Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get Your Order of Importance Right!

At every Amway meeting our sack of shit Platinum told us about his life and used a white board to show us his list and where everything stood in his order of importance. Like he expected all of us to “duplicate” him. His list didn't go over too well with the satanists in attendance! Here is his list of life’s order of importance:

1. God
2. Wife
3. Family
4. Job
5. Amway

Yeah well I can tell you I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be married to some lousy bastard who can’t put me number one his list. Fuck you and I am outta here!

Didn’t matter anyway. The sack of shit Platinum never followed his own list.

At every cult meeting he whined and bitched at us about how he was giving up time with his wife and kids to tell us about Amway. OK. Lets look at that list. Wife and family seem to be a couple of notches higher up on the list than Amway. So is he a fucking liar putting Amway ahead of his wife and kids who he’s bitching about not spending time with? Or is he just a fucking lying arrogant sack of shit? YES and YES!

And he should whine and bitch! Big deal. I was taking time away from my family and things I’d rather be doing to show up at his Amway cult meeting and listen to him lie and spout off his bullshit.

Every meeting the Platinum said the same fucking thing about his list of 5 of which Amway is last on the list. Fucking asshole can’t even follow his own list! Lying sack of shit. Amway is really number 1 or 2 on his list. I say that because he was hyper religious. The old Jim Jones influence. Or reincarnation. I can’t say for sure if God or Amway was number one on his list though I’m leaning to Amway no matter how hard that liar would deny it.

Both me and the sack of shit Platinum are stuck at the same Amway cult meeting. Both of us have the same bad attitude that we didn’t want to be wasting our time at the Amway meeting when we’d rather be spending time with our family or more important interests. Odd. The only thing that fucking asshole and I ever agreed on.

The real question was which one of us was going to do something about it?

I might not be arrogant enough to have a list or if I do its not one I put in writing. I also would not be inclined to use his list at all but using his ammunition against him I take his fucking list of order of importance and I put my life in order and put myself and family ahead of Amway. Holy shit did that ever make me the evil person because I no longer attended cult meetings and Amway was not number one on my list. Never had been anyway. Amway was so low down there it needs a high powered telescope just to see the last item on my list!

Of course I don’t give a flying fuck what a bunch of people I don’t like think about me.

When it comes to evil - those cult followers need to be pointing their fingers back at themselves. The real evil dangerous person in this crowd is the Amway cult leader - the pompous sack of shit Platinum.


  1. My upline called it verical alignment. While it looks and sounds reasonable, anytime something conflicted with the business, you reshuffled and put Amway on the top. We were told attend all meetings. All means all. WTF? Where does that fit into the vertical alignment? Some IBOs were edified for skipping their brother's weddin for example, for their dedication to Amway.

    1. Joecool - maybe I should have called it horizontal alignment! Seeing as how I'd do the opposite of what those bastards said whether or not the opposite was in my interest or something I'd have done normally, just cause they said do something was good enough for me not to or do the direct opposite! I stopped attending meetings for a number of reasons. Mostly cause I didn't like going and wasting my time and hanging out with a bunch of people I didn't like. I told Ambot to find out in advance if our sponsor or our Platinum was going to attend the meeting and if they were then I would NOT go because I didn't like either of them and told him it was his job to make sure that none of us ended up in the same room at the same time. I can tell you I was only vilified by our upline!

      As for attending all Amway meetings and all means all? Even if it conflicts with something in the top 4? Bunch of jerks!

    2. though im not an amway distributor anymore .. dunno how many people visit this website, according to http://www.compete.com/us/ not that many because you dont even show up ... Every single argument that people make is that the numbers don't lie and the odds are stacked against you successfully building an amway business

      The New York football Giants were 66:1 longshots to win the super bowl on December 21st according to the Venetian in Vegas .. every single number was pointing at them as a longshot dawg. Well, their in the super bowl with a good shot at winning.

      Sometimes people just have to be blinded from the truth so that they can get out there and get shit done.

    3. Anonymous - probably between 5000 and 10000 visitors a month to my blog. Which shows high on the search engines for just about any search criteria someone is doing for Amway. I've never heard of the website you mentioned. I'm here to share my story of the horrors of being victimized by the Amway cult and watching how they brainwashed my husband and most importantly to curse out my upline. I'm all about entertainment. I have nothing to sell. Amway's own literature shows that less than a third of 1% of IBOs will make money at the Amway business. And not very much money at that. Its all about selling the hope not the soap.

    4. Dunno if the 5000 to 10000 visitors would be considered unique visitors or not .. im assuming not, like I said I am in no way shape or form affiliated with amway anymore, whether it be an employee or distributor .. but I still have a lotta respect for the people I was involved with in my LOS, and I also have a lotta respect for a corporation that does that much charitable work.

      In terms of big picture, this company does good things.

