Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaving People Behind

Part of being involved in Amway is listening the cult leaders talk about destroying existing relationships the ambots have with their family, friends, and co-workers.

Like any cult, the brainwashing techniques are used to separate cult followers from others who can show them the proof that they are in a dangerous cult, they’re throwing their money away at a scam and paying off cult leaders, and that they are being lied to.

Obviously the leaders of any cult don’t want the cash flowing to them to stop. They also are freaks who require others to worship them with undying love and affection so they don’t want that to stop either.

One phrase I heard a lot from our sack of shit Platinum went to the effect of “leaving people behind”. This had to do with people who were not in Amway. Ambots are brainwashed to believe that they are better than everyone else who is not in Amway. They are brainwashed to believe that people who are not in Amway are stupid and losers. They are brainwashed to believe that people who are not in Amway all have jobs working for someone else and will always be broke.

Leaving people behind? Clearly our sack of shit Platinum is not a team player. He could never be a marine because he would never accept their motto about leaving no man behind. Our fucked up Platinum is no different than any other ambot only out for themselves and their greedy materialistic aspirations that the great Amway cult will bring to them. I wouldn’t want to be in a train wreck with that fucker. That’s one asshole who wouldn’t help any other survivors escape a fiery carnage.

Leave them people behind!

That’s the Platinum’s message to the ambots because the good things in life only come to selfish, greedy people in Amway.

Its no different than other religious cults who are brainwashed to believe they are better than everyone else and that they should not associate with people who are not in their cult. Every cult promises some sort of paradise to their followers.

The only way for ambots to gain admission to this paradise - the good life with residual income and plenty of it rolling in forever - is to leave other people behind because they are not in Amway.

Our fucked up sack of shit Platinum cult leader would preach at his followers about why they would want to associate with someone who doesn’t “get it” about Amway. Those people who don’t “get it” don’t “get it” because they’re too stupid to “get it”. Leave them behind!

Burn those bridges!

“As soon as you get rich in Amway then everyone you know who laughed at you will want to sign up and it will be too late for them.” Yup the typical cult leader’s message of doom and gloom for people who are not cult followers. The reason it will be too late for the people you’re leaving behind is because the marketplace has been flooded with ambots and the only people who can make money are those at the top of the pyramid.

But those people have been sitting at the top of the pyramid for many years, decades in some cases.

Leaving people behind to scramble up the slippery sides of a pyramid is the business plan shown to brainwashed ambots.

I got a better plan. The people I leave behind are brainwashed ambots.


  1. Why have you spent so much time and energy on this? If you think Amway and WWDB are cults, then why dedicate years of time and energy on it? You're totally entitled to have your own views, but just move on! What a waste.

    1. Anonymous from Auborn California who found your way to my blog by doing a search for Brad Wolgamott divorce - like that's any of your fucking business! - I write this blog to let others know what its like to be inside the Amway cult and the fucking assholes who call themselves self righteous better than everyone else Amway IBO's. I write this blog to let others know about the Amway IBO's who fuck other people over and destroy lives. I didn't write a blog after the first time I was in Amway. But I write a blog after the second time when I was fully immersed in the evil. I have many readers who thank me for writing this blog and helping them deal with husbands who have been brainwashed by the Amway cult and others who suffered great financial and emotional losses. We can only help others if we write down and share our pain.

    2. We would stop, but we are having too much fun teeing off on you. You make it too easy. So as long as you exist we will continue to have fun at your expense. Ill bet you drive a bucket. Suck it easy stupid!

    3. Oh this one isn't half as much fun as the Canadian idiot who left a response on my Fast Track post earlier today. I'll probably feature him tomorrow in a post! Both of them drive shitmobiles no doubt about it!

    4. Ambots tell you to "move on" because, like with any cult/scam, bringing in new "recruits" is all they are really about. And they certainly don't want someone warning others in advance of the tricks and lies they use to reel in new suckers. Keep up the good work of exposing their life/marriage/finances destroying "business".

