Friday, February 3, 2012

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2012

Its that time of year where my blog is getting a lot of IBO’s searching for information on WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2012.

So you know what that means?

Yup! Another post dedicated to misdirecting these “sharp” IBO’s to my blog! Gotta get those keywords in there!!!!

In order not to get accused of plagiarism I will recap the propaganda about the Amway WWDB Spring Leadership from the World Wide Dream Builders website. Its the usual hocus pocus double back talk that one typically hears at Amway meetings. The type of stuff they say where many people can agree with the statements. They talk about jobs. Not J.O.B.s. They also focus more on drawing in couples rather than singles. You know the old clap trap about this being a “family” run business. A desire for wealth and success and time to do what ever you want whenever you want. The kind of things that people would like to have in their lives. But how does it happen? Its got to do with some lousy fucked up ambot invading your life to make your worse nightmare come true!  That lousy fucked up ambot brings misfortune fear and unhappiness to the lives of whoever they touch bringing failure through a system designed for 99% failure rate leaving marriages in disrepair and people who were previously doing OK now filing for bankruptcy and having their houses foreclosed on them.

That’s what you have to look forward to if you attend Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2012!

They even have some movie trailer to further brainwash ambots. No I did not watch it. I’m afraid I’d be tempted to throw something at my computer screen!

Tickets for Amway WWDB Spring Leadership cost $125 if you buy them ahead of time or $130 at the door. So if your upline says you have to buy them right now tell them to fuck off. If/when you decide to go you can buy them at the door. When the fucking upline argues that they might be all sold out just laugh in their face. We’re not talking about a Rolling Stones concert here! There will always be available tickets to some scumbag WWDB Amway function and you’ll take your chances!

One can only hope there will be no tickets left for sale! I was never that lucky!

OK here’s the schedule. Choose your poison. Some sharp IBO’s who are up and comers, movers and shakers, going Platinum, etc etc should be able to attend more than one Spring Leadership

Las Vegas - April 13, 14, 15 2012 in the Orleans Arena
Spokane - April 20, 21, 22 2012 in the Spokane Arena
Washington DC - April 21, 22 2012 in the Westin Washington Dulles Airport
Denver - April 28, 29 2012 in the Colorado Convention Center
Honolulu - April 28, 29 2012 in the Hawaii Convention Center
Calgary - May 5, 6 2012 in the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede
Minneapolis - May 5, 6 2012 in the Minneapolis Convention Center

Time for my short review.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Nothing like wrecking your Hawaiian vacation by attending an Amway function!

Now for some reason the bastards going to the Amway Spring Leadership meetings in Las Vegas and Spokane need 3 days for the function but the other cities only need 2 days. Does that mean the Las Vegas and Spokane attendees are a bunch of stupidos that need the extra day to get it? The IBO’s who are really “sharp” only need to attend one of the cities getting it done in 2 days.

What I see ahead of me is my usual posts on what to do in these cities instead of attending Spring Leadership. Tough because only two of those cities are what I think of as popular tourist destinations (Las Vegas and Honolulu) and maybe DC can go in that category too as a less popular tourist destination. Off the top of my head I can think of places to see and things to do in those 3 cities. But the rest of those places? Huh? Duh? What the fuck is there to do there? I guess I will be doomed to figure it out in my quest to divert IBO’s anxious to find information on Spring Leadership 2012 in those cities. Oh well. Just think of all the fun I’ll have reeling in those “sharp” IBO’s! 

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!


  1. $125? Does it come with a happy ending? Only worth it if I get to kick the special guest diamond speaker in the junk. They tried to get me to go to one of these. Around 150 which included a bus trip to Reno from LA with the other dumbass amtards. And the convention was to be 3 days long! I told my significant other at the time I was only interested if we could drive my own car and get our own hotel. Nope! We had to ride the bus to get to know our team better and I was to share a room with some fool I didnt even know. So I politely told her id rather die than go on this god forsaken trip. Bieng the brainwashed scamtard she was, she was horrified at my response. It was comical to tell the upline the same and to see the shock and disbelief in their faces.

    1. Anonymous - there is no happy ending until the ambot quits Amway and gets their life back together, hopefully mending any relationships they destroyed during the time they were in the cult.

