Friday, February 10, 2012

Bring Prospects or Be Abused

At every Amway meeting the Platinum cult leader would ride all the IBO’s asses about being failures because no one was bringing new prospects to the meetings.

Well that’s what happens when you’re part of a pyramid scheme. Its not easy finding people open-minded to being ripped off!

Ambot spent hours each week trying to convince friends, family, and people he’d just met to come to a meeting. Infrequently after a few hours of being hounded, someone would break down and agree to see the board plan, but then they wouldn’t show up and spend weeks or months avoiding calls from Ambot.

Years later one of our formerly good friends still refuses to have anything to do with us thanks to the Amway. He actually came out and met some ambots and didn’t like them. Join the club!

I had stopped going to Amway meetings. I refused to show up anywhere that the fucking asshole Platinum was going to be. Horrible evil cult leader that he was spreading negativity, draining the bank accounts of people beneath him in the Amway pyramid, and destroying relationships. Yeah just the kind of sack of shit everyone wants to have in their lives! The day that bastard rots in hell can’t come soon enough for me!

Ambot had been hounding a friend for months to come an Amway cult meeting and our friend had been putting him off one excuse after another. Well no kidding. The only people who want to go to Amway meetings are ambots. People who don’t want anything to do with the Amway cult are not interested. It was no big surprise that our friend failed to show up at our house and go with Ambot to the Amway cult meeting. He wouldn’t answer his phone either when Ambot called to find out where he was. The 8 o clock Amway witching hour was nearing and the guest Ambot had bragged to everyone he was bringing was MIA. Ambot begged me to accompany him so I gave in and for the first time in about 6 months I went to the cult meeting.

By this time I had done research into the Amway cult and was reading first hand accounts of other Amway victims. They all had the same story we had. Their cult leaders told the same lies I heard. Some former cult followers had suffered severe financial losses including bankruptcy and houses being foreclosed. Some marriages had disintegrated. Forearmed is forewarned. I caught the cult leader in all kinds of lies.

A meeting room had been booked at a local hotel and the upline Emerald was the speaker. Everyone had to fork over $10 to the cult leader to show up and be lied to. We came in and sat down. We watched the Platinum sack of shit circulate the room greeting people. He avoided saying hi to us even though he walked right past us a number of times seeing as how we’d chosen aisle seats. Snubbing us! Like I give a shit that someone I don’t like won’t talk to us. Oddly enough Ambot began to chuckle and I asked him what was so funny.

“He’s refusing to talk to us because I didn’t bring anyone to the meeting.”

That was the cult leader’s way of punishing the downline. Refusal to acknowledge them. Ostracization. Shunning.

I was happy with that. We don’t often get that lucky that the pompous sack of shit doesn’t want to talk to us.

So fuck you asshole. It really hurts my feelings when you won’t talk to me. NOT!!!!!


  1. At the meeting I went to, I found the guys wearing the eagle pins to be especially creepy. There was one big bald vato who kept walking around the room giving everybody this evil looking shit eating grin like he was about to put a knife in somebody. So about an hour into it, ambitch is furious with me because im playing games on my phone instead of paying attention to the speaker. I look around and catch a couple dirty looks. Yikes! So after the meeting the sponsors told me dont worry, its almost time to leave. But first we want you to meet someone. So I get in this long ass line like im at six flags, and guess whats at the end? The speaker! Fuck. Hey whats your name where are you from what do you do? So are you gonna sign up? Ok nice to meet you. You could be a diamond. Ok time to leave. Nope! First we wanna show you some things we have for sale. No thanks. Damn what a surreal experience that was! Not something I would want to do again or subject any of my freinds to. But entertaining anyway. Everyone should go to a scamway meeting just once for the experience and its funny when they get pissed off.

    1. Anonymous - I didn't like our Eagle either. He was the asshole that sponsored our sponsor another troublemaking son of a bitch!

      All ambots look evil. Doesn't matter what pin level they're at!

      I used to read books during Amway meetings. I went to the thrift shop in our town that sells Harlequin romances for 3 or 4 for a buck and stocked up. I read them during the meetings and it really pissed off my upline. One day the Eagle comes over and interrupts me and says he wants to introduce me to some people. I tell him no thanks I'm busy and keep reading my book. Later on Ambot bitches at me. Apparently the sack of shit Platinum had ordered the Eagle to get me to circulate with the lying ambot assholes at the meeting and my refusal was embarrassing to him. Well how about how embarrassing it is to me to be seen with a bunch of lying scamming Amway assholes. I've never bought any more Harlequins since the last meeting I attended. They were good while they lasted though! They served the purpose. Made sure everyone in the room knew I wasn't reading brainwashing shit from the Amway approved reading list.

  2. Lol amway has an approved reading list? So are you not supposed to read books that are not on the list? What about college textbooks? I approve all ambots to read my middle finger. They tried to get me to buy some books. My reasoning was that ambitch already had a stack of books she bought from them and I could read those. Ha! They had no rebuttal. But I must admit she had a good one that I had read before my encounter with amway. The title was how to win freinds and influence people. One of my college professors had recommended it. I was a business major, so thanks to my education I observed quickly that ambots dont know shit about business! How the fuck is it even legal for them to hold the title of "independent business owners"!? Thanks but I think ill take the business advice of that guy driving the shiny new benz, not the guy who drives a bucket. Thanks Anna keep up the good work!

