Saturday, March 31, 2012

Holding An Amway Grand Opening

Seeing as how I get lots of people doing searches on how to do an Amway grand opening and end up at my blog I thought I should write another post about our grand opening for new readers.

The first time I heard the term “grand opening” was when this arrogant prick friend of my husband’s that I have never liked was holding an Amway grand opening and Ambot wanted to stop by the bastard’s house because we were out in the area that day and the bastard was having a BBQ. Though thinking back maybe whatever else we were doing that day was just a ruse to get us in that part of town so we could support his grand opening. I probably said something to the effect what a fucking loser that asshole is for getting involved in Amway and I warned my husband not to buy any of that useless overpriced Amway shit. We got there and I wasn’t impressed with anything but some could say that would probably be mostly due to the fact that I can’t stand the asshole and would never be impressed with anything he’s got going on. My husband poured me an XS energy drink, I think cranberry. I took a sip and told him it tasted like cat piss. I think he was drinking root beer XS so I tried that and told him it tasted like toothpaste that a cat had pissed on. They had a bunch of shitty Amway products on display. I told his wife that we’d been involved in Amway before and hadn’t made any money and we couldn’t persuade anyone we knew to come to Amway meetings or buy any of the shit.

What I didn’t know was that the Amway cult leaders had already started brainwashing my husband. Unfortunately Ambot didn’t learn his lesson the first time around. How’s that quote go? Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. We were doomed to lose more money thanks to his fucking asshole friend and the Amway cult. Except this time was the sheer evil horror of the Amway cult that also brought with it emotional distress because of the horrible evil fucking assholes that were in our Amway WWDB upline. That horror didn’t happen the first time so this was what they meant when they talked about how Amway had changed since the first time we’d been in. Amway now meant dealing with horrible evil scum of the earth greedy bastards out to destroy relationships of anyone who didn’t submit to the Amway cult leaders.

The assholes in our upline said we must hold a “grand opening” as soon as possible after getting started in our Amway business so everyone would know that we were Amway distributors (how embarrassing is that to admit!) and could order products from us. This was also the time to sign up new IBO’s who were interested in starting their own business. Let’s see. Our circle of friends hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years. The people Ambot bugged the last time around in Amway who weren’t interested were the same ones he’d be harrassing again.

We chose a date and decided to hold a BBQ at our house. Amway does not sell stuff normal people would have at a BBQ - hamburgers, buns, condiments, salad, cake, ice cream, etc. Seeing as how Ambot had high expectations of a huge crowd off we went to Costco to stock up for the BBQ.

Grocery bill tally for the BBQ Grand Opening - about $150.

We printed up invitations and gave them out to a lot of people including all neighbors. Ambot actually knocked on doors and spoke with the neighbors and handed them an invitation. He also sniped a few people who happened to be walking past our house while we were outside gardening.

The grand opening was an afternoon event from 1pm to 5pm. Our first guest showed up around 1. He had other plans so was just planning to grab a burger, take a look at some of the Amway products, and hear a little bit about the business.

Actually this fellow was about as close as we ever got to signing up a downline with the exception of the one friend who signed up and then quit a couple of weeks later. This fellow came to a board plan and was interested and liked the IBO’s and their fakey nicey nice act. Then a mutual friend told him Amway was a scam and he backed off. Ambot was pissed off at our friend who had the gall to say Amway is a scam.

Funny how he agrees with that statement now!

Then it got quiet for a couple of hours. Ambot went into the house to watch TV. Things picked up closer to 4pm. Some of our hungry elderly neighbors were happy to come over for free food. One of them even noticed some of the products displayed on a table and triumphantly, disgustedly declared “this is Amway”. A neighbor and his kids came over too. The fellow had never heard of Amway so Ambot gave him a good run down on the business. He was sure he’d found a prospect. Wrong. They moved shortly after that.

Bottom line is as far as promoting the Amway business the grand opening was useless. Like everything else in Amway holding an Amway grand opening is a total waste of time and money. Fortunately most of the food we bought could be frozen or had a good enough shelf life that we were able to consume them later.

Some of the upline dropped by that evening and when they heard that the grand opening resulted in no prospects or customers they tried to get us to hold another grand opening as soon as possible. Nope. Never happened. We could have held a million Amway grand openings and the attendance and results wouldn’t have changed. This was exactly the same thing as happened when we were involved in Amway several years earlier. We invited everyone we knew and lot of people we didn’t know too and maybe a handful showed up for the free food and never resulted in any sales or signing up new IBO’s.