      I'm with you on kicking any of those upline bastards!

      Our group never rented a bus though carpooling was forced on people especially people like us who had a newer model car and less likely to break down. I fixed those bastards by bringing my dog along who has sadly since passed away. A big panter and shedder and we got no takers on sharing the back seat with Rufus! Imagine that!

      For Spring Leadership I wasn't going so Ambot had booked a hotel room as a single through the World Wide Dream Builders web site. Somehow the upline was able to access the hotel rooms and reassigned him to share a 2 bed hotel room with 3 other guys. Uh yeah he was real happy about that. A man his age who is quite capable of paying for a room for himself does not want to do sharesies. At that point I decided I'd go along for the road trip with the dog of course and we booked our hotel room separately. No one wants to share a hotel room with Rufus either! Except us of course. RIP our little darling.

      Of course you can imagine the horrified reaction of our upline that I was going along and sharing a hotel room and not attending Spring Leadership. I hung out at the pool and read my book and had a better time I'm sure!

    2. @Anonymous
      Ditto for bus ride and room share with amtards. Same specious reason "so we can get to know the team" Ha! Husbands getting split from their wives to share rooms with single grown ass men and boys! What were we thinking?!!! Oh wait - we were not. Uplines thought for us you know.

      "I hung out at the pool and read my book and had a better time I'm sure!"

      There you go again you Anna...getting me all LOL in the morning! But gotta tell ya now that's how you attend a function! No intruding amtards shuffling back and forth in the room? Aaaahh...thanks Rufus, he came through! BTW good tip, for those "sharp" ambots who will get reeled in - at least they won't leave your blog empty handed and they don't have to pay for it!

    3. ExAmbot - Its all these how many ambots can you cram into a hotel room and violate the occupance rate game. Separating couples so they can be boys in one room and girls in another. Its like summer camp all over again!

      Usually I'd find my own hotel room which was not necessarily on the ambot pre-approved list of hotel rooms to book so at some functions we wouldn't even be staying at a hotel anywhere near our upline.

      You know now that I look back on it no one in our upline had pets. No cats. No dogs. Not even a gerbil or goldfish. But yup. I looked at Rufus as ambot deterrant!

    4. "ambot deterrant"
      I like that! Works at the front door too or in the park walking Rufus.

    5. Taser guns work well too as ambot deterrant!

    6. Yes! I am part of the Amway cult and I love it, and just looking at the negativity here, I can honestly say that it was the best decision I ever made. let's think, I can keep listening to people like the ones writing here, full of negativity, OR I can hang around people that have achieved greatness and show me how to do the same. The reason so many people fail at the business is because they can't shake the mentality that surrounds them and they listen to folks, like all of you, and let their dreams slip away. What's gonna happen to all of you when you retire? What then? What other option do you have if you even qualify for retirement? Pay cut in half, nothing to look forward to but poverty... And I am supposed to listen to YOU? Ha! Give me a break. Amway isn't an easy business. It takes work and being able to change daily habits, get away from all the broke, negative people around you and form your own darn opinion. So gather together, try to take the dreams out of view of those who want change and continue living a mundane existence. What else do you all have to offer people besides complaints and misfortune? Nothing. Oh well, your loss, your life. My name is Aaron Lane. I have been in the business for 2 years and haven't made any money yet, but you know what? It was all because I didn't make use of what I was taught and was lazy. Who would want to follow someone who can't even follow their own direction. Well, I made a decision to get serious and I alread have 6 different legs ready to get started. I am a leader that teaches them to disregard public opinion. Negative opinions can only produce negative results. No wonder you hate successful people. Jealous much? Remember my name. One day very soon you will see what I do, and not just in the Amway business. I teach people to better their lives, whether in their current job or in this business. I teach them to have their own opinions instead of listening to people like you. Who in their right mind would want to follow someone who can only point out everything bad in the world? Foolish. Keep your opinions, though. We need garbage men and janitors and Walmart workers. Thank you for making sure I have people I can be inspired from to make a change in my life. Bash away! I love it! Bring it on! Aaron Lane. Remember it. Want my email? Go for it. =)

    7. Aaron - you have been in Amway for. 2 years and you haven't made any money and you take the time to write a brainwashed amspeak response here? Do you really think you are lazy or that you're not trying hard enough or whatever insults the assholes in your upline are throwing at you? Is there any possibility that you are part of the 99.9% of IBO's who don't make money in Amway because that's the way their system is set up. Look at Amway's literature. The small print. Where it shows only .000367% or whatever lowly percentage they use that's only a fraction of 1% of people who will make money in Amway. The odds are stacked against you! There are better people you can hang around with than lying Amway ambots. Do yourself a favor and cut your losses and find a better business with better odds that you can succeed in.

