Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How Can You Be So Dumb To Quit Amway?

A recent searcher - clearly a dumb ass brainwashed Amway IBO - recently found their way to my blog after doing a search for “how can you be so dumb to quit Amway”.

They ended up at this post where I wrote that if you are an Amway IBO then you probably have been brainwashed to believe that Amway is the best business opportunity in the world. I figured for sure the ambot was going to leave me some canned Amspeak words of bullshit but they must have seen their predecessor on the receiving end of some Anna Banana style punishment and quietly moved along.

Amway cult leaders prey on all kinds of people usually disadvantaged but one of their best prospects are working people who do not like their jobs. These people might detest their jobs but have not been able to secure employment elsewhere due to lack of skills, age, transportation, etc. They believe there is nothing else out there for them. They are good prospects because Amway cult leaders know these people have an income and possibly credit cards and can bullshit them along in the Amway scam for a while and get them to buy Amway products and tools. They pump these people up telling them they now own their own business. At the same time the cult leaders poison these workers against their jobs by sneering at them because they have a J.O.B. - Just Over Broke - and that’s all they’ll ever be unless they’re an Amway “Independent Business Owner”. The brainwashing is not complete until the ambot believes that they are better than everyone else because they are in Amway and everyone else who is not in Amway is a loser. A broke loser. And anyone who quits Amway is a loser and a quitter and their dream wasn’t big enough. Ambots have negative bad attitudes and one way or another they’re not going to last much longer at their detested job anyway. But for a brief period they fully believe that Amway is the only thing out there for them to escape a job they dislike.

The bigger question is “how can you be so dumb to stay in Amway?”

The Amway pyramid scheme only makes money for the people at the top of the pyramid - Diamonds - who make the bulk of their income from selling motivational CDs and books and selling tickets to functions where they speak at. They make commission every time an IBO in their downline purchases Amway products. Chump change compared to the income from the tool scam. Amway’s own literature shows that less than 1% of IBO’s will make money at this business. That’s over 99% failure rate. Most people are not dumb enough to get into any business with a huge failure rate. That’s where the cult leaders come in to brainwash the ambots into believing they will be that longshot who actually makes money at Amway and that the figures Amway puts out are a worse case scenario and that in 6 months you’ll be making 100k. Sell the hope not the soap!

If an ambot is dumb enough to stick it out in Amway for any length of time they will undoubtedly go into debt of some sort - either credit cards or bank loans. They may have their house foreclosed after skipping a few mortgage payments after counselling with upline who advised them to skip payment and use the money to go to an Amway function instead. Dumb move wondering every morning when they wake up if today is the day they’ll be evicted thanks to Amway. Bankruptcy is the next possibility. And because most marriages can’t withstand this kind of stress the next step will be divorce.

The people who quit Amway are not the dumb ones. The Amway quitters are smart and brave and have probably averted certain disaster that many ambots fall victim to.


  1. Ambots- I can picture you now sitting at the computer all furious, high on xs drooling on the keyboard. The fact that you didnt run in the opposite direction as soon as you saw the prices in the catalog tells me youre about as dumb as a box of rocks!

    1. They're dumber than that! My Ambot included when he joined the Amway cult!

    2. Mannatech survived the investigation that was mounted against it by the State of Texas in its lawsuit against the company, and was not found guilty of any wrong doing. Had there been a single shred of evidence linking Mannatech scam, the state would have launched a devastating legal assault that would have forced the company to stop selling glyconutrients, and possibly stop doing business altogether.

    3. Shazia - really dude. Who cares?

  2. My fat arsed lesbian upline told one of my prospects - a young girl of 21 with a dream of owning a health retreat - that she'll never be able to achieve that dream unless she joins Mannatech, because, health farms are like, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS yeah?

    Sure as shit never saw fatty upline make a million dollars nor did she ever have time to even scratch her own fat ass after being involved in this stupid scam.

    What a stupid bitch.

