Monday, February 13, 2012

You Didn’t Try Hard Enough!

“You didn’t try hard enough!” Is the battle cry of brainwashed ambots.

I’ve heard it lots of times. At Amway meetings and especially since I’ve been writing this blog. Some brainwashed ambot who has been religiously studying at Amspeak College shows up to accuse me of not trying hard enough.

However not one single ambot who I know personally or who enjoys reading and commenting on “negative” blogs like mine has ever once defined the criteria of what is “trying hard enough”. Or for that matter what “not trying hard enough” is either.

My ambot husband wanted to succeed at this Amway business, even though the odds - with a 99% failure rate - were stacked against him that he wouldn't. More than the promised financial freedom with the gazillions of dollars in residual income that would magically show up each month in our bank account, success in Amway would mean basking in the bliss from the Amway cult leaders that he adored so much.

All over the Internet are blogs and forums from former Amway IBO’s who say pretty much the same thing. They worked hard, put a lot of hours and effort into building an Amway business, and despite doing everything their cult leaders told them to do and being CORE it didn’t work out.

Similar to the ambot battle cry of not trying hard enough that is also the same flimsy accusation they fling out at former IBO’s who didn’t sponsor anyone - because they didn’t try hard enough.

Some Amway IBO’s sign up due to pressure from whoever the recruiting ambot is - more than likely a family member or good friend. Anyone else and they would have probably told the ambots to go fuck themselves. These unwilling IBO’s paid their $150, got their start up kit, and that was the extent of their Amway involvement. They never had no intention of putting in any work, just wanted to help out the person who hounded them into signing up and get them off their back. Those are not the same people who get the word out on the Internet about how they were scammed into the Amway cult and tell their story of what really happens when you’re an Amway IBO because they really have no idea what happens if their only involvement was paying the registration fee and telling the sponsor to fuck off and leave them alone.

My Ambot worked hard and put in plenty of effort to build an Amway business. He spent hours glued to the computer taking the Amway university program. He spent hours studying the Amway literature and product magazines. He memorized everything. He could answer questions about the Amway board plan or Amway products and knew as much or more than his upline. He spent hours listening to tapes. Oh fuck. Make that CDs! Every time I say tapes instead of CDs IBOFB shits his diapers and demands to know where I found tapes from since no one’s made them forever! Ambot read books that his upline pressured him to buy. He spent many hours each week hounding prospects to come to meetings. He went to every Amway meeting, rally, seminar, and major function. All those meetings ate up at least 50 hours a month and if a major function out of state for the weekend was in there, easily over 100 hours a month attending Amway meetings including travelling to them.

Let’s not forget the hours each week he spent talking on the phone and dealing with the endless text messages from the fucking upline assholes.

Ambot easily doubled, if not tripled, Amway’s estimate of 10 to 15 hours per week once all the meetings, listening to tapes, and studying Amway is added up.

Ambot put in plenty of time and effort and his upline still rode his ass accusing him of not working hard enough. He was told the reason he wasn’t succeeding at the Amway business was because he was lazy and not trying hard enough.

Let’s see. Someone investing at least 100 hours a month into any project is not a lazy person. They are on a mission and determined to succeed and accomplish their goal even when the odds are stacked against them, like Amway’s success rate of making around 100k/year is a fraction of less than 1%.

Uh dumb ass ambot husband. That’s less money than you make with your legitimate business. And more hours invested in Amway than your legitimate business. You going backwards just because you’ve been brainwashed by some lousy fucked up Amway cult leaders?

What kind of motivation techniques is the upline using accusing people of being lazy, not trying, not working hard enough? This is clearly more than my Ambot’s upline because so many former IBO’s have the same story that their upline said the exact same thing. And clearly is still being taught today judging by its pretty much in every comment left on my blog by some angry brainwashed ambot.

“Didn’t try hard enough!”

Yeah? Well fuck you!

What exactly is the definition of “trying hard enough” when it comes to Amway? Clearly it is spending more than 100 hours a month attending Amway meetings, functions, prospecting, etc. It is clearly spending more than $1000/month on Amway and Amway tools like my ambot husband.

And how does the fucking Amway upline motivate their cult followers to keep trying? Oh wait. Those bastards do not motivate. They brainwash. Like the good Amway cult leaders they have been trained to be, they scold, they mock, they punish, they blame. Even more than wanting to succeed at an Amway business, the followers want to please their leader. They try harder, they put in more effort like 100 hours a month wasn’t already trying hard enough. The ambots are scolded and belittled time after time when they don’t get results. The Amway cult leaders blame the ambots for their own lack of success.

Never blame the Amway system designed for failure and Amway tools and overpriced Amway products. Blame the ambots instead! They didn’t try hard enough.

Fortunately, many IBO’s get tired of this degrading treatment and quit “the business”. Now the only thing they have to do is try hard enough to keep one step ahead of their Amway upline who will be hopping mad that they have lost this stream of income.


  1. Lol those fucking cd's. Anytime ambitch and I drove somewhere she insisted on listening to an amway cd. Torture! Dont mess with my music while im driving! How do ambots not get severe road rage driving around listening to some asshole speak? Probably they do. So watch out that guy behind you laying on the horn has got an amway cd in the player!

