Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where’s Your Name List?

Our upline told Ambot and I to gather a name list of everyone we know. To help us out they gave us a prompt sheet to use to help jog our memory that we know more people than we think we know. The people we know that we don’t know that we already know. This prompt list consisted of friends, family, the cashier at the gas station, the mailman, the garbageman, etc. I don’t really remember the suggestions on the list. I wasn’t too enthused about working on a list. A list of people on an Amway ambot list meant those people were doomed to be harrassed to come to Amway meetings, be scammed into signing up to be an IBO, or be pressured into buying useless overpriced shitty Amway products. I decided to be difficult and only listed people I knew who Ambot also knew so that left out a lot of people I went to school with and former coworkers from before we met.

The big problem when getting involved in Amway for a second time is that we had already pestered everyone we knew the last time around to attend an Amway meeting or buy Amway products. Any names on our list would be tortured again to be shown a board plan.

Our Platinum bragged he had 1000 people on his list at any time. Sure enough he showed us his notebook and pages and pages of names many with notations written beside them. He suggested using Facebook to make new friends and then snipe the friends of Facebook friends and put them on your list. Conceivably you could have hundreds of people on your Amway name list and not know any of them in person. Within the first couple of weeks of signing up for Amway Ambot and I came up with a list of over 200 people that he showed to the Platinum.

Now its one thing to come up with a list of a bunch of people that you might see casually during a month. Its another thing to actually have their phone numbers or know them well enough to ask for their number. I mean how many people snipe the water meter reader and ask for his home number. All Ambots raise your hands! What about when I’m at Starbucks. Its one thing to ask my favorite barista to make me a triple venti raspberry mocha with an extra shot of espresso and whipped cream and another to ask for her phone number.

I think Ambot put down the names of every former co-worker he ever had even though he didn’t keep in touch with them nor knew how to get in contact with them.

So we had this list of names of people we were supposed to bug to come to Amway meetings. I suppose from time to time Ambot looked at it and called someone whose number he actually had to harrass them into coming to an Amway meeting. Not too much we can do about the people on our name list whose phone numbers we don’t know. Even though we and other IBO’s were told to make the list and show it to the Platinum as proof we’d done it no one upline ever talked about the list afterwards or referred to that list again or asked if we were contacting any of the people on our name list.

In other words one of the first things the upline had us do was create a list of names of people we knew, then make notations if they were hot or cold as prospects and then they didn’t particularly care if we were contacting these people.

It was more important for the upline to badger their downline to buy more products and buy more tools than to follow up on their name list and what exactly they're accomplishing with the name list. Or at least in our WWDB group. Lousy phony ass leadership training program that it was - better known as World Wide Destructive Bastards due to its main training of destroying relationships of their ambots if they had a significant other who was not interested in wasting their money in this scam.

After we were long gone from the Amway cult I figured it out with a little help from former IBO’s. The name list is to give the IBO hope. Even though the IBO is not having any luck persuading prospects to come to an Amway meeting or finding customer to buy overpriced shitty Amway products as long as there are still names left on the list then there is hope. Hope that there is still a fleeting chance of signing up a downline. Hope that there is still a chance of finding a customer to pay too much money for an Amway product instead of shopping at their grocery store for a better product at a better price.

Sell the hope! Not the soap!


  1. Kooks sign up for Amway. Then they ruin their social standing and reputation by trying to rope their family, friends, co-workers and casual acquaintances into becoming part of their scheming cult. A group of fanatics which believe in intruding into the life of others in the worst kind of ways.

    Ambots are social pariahs, and desperate dumb asses who think they have somehow outsmarted all the rest of us. Thanks Anna for pulling the wool off of these fakirs!

    1. quixtarisacult - kooks, social pariahs, desperate dumb asses who all sign up with Amway are likely lacking something else in their lives more than material possessions.

      Its their snide smug behavior that they are better and smarter than everyone else that is unbearable and nearly led me to toss my Ambot out the door because he'd become such an ugly creature after the Amway cult got hold of him.