    5. Dave - that is very true. We are a threat to their cult and can provide information to new recruits that will prevent income from reaching their Amway gods so the ambot warriors come out on the attack to prevent further destruction to their cult.

    6. ""Why have you spent so much time and energy on this? If you think Amway and WWDB are cults, then why dedicate years of time and energy on it? You're totally entitled to have your own views, but just move on! What a waste.""

      IIRC, Anna Banana mentioned in another post that she spends surprisingly not as much time on this blog despite how many entries there are. As someone who went to 3 meetings, but thankfully didn't sign up beyond that, I'm pretty sure working on this blog is STILL alot less time AND money then being part of Amway.

      Speaking of which, in general, when there's news of scams, descructive weather, changes in stocks, markets, economy, and political strife, these are the things that get posted on the internet. Being that Amway can be DANGEROUS and destructive, it was felt people should be warned about them.

      I recall in a meeting they actually addressed how to get around the hesitation of asking others to join Amway/buy their stuff... don't be afraid. It's better to ask then to not do so and end up missing an opportunity. I'd rather be like this with jobs, friendship, and family. Not cold call for Amway downlines and business nor subject known people to this. Even if they were to say "yes", I still wouldn't want them to do it... it's that bad

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by tegel outlet.

  3. Anna - Well said! This anonymous little Ambot clearly believes that people should only be judged by what type of transport they have. Following that dangerous line of closed-logic, the Ambot should also offer its unreserved admiration and respect to: all racketeers, drug dealers, totalitarian dictators and even luxury-car thieves. I believe that Bernie Madoff had a private jet and a Rolls Royce, but he paid for all his shiny toys with stolen money.

    Classically, this Ambot just cannot see that, each time it opens its arrogant mouth to regurgitate its group's scripted-delusion of superiority, it is actually proving the validity of our analysis.

    As ever, this latest Kamikaze 'Amway business owner' does not offer to produce its audited accounts (particularly, its income-tax payment receipts)which might prove that it has beaten the 50+ millions /1 odds, defied the laws of economics and received an overall net-financial benefit from regularly retailing significant quantities of effectively-unsaleable 'Amway' wampum to the public for a profit.

    The quantifiable evidence (i.e. the tax record), proves that Ambots have all been puerile liars, secretly bleeding to death financially. However, they have been dependent on playing a self-gratifying group-game of make-believe (in which they all steadfastly pretend that they know a secret that is going to make them fabulously rich.) In the end, like addicted gamblers, Ambots need to deny external reality merely to maintain their self-esteeem/identity and related psychological function.

    In plain language, Ambots are a bunch of absurd mental masturbators - laughable-losers unable to accept the painful truth that they are the victims of an unoriginal cultic fraud designed to convince them that, one day soon, they are all going to be 'admired and respected winners.'

    Like all core cult adherents, although Ambots are all completely certain that no one is controlling them, their critical and evaluative faculties have been shut-down using co-ordinated devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion. These coercive techniques are designed to give their subjects the illusion that they are 'making free choices.'

    You will notice Anna, that I personally never address obedient little Ambot boys and girls directly, because, whilst they remain under the malign influence of their 'MLM income opportunity' fairytale, trying to reason with them is a pointless excercise.

    That said, I am the first person to offer admiration and respect to any Ambot who has the strength of character to grow-up and face reality.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. David - I believe the person you're referring to as an anonymous ambot critizing other people's cars might be the same person who described his former girlfriend as an ambitch and likes to show up here from time to time to poke fun at ambots. He seems to have a similar mindset to me! Gotta like this hombre!

      Its very easy to tell if there's an Amway meeting going on in someone's house when you drive through a neighborhood after 8pm and can't find a place to park and there's an overabundance of old cars with parts held together with duct tape and string and very likely 70's and 80's models of Cadillacs, BMW's, the type of cars that ambots want to go around bragging that they own the first thing they had to do was buy a battery for it which increased the car's value right there and now made it worth $200.

