that the unmasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. David Steadson a.k.a. 'Insider', a.k.a. 'Icerat' , a.k.a. 'IBOFB,' has probably been lingering on your Blog, because you have recently drawn your many readers' attention to tax issues.

    The irrefutable fact that at least one major US government agency, the IRS, recognizes that 'Amway' participation is not, has never been and can never be, a legitimate business activity, is one of the 'Amway' mob's many Achilles Heels.

    'Amway' participation is actually classified by the the IRS as being essentially the same as attending any other pay-through - the - nose - to - enter Church or cult.

    The arrogant little shit with a psychology degree, David Steadson, really exists, but his 'IBOFB' persona is just one of several Bolshie characters used by the 'Amway' bosses and their shyster lawyers, to disrupt free-debate, and to round-up any potentially-dangerous little Ambots who might start to stray from the cripplingly-expensive path to 'Total Financial Freedom.'

    Rocket might be surprised to learn that his description of Steadson as a 'wanker' is actually supported by medically-qualified opinion. A while back, I was contacted by a couple of psychiatrists who were writing a dissertation about latter-day extreme right-wing groups, and who(in private)described Ambots as:

    'A self-destructive gang of Nazi-style mental masturbators, turned-on by non-sexual pornography designed to stimulate greed through the depiction of rags-to-riches Adolfs and Evas.'

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  8. David - all I can say about IBOFB is I can sure understand why his wife left him!

  9. Anna - To change the subject - I don't know if you have ever noticed, but 'Double X' can also be read as 'Double Cross.'

    Back to the subject of Lord Haw Haw Steadson and failed 'Ambot' marriages - years ago a common joke in the USA, was the one about the excited young 'Amway Distributor' who gets married, but after 5 years his wife is still a virgin - all he ever does, is keep telling her how great sex is going to be.

    On second thoughts perhaps, this was a true story?

  10. Ha ha! True story. That's what happens to husbands who can't get home at a decent hour!

  11. Rocket...

    I've been busy pursuing other matters. I have not forgotten the evil empire of Amway, or Darth Vader Steadson. I've discovered, as joecool has, that Steadson is a hacker, and has in the past managed to redirect anti-Amway links to his own lying Amway pages.

    I still catch time to read some of the best Amway critic blogs, including this one, yours, Consumer Frauds Watch and The False Profits Blog.

    I haven't given up thinking and hope to find more time to devote to my own blog. It is good to know that Shyam, David Brear, Anna Bannana, yourself, and Joecool are keeping the pressure on the Ambot mother-ship.

  12. I would be interested in some legitimate information regarding Nutripet pet food and to know if anyone knows if there has been any research done in regards to long term health impacts on animals that have been fed this product. Can anyone advise please?

  13. Can anyone provide more information about the product as I was of the belief that these products are good!
    Buy Dog Food

    1. Hey Petzy you were already here a month ago flogging your dog food. And only a brainwashed Amway asshole actually thinks Amway products are good.

  14. Wow you guys are a bunch of losers and failures that quit on yourselves and now are employed. Good for you, may you live a wonderful life in poverty. Also let it be noted that not a single one of the products from amway are required, nor is any sort of work ethic, ambition, humility or dreaming. As well as it is not required to release your real name on a blog, therefore you can continue to rant and rave about amway all the while being afraid to admit your name so everyone can see how INcredible of a source you are. I'm glad no one in my group would allow some idiot on the internet to steal their dreams, and good for you that you just never had one

    1. Tony - you better run off an find the fucking assholes in your Amway upline and tell them you need more instruction on how not to say negative. Did you ever listen to that recording one of the owners of Amway said that he does not want his IBO's calling people losers because its not nice. I guess you just gave your head cult leader the big old FUCK YOU.

      Take your bullshit Amspeak propaganda and shove it up your ass. The biggest bunch of losers and failures are the motherfuckers who worship the Great Amway God.

    2. It's always hilarious to hear an Ambot talk about those who are employed with real money-earning jobs as living a life of poverty, when the reality is those trapped in the Amway cult of dreams of greed are the ones who go deeper and deeper into debt, lose homes and relationships, but always egged on by their upline to "think positive, success is just around the corner, keep buying more Amway" even though the Ambot has no CUSTOMERS other than themselves. That's not "investing" in anything other than sinking deeper into the hole. But, gosh, just keep dreaming. Dreams are fine, as long as there is some basis in reality for them. But a scam where less than 1% of those who get involved in it ever makes money, that's not dreaming, that's sleepwalking through reality into a brick wall. Good luck. You'll need it.

    3. Anonymous - at the same time its hilarious and sad when an ambot shows up here with their canned Amspeak propaganda. Hilarious like they think they're the first person to come up with this bullshit that we heard many years ago. Nothing ever changes in Scamway. And sad because they're brainwashed to believe that Amway bullshit. At every Amway meeting the cult leaders preach to the flock to be "their own best customer" and that's because they have no other customers. Just part of the brainwashing that ambots think they really own their own business.

    4. I consider multi level marketers are in the same boat as motivational speakers and high pressure/unscrupulous salespeople- nothing but bullshit artists!

    5. Hi Sucrets. Well they all probably have a product to flog. Some of them are bigger bullshit artists than others and make more sales.

  15. Blog of Immature broke guys earning less than $100000/year talking about $12bn company. Makes Me sick! First build your own company & then talk.

    1. Neo - you dumb fuck, why do you show up here and prove that everyone in Amway are a bunch of fucking liars. We make at least as much money as what Amway publishes a Diamond makes. Does Amway literature show that Amway Diamonds make less than $100,000? Not since the 60s or 70s maybe. Get into the right century you dumb shit. And why are you lying that Amway is a 12b company? Oh my what a dilemna. Who should we believe? A fucking lying scamming Amway asshole or the sales figures Amway reports which for 2015 was 9.5 bn. One of the biggest problems Amway has is their commissioned sales force who are a bunch of liars. And if you actually read instead of spouting off your lies and bullshit you'd know we did build our own company you fucking dumb shit. And what are you so fucking obsessed with how much other people make and how much companies have in sales? That's good news for those other people but how does that affect your life and improve your bottom line? You know what makes me sick? In the country where you live most people don't even make $1000 a year and then those Amway criminals lie and steal from people who can least afford to be scammed. Fuck you Neo. And fuck all the other Amway criminals.

    2. Hey Neo --

      What exactly are you? A neo-asshole? And what Third-World shithole do you call home?

      Amway is slowly going down the tubes here in North America. How long before the same thing happens where you are?

      You think Amway is a 12-billion-dollar company. Dream on, deluded one.

    3. Anonymous - Neo is in India. Shyam writes a blog about the Amway criminals there and apparently the police raid these Amway kingpins and put them in jail.

      You got to wonder what kind of shit the Indian Amway cult leaders are shovelling. A few months ago an Ambot also from India left a comment here that President George Bush is an IBO and flogging Amway shit at the White House. Information control much you brainwashed Ambots.


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