    1. Yes! There's an approved reading list believe it or not. The Diamond scammers must buy these books at a bulk lot discount and then fleece the cult followers to buy them. All part of the Amway tool scam. Often my husband bought more than one copy so he could have extras on hand to loan out to friends. Or other ambots to cheap to buy them. We managed to sell some of them afterwards on Craigslist at $1 each. Yeah the Dale Carnegie book about how to win friends and influence people is on the Amway reading list. Its one of the best selling self help books anywhere not just Amway. I'm sure we have it on our bookshelf but I've never read it. And here I'm sure some of you are thinking I maybe should read it so I can learn to write without swearing at all my best friends forever in Scamway!

      Nope ambots don't know nothing about business. No real solid business advice is ever given at Amway meetings. Nothing about a business plan, buying errors and ommissions insurance, profit and loss statements, business licenses, tax numbers, knowing when to hire the services of lawyers and accountants, etc. All they do is give them a phony ass title of independent business owner to pump them up and make them feel all big and important and better than everyone else they know who doesn't own their own business and then leave them hanging without a clue of how to actually run a business. And working as a commissioned salesperson for Amway is not owning your own business! Yeah I was really going to take financial advice from people who have no retirement savings, have never owned a house, never owned a real business, and never owned a car built within the past 15 years.

  3. I just got prospected this weekend by a guy I was friends with in high school! Ugh! I hadn't heard from him in years, and then out of the blue, I get an email from him saying he's in the Navy and stationed in the local area. He tells me he's having a grand opening and wants to know if we will attend. Shows how good of a fried he really is...he didn't even know we moved several states away! Anyway, he gave me the canned amspeak through email about how it's not a pyramid scheme and how he's going to demo cleaning products...excuse me...the best cleaning products! I couldn't help but laugh inside. He's knee-deep into this crap even though I told him about how I know people in Amway who are in total financial ruin (bankrupt, living with parents, poor credit, etc). His response was that they just didn't try hard enough. BS! These people work their butts off for little or no return. That's the first time I had been prospected in a long time and it made me angry!

    1. Anonymous - don't you just want to know where on your friends list your name was. How many names he went through before finding you!

      Its really hard to get people to come to an Amway grand opening. We had to pretend we were holding a neighborhood BBQ and hardly anyone showed up anyway with free food. And yes most of the food we had was not bought from Amway - had to go to Costco for burgers, cake, etc. Most ambots hold several grand openings. You'll likely get another invitation. Don't think you're safe several states away. Your old friend will find a way to get to you! Yeah they have canned amspeak responses for everything.

      Didn't try hard enough? What is their definition of trying hard enough? My husband easily put in 100 hours a month into trying to make the Amway business a go not to mention maxing out all his credit cards to buy Amway products single handedly getting himself to Platinum. Whew! Fortunately his limit was not high that he could do that!

  4. I was polite when I declined, so I hope I don't get prospected again! This was the second time! I even made my friends list on social network sites only visible to me so my friends don't get sniped by ambots I know! I hope my friends appreciate that! LOL. On another note, what do you think about ambots who are trying to recruit new ambots at work? One ambot I know uses his position to gain opportunities to prospect. I'm sure that's some sort of ethics violation.

    1. Anonymous - you have to be rude to Amway IBO's otherwise they will hound you over and over and over again.

      Ambots probably look at their workplace as a prime hunting ground for Amway prospects. This is probably why most of them get sacked from their jobs! Coworkers who are not interested in Amway don't want to be continuously harrassed. Plus the attitude of ambots is unbearable. Because they are in Amway that makes them better than everyone else and they look down their noses at people who have J.O.B.s and make the workplace unbearable. As for ethics violations every company has different rules. When I used to work many coworkers had sideline businesses. I saw nothing wrong with them getting the word out. Or dropping off catalogues in the lunchroom if they did Avon or designed greeting cards or whatever. Most companies have rules of some sort that you can not be carrying on your other business during company hours. Though its probably somewhat lax on your breaks and what you do in the lunchroom on your own time. Likewise most companies would not want you pilfering their customer list and use them for prospecting for Amway. I'd say most ambots get canned because they are carrying on Amway business during times when they are being paid by their employer to work that company business. There are countless phone calls and text messages to deal with hourly from the upline. My husband owns his own business and it just bugged the shit out of me if he stopped what he was doing to contstantly respond to the upline assholes. The longer it takes him to get his work done means the longer he's at work and not at home or at an Amway meeting, etc. Also hiring ambots is a real problem due to them being on their phone all the time. If you hire an ambot pay him by the job not the hour. Say you need your lawn mowed. Takes an hour for your kid to mow the lawn. Tell the ambot you'll pay him $15 to mow the lawn. It'll probably take ambot 4 or 5 hours to get that lawn mowed due to all the time spent on the phone.

  5. OMG my boyfriend just joined Amway and went to his first creepy a couple of states away convention and is convinced that I need to support him in order for him to successfully make his millions. I have acted like I have been supportive because thankfully I am a psychology major and I can smell a pyramid cult a mile away. How did you cope with your husband until he saw the light without pushing him away since you know it's a cult. Of course skip the scam go straight for it's a cult.

  6. Amway’s new hierarchy of evilness:

    Diamond IBOs and above = Draculas
    Emerald IBOs = Vampires
    Sapphire, ruby and platinum = Witches
    Rest of the useless IBOs = Zombies

    “Live the cult dream”


    1. Amway and evil are not new!

      But those are pretty accurate descriptions for those creepy little assholes.


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