So to the people who keep showing up at my blog looking how to hold an “Amway grand opening” - don’t waste your time or money. Get out now before you face further embarrassment and financial losses and emotional distress.

Amway sucks!

WWDB = World Wide Destructive Bastards and its named that for a reason - it is out to destroy your relationships! WWDB sucks! STAY AWAY!!!!!

But what really sucks are the fucking assholes you’re forced to deal with in your WWDB upline. That is the worst thing about belonging to the Amway cult. The horrible evil people you meet and the way they treat you.


  1. Thinking about it the only grand opening scAmway's unpaid sales agents need is a grand opening of their brain's critical thinking powers and sight in their eyes to boot.

    1. Very true. Maybe ambots need to have a power blast hose turned on them and kept on them until they figure out getting involved in Scamway is a bad idea and agree to quit. It takes drastic measures to get through to them once the Amway cult leaders have brainwashed them.

  2. It's funny. I was looking at some Scientology exposes on youtube and it's amazing how similar their whole "positive-thinking money-making brainwashing" is to Amway. The audience at their meetings have the same glazed worshiping excitement for the "privilege" of hearing words of wisdom from the cult masters, even as they are being tricked into endlessly emptying their money into it with the promise of "immense wealth" at some point which, of course, never comes.

    I thought of you during one part where a man who had lost a lot of money to them secretly recorded some woman from their organization cajoling him to not look at all the money he had lost as being his problem, but giggled that his problem was actually his WIFE. I remembered how you spoke of how Amway's upline tried to poison your husband's mind against you as you represented a threat to the money flowing from his pocket into theirs.


  3. Hi, this is the second time I am posting in your blog. I have a lot of fun reading it. I ended up here about two-three months ago when I googled about this company after an unknown couple (ibos per my google search) tried to prospect us at the groceries. We did not fall for it because it was odd somebody we had never met before asking us about our hobbies, work, finances and telephone numbers. We just walk away!

    It is funny how I was never aware of this type of scams. Few weeks after I began reading your blog a couple we know invited us to a dinner. I heard the guy doing a sales pitch to somebody else about some natural products. By the time we were leaving he gave us some product samples from an mlm company (a different one from the one you warn us about in your blog). The little bottles had a tag with their names and telephone for more information. If is not because I have been reading your blog, we may had fallen for it because we knew them for few years. Then they invited us again but I refused to attend!

    Also, during first months of this year my company sent me to a class on public speaking / motivational advice. I work for an actual company that pays me for what I do and it is not sales. I must admit attending to those sessions really motivated me and I learned few things. But to my surprise, when I googled the name of the instructor I found out he used to hold a high position in the Michigan mlm corporate offices years ago!!! I still cannot believe it and I wonder if those classes are similar to the mlm cult weekly meetings you describe here. The only difference is that my company paid me for taking that course. One thing I noticed is that he used the words "tools" and "business plan" quite often.

    Finally, I remembered something else. Four years ago after moving from my small city to the large metropolitan area where we currently live. I was single back them I used to go to the groceries by myself. Twice, women approached me and tried to make conversation about business opportunities but stopped after they knew I already had a job. All this time I thought it was their excuse to make conversation to me or that they needed a good looking employee for their businesses. But now I realize they were no other than mlm. Hehehe. But now that I am married and we go together to groceries it was a couple that approached us. Seems they really know how to target us in every situation.

    Thanks for making us aware of such scammers.

    1. Anonymous - thank you for stopping by again! I'm always happy to hear that my blog has helped others into identifying that they are being prospected by an Amway IBO or another MLM. I put out the lines my upline used or taught us to use and they haven't changed in years. The things that were being taught in Amway are still being taught today. They don't want to make too many changes to their scam if they're already making some money at it. Or at least the top kingpins are making the money. 99% of IBO's who sign up with Amway will not make money and will quit, some with more devastating financial losses than others.

      There are people who do direct sales and I think if someone is selling something that you want and need and its offered at a good price to go ahead and buy it. Not all direct salepeople are involved in cults or MLM's. One of my friends sells Avon and they offer good prices and good selection and have regular sales on cosmetics and I'll buy from her often.