      This is why I write my blog. Well that and to curse out my former upline. Seeing as how only one of them occasionally drops by to have me swear at him I have to use this blog!

      And you're welcome!

  2. They told me the same thing. Make a list of your freinds and family. Well help you call them. We could even call them for you! Yea I just dont see that happening. If anyone gave out my name and number id be pissed! So I asked my mom and stepdad if they had ever heard of amway. They both said give em the finger! Pretty funny because they had never told me to do that to anyone else!

    1. Anonymous - I don't know that anyone in our upline ever offered to make the call to anyone on our list but they did offer to be standing by - I guess if the phone was on speaker - to coach us through the call and overcome objections.

      Yup your mom and step dad had some right on advice when it comes to Amway!

    2. Huh, that was remarkably effective advice. K.I.S.S. in action, right back at ya scambots! Me like it!

    3. ScAmbots make other people (non ambots) to scatter like flies when they enter a room. What a stench.

    4. Was to embarrassed to give them my personal list. Gave the platinum names from a phonebook lol.

    5. ExAmbot - my Ambot was actually dumb enough to have the tape recorder running while our sack of shit Platinum forced him to phone someone. The person he called was not at home or so the person who answered the phone claimed. Probably thinking. Oh no! A fucking ambot! I am NOT home! Then he played it back for me so I could hear the son of a bitch bullying him.

    6. Colin - giving phony names always works. Its like when a guy is trying to pick you up and you give him a phony phone number just to get rid of him!

    7. It's hilarious when the upline cult leader figures out we dont know anybody on the list :).

    8. Colin - its even more funny when you ask the cult leader if they are REALLY sure they want the list of my fellow satanists.

  3. This scAmway/AMO kingpin version of hope is a very expensive affair before one knows it. Most ambots know the fleeting essence of "the one thing I need to hear" at this or that function so they can "get it done." Of course add the cost of that function. And in the meantime the ambot buys some tools and does their monthly quota "to plug into upline's goals." At some point though enough will be and their shelf-life will be up. This is those "99% lose their cash" or fluff I call them - they will never get to the mountain top in fact nor even anywhere near. The fluff is the source of revenue for the billionaire owners and the kingpins at the mountain top. Though apparent, sadly that's "the one thing" they will never hear from the inside. Numbers don't lie - less than 1% of adherents make money. And if someone is making money it's because a whole lotta others are parting unceremoniously with it - until their scamway/AMO kingpin version of "hope" runs out.

    1. Yup that's the truth. If 99% of IBOs are not making money then someone at the top of the pyramid is the guy who is making all the money and bullying everyone below him to buy more Amway products and buy more CDs and attend more functions. Scamming lying bastards that they are!

  4. Ive been approached by ambots from many manufacturers. People helping people, primerica, world financial group, and our favorite of course scamway. Maybe youve heard this one: after ive explained that I dont have the time or interest, they ask if I know anybody who might be interested in their business opportunity. Check this out stupid! If im not interested in you blowing smoke up my ass what makes you think I want you bugging my freinds and family? If they ever do have the misfortune of meeting you, its not gonna be because of me!

    1. Anonymous - yes that one is part of the Amway teaching. If the person you ask isn't interested in getting an earful of bullshit at an Amway board plan meeting then you ask if they know anyone else who is interested in being scammed. Or as they put it - do you know any sharp guys who might be interested in earning a couple of thousand dollars a month in their spare time working ten to fifteen hours a week.

      Yeah I really want to give out other people's names and phone numbers so they can be scammed by some lying Amway asshole.

  5. Anna, would love to read a post about your husband's "seeing the light" and quitting. Was there a straw that broke the camels back? What was the backlash like from the sack o shit Platinum?
    What does he think of Amway now? Has he recovered emotionally? Socially?