    1. MannaFool - it looks like similar evil tactics are used in Mannatech as Amway. In our line WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards the worse thing anyone could do was tell their upline their dreams and what they hoped to buy one day thanks to Amway. Then the upline would use it against you and taunt you when you weren't making any money in the Amway business and blaming you. If your 21 year old prospect was in our group our upline would have abused her after a few months of not making money or finding prospects to come to meetings and buy products and would have said something to her like "just think of all the people who are getting fat and who are going to die because you aren't opening up your health retreat". Sick evil sorry bastards that they are. Said something similar to my husband so I know how they operate.

      Our upline weren't able to afford their dreams either because they threw all their money at the Amway scam.

  3. Anna - Many insightful observers have compared 'MLM' adherents /Ambots to chronic gambling addicts. Indeed, your post could equally be a description of how obsessive gambling, takes root in a certain type of person. Chronic gamblers are manic, mental masturbators who always lose overall. They will tell you about their rare wins and moments of ecstasy, but never about their many losses and hours of remorse. They will beg, steal or borrow to feed their habit. They exclude the reality of their negative losses and focus only on a positive fantasy that one day soon they will become winners and, suddenly, all their mounting problems will be solved. Chronic gamblers often cannot face external reality, simply because this would involve them admitting to the world that they are sad little jerks who have caused untold suffering to their loved-ones.

    Today's world is full of deeply-dissatisfied people; particularly, men approaching the classic mid-life crisis. The traditional media and entertainment industry already bombards these persons with sexual, and non-sexual, pornographic images of a glamorous Utopia which they can never have. Since the onset of the world economic crisis, the amount of money being taken by lottery operators around the world, has increased dramatically.

    Your post contains an accurate, plain language description of how the pernicious 'Amway' fairytale is a form of non-sexual pornography which has been tailored to fit the spirit of the times.

    When my brother was lured into the 'Amway income opportunity' lie, he was a sad little man on the verge of a nervous break-down - a 'thirty-something' high-school teacher who hated his job and who felt trapped, powerless and depressed. After entering 'Amway' he became deliriously excited and optimistic about his future. One of his guided-Ambot dreams was to be able to tell his boss (the school's head teacher) to stick his job. My brother fantasized about being chauffeur-driven away from his job in a stretch-limo in front of all the people he hated the most in the adult world of reality (i.e. his fellow teachers and his pupils). One of his Ambot 'Diamonds' (another former teacher) had already acted out this particularly puerile fantasy. The 'Diamond' had made a non-sexual pornographic video of the event to peddle to sad little men like my brother in order for them to mentally-masturbate in front of it.

    My brother's ego prevented him from seeing that peddling a kitsch fantasy to blinkered little jerks like himself, was where the Ambot 'Diamonds'' prosperity really came from.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. David - whether its a gambling addiction or an MLM Amway cult addiction either way its a serious mental illness. Either one destroys people both financially and emotionally.

      I think when my husband believed all the lies about how much money there is to be made scamming people in your own Amway business he looked at his friend who sponsored him and didn't want him getting all of life's material possessions before him. So that might have been part of the motivation to sign up the face that the arrogant prick was going to become a millionaire and live off thousands of dollars in monthly residual income that would show up magically without doing any further work after putting in a couple of years showing the Amway plan. Like that lousy Amway asshole who is always falling behind in rent and utility bills and has had services cut off dozens of times, eviction notices regularly posted on his door, drives a different clunker everytime you see him because the last piece of shit broke down somewhere and cost more than its value to repair, has lousy credit, spends all his money as fast as he gets it, is constantly hounding my husband to see if he knows of any work because he lost his last job after a few days of being an arrogant asshole to everyone really has any chance of leaping ahead of us to financial freedom. Lousy lying troublemaking son of a bitch that he is.