    1. Did your ambitch not crank the sound the way my ambot did? Amway motivtional CD's at full blast sounded like a preacher in one of those deep south revival tents screaming to buy more tools! Yeah they pretty much drove me to road rage too. Its my car. I'm driving. I choose what I'm listening to. And I don't choose to listen to a bunch of Amway cult leaders brainwashing their followers. AT FULL BLAST!!!

  2. I keep finding those damn CDs they are like fucking cockroaches u can't get rid of them. but the info is gold lol hahaha fml

    1. Cockroaches they are! Every now and then I'll rearrange books on the shelf or go through some papers in a file folder and there it is! Slinking around like a cockroach that just crawled in there and died - a fucking Amway motivational CD! Its actually been about 5 or 6 months since the last unwelcome surprise. Hope thats the end of them!

  3. Dear merciful god no not at full blast anyway. How horrifying that must have been! But I do remember before the meeting techno music blaring out of the speakers at a rediculous volume, along with somebody screaming estaass listooooooo?!(are you ready) like a lucha libre(wrestling) tag team was about to come running down the aisle. All that hype just for some dick to come out and bore you to death. And why the fuck am I wearing a suit? Theyre not paying us. The guy behind me is wearing a cowboy hat. Poor guys got the same "the ol lady dragged me in here kicking and screaming" look on his face. And I can tell hes deeply bothered by the type and volume of the music, as am I.

    1. Anonymous - so the Amway meetings you went to were all in Spanish? The closest any of our Amway meetings got to being in another language was they played Ricky Martin's Living the Vida Loca before the meeting started. And always that song. I mean what? Nobody upline liked Julio Iglesias? No ambot tried to knock that cowboys hat off? Dress code! Formal business attire. No hats allowed.

      I wrote a post awhile ago about Amway CDs and tapes. I actually had an ambot show up about a year after I wrote the post after finding his way to my blog doing a search for Amway CDs to buy online and leave some canned amspeak.

      And then I actually had some dumb ass ambot do a search for how to listen to Amway tapes so I wrote a post about it and several readers left comments on how to listen to them.

  4. Yes the meeting was in spanish. Kinda funny that with mexicans its mostly the women who are all about it and the men are over it. Youd see guys dressed like cholos or paisas who obviously didnt give a shit to be there. They were there because their wife or girlfreind dragged them in there.

    1. That's a little weird. Usually women aren't the instigators in Amway because they tend to do their research more than the men in their lives and approach things more cautiously so that's interesting its the other way in the hispanic community.

      Yeh that could be kind of fun going to an Amway meeting and harrassing the cult leaders. Por que estoy aqui? No entiendo nada. Ni una palabra. Otra vez por favor en ingles. Las patatas estan en el rincon! Ha ha. Nothing like a gringa in the crowd to piss them off!

  5. Orale hablas espanol anna? Las mamadas estan en todas las partes! From what ive seen, the hard working mexican women think they see a good opportunity to provide for their family. Wouldnt you like both parents to be able to drop off and pick up the kids from school? Mexican men usually can tell when someones full of shit.

    1. Well you know high school Spanish 3 years and spending a few months south of the border. I used to get around pretty good but now as long as the speaker is slow enough I can still get it. Yeah they say the same thing at our Amway meetings. Starts off with getting the wife free so she can be there for the children and then getting the husband so he's home all the time too. What do you mean drop off and pick kids up from school. Lazy ass parents raising lazy ass children! I had to walk a mile every day to get to my school. And that same mile back home again!

  6. Anna - Immigrant communities seem to be have been prime targets for 'MLM income opportunity' cults in the USA and Europe. This has also been a devious way of spreading the twisted - 'MLM Prosperity Gospel' to foreign countries.

    About 4 years back, I was contacted by a French television journalist/researcher who wanted to know if I could explain why a remarkably high percentage (around half) of French Ambots were now from the ethnic Chinese community, living in Paris.

    As you know, 'Amway' claimed around 100 thousands adherents in France during the 1980s. However, the organization soon acquired such a bad reputation in France, that its claimed number of adherents dropped to around 5 thousands by the 1990s.

    From time to time, stories have been fed to the media about how 'Amway' has been rebuilding in France, but it still has a reputation for being a cult and a con.

    The French television journalist/researcher, was put in touch with me, when disturbing video material appeared on the Web. This showed a typical 'Amway Diamond' and his wife from Italy speaking in English (through an interpreter) to a large flock of delirious French Ambots in a conference hall in Versailles. The clean-cut Ambot schill broke-down in tears on stage, and then made the absurd anecdotal claim that he had only been able to pay for private medical treatment and save his poor father from cancer, because of his 'Amway' prosperity.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. David - there were some immigrants in out Amway group and in crossline but I'd say less than 25% of the group. I know our cult leader liked new immigrants because he referred to them as hard workers. Unlike us lazy ass Americans with a sense of entitlement!

      What? Italians don't have affordable medical care available to the public?