    1. MannaFool - I know I've already covered it in past posts. Basically the sack of shit Platinum had been trying for months to convince Ambot to leave me. When that didn't work he accused Ambot of not being man enough for an Amway business and not being man enough for me and said he was praying that I would find another man and leave him. Then he led the ambots at that meeting into a prayerfest that I would find another man. Sick bastards that Amway assholes are. He stopped going to Amway meetings and buying products. The Platinum kept phoning him and he wouldn't answer so in retaliation the Platinum started sending really nasty text messages. You know the type of stuff cult leaders do when one of their followers leaves and takes their money with them.

  6. Anna - It is a matter of public record that the drop-out/failure rate in the 'Amway MLM income opportunity' fraud has always been in excess of 50% annually. It is also a matter of public record that the rolling, overall drop-out/failure rate in the same fraud, over a period spanning more than 50 years, is effectively 100%. Yet the number of claimed 'Ambots' around the world, during the same period, has always been gradually increasing.

    In recent years the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth has generally claimed around '3 millions Independent Business Owners.' Obviously that meant that each year the insolvent, fanatical 'Ambot' missionaries have had to keep finding more than 1.5 millions fresh converts. In reality, the apparently-stable 'Amway' edifice has been an ever-shifting mind-virus feeding off a never-ending chain of human weakness.

    It's no wonder that the 'Amway' bosses want their victims to draw up endless lists of possible fresh victims. Anyone who has seen this system in action, is a witness to a serious fraud.

    In most countries, it is fundamentally unlawful to operate an economically-unviable, commission-based, trading scheme promoting the puerile lie that endless recruitment + endless payments by the recruits = endless profits for the recruits. In order for any commission-based trading scheme to be economically-viable and lawful, a significant number of its participants must regularly sell significant quantities of products, and/or services, to the public for a profit.

    The 'Amway MLM income opportunity' fraud has quite obviously always been sustained by brainwashing a minority of chronic core-victims into continuing to hand over their money for effectively-unsaleable wampum, whilst try to deceive their social contacts into temporarily participating in the same fraud. In turn, a minority of fresh victims have also been brainwashed into continuing to hand over their money for effectively-unsaleable wampum whilst trying to deceive their own social contacts, ad infinitum.

    Robert FitzPatrick has described the phenomenon of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud as being a Main Street investment bubble which, ignored (and even protected) by the US government, has been allowed to grow to a larger scale than any Wall Street investment bubble (including the one run by Bernie Madoff). The evil 'MLM' conjuring trick has so-far been hidden by the fact that, although the Main Street bubble has been in a constant state of collapse, at the same time, it has always been re-inflated by a never-ending chain of fresh victims.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. David - I prefer to think of it as a drop out rate or quit rate. Failure rate is almost saying its the fault of the IBO. The real failure is the system and the upline liars.

      Maybe drawing up these lists of people keeps the ambots minds occupied away from the fact that they aren't making any money in Amway. The names on the list are the potential money makers.

      So is a monkey and an accordeon!

  7. Oh my god. And yes I do remember reading that in a previous post (am new to your site so have taken alot in these past few days). Wow. The very essence of destructive debasing cult.
    I want him to die a painful death!!!

    1. MannaFool - I have 360 posts on my blog. It would take a long time for someone to read through them all! Plus the comments which in many cases are longer than my post! I'll probably revisit the prayerfest thing in an upcoming post for newer readers who don't want to read all the old posts.

      See? I don't force anyone to spend 10 to 15 hours a week reading my blog! Read what you want! Don't blame me if you want to start from the beginning! At least I don't charge anyone money!

      Unlike some pyramid scams!

  8. Autodialer+every ambots number you can think of+ vulgar recorded message= good times!

    1. Ha ha! Yeah right to my number! I'll give them a profanity laden opinion of their scam!

  9. Anna - It's rare that anyone pulls me up on my choice of words, but you are absolutely correct. What I have described as the 100% overall drop-out/failure rate in the so-called 'Amway' MLM income opportunity' could imply to the most-brainwashed Ambots that they are/were to blame. In reality, failure to make money in 'Amway' can never be the fault of the victims, no matter what they have been constantly told, because failure to make money in 'Amway' has always been a mathematical inevitabilty. The term 'MLM income opportunity' is itself an absurd a lie. More than 50 years of quantifiable evidence proves beyond all reasonable doubt that if you participate in 'Amway', no matter how hard you try, eventually you will lose your money and leave. The billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob are devious little shits, traitors to American republic, who have been hiding the inevitable 100% insolvency/churn rate of their titanic, closed-market swindle since the 1950s.