    8. Hey Anna -- It's been four years since this shithead Aaron Lane posted his prediction that he'd be a big success (even though he hadn't yet made a single dime in Amway after two years of fruitless work).

      Did he make it? Is he even still in Amway? Maybe we should all send him an e-mail at his address to ask:

      My guess is that the schmuck is now broke, and has a garage filled with unsold LOC and SA8.

    9. Anonymous - if he's still in Amway he'll be the same as every other Ambot - a broke loser. He does sound like an Amway cult lifer. I wish some of these arrogant pricks would come back and read what they wrote and then leave us a comment saying they had to have been brainwashed to spout off that bullshit.

  2. Lol I didnt think of that. I should have gone and took my hyperactive slobbering but beloved cocker spaniel jack and given an amazing demonstration of the laxative effects of scamway dog food! (while half drunk). My whole three encounters with the sponsors were entertaining for me and a total disaster for my girl. During one she suggested that I might like the xs energy drink. The sponsor said I didnt need any more energy. In hindsight I guess I couldve been a bit more supportive. Not! Hahaha

    1. Ah ha! Yet another person with disastrous results after feeding their dog Amway dog food. It turned my dogs into shit machines!

    2. Canine friends are proving to be such stars!
      Very funny anon. So whatever happened to your GF? She still amboting?

    3. ExAmbot - if its the same Anonymous, above he said "my significant other at the time" so I take that to mean he moved on to a girlfriend who has not been brainwashed by a cult. Just another calamity stastic of the perils of being involved in Amway and its cutthroat manner of destroying relationships. Most ambots quit within a year when they run out of money. The ambots with houses they can take out loans against or higher credit card limits may take another year to go bust in Amway.

    4. Basically yes thats what happened. Fascinating how scamway turns people into these salty dull lifeless characters who have these great smiles only when theyre trying to get you to believe some bullshit. Wow you came from mexico dirt poor 4 years ago now youre a millionaire thanks to scamway? I feel terrible for all the people who actually believe that sob and think they can do the same thing. And no alcohol at our parties? Later suckers!

    5. Unfortunately yours is a very similar story about how Amway destroys relationships. With boyfriend/girlfriend scenario its easier to walk away. When the significant other quits a few months down the road like they almost always do they probably really regret letting their cult leaders talk them into getting out of the relationship. Amway breaking up marriages is a lot worse. Lots of other factors come into play to split up: house, children, bank accounts. Who wants the Amway debt?

      No alcohol either at any Amway events I attended. Bunch of prudes.

    6. If they did serve alcohol at these events maybe ADHD individuals such as myself could tolerate the endless hours long monolouges of these dickheads. Having a J.O.B. is better than bieng a S.O.B!

  3. Just wait 15 mins after the spring leadership has started. Im sure the price will be 1/2 off at the door. Same goes for most sporting events or concerts. It's better for those who are non ibos. Easily get a ambot who baught extra tickets wanting to give them away.

    1. Colin - yeah but then they want to sit with you.

  4. Costs the same for the 2 days as for the 3 day attendees? WTF? Ambots can't count? That is to mean critically think looking that disparity.

    Another thing ticket is $125/130? An the good reason will be ... the economy? I thought this was a recession proof "business?" You would think for that reason the cost should be going down. You know to help all the fluff ambots before they start to turn up a profit. It's the economy alright - the kingpins want to milk ambots more (a pay raise) because their lifestyle trappings are after all, really real, within this economy. Can I say pecuniaristic gluttons??!!

