Monday, March 5, 2012

How to be a Good Amway Cult Leader

Here are my observations based on observing our sack of shit Platinum on what qualities a person must possess if they want to be a good Amway Cult Leader.

If you don’t possess these qualities or unable to be coachable and learn them then Amway is a bad career choice. Well.....Amway is a bad choice all around no matter what your aspirations are!

  1. Absolute dictatorship. This was mostly clear to me from our sack of shit Platinum who we heard speak more than we heard any other speaker, Emerald or Diamond. He demanded everyone in his downline to “ask permission” before doing anything. Constantly telling us to “submit to upline” and never question upline.
  2. No accountability. Its OK to brag about your accomplishments, bank account, material possessions, business profits, etc but never show proof to anyone who asks. If anyone in your downline asks for proof fall back on “never question upline”.
  3. Intolerance for questions. “Never question upline! Who do you think you are asking me something like that! Everything I say is the truth!”
  4. Refusal to disclose financial information regarding budget, expenses such as an independently audited financial statement. Our sack of shit Platinum never showed us none of his financial information though he wanted to see all of ours.
  5. Incite unreasonable fear about the world outside of Amway. Our Platinum was always preaching about impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies and all things negative. All the time! What else is out there except Amway? The answer to everyone’s prayers. Financial security for the rest of your life. Everyone else is doomed to have a J.O.B. and work for someone else.
  6. Must be able to lecture long sermons about negativity. Negativity is the main topic at Amway meetings - doom and gloom, businesses shutting down, social security won’t be there when you retire, etc.
  7. Must be good at insults, particularly mocking people who leave Amway. There is no legitimate reason to leave, not when success is right around the corner. Amway cult followers are always wrong in leaving and besides that they are also negative and evil. A good Platinum cult leader must ensure his cult followers understand that the people who leave Amway are quitters, losers, broke losers, negative, dream stealers, etc.
  8. Promote ostracism. Ensure that IBO’s understand they are not allowed to associate with former friends who have quit the Amway cult.
  9. Must be good at abusing cult followers. Hurling insults and then telling the ambot you are doing this for their own good and you still love them.
  10. Must be good at destroying relationships. Platinums in the Amway cult must learn to separate the ambot from their friends and family.
  11. Must be comfortable destroying other people’s finances, including but not limited to encouraging cult followers to run up credit card debt, take out line of credit or bank loans, telling them to skip mortgage payments so they can buy more Amway products or attend the next function, etc.
  12. Good at inflicting emotional distress. This can be a combination of destroying marriages, causing bankruptcy, foreclosure, alienating cult followers from their friends and family, and anything else they can think of to cause unhappiness and stress in the lives of the cult followers.
  13. Good at doling out punishment to cult followers who refuse to leave their wives or otherwise disobey the cult leader’s instructions.
  14. Must always be RIGHT. No one is allowed to win an argument with the cult leader who is all knowing and always right. The news media and Internet are always wrong especially if they have different information than the Amway cult leader. The only one who knows the truth is the Amway cult leader. Everything and everyone else is wrong.
  15. Able to control information as a means of brainwashing. Must be able to brainwash all cult followers to believe that the Amway cult leader is always telling the truth and the information must never be questioned. Do not believe any information from sources outside of Amway cult leaders. The cult leader must master the ability to control information in order to remove the cult follower’s ability to think for themselves.
  16. Good at deception. Very important for promoting the Amway scam.
  17. Ability to discredit an information source instead of debating the truth. Must excel at diversion techniques and character assassination techniques to distract cult followers from the truth.
  18. Must have a huge ego and the ability to find many cult followers to stroke it.
  19. Ability to use sleep deprivation as a means of brainwashing. This is done by keeping ambots at Amway cult meetings up to 1 or 2 or 3 in the morning until they are so tired that they’re willing to agree everything they hear at that hour is the truth.
  20. Ability to argue for hours that Amway is not a pyramid scheme.
  21. Good at love bombing - arranging instant friends for new cult members, lots of hugging, smiles, nicey nice behavior, etc.
  22. Good salesmanship - must particularly be good at bullying people into buying overpriced products that they don’t want or need.
  23. Knowledge of bible and biblical terms. All cult leaders must convince their followers that they are doing the Amway business all in the name of Jesus or God and Jesus wants you to do the Amway business. Must be good at twisting biblical references to suit Amway’s purposes. Love thyself first. Love thy money second.
  24. No conscience. Very important not to have a conscience when you are in Amway and if you want to be an Amway cult leader because you are scamming people out of their money, lying to them, being negative, destroying families, and causing emotional and financial distress to others.
  25. Must be greedy. All good Amway cult leaders must be obsessed with money and material possessions.
  26. Must have a screwy, unbalanced, and evil mindset. Normal, well balanced, compassionate human beings need not apply to be cult leaders in Amway..
  27. Ability to paint a dream land fantasy in the eyes of the cult followers of the lives full of riches they’ll have in 2 to 5 years with millions of dollars in residual income flowing in each month to easily afford their new luxurious lifestyles all thanks to Amway. In other words, the ability to sell the hope not the soap.
  28. Must strictly follow Amway’s cult leader slogan: “Lie and deny.” That is the secret to success in Amway.
  29. Must be good at bullshitting. This includes lying about your own (imaginary) accomplishments, pumping people up by whipping the crowd into a frenzy of excitement about belonging to the Amway cult.
  30. Ability not to care about who you step on as long as you make a buck.
  31. Most important. Must be able to lie and deny that Amway is a cult. The truth about the secret Amway cult must not be revealed until new recruits have been signed up and the brainwashing begins.
My list is based on my observations and it might not be a list of qualities that the Amway corporation necessarily wants their Platinums to have but this is the reality of how they turn out and behave. Amway the corporation turns a blind eye to this behavior - namely abuse from the upline - and refuses to take action against the troublemakers. Chop off a Platinum and there goes a stream of income. Its this kind of IBO antics and bloggers like myself who reveal them that contributes to giving Amway a bad name. Most companies take responsibility for the actions of their employees. Not Amway. Rather than take complaints seriously at the head office they prefer disgruntled customers and former employees to take to the Internet to make sure everyone searching for information gets the real picture. Being a good corporate citizen goes right out the window here!

Not everybody loves Platinum cult leaders the way Amway does!

Some of them, like myself, expose them on the Internet so everyone knows what hell awaits if they get involved in Amway thanks to lying sack of shit destructive Platinums!