    If 'Amway' participants have tried to respect the law and attempted regularly to retail the over-priced 'Amway' wampum to the public for a profit, they have wasted their time and money, because no free-thinking person wanted to buy it. Conversely, if 'Amway' participants became deceived into breaking the law and bought the monthly quota of over-priced wampum themselves each month, and attempted to recruit others to copy them, they were embarking on a one way trip to bankruptcy aboard a doomed vessel over which they had no control. On this ship of fools, each obedient Ambot crew-member has imagined himself/herself to be the captain, but they have all required many thousands of obedient Ambot crew members beneath them in order to make serious money, and each of these thousands of deluded Ambot fools themselves have required many thousands more beneath them to make serious money, etc., ad infinitum.

    Belief in any pyramid scam (i.e. an unviable closed-market without significant and sustainable external profits), is the economic equivalent of believing in perpetual motion.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. David - are you kidding me????!!!! That sounds like our sack of shit Platinum who says no one ever wins an argument. His wife of 15 years has never won an argument with him. The pompous bastard's trying to make sure all the ambots understand that no one is a smart as him so he can never be wrong! Double agent? You're not our Platinum in disguise are you?

      Choice of words? I choose the wrong words all the time but inbetween all the swearing most people don't catch it!

      Love the ship of fools image! All Ambots get aboard the Costa Concordia!

  10. Anna - Yes, as you guessed, I was being very British and ironic. I'm not saying that 'I am infallible.' On the contrary, as always, I am only trying to draw your attention to a broader, and far more-terrifying reality, whilst keepng my sense of humour.

    I am offering you and your free-thinking readers, a helping hand to climb higher, to a position where you can also make the important observation that 'Amway' is neither original nor unique.

    Pernicious cults are always based on what is technically known as closed-logic, or totalistic, thought reform. In plain language, an individual cult adherent can never win an argument against the cult's leadership, because, according to the inflexible 'us (the good and positive) versus them (the evil and negative)' game of make-believe that controls the group, the leadership can never be wrong.

    Thus, as you have already observed, it is a pointless excercise to engage in any argument with inflexible Ambots or with the inflexible propagandists of the 'Amway' cult. However, the same, rigid closed-logic game (played out as total reality) has been used throughout history by all manner of tyrants and dictators, to control, exploit and even slaughter millions of people.

    During the darkest days of the 'Soviet' Empire, 'Stalin' kept inventing 'plans' for achieving Utopia. In effect, what he said to his starving followers was: ignore your present negative lives and visualise, and struggle, to achieve your future positive dreams of prosperity and plenty. Stalin's Utopian 'plans' were always given a tempting time-limit (the '2 year plan', the '5 year plan'), but, in the Soviet Empire, the future never came. Tens of millions of obedient 'Soviet Comrades' died following their 'infallible' 'Comrade Leader's so-called 'plans'

    Although they are completely convinced that, if they follow their infallible leaders' so-called '2-5 year plan,' they will achieve 'total financial freedom,' no matter how hard Ambots dream, or how hard they work, it has always been effectively-impossible to make an overall net-profit from the so-called 'Amway MLM income opportunity.' Ambots have been labelled 'Independent Business Owners,'but they might as well have been labelled 'Comrades.'

    It is, therefore, supremely-ironic that successive US governments spent trillions of tax-payers' dollars keeping a closed-logic totalitarian mind-virus, dressed up as 'communism,' out of America and Western Europe, but completely failed to realize that exactly the same phenomenon could walk in through the back-door dressed-up as 'capitalism.'

    Although it is very difficult for casual observers to accept, the 'land of the free and the home of the brave,' is now not only ignoring home-grown totalitarian mind-viruses, but it's exporting them to the rest of the world.