      The rest of your comments are better directed at the original comment dropped by an ambot who is none too happy about me writing a blog exposing what ambots are really like. The worst things about being in Amway in no particular order are the money you lose, the brainwashing, and the people you have to associate with.

      Ambots are most unhappy that I get the word out about the horrors of being involved in the Amway cult snd people like you show up to share their experiences snd our impressions of the Amway cult followers.

      I don't mind referring to any of them directly and cursing them out.

    2. David, for those who wonder "how can Ambots not see the overwhelming evidence of the big lie that is Amway when they themselves are living it and all the promises they were made haven't come close to being realized no matter how hard and long they've tried", you explain it perfectly.

  4. Anna - Thanks for the clarification. I mistakenly took the 2nd anonymous comment on this post to be aimed at you by the author of the 1st anonymous comment. So, my unreserved apologies to anonymous author No. 2.

    Possibly the first sign of my brother (a high-school teacher) changing personality, was when (out of the blue) he once called me and asked to borrow my car (a Jaguar) for the weekend to drive to a wedding a couple of hundred miles away. At this time, he had not mentioned anything to me about his so-called 'Amway business.'

    I refused, but I couldn't understand why my brother's own little car suddenly wasn't good enough. Much later, when my brother moved into my mother's home, he started sticking Amway dream-images of big black macho 4X4 vehicles all over her refrigerator.

    1. Hummers? Personally I like them better in yellow.

    2. "...he started sticking Amway dream-images of big black macho 4X4 vehicles all over her refrigerator"

      Had to laugh at that one it sounds familiar, too familiar actually.

    3. That's true and AMO kingpins teach, no drill it into ambots, you know if they are serious about "business." Now I know it's another indoctrination method.

  5. Dave - Thanks. I think that you are probably someone who has examined your own life experience, and concluded that, because of our unconscious need to maintain our self-esteem, we humans are all pre-programmed to lie to ourselves, to a greater or lesser extent. Sadly, cults wil always exploit this fact of life.

    I concluded a long time ago that there are always some people who will never be able to accept the evidence for, and explanation of, cultic brainwashing, because, for them to do so, they would have to abandon too many self- deceptions supporting their own view of themselves. Like many others before me, a soul-destroying experience with deluded cult adherents in my own family, forced me to abandon most of mine.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

  6. Ex-Ambot - Although my brother's 'Amway' refrigerator-shrine now seems absurd, back in the mid-1990s, he was probably one of the most-deluded, macho Ambots in Britain (if not the entire world). Due to his cowardly character, and the irreparable damage which he caused to his family, my Ambot brother has been unable to face up to the truth. Sadly, he probably never will.

    Prior to his donning the 'Amway' ceremonial garb (dark suit, white shirt, bright tie, lapel-pin and attache case), my brother had been a scruffy narcissist with quite extreme right-wing views (but no political or religious allegiance). He had loathed his low-paid teaching job, but he considered himself to be just as good as (if not better than) everyone else. However, in his early 30s, my brother had experienced a classic identity-crisis. Partly as a result of a serious road accident in which several members of his rugby club were killed or maimed, he was finally forced to grow up and realize that he'd always been an indecisive loser, but that his youth was now running out. Desperate and depressed, my brother, began to look round for a means of escape. Naturally, when he encountered some deliriously happy, and excited, Ambots, instead of telling them to **** off, my brother was curious to find out more. After all, the Ambots claimed that their 'own success' was 'based on helping losers to become winners.'

    One of the key 'Amway' publications is a sinister little pamphlet presented as the 'best-selling' work of a 'champion salesman,' Les Giblin. This is nothing more than an elementary instruction manual in coercive behaviour modification techniques. It actually explains how to find, and pretend affinity with, vulnerable people in order to get them to agree with you and to obey you, whilst giving them the illusion that they are always making a free-choice.

    Using these (and other) devious techniques, it was very easy for Ambot recruiters to persuade my brother to abandon his detested-life as a depressed ordinary man and transform into a deliriously happy, and excited, 'Amway' superman, just like them.