    1. ExAmbot - 2 days for the price of 3 days. Its all about ripping off the IBO's.

  5. Kingpins were very condescending to new people at these functions. They asked "do you think we put up all this just to impress you?" Ambots answered thunderously: NO! Overwhelmed newbie's answer to self: may be not...uh I don't think so, no. True answer for those who could see through it all: YES of course! The intention is to overwhelm a newbie's sensory receptors and emotions, turn the tables on them that see there's so many others we don't need you, you need us, then start them thinking "little me no way those gods up there could put this up just to impress me, I thought they were pursuing me but boy look at the way those gods are being lifted up by all these people they must be something, I need to pursue them. Besides look at tll these excited people, they must be onto to something and they will do it with or without little old me, might as well jump on the band wagon." And just like that it happens.

    Some others would see all that hero worship, rah rah, etc etc and it would be their confirmation - sheeples all about hero worship, etc etc equals cult. And you will never hear or see them again. Good decision. I had a few do that and I thought just like the kingpin said they disappeared into the black hole. But looking back, again a good decision on their part.

    1. ExAmbot - Amway functions are all about overwhelming the new and the old IBO's. Keeping them fired up long enough to purchase tickets to the next Amway function.

      Those functions are all about hero worship. They might give them different names every 3 months but the cult leaders say the same things over and over. There is no real teaching, no leadership training, etc.

  6. One thing I didnt understand was why they told me to bring a notepad. The one meeting I did attend there was no real useful information given. Just a bunch of hype. Poor me. I have a great career and work with people I really enjoy working with. All I know is that its awesome bieng me and it really sucks to be a scambot!

    1. Anonymous - I agree completely. There is no real useful information at any Amway meeting or major function. Just the Diamonds with the usual rags to riches stories or telling ambots how they should dress, what kinds of cars they can drive, and how to keep buying more CDs and books.

      The only thing you'd need a notepad for as my Ambot discovered is to glance at your recording device and note the time the cult leader said something that they think might be important and jot down the time on the notepad with a small notation to jog their memory what was said at that particular time. So your notepad would look like this and this would be minutes and seconds into the meeting:

      2:30 - all the business going bankrupt

      13:06 - God is number one in your life

      86:38 - first time Amway is mentioned

      113:25 - don't dress like a slut

      125:38 - buy a Cadillac

      152:50 - buy more CDs

      Those scambots would say the same thing. Its awesome being them because they're better than everyone else because they're in Amway. It sucks to be everyone else because they're all broke losers with J.O.B.s.

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    1. Anonymous - would you like some eggs with your spam?

  8. I never thought I would comment on such a site. I feel sorry for you people who criticizes such a great company and organization. I have been retired for over 10 years and am so blessed to have a residual income from the hard work and effort I put in, and the great fun, friends and education I have experienced. Yes, I did say hard work and effort, but the kind I loved to do. Much better than any job! I learned about free enterprise, family values all the things I never learned at home or in school. I was able to raise my kids, be there for them and have wonderful adventures with them. It seems that so many people these days feel entitled {what's that about?] If you want more out of life you should expect to work harder and smarter and stick with what you believe in. This business is more than about money and if you don't have your heart in it you should get out! I have seen the inner circle so to speak and what goes on behind closed doors and let me tell you, the heart of Amway and Worldwide is good, honest,great values, love of people and wanting to help them, and above all a love for God! There will always be people in every walk of life that let success go to there head and get off course, some turn around and others don"t. Some criticize because it just wasn't for them and didn't have what it took to be successful in that venture and couldn't face the fact that hey, I didn't have what it took or so and so did this or that. Don't let people who disappoint you steal your dreams, hold on with all your heart to your dreams whatever they are and know the road will not be easy, but very much worth it!

    1. Why feel sorry for me? We own a good business, earn more annually than an Amway Diamond does (according to Amway's published literature), own a nice house, own nice cars that we paid cash for, go on nice vacations, volunteer in our community almost daily, have a lot of fun, enjoy life, and live decent healthy lifestyles.

      Anonymous you are a liar. If you really are retired and have a residual income from Amway after 10 years then you are the first person to do so. The same Diamonds hustling at Amway functions 15 years ago are still doing it today because they can't retire or their pyramid will collapse. There is no doubt in my mind that you are lying because if you were successful in Amway you would state your name and post links to your tax returns as proof.

      Brainwashed ambot! Go somewhere else and spread your canned Amspeak bullshit!

