Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amway - Free Gift After Quitting

I just know I'll never see it all when it comes to search criteria for people finding their way to my blog.

And you know me, always up for finding some new keywords to add to my blog!

So this searcher Googles "Amway free gift after quitting".

Kind of on par with the searchers who are looking for a free gift for signing up with Amway.

Yeah right. Everyone's laughing now!

Those of us who have sunk in lot of money to the Amway pyramid scheme know that there ain't nothing free in Amway!

I managed to find an image that pretty much sums up the free gift for quitting Amway. This is the freebie you get from everyone in your Amway upline. And as you can see even its not quite free.....

You have to pay for any words of wisdom from the Amway cult leaders!


  1. Actually-there are many free gifts after quitting: more money in your pocket, better relationships, extra time and no more sack of shit upline!

    1. Very true Connie. Not to mention the free gift of no more upline abuse! How's that credit card commercial go - priceless!

  2. I just got out of the relationship before it got to the point of marrying an Ambot. With him for two years- if I had to hear one more time that I had to read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" i'd go crazy. Drink your energy drink and your vitamins, i'll enjoy my life of negative MAC make-up and deoderant that works.

    1. Anonymous - I'm sorry to hear that you're another casualty of the Amway cult machine out to destroy relationships.

      Fortunately my husband was not in Amway for two years. I did not want him to get involved in Amway again right from the start and as the losses mounted up after 2 months in and the brainwashing on him well under way I was very resistant to the cult leader's tactics. Nope, never read that book - I'm sure my regular readers are going "yeah no kidding on that one!" Ha ha! I couldn't stand those energy drinks. Tried all flavors hoping I might find one I could tolerate. But no they all tasted like sour cat piss water. The only thing those Amway Nutrilite vitamins did for me was drain my bank account!

      Glad to hear you're moving on with your Amway-free life. You would have been in a ride into hell if you'd stuck around watching someone being brainwashed into the Amway cult and wasting all your combined money.

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