  4. Hi Ana Banana

    This sounds similar to a meeting one of my friends took me to talk to me about a great business opportunity. They never really mention the name of the company, just babble on about everyone’s hopes and dreams. After attendees separate into different groups, they introduce the visitors. What looked to be my friend’s upline asked if I had a job and if I liked it? I replied that when I started, I was of course younger and I hated everything about it. Slowly but surely, my tasks changed and I began falling in love with everything about them…to the point of thinking about work while back home. Even my colleagues stole a special place in my heart, and I couldn’t wait to talk to them every day. I told them I didn’t own an island yet, but was able to save up for and buy a 2011 Camaro cash, and of course I gave a down-payment on my first house back in 2004. That smile of satisfaction never left my face. They seemed excepting but reluctant to answer (just nodded their heads). My friend’s upline asked me what engine-type my Camaro was, and when I replied it was a v6-engine he asked me why I hadn’t purchased a superior engine if I had the money to pay cash for less-performance? I replied there was no use for a performance engine in my household unless it would serve as my tower (which I have one) or simply for a display/ show hot-rod (we have a hot-rod show in my town every Summer). I just planned to have it in my garage and drive around it whenever I needed that Camaro-high! He then proceeded to tell me that spending money on wants is irrelevant, that he had a good friend of his who put a sports-car together out of different parts from other cars and worked just like or better than a brand-new sports-coup. To this I giggled and uttered loudly: “A car put-together out of other car-parts!”. He looked uncomfortable with my arrogant remark but moved on and asked me if I were married. I laughed loudly and said my marriage would be illegal. He got the hint right-away and moved on to someone else. I never heard from them again, I guess they like gay people very much.

    1. Hello Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by!

      You most likely were at an Amway meeting or possibly Monavie. At the Amway meetings I attended sometimes Amway wouldn't be mentioned at all. When the A word came up it was usually at least an hour into the meeting. This cult is all about trickery. They want to talk to you about your hopes and dreams and stuff that other people can relate with you and agree with. Its all part of the brainwashing techniques.

      The Amway people you met must have been very jealous of you. You own a house - less than 10% of the IBO's I met owned their house, most were renters. You also paid cash for your car and a new model car, something they can only dream about. Did you notice all the old clunkers parked around the neighborhood when you showed up at the Amway meeting? We also had a fairly new car that we paid cash for. Our sack of shit Platinum counselled us to sell it, buy some piece of shit vintage 80's rust bucket for a couple of hundred bucks and then use the rest of our cash from the sale to buy Amway products and tools. Invest in our pretend Amway busines! Get our upline rich! Uh yeah right. People our age who can afford to buy nice cars with cash ain't going back to a place in time in our late teens perhaps and buying whatever shitmobile for a couple of hundred. Very embarrassing.

      You were arrogant? That was nothing! Stick around those Amway assholes if you want to know what arrogance really is! I've never met a bigger bunch of conceited arrogant pricks in my life! That's what Amway turns you into. Making you believe that you're better than everyone else simply by virtue that you have signed up with Amway.

      You are quite correct that Amway assholes do not like gay people. That's a group mentality thing, it may or may not have been the personal opinion of an ambot before he got brainwashed into the Amway cult. I heard our sack of shit Platinum complaining about how the only people in our nation who want to get married are the gays. He stopped short of any bashing - too many people had their recording devices on - but due to the nature of the Amway business and the close tie ins with this oddball religious cult they're part of, they only welcome man/woman couples because the man is the head of the household and the woman must cater to everything he wants. Kind of tough to get those values across to cult followers who are in same sex relationships.

  5. There is an executive diamond Sugeet Ajmani. This skinny little prick is so deceiving and arrogant by bullshitting all sorts of lies. He is so self centered and manipulates people with continuous brain washing garbage to his downlines. All the top earners of Amway are making a majority of their income from Britt World Wide (BWW) system that includes books, CDs, meetings, business seminars and major functions. The best part is that there are 4 major functions in a year and each event ticket costing over $100 which does not include hotel, food, fuel etc.

    1. Winter conference (January)
    2. Spring conference (April)
    3. Summer conference (July)
    4. FED (October)

    1. Hi Anonymous - that little prick doesn't sound any different than any other Amway asshole except that he's skinny.


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