    One of the most-extraordinary things about deluded Ambots is that, even when they get access to sinister publications which teach them how to inflict manipulative techniques on other people, their egos prevent them from realizing that these techniques are being inflicted on them.

    David Brear (Copyright 2012)

    1. David - surely your brother can't be the most deluded macho ambot in the world. I'm sure that title belongs to our sack of shit Platinum!

      Amway ceremonial garb? That's a good one!

      Also no need to use **** on my blog. You have no idea how many searchers find their way to my blog by Googling "fuck Amway" or "fuck Amway people" or "fuck ______" insert the name of a Diamond. And who wins the Diamond most likely to be voted to fuck off? That goes to Brad Wolgamott. Now some just might say that's his ex! Perhaps someone who actually knows him might give some insight why Brad is so popular in the fuck off category.

    2. @David, you are correct in your observation. I should know, I done served my time as an ExAmbot. What you said is scAmway/AMO and all of MLM pretend "industry" to-the-bone MO and culture.

      For the benefit of those who are reading this as they research scAmway "opportunity" suffice to mention that while these techniques are being inflicted on ambots a veil is effectively hoisted over their sight by the kingpins that prevents them from seeing the scAmway "opportunity" lie. At this point whatever sight ambots have left is mlm-tunnelled and does not go beyond seeing the kingpins as anything else other than saints. Thus, the setup for their financial pillaging/rape is complete and in place. The scAmway bosses and AMO kingpins then have a field day transferring ambots' $$ to themselves and the latter (ambots) just hand over the cash of their own selves. This is actually amazing. Your last paragraph captures precisely the setup of this crime that is perpetrated by kingpins upon their ambot adherents. This is the sad legacy of it's existence for the much touted 50+ years - which as you can clearly see, means diddly squat. Indeed this is the legacy of the pernicious pretend mlm "industry."

  7. Anna - I'm sure your Platinum is a prize-winning example of his arrogant breed, but it's difficult to imagine a more-deluded macho Ambot than my brother circa 1995. The clown completely believed that he was the wise head of his family who was going to make us all into multi-millionaires, and that I was a 'negative threat to his business' who had no right to challenge anything he said or did.

    Thanks for your kind invitation to swear. So I will.

    At the time my Ambot brother started to stick macho images on my mother's refrigerator, a friend mine (who had the great fortune never to have met my brother) tried to give me some advice about how to deal with him. My friend worked in an old-fashioned garage owned by his father and his uncle. The garage was in a village in the English county of Yorkshire - a region noted for cruel humour and blunt speaking. This hard-working family knew a local unemployed guy who'd become obsessed with 'Amway.' Just about the whole village was sick to death of him inviting them to mysterious 'business meetings'. When a slick young salesman for a brand of oil, also started to invite my friend to a mysterious 'business meeting,' the uncle overheard him and said straight out: 'oh no, it's that fucking Amway shit, isn't it!' The salesman was forced to admit that yes it was, but that there was no need to use foul language. At this point, the Ambot was helped to his car by several pairs of oily hands. According to my friend, the conversation then went as follows:

    'Do you see the road over there, lad?'

    'Err, Yes.'

    'And do you see how it winds past the pub and vanishes over the brow of the hill ?'

    'Err, yes.'

    'Well piss off up it, and don't come back until you've got a lot-less fucking time!'

    1. Ha ha! That's very funny.

      Obviously I love stories where ambots are told to fuck off by people pissed off at the Amway scam!

      Yup those ambots are prudes. Never say negative and one of the "teachings" you hear at Amway cult meetings is to control your swearing. That advice never worked on me! But they are prudes. That's why so many ambots and employees of Amway who show up at my blog have such a difficult time processing that here is someone cursing out their Amway upline - both due to the language and due to the "teaching" about how Amway upline is to be worshipped. No one would dare talk about them that way.

      They need to get out and read comments posted all over the Internet. I was hardly the first person who thought up cursing out my upline!

    2. I always thought it would be fun to go out drinking with some English soccer hooligans. -and give some amway nancys a good kickin!

    3. "scAmway nancys"
      LOL that's freaking funny!

