Monday, February 27, 2012

Amway’s Retirement Plan?

Don’t laugh - but a searcher ended up on my blog searching for “does Amway have a retirement plan”?

OK. I will laugh. That is funny that some dumb ass actually thinks Amway has a retirement plan! I don’t know if that refers to Amway employees or Amway IBO’s which are pretty much one and the same. They’re all (mis)representing Amway in some capacity. And neither has a retirement plan.

I heard from an Amway employee who worked for the head office in Michigan for many years. No retirement/pension plan. And quite bitter about it, as rightly they should be. I have ambots showing up on my blog leaving comments about how Amway did $10 billion in business last year. You’d think a company this big would take care of its employees. I’ve worked for companies nowhere near that amount and we had either a pension or could contribute to a 401k or stock options or similar. Big companies that treat their employees like shit will not offer retirement plans or if they do only to a select few people. Ah nothing like breeding contempt in the workplace!

Amway knows no boundaries! It breeds contempt all around the world!

But enough of talking about how Amway treats its employees like shit. I’m going the other direction with the “does Amway have a retirement plan” theory and applying it to the phony ass business owners who refer to themselves as IBO’s.

If there was a retirement plan in the traditional sense where the employee and/or the employer make regular contributions to some sort of retirement savings, then I don’t know nothing about it. I’m going out on a limb and saying such an Amway program does not exist because our sack of shit Platinum would have bragged about it endlessly if there was such a thing.

The Amway retirement program is something that IBO’s have to create themselves. How? Well by showing up for Amway meetings for the next 2 to 5 years, spending at least $300/month on shitty overpriced Amway products, attending every Amway meeting, attending every out of town Amway function, spending hours dealing with your Amway upline, subscribing to Communikate and WWDB premier membership (combined close to $100/month), etc, etc. And sometime in those 2 to 5 years the IBO will be rewarded by Amway sending them bazillions of dollars every month for the rest of their lives in the form of residual income. Easy! Being rewarded just by virtue of showing up and buying Amway products and tools. That in a nutshell is Amway’s retirement plan according to all the assholes in our upline.

Spending all that money on the Amway scam sounds like the IBO is funding the retirement program of the person who owns Amway and the Diamonds who are perched at the top of the pyramid. That’s where the money goes! It flows up. Not down.

The BEST Amway retirement plan is to quit Amway. I averaged out that it costs between $500 and $700/month to be an Amway IBO. Maybe higher for some people who get carried away buying Amway products and tools to impress their upline which only goes on for as long as there is room on the credit card. Take that $500/month and invest it in some kind of retirement savings plan. That money could be a down payment on a condo or house to be rented out. There’s monthly residual income right there and when the time is right sell it for a profit. Or $500/month could be invested in the stock market. The possibilities are endless where one can invest an extra $500 or more a month. And probably means having money ready for retirement either in the form of dividends, rent payments, or selling stocks.

Put simply, the more time you spend stuck inside the Amway pyramid scheme throwing your money away at the great Amway gods is less money that you can put towards your retirement goals.

When you’re in Amway all your disposable income must go to purchasing Amway products or investing in the Amway tool scam. There is no extra money to put towards retirement savings.

Be smart. Quit Amway and start funding your own retirement plan instead of making the fat cat bosses at Amway richer.


Stick with Amway = being broke by the time you are ready to retire.


  1. Maybe the Amway retirement plan is food stamps and welfare assistance?

    1. And maybe a lovely sleeping spot under the overpass.

  2. Hahaha! Amway does have a retirement plan. The owners retire with your money! Its a privately held company, so you cant purchase amway stock. Damn theyre good. The only people who get rich working for amway are their attorneys.

    1. Yup, I think you're right. Besides Amway's owners the only people who get rich in Amway are their lawyers!

  3. Anna - Don't forget all the corrupt US politicians who have had their snouts in the vast 'Amway' stolen-cash trough; including the would-be President, Newt Gingrich.

    Some of the other short-sighted creatures with curly-tails who have received money stolen by the 'Amway' racketeers, are the officers of, and academic advisers to, so-called 'Direct Selling Associations,' as well as the owners of public relations and broadcasting companies, newspapers and magazines.

    Last, but not least, there are two self-styled 'cult experts,' Graham Baldwin and Ian Howarth, who were employed as 'consultants' by 'Amway UK Ltd.,'for many years.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. One of the joys of being an ambot is the huge entourage that must be paid/bought off therefore the high prices on shitty Amway products and investing heavily into the Amway tool scam.