    2. You are right, Anna. I know knee deep bullshit when I read it. There are tons of Amway horror stories everywhere, people who got brainwashed, worked virtually 24 hours a day, never saw their kids growing up because the "business" is as much a drain on their time as their bank accounts. Even on Amways own literature (in small print, of course) they admit one has less than a 1% of success of making it in that pyramid scheme. It's a plan that is built for failure. No way one can keep the large enough as needed downline running when so many people in it either wise up or run out of money to sink into the scam. That's why, as you mentioned, the Diamonds never really "retire". They have to forever try to keep downlines from realizing how fucked they got with constant brainwashings of books, CD's and seminars.

      I would recommend one buy a lottery ticket instead. Odds of winning only slightly less and you can still have your own time and life left. You have to give all of that up for Amway. And be willing to lose your family, friends, money and individuality.


    3. Dave - this guy showed up here searching for Spring Leadership 2012. Why search unless you're planning to attend? Why attend if you're retired?

      Its no skin off my ass if he lies to me. I'm used to having Amway ambots lie to me! Lying to yourself and believing your own lies is all part of brainwashing yourself. This guy likes to live in a fantasy world imagining that he is that miniscule fraction of 1% of IBO's who make money in Amway. If you dream it you can have it! He's not as good a liar as he thinks he is!

    4. well Mr. retired,(if you really are) where does your income come from? Oh yeah, all the money the broke downline IBO's pour into the worldwide system. Money that THEY worked for, that gets funneled up to you. Yeah, you worked hard for that... I saw the operating mechanics of the business for what it is, and it's a shame. It takes advantage of people so a few at the top benefit. A profitable person has to have a large group of UNprofitable people. It just has to work that way. If you feel good about building a 'biz' on that principle, that is sad. At least in a job the boss PAYS the employees a positive dollar amount, in worldwide the lower guys PAY the UPPER guys. Upside down pyramid for sure! A pyramid either way! And where exactly is the 'training'? In all the books that aren't even written by anyone that has anything to do with worldwide? Here ya go, the ONLY step of CORE that makes you any money is showing the plan. And that has nothing to do with worldwide!!! The other 9 steps involve spending money on worldwide stuff, but that stuff doesn't make you money!!! 9/10ths, 90% of what everyone does serves to financially profit the platinum's and up and take money away from everyone else. Technically the only step that matters you can do for FREEEEEEEEEE!!!! IBO's are nothing more than a 'doorway' for outside money to flow into the worldwide machine.

  9. It's really unfortunate that not only did you give up on the business, but also that you would put SO much heart and attention into a website dedicated to trash talking it... how ignorant and sad.

    1. Its really unfortunate for you ambots that my blog is so high on the search engine for everything you want to know about Spring Leadership. How ignorant and sad it is that people are brainwashed into the Amway cult and become liars in their quest to worship the almight dollar and destroy other lives to reach their materialistic desires. Don't forget to hop on the Amway truck asshole!

      • ──────▄▌▐▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▌
      ───▄▄██▌█ ░ ░The Amway I DONT ░ ░
      ▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░ ░ GIVE A FUCK TRUCK ! ░ ░
      ▀(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)▀ zooom zoom zoom!!!!

  10. Wow, Anna. Guess you'll always have a heart full of negative. If you're going to have a 'job' at least get a real one because writing these petty little blogs of yours won't get you anywhere except more broke and alone. You're husband quit because his wife was negative and didn't support him. You're a dumb Bitch. He could have made you a life worth living.

    1. Oh great! I get another fucking Amway asshole showing off to spout off another canned Amspeak response. You fucking Amway assholes are soooo original! NOT!!! Another fucking little liar from Amway accusing me of having a job when I haven't worked a job in years. So I put the same challenge out to you as to all the other fucking assholes from Amway - tell me where I work, what my job is, how much money I make, and what I'm doing with all this money. You can't, can you you rotten little bastard! Our business earns more than the income published by Amway that Diamonds expect to earn. So if I'm "broke" what does that say about Amway Diamonds? They earn less than us. They're broke too according to your logic you fucking little Amway asshole! Oh you forgot to call me an unchristian dreamstealer. Go fuck up someone else's life. And then maybe that person will hit the Internet to tell everyone how you're the biggest sack of shit fucking cocksucker they've ever had to deal with. Come on back if you want some more Anna Banana punishment. Fucking Amway loser!

