Friday, February 24, 2012

Amway Ambot and the Shitmobile!

So it seems this Amway ambot sees a hot prospect in the form of a cute young lady. So he pretends to be interested in her like he wants to be her new boyfriend. He brags to her about how he's a business owner and tells her how much money he makes.

"Lets see your bank account statement." She asks him.

"Oh, no. That's private". He answers.

She has her doubts. Is this really a nice guy or is he a scam artist.

So he asks her out on a date. He says he's taking her to a BBQ and she should dress nice.

She's a little suspicious. Dress nice for a BBQ? Whats wrong with wearing shorts or jeans like normal people wear to BBQ's. Its not like its a formal event. But he tells her there are some people at this BBQ he wants to impress so she wears a nice dress.

He picks her up in this hunk of junk car.

"What's with the car? I thought you were a big time business owner making lots of money. Why are you driving a piece of shit like this."

"I'm investing my money back into my business. I'm buying my next car with cash so I have to save up."

Then she asks him why he's wearing a business suit and tie. I mean who dresses this guy. Too formal for a BBQ. He tells her this is how he always dresses because he dresses for success cause thats what his mentors told him to do and he explains that he is in a mentoring and leadership training type of business.

Even though she wonders what the fuck thats supposed to mean she gets in the car anyway. Then he confesses to her that they are really going to an Amway meeting and he's only pretending its a BBQ.

Now she's really pissed off. She's heard of that company. Words come to mind like pyramid scheme, scam, cult, overpriced products.

Could this day get any worse? But she kind of likes him so even though she's pissed she doesn't bitch too much about the Amway meeting. Fortunately for her she never gets there.

Watch this video to find out why.

Ha ha! Gotta have a good laugh going into the weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. Connie - thanks for stopping by! When I saw this video and the guy in the suit and the car that keeps breaking down I thought there's an ambot!

    2. Anna-I read your blog almost every day when I'm not traveling...It's a laugh riot!

    3. Thanks Connie! Nice to know you're enjoying the entertainment!

  2. I love this blog! Usually I can't stop laughing reading this... great writing style.:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Anonymous! Glad to hear you're loving my blog!

  3. Lol kinda reminds me of a primerica guy I recently had the misfortune of meeting. He was driving a similar looking heap with the front end smashed in and the airbag duct taped back together! Only a few more miles to push to financial freedom!

    1. Ha ha! Very funny. So true. These dumb asses get into MLM's and they have no money for nothing! If I get in a car I hope its going to reach its destination safely!

      A few more miles to push for financial freedom! Ha ha. Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  4. If im invited to a bbq, I show up and all there is to eat is some crappy nutrition bars I will slap the shit outta somebody!

    1. Ha ha! You must be my twin! Great minds think alike! I'm with you. I get invited somewhere for free food and all that's all the menu is a bunch of shitty Amway bars someone is gonna get worse than bitch slapped!

    2. Yikes, that would be awful. Showing up for a BBQ and all there is to eat is a bunch of shitty Amway/Nutrilite garbage. That's the time to glare at the host and say "So, is there any REAL food to eat?"

    3. Dave - there wouldn't be any real food to eat because the money for the grocery budget has been diverted to buy overpriced Amway products and getting sucked into the tool scam. No food in the house unless its packaged by Scamway!

  5. Greatest blog ever! Was talked into going to a business opportunity meeting and after at least an hour of pure bullshit Amway came out. I felt like a fool sitting there. The guy doing all the talking was a real piece of shit. I wanted to knock him out. By the way, I showed up in jeans and work boots and was asked several times if I had been invited. Phony bastards in cheep suits and fake gold. These people are real pieces of work. My advice is avoid at all costs.

    1. Anonymous - thanks for stopping by with your nice words! Glad you're enjoying the reading. If you stuck it out longer in Smway eventually you'd begin to feel worse than a fool sitting in on the meetings!


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