  4. Retirement plan??? You want to save for your retirement? For when? When you are 70 and still broke? You are CLEARLY NOT an entrepreneur! 401k and pensions are in the minds of those who think broke. You've chosen mediocrity, my friend, and it's sad...You should not even be speaking on the subject... Weakass free blog. Too bad for you, your upline were scumbags. Why speak bad of every other person involved? Oh, I know, cause you are a weak failure

    21 and retired

    REAL Amway checks

    1. Anonymous from Chicago - I am sure I have more set aside for my retirement than you do. If you quit throwing your money away on the Amway scam you might have a chance at a better retirement yourself.

      I might not be an entrepreneur but my husband and I have a business we've run for many years. I'm not dumb enough to get involved in a business with less than 1% chance of success.

      Do you ever hear the old saying about don't put all your eggs in one basket?

      Talk to a real financial advisor, not counsel with upline and figure out what to do with your money. They will tell you not to invest in a pyramid scheme.

      I speak bad of every person involved in Amway because readers come here and they just don't know for certain if they are my upline and if they are the ones being cursed out!

      Did it ever occur to you that "real" Amway checks might be a result of some dumb ass ambot buying a bunch of Amway shit then returning it and getting a "refund" check that they can photocopy and show around to everyone?

      That was an old trick used by my upline!

      You're going to lose your ass if you stick with Amway. You are so brainwashed with that canned amspeak. Like I've never heard that bullshit before.

    2. Sadly, like most Ambots, this guy will start to "figure it out" when he's been in long enough to discover that those walks on the beaches of the world never come and all his credit cards are maxed out, his credit is trashed and bank account emptied. And friends and family refuse to lend another dime to the financial black hole (or simply because the Ambot has burned all his bridges). Brainwashing is a sad thing, and those brainwashed have no idea how far gone they are.

    3. Dave - he might not even figure it out then!

    4. You're right, Anna. Part of the brainwashing is to get the Ambot to not see the reality that is staring them right in the face. They believe what their holy upline tell them to believe. "Yes, it has been 10 years, but I just feel it in my bones that I'm one seminar and 20 CD's away from being rich for the rest of my life".

      They are told that Amway makes thousands of people multi-millionaires, and they believe it outright without an ounce of proof. At the seminars they trot out the "diamonds" who pretend they got that way from just selling the product and plan. The truth is many of them aren't making the amount they claim, and those that are made it through selling "tools" to the suckers, NOT through self-consuming the Amway shit or reeling in other suckers.

    5. Dave - the upline would say "you can't quit now, not when success is right around the corner".

      The brainwashing, the hype, the listening to motivational CD's are all tricks to distract the ambot away from the fact that they're losing money to the Amway scam.

    6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Scamshitbot! Since you love Scamway things so much, let’s get you one of those Scamway vibrators and I’ll stick if up your ass. You’ll love it more than that cramberry-jizzjuice you and your fuckupline creators finger your scamasses with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Totally yours
      The Scamshitbot Destroyer

    7. Judging by all the ambots showing up at my blog after Googling "Amway sex products" they should be selling vibrators! Miss out on a huge market share that they could be selling 3 to 4 times higher than what one could pick up at a love shop! But that scambot probably does like the XS enemas anyway!

    8. Perhaps XS tastes better up the rectum than through the mouth.


    9. Ha ha! Not that I can speak from experience - but it probably does!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Anonymous. I notice you stopped short of saying your former employer offers a pension plan which was the gripe of your former co-worker. Assisting employees with setting up a savings account that may or may not be geared towards retirement is something a lot of employers do and a set amount will be deducted off the employee paycheck. What my post was mainly about is the poor bastards who sign up as Amway IBOs and they have no retirement plan. Kind of similar to Amway employees because I'm guessing what your referring to is opt in.

    2. Well Anna, could I ask, is it so farfetched that as someone is building their Amway business (part time on the side) they keep their job that does give them a 401k or pension plan, and the security that comes along with it? Just like you are saying Amway may not provide a retirement plan, though they provide a 2-5 year plan (not guaranteed) as apposed to what? A lame "guaranteed" 40-50 year plan!?

    3. Hi jon, thanks for stopping by. I would say someone that has the good fortune to have a good paying job with 401k or some sort of pension should hold on to it while they build a part time business on the side. And that's any type of business opportunity out there. Amway has a 99% failure rate so hopefully most people would look at a business with a better success rate than that. Once the income from the part time job exceeds the full time then maybe it's time to leave the full time job and concentrate on your own business full time. Most people want security and the majority of IBO's will not find it with Amway. Good luck to you.

  6. conventional pension plan and ULIP or market linked pension plans from this two which Pension Plans is good plan...


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