    2. Part of the Amway brainwashing is to make their followers believe that Amway is the ONLY path to success, regardless of how reality completely debunks that just by looking around. They will pull statistics straight out of their ass such as "97% of people by age 65 will be broke or dead unless they are in Amway" which is hilariously ludicrous. They sneer at people with jobs despite the fact that 99% of them HAVE to have a job to support their costly Amway addiction. No way one can afford to pay the bills on the $17 bonus check they get a month from Amway after deducting the $300 they spent on tools and crap.
      Amway peddles "dreams" only. But that is all they are, similar to making one's profession buying lottery tickets. Yeah, there is a VERY remote chance of hitting it big, but it's ridiculous for one to bet their entire future on it. And at least with lottery tickets you don't have to trick and deceive other people and destroy their lives in order to milk them dry as you try to climb the long, arduous ladder up the pyramid.
      Ambots get defensive about anyone threatening to shine some truth on their fantasy "business". They are carefully brainwashed into thinking they "own" a business when in reality they basically work for peanuts (or actually pay for the privilege) for the Amway bosses recruiting more sources of money to milk for the sole benefit of those at the top. They talk about bosses controlling others at J.O.B.s and yet their upline controls every aspect of their lives far more than any boss ever could outside of Amway.
      In the world of Amway, the TRUTH is in of itself a "negative".
      A spouse that manages to pull their partner out of the Amway clutches isn't stealing their dream, they are giving them back their LIFE, one that was hijacked by a mind-controlling destructive cult. And the story is usually the same afterwards of how they went from deep debt by being in Amway to actually being able to afford the things Amway falsely promises once they break free of it.


    3. Dave - Amway is all about selling the hope because its too hard to convince repeat customer to keep buying the expensive soap!

  11. Geez, Anna;

    I'm falling off my chair laughing!!! Good thing no one is asleep here.

    These pro-amway posters sound about 19 years old.

    And what is it exactly an ambot writes down at EVERY function? Why, C.O.R.E, of course. It's amazing to me how many of these little ambots claim to never have heard of C.O.R.E - kinda like wetting themselves when they hear the words, CASSETTE TAPE. hee hee hee

    O.K., C.O.R.E. for those who desparately wish it would go away, is this:

    Show the Plan aka STP, show it to anyone/thing who fogs a mirror (per Dave Severn)

    Personal Use aka go into serious debt buying stuff you don't need, over and over again

    Retail aka customers - good luck with that one! Wait till all they want is toilet paper and paper towels (anyone seen the PV on those products?)

    Books aka ONLY what they tell you you can read, Grasshopper

    Tapes aka thousands of them (they must make a serious racket in your trunk each time you turn a coner)

    Functions aka never miss one or we'll find you

    Accountability aka see above and add never question upline

    Teachability aka repeat of the above 2 lines (often goes against your inner gut and knowing)

    Amvox aka KATE, or voicemail, or smoke signals, or whatever they convince you is really hot

    These young'uns simply don't know what they don't know yet. They will so excited to go back to their upline and tell them they really gave it to us losers.

    I, for one, am certainly set straight. How 'bout you, Anna?


    1. Very true aurora. Those CORE things were shit we heard at every Amway cult meeting.

      Those lying little Amway bastards that leave posts on blogs like mine all contribute to Amway's bad image.

  12. Oh Anna Banana,

    You had me cracking up... with your descriptive stories.... I know I felt bad for you, but I could not stop laughing... You are way to funny. I hope to read more of your blogs ... :)

    1. Pete - thank you for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying the entertainment. Yup by getting the word out about the kind of assholes one must put up with in Amway when you inherit an upline I am getting the word out to people about the hell they have in front of them. Sometimes dealing with assholes is a much worse prospect than getting into a pyramid scheme and losing money. Sharing my story and making my upline look like the assholes they are and having everyone laugh at them is really great at exorcising the Amway demons.

      Yup I have more blogs inside me, more stories about the assholes I had to put up with in Amway. Some weeks I have more to say than other weeks and some weeks its too hot I don't want to do nothing.

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  14. Great videos about Britt World Wide (BWW) scam:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    Part 5:

    1. Thanks for stopping by with those links!


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