      Ha ha. If I was a single guy and women were approaching me in the grocery store I'd think they were interested in hooking up with me. But these days as you found out they're more likely trying to prospect you into Amway. Yeah it is weird that strangers would just approach you in a grocery store and strike up a conversation about hobbies, your name, and phone number. Normally if a stranger strikes up a conversation with me they've noticed something in my shopping cart and said they were looking for that and where did I find it or they're thinking of trying it and asking me how it tastes and how do I cook it. And then we part ways without exchanging names and phone numbers! I mean really I don't have indepth conversations with strangers in the grocery store where I'd want to exchange information or join them at Starbucks. I get in and out as fast as I can. Get out of the way of my shopping cart or I'll ram you!

      Don't go to Barnes & Noble much either do you?

    2. ScAmway is the oldest MLM, all others emanated from it or it's model. So they tend to use the same MO-approach no , entice, friends & family and strangers. They all do. The controller scammers (kingpins) don't like to change this model as that would interfere with their incomes. And therein lies the design that guarantees 99% participants in all MLMs lose money. The money those 99% plus are losing is what becomes incomes to scAmway bosses and the kingpins, the guys at the top of the pyramid. This is the case with all MLMs, don't matter what they are called, don't matter they say we are not like scAmway, don't matter how they have tweaked the scAmway model, don't matter what they are peddling. MLMs are commercial cults. And like all cults they have unmistakable cultic characteristics such as a loaded language.
      Eventually somehow some of those 99%ers (and very few of the 1%ers) "wake-up" from this MLM cult induced dream and you see them here and at other sites sharing their experiences and warning others. Sites such as this have been very helpful to us.
      Proper direct selling is ok. IMO only Avon approaches that definition in their practice and their profit ratio for the reps seems ok. So they don't pester you to enroll. But just my opinion, I don't know it's inner workings to say that definitively about it. All other MLMs are hell bent on enrolling newbies.

    3. This is an interesting blog on a different way to make money, however you never will make it in anything because you have a terrible attitude and are negative. They are just like any other job except one day you might actually make money with an MLM if you do any work.

    4. Anonymous - thanks for stopping by with the Amspeak about how you only make money if you do any work. Please define what you mean by that and the rest of us can tell you whether we measured up to your expectations of "doing the work". So if people don't make it in anything with a terrible attitude and negative how do you explain all the Amway cult leaders because you just described them with those 2 words. What about Leona Helmsley? The words many would use to describe her. Like we really need any more fucked up Amway ambots showing up here with their attitude of how they're better than everyone else and spouting off their canned Amway Amspeak. Don't you have an Amway meeting you should be running off to instead of spending time on this blog?

  4. This couple we know buys melaleuca products. My wife talks to this girl and she had told her they pay a monthly fee and that is the only brand they use at their house. The samples they gave us were shampo and conditioner; my wife tried them and said one of them was good and the other one not really. I suggested my wife not to buy anything from an mlm company and that I would feel more comfortable even if she decides to buy her shampoo / conditioner / make up from victoria secrets or whatever fancy expensive store girls like in the mall. I just do not want to have anything to do with mlm after the stories I have heard in your blog and across the internet.

    That's exactly what I thought when those women approached me!! Haha. Both times it seemed they were beginners. if they had not quit their business opportunity sales pitch so fast I would had really listened or accepted an invite to a star bucks.

    And for that couple that approached us in the groceries; their technique was particularly evil. They were hanging around in the baby items section with their empty shopping cart. Then we grabbed some baby wipes and they quickly asked us "how old is the baby?". The wipes were not for a baby but for our puppy because baby wipes are cheaper than puppy wipes. If we would have a baby I would really be even more pissed off they are using this kind of approach.

    I go to B&N once on a while but I go once per week to halfprice books. And on the business/money advice books often I find books like: rich dad poor dad, get rich quick and "how to build you downline". This is a bookstore that buys books from people and resell them. So I guess people who quit amway or other mlms sells their books there. But next time I go to B&N I am ready to confront those ibos!

    1. Anonymous - I'm not familiar with Melaleuca products other than I know its another MLM. Amway sells a horrible shampoo. I have normal hair and their shampoo made my hair oily. Hated it! And it comes in a big honking shampoo container takes forever to use up. I finally tossed it out when we got out of Amway and the conditioner that I never used. Women who have normal hair usually like fruit scented shampoos so you keep sending your wife out to the stores to buy the girlie stuff!