    Once individuals' brains have been rewired to exclude external reality and to follow only the closed-logic loop of any totalitarian cultic group, it becomes child's play to exploit them.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. Oh OK. A true ambot would never say that!

      I and many of my readers really appreciate your comments and your insight. The only ones who don't are the ones who actually like Amway and think its a good business opportunity!

      If you've ever used humor in your comments its has gone right over my head! I was in a room once with some Brits who were watching a British comedy on TV and they're all laughing hysterically and I'm thinking what the hell is so funny here? Its kind of like books. I go to the bookstore, the book has a good cover and interesting blurb on the back, and I open it up to read a passage and see the deadly single quotation marks and know its from Britain and I just won't get it so I put it back on the shelf.

      Grade 16 reading level. You are slipping!

  11. Anna - Here's a test to see if you can get British humour.

    Back in the 1980s, a celebrated wit from my home town in the North of England, went on a family trip to the East coast of the USA. He couldn't get over how many of the Americans he met, took themelves completely seriously and how (if you played dumb) they could be easily encouraged to talk, at length, on subjects which they obviously knew absolutely nothing about.

    One evening, this English family took a drive to see the famous Plymouth Rock. I don't know if you have visited the sacred spot where the Pilgrim Fathers landed, but apparently, the Rock is on the shore-line, behind iron railings, under an open stone-monument like a classical temple. A road runs directly behind it. Close to the Rock is a harbour full of small boats and yachts.

    Anyway, the English guy was there in the Plymouth Rock temple, with his wife and kids enjoying the view, when a typical American family rolled up. The English guy immediately went over to his American counterpart and very humbly explained that there was something that, as an ill-educated subject of the old colonial power, he couldn't quite understand. The American took the bait, and asked what was so puzzling - proudly adding that he had learned all about the Pilgrim Fathers at school and that he would probably be able to help. The English guy then said: 'well, these here Pilgrim Fathers were educated folk, weren't they?' 'Yes' said the American, 'they were very well educated.'

    'That's what I don't get,' said the English guy, 'if they were so well educated, why the hell did they come here to the rock to land, instead of just tying their boat up in the harbour?'

    After a moment's thought, the American replied (in all seriousness): 'I'm sorry sir, I'm sure I learned why they did that, but right now, I can't remember.'

    1. David - that sounds like one of those Brits who looks at July 4 as a day of mourning!

      Here's one for you.

      How many ambots does it take to change a lightbulb?

      The entire “team”!

      A lowly newly recruited IBO who still has enough room on his credit card to buy an overpriced piece of shit Amway lightbulb.

      Another lowly newly recruited IBO who will be sent up the ladder first to wash down the area. Free IBO slave labor!

      Another lowly newly recruited IBO who has been assigned to provide refreshments - XS piss water and shitty Amway food bars.

      5 IBOs who have been assigned to be a committee to figure out what to do with the old lightbulb.

      Another 5 IBO’s who have been assigned to pray that the spirit of darkness has not descended upon this home to spread negativity.

      The Eagle who asks permission from the Platinum if they are allowed to change the lightbulb.

      Someone from crossline who is a specialist in changing lightbulbs but first permission must be granted from the Emerald for him to fraternize with the crossline enemy team.

      The crossline’s Platinum who is only showing up to ensure no MLM espionage going on here.

      The Platinum who shows up to whine and bitch that he could be spending time with his family and instead he is here to “help” his downline and “bless” the lightbulb once its installed.

      The Emerald who shows up to tell all of them he doesn’t believe in change.

      The Diamond who sells a motivational book on how to get it done.

      One negative dream stealer who claims its a mathematical probability that it can’t be done.

      You know all they had to do was find one woman who could do the work of 20 men. Who would then point out the blatantly obvious that the light isn’t even burned out it just needed to be screwed into its socket a little tighter! And then point out the even more blatantly obvious that there were already extra lightbulbs in the cupboard that were stocked up the last time there was a sale at Lowe’s so they didn’t even need to go out and buy those expensive shitty bulbs from Amway!


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