    4. Ambots, in their deluded beliefs think they have ascended to elitist hierarchies in the world just by joining scAmway, that they are "in the know of it" and the rest of the world has well, Jay Ooh Bees, toiling 25 to 65, making bosses dreams come a true, yada, yada... They look down on people of not scAmway way. They seriously do imagine they are privy to some super secret knowledge that the rest of us should be banging down on their doors to acquire the same from them, being, according the AMO gospel, the only way to some heaven and beaches of the world. That's what they are taught through a technique kingpins call "the take away." In the meantime cash is transferred to the scAmway billionaire godfathers and the few kingpins at the top of the buyers pyramid via purchase of so called "business tools" and scAmway's overpriced wampum by the deluded ambots. Suffice to say it’s true ambots do indeed suffer from a "delusion of superiority."

    5. ExAmbot - "think they have ascended to elitist hierarchies in the world just by joining scAmway"

      I think that cult followers of all other cults believe the exact same thing!

  8. Anonymous - Please think again.

    In Europe, Association Football (or soccer), has been used as a recruitment ground for totalitarian cultism dressed-up as 'extreme nationalist, or regionalist, politics,' often promoting the divisive, fascist pseudo-science of 'white/Aryan racial, and heterosexual, superiority.'

    All-manner of immature, arrogant and cowardly puppies have been attracted to these packs of human-dogs, because, within their unthinking, and often drunken, ranks, violent assaults on their imagined 'enemies' are seen as being perfectly-justifiable fun.

    What I was describing in my previous post, was not a gang of brain-dead young hooligans 'kinkin' an Ambot. This was a group of good-natured, free-thinking men humorously putting the wind up an arrogant 'Amway' puppy who'd come to the wrong door.

    In the village where this incident occured, the resident Ambot (who was actually an unemployed teacher), had been given the nickname, 'the Jackpot Witness.'

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. Hunh? I had to copy and drop that into Word to check the readability score for Flesch Kincaid and thats a 24 out of a possible 30 which means best understood by university graduates!

  9. Sorry David. Ive never been to England. Those guys just look fun to be around in the movies. (euro trip)! And please excuse me for bieng vulgar, offensive, politically incorrect, and unprofessional. Maybe I enjoy it a little too much sometimes. But ambots are such an easy target! Around here we have similar drunken violent gangs in the form of raider/ dodger fans!

    1. Anonymous - you don't want to go to England. They're all dragging around with one foot in the grave over there. And the only thing they want to take tourists to are churches because Brits seem to think tourists like churches when its really them that want to go see them and are using the tourists as an excuse. So what you have to say is "Not ABC!" (Another Bloody Church!)

      After southern California they are so boring over there. I mean we've got Disneyland and Hollywood and Seaworld and sunshine all they've got over in England is rain and ABC!

  10. Lost good friends to amway, instead of enjoying life they would rather drive 18 hours with their kids packed in a crappy car to go to some meeting and waste their money on shitty books and CDs

    1. Sorry to hear you lost your friends to Amway. That's all part of the cult programming.

      Drive 18 hours to Amway function - they're lucky its not further away?

      Taking the kids? Hope they brought a babysitter!

      Crappy car? Check.

      Wasting money on shitty books and CDs? Check.

      They're ambots all right!

  11. Im glad ive stumbled on to this i was suckrd into this as well and extremely brainwashed to the point that im seekimg therapy for it now i lost my apartment my girlfriend my job amd my friends and family due to this cult and these uplimes friends coaches mentors of mine just consitently clean me out for cash without making me profitable and preying on my vulnerabilty and quest for prosperity knowledge and network patting me on the back while stealimg cash out of my wallet fuckin scum bags

    1. Anonymous thanks for stopping by with your story. Wow! I've heard so many similar stories about how Amway destroys lives. You didn't say how old you are but I'm hoping you're still young enough to bounce back financially and emotionally. Good luck to you.

      ps - I'll probably bump your story into an upcoming post cause people might miss reading this cause its an older post.


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