    5. I don't understand how people are so passionately negative about this opportunity when you can quit at anytime.

      Just look your active upline in the eye, tell em you have a lotta respect for them and that you think they can do big things, but I have decided to go inactive and pursue other things.

      Simple as that, the'll respect you more if you grow a backbone and tell them rather then be a snake and just disappear.

    6. Anonymous - I very rarely talk about the Amway opportunity - or lack thereof. I leave that to the bloggers and writers who've been covering Amway a lot longer than I am. My blog is about being negative - to use your word - to my former upline. The more I've written about them the more I've had readers say their own upline did/said that too so I know my experience is not unique. I can get my story out there so wives of ambots know whats ahead for them in this cult and know they're not alone in this hell they're going through. Our upline were horrible vicious demons. Sometimes the real damage can be emotional more than financial. I would never look my upline in the eye and say I have a lotta respect for them. Who can respect liars, scammers, and people involved in fraud? Some people maybe but not me. The only person in our LOS that I knew before we got involved in Amway was our sponsor, a friend of my husbands, and I have never liked him. He's a miserable cock sucking lying son of a bitch. From there it goes downhill! You tell your upline you're quitting they'll call you a loser and beg and plead with you not to quit not when success is right around the corner.

      Amway the corporation may seemingly do good things and throw money at community organizations and charitable events and bounce their name around to make themselves look good by throwing money at foundations who can use it. Its called tax breaks. Write offs. They make a lot of money and need as many tax deductions as they can get. You can be certain if they weren't getting write offs they'd be keeping that money in the bank instead.

    7. thats the beauty of this economic system, incentives and tax breaks give people/companies reason to do good things. Its a lot better then giving incentives to detract society I would think.

      If people make fun of you for quitting, be a bigger person and just walk away, pretty simple in my book. I have thick skin, I can take it.

      I can tell you in the dot com tech industry its a lot more cutthroat and lot more at stake when you have shareholders to please as opposed to a silly upline poking at you with mildly stinging words.

    8. Rather than walk away I stick around long enough to curse them out. For example our sponsor who's one of the biggest assholes I've ever met comes around to our house he's not allowed inside so my husband has to go out to the sidewalk to talk to him and I'll go on the sundeck and yell at him why's he out there talking to that fucking Amway asshole. I just can't figure out why he doesn't stay away. Guess he has what you'd call a thick skin. I'd think most men wouldn't stop by their friends house if the wife can't stand them.

    9. Yes Anna, all meant all. Per those lying sob kingpins the only time ambots were allowed to miss a scamway event was if they, ambots, were attending their own funeral! Seriously that's what the cult leaders taught over and over. So we got the message loud and clear.

      Due to a scamway function in town I regrettably missed a close friends wedding that was held within 10 miles of where we were. I really wanted to go even for a few hours. I capitulated to uplines' leaning heavy on me cos I had a team there with gotta "display leadership" bs. I know a foreigner who used to re-arrange important family events at his home country due to conflict with scamway events. This ambot had to get permission from his cult "leaders" to make the trips. So yes the verticle alignment is 1-5 scAmway, family is number 6, and that does get pushed down too if any upline or ahem vip kingpin has their own personal event they invited you to over at their house or somewhere.

      Vertical alignment? Yeah right. This always seemed to me like an inverted alignment. But now I see it in it's reality - scamway alignment!

    10. Well ExAmbot I'm sure you've probably apologized to your friend by now and said how you were brainwashed and never thought it could have happened to you.

      The problem with most ambots is they burn a lot of bridges. The decent ones will apolgize for their behavior and ask if they can put it behind them. The fucking assholes in my upline don't try to repair relationships once they quit the Amway scam because of their arrogance.

      That is why I write about them here!

    11. Yes I did apologize. My friend was very graceful, elated too that I got out.

  2. yup lets cut through the bullshit on that one. they all say that bs but we know the truth its 1. amway 2. amway 3. amway 4. amway 5. amway. god is their upline, family is their group and upline, job is showing the plan and doing as little at work to build the business and get "free" i mean shit i was told to let my g/f go because she became negative about the business.

    1. Anonymous - you are quite correct. Your list is actually the most accurate one I've ever seen on the IBO order of importance.
      1. Amway
      2. Amway
      3. Amway
      4. Amway
      5. Amway

      What the hell? Did we have the same upline? Our upline's main goal was to break up our marriage. And yes the same bullshit about "negative about the business". According to our upline I am a negative, unchristian dream stealer! Or better known as someone with some control over the household finances who can stop or limit the funds being tithed to the Amway gods! When our upline was unable to convice my Ambot to leave me they started holding prayerfests that I would find another man and leave him. Sick sorry sons of bitches.

    2. Ha! For real they are "Sick sorry sons of bitches."

    3. And those are their finer qualities!

    4. Anna you said
      "Or better known as someone with some control over the household finances who can stop or limit the funds being tithed to the Amway gods!" (Truth be told every ambot needs one of those) and
      "they started holding prayer fests that I would find another man and leave him" (Obviously their prayers are not lethal, good!)

