Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seeing Shitty Amway Products Everywhere?

There was a special announced at a spa I’ve never been to and I think that’s a good way to try out a new place. If the treatment is not what you’re expecting then you haven’t wasted too much money and you can stick with your regular spa.

The new spa offers the usual type of beauty treatments and is a one woman show, sole female proprietor. There are no other employees. Very nice, clean spa. Lovely lady. No complaints about the shop or the owner.

Yup a real business owner. Not some phony ass Amway “independent business owner”!

I’m sitting in the chair for my pedi and choosing the nail polish color. I don’t recognize any of the polish brands. Name doesn’t really matter much to me anyway. Color is more important than who makes it. I choose a cute color and wait for her to set things up and look around the room. On the far side are bookshelves with various lotions and beauty products. Nothing unusual there. Any hair salon or spa has similar products displayed.

And then I see it. On the top shelf. Two boxes with stripes. They look suspiciously like the puke yellow and green stripes on a box of nasty shitty Amway food bars. It even looks like the printing running sideways between the stripes is in the same spot where Nutrilite is spelled on the Amway shit bars. I’m too far away to read it but I’m really suspicious now and spend the whole pedi treatment glaring at those two boxes. It looks to me like the boxes on the shelves are bigger than the one the Amway shit bars come in. It also looks like a couple of lemons are on one box. Amway food bars are shitty enough without putting in sour lemon flavor. I decide its probably citrus scented lotion and comes in a box with similar stripe packing.

I keep looking around the room. The bottles of lotions from the facial are near enough to where I’m sitting that I can read the labels. They are definitely not Artistry. Just some standard beauty salon lotions. But I can’t help myself from going back and staring at those two boxes on the top of those shelves.

Pedicure is done and I move over to the station for the manicure. I am now closer to the bookshelves and those boxes and can read them. No doubt about it. Those are fucking Nutrilite food bar boxes!

All I can think the whole time I’m getting my mani is oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I better not get an Amway pitch! And if I do get prospected I’ve got to get a response ready. And if I don’t get an Amway pitch I’m going to leave her an extra big tip for not harrassing me.

I sneak glances around the spa. I don’t see any Amway products or propaganda. The proprietor is a very nice woman, quiet not too chatty. Definitely not using FORM on me. I wonder if her husband has gotten involved in the Amway scam and she is too embarrassed to approach people but she wants to support her husband so she puts those 2 boxes of Nutrilite bars on the top shelf and hopes no one will notice them and ask her anything. Or perhaps she knows someone else who’s in Amway and that’s her way of getting them to shut up by sticking a couple of boxes way up there and hoping no one notices them.

My guess if she was really an Amway commissioned salesperson her upline would be riding her ass about using only Amway Artistry cosmetics, lotions, and nail polish in her spa and Amway shit would be all over the place. Any woman whether or not she runs a beauty salon knows when they look at the Amway catalogue and sees those fucking outrageously overpriced products that they can buy similar products for a quarter of the price Amway charges. You gotta watch the bottom line when you’re in business. Except when you’re in the Amway business where you’re expected to drop hundreds of dollars a month into shitty overpriced products. She had lots and lots of different colored nail polish. No way in hell does Amway offer that kind of color selection. She can probably buy 10 nail polishes for the same price as Amway charges for one.

I got the best facial I’ve ever had so I’m definitely going back there. I just hope the Amway pitch doesn’t come out after one has become a repeat customer!


  1. Hey why don't you enquire what the heck are those and see where that will lead to? And let us know about it. I am really curious how it will play out.

    1. ExAmbot - the next time I go back I'm having my eyebrows done. Fuck! Shit! Ouch! There is only so much torture I can take in one day you know!

  2. Artistry products are intended to rope in the spouses of male victims of Amway's 'closed market swindle' and like other MLM companies, are really just sham products. Incredibly expensive by comparison to much better quality products. It is the ambots that get ripped off, not their supposed retail customers (which do not really exist). All Amway products could be described as overpriced shills. Ambots long for the days when they used Crest (instead of Glister).

    My wife tried all the Artistry wampum that her daughter had shipped to her. She detested it. When her daughter wouldn't allow her to return it to Amway, it got thrown into a dresser drawer where it began to rot. My wife said she could have bought twice as much high quality makeup locally for the money wasted on that crap!

    1. Quxtarisacult - its my opinion its the husband who likes Artistry cosmetics a whole lot more than the wife does! Most women are pretty good shoppers and know how to comparison shop for beauty products and personal hygiene products. I can buy a bottle of Oil of Olay for $15 (or less if I catch it on sale), and the similar Amway product is $60. Same size same results. Gee what am I going to choose? Probably Avon because I can buy the same face moisturizer when it goes on sale for $5 and it does just as good a job as Oil of Olay which does a better job than Artistry's face cream for a quarter of the price!

      I tried a few of the Artistry products. Hated them. Nowhere near the selection of colors when it comes to lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, as just about every other company out there. And hugely overpriced. Your wife could have bought the same amount of higher quality makeup for 3 or 4 times less than what Amway's costs.

      I hope your daughter is out of the Amway cult!

  3. This corporation must be destroyed! I never got the refund I asked for 2 months ago, well within the 90 day stated period. I was convinced about not having to pay retail price for everyday household products by a loved one. I quickly found this to be bs. Now the annoying texts and emails wont stop! Equipo vision rot in hell. What a shame that now that they have scammed just about every english speaking person they are going to get, they have moved on to prey upon spanish speakers.

    1. That’s them, the ones whom took her from me. Those Scambotshits under that Scamway-Categorization! They showed up under the Quixcam Corp-logo, and then quickly evolved into the now-recent Scamway Global. They call themselves “Team-Vision/Equipo Vision”. I’ve been face to face with their Spunktinums. I looked right into where their eyes used to be and showed no fear or humility, someone like me will never let scamtinshit look down on me! Mock my word Scamwayshit, there’s no tomorrow for you, I end your future here and now baby…there are not enough scamshit-memory cards to plug me in like you did her quixshits! I know I can’t have her back, but I’m here to fight for the future of those few left along my side.

      The Scamwayshit Destroyer

    2. Sorry about your loss. That LOS seems to prey more on women than men. Have you considered suing the bastards in her upline for alienation of affection?

  4. Anonymous - I think we are all on the same page about how Amway should be destroyed. Especially when one considers how much destruction this evil company and its evil ambots do to others.

    By the way that refund policy is a bunch of bullshit. Its something that ambots go around bragging about but most of them will never try to get a refund because they will lose their PV and so will everyone else upline. Amway will have a million and one excuses why you can`t return something like why would you want to return one of their fine products. They`ll refer you to your upline for a refund who will refuse to refund you too mainly because they have no money. Mostly Amway will string you along for awhile looking into your refund. String you along until the time period is up and then tell you you`re out of luck. Been there!

    But congratulations on getting out of Amway! Another true success story!


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