  7. Hi Anna,

    Im from Malaysia. Forgive me for my poor English. 3 week ago I have been pressured to sign up to be a an Amway IBO by my best friend. I never met her after our university graduation.So she called asking to have a good dinner in a special place. She pick me in front of my house. I kept asking her where she want to take me for dining and she replied.. you'll know. It is a surprised for me as she take me to have a dinner in Amway HQ here. Her upline already waited there. I said, it is a reunion dinner for both of us, why involved someone I didn't know and why have to dine here. She asked me to relax. It is not enjoyable at all eating there. The food sucks just like their protein shake that they have me tested for the taste and some of the Ambot and her upline staring at me maybe because I am becoming the next prey for them. Later that night we went for a meeting for prospecting IBO, listening to all bullshits about Amway. They keep bashing all other products like Amway product is the best in the market. Glister for example, they said a single tube of that toothpaste could last for 9 months and don't ruin your teeth just like any ordinary toothpaste. I was about to laugh. 2 days later, I was surprised to receive an introductory email from Amway that I have been an IBO. I called her why you signed me up unwillingly, she just said it is a business opportunity, you gonna like it. Today, I just received the starter kit from Amway in which I intend to put it in recycling bin. It is annoying to received text and calls from her asking me to join the meeting every week, which I refused to attend. She has become someone I didn't know. I am really disgusted by the way she approached me to become an IBO. Now all I wanted to do is changing my phone number and unfriend her on FB. I am very sad how Amway has turned one of my best friend into freak. Yeah she is freak now. Many of her FB posting now all about Amway products.

    1. Hi Anonymous! Your English is very good. Much better than some of the Amway ambots who show up here to bash us with their canned Amspeak responses.

      I'm sorry for what you're going through. Take comfort in knowing that what happened to you happens to a lot of other people too. Amway is full of lies and deceit and IBO's trick others to come to Amway meetings and sign up to be new IBO's.

      The Amway food and drinks are HORRIBLE!

      The reason Glister toothpaste lasts so long is because it comes in a huge tube. It'll last a whole lot longer than 9 months if you don't use it to brush your teeth with!

      You have just answered why ambots go around bragging that business is booming in Asian countries. If anyone can sign you up as an IBO without your knowledge and without you paying anything to belong to Amway, then they must be signing them up by the thousands.

      You're doing the right thing not going to Amway meetings. The people running the meetings are abusers, horrible evil people. Run very far away from them! The only reason they want to be your friend is because they want your money. They are not true friends.

      You might want to consider contacting your police and filing fraud charges and a do not contact order. Yeah I'd unfriend anyone from Facebook if all they talked about was Amway products!

    2. Anonymous from Malaysia, hold your head up high for showing that you are way too smart and clever to be tricked into becoming a part of the blood-sucking Amway cult. Once they get their clutches into you, their only concern is to drain your bank account and run up your credit cards all the while brainwashing you with constant meetings, CD's and books (which you also pay for) to keep you under their spell of greed with phony promises of "making all your dreams come true".
      Sorry your friend got swallowed up by that immoral scam. Not much you can do to save her. Luckily you were able to keep your wits and common sense at the forefront to save you from being tricked by their lies and deceit to hook you in like a fish. Once plugged in, your friend's personality was erased and replaced with a group-think built by Amway. Part of cult thinking is "us versus them" and "black or white". Someone is either one of them or they are a loser to be shunned. Once your friend realizes she cannot hook you and your wallet into their system, she will no longer want your friendship. It's sad, but that's what a cult will do to family and friends.
      I'm happy you saved yourself from financial and emotional devastation, and have your own unique wonderful personality unscathed by a cult that would have changed it to suit the folks at the top of the pyramid, the ONLY people who make money at this scam.


    3. One other thing you brought up that is interesting is their talking about the reason certain products cost so much more is because of how long they last. Part of their "self consuming" pitch is "hey, these are products you would buy anyway, why not get paid a bonus for it?" Apart from the fact that even with the so-called "bonus" one would still be paying more for their stuff, the requirement to meet a certain buying quota each month means one has to consume at a much faster rate than they would normally to meet those monthly quotas. What is the point of having a toothpaste that lasts 9 months (must not brush too often) if the pressure to meet that quota means that one buys a new tube every month to "store away", which is why so many Ambots have their cupboards and garages stuffed to the gills with stuff they don't need. Thus they are buying WAY more than they would had they not been a part of Amway, which pretty much debunks their stupid argument of "you would be buying this stuff anyway from Costco". Then factor in all the "tools and functions" costs and within months you find yourself in big debt. About the only "dream" Amway is qualified to help one pursue is if their dream is to become a pauper.
      Plus you have to become a complete lying, immoral, deceitful, creepy scumbag to even have the most remote chance of making any money with "the business". You have to have zero conscience and not care about all the lives and families you will have to destroy in order to step on their backs to try to climb up the ladder. And even then you have less that 1% of a chance of making it. Not good odds for selling one's soul.


    4. Its kind of like going into an ambot type shop to buy a bottle of coke. Costs $10. But I'll get a bonus for buying it! I'll get .30 cents! Woo hoo! Or I can go to Walmart and buy the same bottle of coke for .97 cents. I might not get that bonus but I've saved a lot of money!


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