      Now Anna why do you like to make me go LOL so early in the morning?! Or is it just me. I guess I can't help it. But actually it's such as all that that made lighter my scamway cult exit turmoil. Thanx! And BTW gladly ExAmbot! Freedom!

    5. ExAmbot - glad to hear you can start your day with a laugh by reading my posts!

      Yes! The real freedom happens only when you get out of the Amway cult!

  3. If you have gone to a cult meeting, have you noticed the amount of time an Ambot takes in telling you their uplines. The longest I timed was 3 f-ing minutes. Just names and pin levels. "Diamond going....Emerald going Diamond....." (Just an exaggeration, it is more like Going Diamond in never-year) Seems that Ambot have created their own language. Very similar to chickens running around with their heads cut off, that is how fast they speak.

    1. Anonymous - you got off lucky! Our sack of shit Platinum could drag that one out for at least 30 minutes. Bragging about the upline and what pin levels they were and how they were moving up. Then he'd talk about people in the crossline and how they were on track to become Platinum. And finally the people in the room who he'd insult and say if they just put more work into Amway then they'd be eagle in 3 months and Platinum by the end of the year. Not only was he a fast speaker full of double talk but he'd get distracted and go off on meaningless rants forever.

  4. Anna - How strange? The over-riding priorities when considering paticipating in any alleged 'income opportunity,' don't seem to appear on any 'Ambot' list.

    1. Take your time, keep a cool head and apply your powers of critical, and evaluative, thinking (i.e. common-sense) at all times.
    2. Do some rigorous research.
    3. Don't blindly believe what excited persons already participating in the alleged 'income opportunity' tell you.
    4. In order to verify the viability of any alleged 'income opportunity,' always insist on examining several years of an allegedly 'successful' participant's audited accounts; particularly, his/her income-tax payment receipts.
    5.If the allegedy 'successful' participant refuses to show you his/her audited accounts, and tries to make you feel guilty for asking, run a mile.
    6. Always ask the advice (independently) of several people whom you know to possess common-sense, and/or have genuine experience in legal, and/or financial, matters.
    7. If the alleged 'income opportunity' sounds too good to be true, it's because it is too good to be true.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. David - I think most of those were my priorities when I could see my husband wanted to join Amway again and you'd think the argument didn't you learn the last time you're wasting your money didn't work. I did ask to see proof of the income people in our upline claimed to be making and they all refused. He didn't push it but I told him there's a problem there. Liars who can't back up their fake income claims. The Amway cult gets to him by saying if I'm not interested in Amway then there is something wrong with our marriage and then working on him to leave me and join up with their cult and either I'd see the light and come around eventually or he could leave me. I guess none of them thought they'd be holding starring roles in my blog for all their trouble!

  5. "At every cult meeting he whined and bitched at us about how he was giving up time with his wife and kids to tell us about Amway."

    He had a J.O.B. which is what they all have even though they pour vitriolic verbose on them.

    Something else we used to repeat all the time is this. If we had a kingpin or or wannabe like emerald, come to give a speech, the intro included crap like “they don’t need to be here, they could be anywhere else but chose to take sometime out of their busy schedule (me thinking I thought they were retired??!) and away from their family to be here tonight to help everyone grow their (pretend) business. So hang on to their every word, take notes, please stand up and help me welcome going diamond or going cam in hurry (insert names).... blah blah blah.”

    Heck it must take a lot to chew on that bull shizzle 2 - 5 times a week! We know the truth is that kingpins have to hang on to their numbers if they are to get paid. So they are all over the place “working the numbers” by motivating their followers to stay excited and so they can keep opening their wallets-that tool cash is tastier than scamway income at emerald and above. Working the numbers all over the place is the type of work of a kingpin, a Jaay.Oooh.Beeeh! that's still work, not retirement. Lying scumbags!

    1. ExAmbot - our sack of shit had one of those deadly J.O.B.s that he poked fun at every meeting.

      Take notes? Were you an IBO in the dark days before tape recorders were invented? Ha ha! At every meeting they told us to turn on our recorders so we could play back this very important information over and over again..... At every Amway meeting I'd see all these ambots sitting there with their arms stretched out holding on to a recorder. Or else the recorders were all sitting together on a chair or fireplace mantle somewhere near the speaker.

  6. Seriously Lady? You have a problem and it's not Amway...

    1. Anonymous - maybe not Amway directly. The problem is those fucking asshole troublemakers in my husband's upline who are only out to destroy other people's lives. That's why I'm here writing about them. If Amway doesn't like the truth getting out there about the people they hire to be their commissioned sales reps then that's their tough shit. They should take complaints more seriously and try to do the right thing and be a good corporate citizen.


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