Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Amway Can’t Brainwash All Of Us!

Our pompous sack of shit Platinum had a ton of reasons he didn’t like me, mostly because I was such a rebel and disinterested in anything Amway. Also his fear that I would take back control of our finances and cut off further tithing to the Amway cult.

According to Amway cult leaders people like me must be destroyed! People who can’t be brainwashed by the Amway cult must be eliminated.

Hmmm. I wasn’t planning on turning this into another post about how Amway destroys marriages but what the hell!

The sack of shit Platinum would hold Amway meetings and say he only does business with people he likes. If he doesn’t like you he won’t do business with you.

Well I don’t like you, you fucking miserable Amway bastard, but I’ve obviously done a shitty job of getting that message through to your Amway drunken brain because you seem to be under the false impression that I want to do business with you.

So in his quest to destroy our relationship and poison Ambot against me, the sack of shit Platinum would bitch about me to Ambot. He’d bitch about everything: the way I dress, the “other” makeup I wear, I refuse to mingle with ambots, my phone is old, my car is too new, my dog stinks, the books I read aren’t on the Amway tool scam reading list. You name it, he bitched about it. It all leads to one thing. He’d bitch about me not being “coachable”. Pompous asshole. I told you the day I met you that I had no interest in Amway. I didn’t want to pay to go to Amway cult meetings, I didn’t want to buy overpriced shitty products, etc. And its a huge surprise to you that I’m not “coachable”.

Dumb ass sack of shit Platinum cult leader!

I’m also not coachable when it comes to jumping out of airplanes or becoming a lion trainer. If I have zero interest in something or something I deem to be dangerous like getting involved in the Amway cult and losing all our money then I’m not going to bust my ass learning anything about it.

Then Ambot would parrot back the Amway speak in an accusatory tone to me: “The dumb ass pompous sack of shit fucked up Platinum (OK so those are my words not Ambot’s!) says that you’re not coachable.”

So when did I ever claim that I was coachable?

Give me something fun or something I want to do and I can be “coachable”.

And right back at the Platinum - why bitch about someone not being coachable when they told you that the first day they met you? Lousy miserable troublemaking Amway bastard!

Amway speak: “You’re not coachable” is better translated “I can’t brainwash you.”

So take that you fucking excuse for a human being asshole Amway cult leader! You can’t brainwash us all!


  1. Ahh yes there are times when having ADHD is a blessing and I enjoy every fucking minute of it! Amway people get pissed if you can only pay attention to them for about 3 to 5 minutes. Its funny that they all have this sense of entitlement like everybody is supposed to give a shit about their imaginary business. Get stuffed assholes!

    1. Ha ha! Absolutely agree! Ambots have this sense of entitlement and this attitude of how they are better than everyone else simply because they are in the Amway cult. Then they throw hissy fits if no one gives a shit about their phony Amway business and don't want no part of it and go around calling everyone else losers.

      Get a clue! Not everyone wants to be brainwashed!

    2. they are called amroids. They are a pain in ur ass!

    3. Yeah that's a good one! Worse than a pain in your ass though!

    4. "imaginary business"
      Ha Ha Ha that's is so funny Anon!

  2. Anna - Another excellent post!

    No one in their right mind would pay to be brainwashed and trained to behave like an obedient dog, but millions vulnerable persons have paid for exactly this, simply, because it has been deceptively-packaged as 'self-betterment coaching/training'

    One of the classic, co-ordinated devious techniques used to shut-down cult adherents' critical and evaluative faculties, and transform them into de facto slaves (popularly-known as brainwashing), is to destroy the new adherents' existing self-esteem/identity, and then, whilst they are in a state of psychological vulnerability, make them dependent on a self-gratifying, but wholly-imaginary, scenario that the cult alone represents a positive force of purity and absolute righteousness derived from the leadership's exclusive access to a superior or superhuman knowledge, which cannot be challenged.

    This is why all core cult adherents, not just Ambots, behave like gangs of arrogant adolescents.

    In reality, cults are psychological prisons - acting like distorting-mirrors, reflecting back an attractive, ego-building image to unquestioning adherents, but a completely unacceptable, ego-destroying image to those who begin to question.

    Obviously, ego-based brainwashing is what the military call 'basic-training,' but volunteer military recruits generally have a good idea of what they will be subjected to. The technique works best on physically-isolated persons, like prisoners or conscript soldiers, who are already vulnerable and dependent on their handlers for information, food, water, light, etc. However, it also works well on any ill-informed persons who are already in a state of vulnerability (e.g. the sick, the vanquished, etc. and even the aimless).

    In France, there is now a law which recognizes that there are various criminogenic organizations with the clandestine purpose of exploiting persons whom the deployable agents of these organizations have been trained to identify as being, and/or to push into, a position of vulnerability.


    Even though this French law doesn't actually mention religions or cults, tellingly, it was opposed by certain traditional religious groups as well as cultic groups. This French law was also criticized by the US government as being 'intolerant of religion.'

    There are many co-opted academics who, for various reasons (usually financial), have claimed that 'there is no such thing as brainwashing,' but history teaches us that it has been all too easy to get vulnerable human beings to behave like obedient packs of dogs, simply by dissociating them from external reality with variations of essentially the same two-dimensional fairytale.

    Any free-thinking persons, like you, who not only refuse to pay to play a dangerous cultic game of make-believe, but who openly-challenge its authenticity and ridicule its deluded inhabitants, are then unconsciously perceived by its deluded inhabitants as being a threat to their self-esteem/identity and related-psychological function.

    Sadly, core cult adherents are functioning psychotics, and bringing them back into the world of quantifiable reality, involves destroying their new, group-related self-esteem/identity. Most former, core cult adherents remain silent out of fear and shame. That said, there have been a significant minority of former, core cult adherents who have managed to find the strength of character to tell the truth. However, whilst-recovering, for obvious reasons, former, core cult adherents can suffer from extreme identity confusion.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. Thanks David. I'd say its pretty much impossible to brainwash someone who doesn't like you. If someone doesn't like you and knows you're a liar and a bullshitter then you got zero credibility with them cause they'll never believe anything you say. The asshole that sponsored my husband into Amway is someone I've disliked for many years and if that relationship wasn't already on shaky ground it totally disintegrated after the Amway fiasco. He still tries to brainwash my husband in the form of text messages or whatever but not doing so good. He's not allowed in our house but he will park in the street and sometimes stand in our driveway. If I see him out there I'll come out on the sundeck and make sure all my neighbors know there's a fucking Amway asshole standing there. Two doors down the 15 year old girl who always runs outside to say hi to me and play with my dog also used to come outside when she heard me swearing and curse him out too! Unfortunately she moved a couple of months ago. Its pretty hard to brainwash someone when 2 females are screaming obscenities at you! I didn't start out disliking our Platinum but the more I got to know him and his devious brainwashing antics I despised him too. He rather smartly has not shown up at our house. Word must be out he'll get cursed out and double cursed out if word hasn't reached him yet that my neighbors moved.

  3. Anna, you are telling all and sundry that scAmway cannot brainwash us all? That's equivalent to blasphemy, right? Oh hell, who gives a flying leap about scAmway "it's a ministry" pseudo religious pernicious puerile pretend "business" cult and it's scammy kingpins - keep right at it! All and sundry need to hear it.

    1. ExAmbot - I say its pretty impossible to brainwash someone who doesn't like you. As you can probably tell by reading my blog - a little issue suffered by everyone in my upline! Yeah you tell them!

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