      Yeah the hanging around the baby section is an Amway tactic that is taught at Amway meetings. They're looking for people who bring their babies shopping with them and then they'll make a big deal out of gushing over the baby and how pretty its eyes are, etc etc to make the parents feel really good that someone is loving on their kid and every parent wants to talk about their kid. Its all part of the phoney nicey nice act.

      If you're in B&N and get prospected make sure you get the business card from the IBO. They all have business cards, make them on your own computer. They've chosen a business name and given them an important title "President and Owner" but likely made no effort to register their business name, etc. Anyway get the contact info and then go to the B&N manager and complain. There is a letter sent out a few years ago 2008 or 2007 from Amway's head office that IBO's are not to prospect in Barnes & Noble. However like anything else in Amway and information control not everyone received the memo and new IBO's might know nothing about it. I don't go into B&N very often, maybe 3 or 4 times a year and I keep hoping I get prospected, I'll get their contact info first, and then I plan to let the IBO have it about what I think of Amway and ambots, before complaining to the manager about the Amway harrassment. Hey if I make enough noise maybe I'll get a free book out of the deal!

    2. Yes it's true hanging around baby section, B&N Bizz book sections, etc are taught at scAmway cult meetings. It's called FORM i.e. strike up a conversation in this sequence Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message. So they get your contact and away from your presence they jot down your FORM. Later they call you holding your FORM notes to play nicey nice on you. To me now this is really creepy.

    3. Yup. I get lots of searchers showing up here after typing in "Amway is creepy". Ambots are creepy! Therefore Amway is creepy!

  5. Those ibos in the grocery store gave us a business card and it looked like home made. It had the girl's name on it and some phony title. It was something like "certified skin specialist" though it did not said who certified her. It also had an 800 or 888 number and an email address that included "wwdb" on it.

    I used all that information to do a search on google. I found out they sell a CD titled "emerald dream" or something like that. They have spoken to an audience in an hotel conference auditorium in a large summer conference. They were featured on one of the pyramid booklets on the last pages. Plus they did not private their Facebook accounts giving me access to more. A photo album showing them "walking the beaches of the world" though it had pictures of only one beach and in was the US. Haha.

    After I googled them I just threw the business card to the trash but next time I will follow you advice.

    1. Anonymous - that business card was probably homemade! Which is crazy when there are online companies who make professional business cards for next to nothing. The 800 number is because they have signed up with a company called Communikate (their upline Diamond gets a hefty commission) and for $36.95/month Communikate gives you a toll free number to put on your business card and either call forwards callers to your cell phone or maybe they phone with a message to call back that number. I don't recall which. Bottom line is we never dealt with any potential customers/recruits that were long distance! Total waste of money but its part of the tool scam that makes the bigwigs rich in the Amway cult.

      WWDB is the Amway group that we were part of. The initials should stand for World Wide Destructive Bastards because that is their reason for being. It is a very abusive cult. Most of the people complaining about Amway belonged to WWDB.

      A lot of people don't private their Facebook accounts. People involved in Amway love that because they can friend people and then have access to snipe all their friends and so on and so on. Violation of Facebook rules so if an ambot tries to get cozy with you on Facebook, report them and they'll get their account suspended.

  6. I dont know about this all. But this is so untrue. Every thing in this world are made of businesses and thanks to some of them! If you dont know how to run your business and without someone mentoring you, you definitely going down and Im a positive person and Id like to have a business of my own where I could help people to make a difference. Being part of this businees Im sorry but to say it I learned a lot. The way to work it you just gotta find your nitch and share that to the people. You don't really have to spend a lot of money coz i didnt and if i spend something it benefits me being an IBO with Amway is not hard just be wise and think what you can do to avoid spending. People now adays are having problems with skin or even obese due to the food we eat and should i say fake! too much chemicals and all kinds of stuff having. But through amway products nutrition or any other introduce product to people. If all people wanna have a better lifestyle they should think about what they can do to help themselves stay healthy and beautiful inside out! so im not sure what wrong with you or what happen to you. But if you open your mind and wake up to see what going on around the world maybe you'll have a second thought because business as usual. Amway products is well made products you could have. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    1. Yeah you got the Amspeak down pretty good. That's the exact bullshit our sack of shit Platinum tried to convince us of too but I wasn't drinking the kool aid!

      Most ambots gotta learn that lesson the hard way instead of listening to us who've already travelled down that road.

    2. Beware of people who say they want to help others to make a difference by luring them into a cult that empties their bank accounts, maxes out their credit cards of 99% of those involved, takes up all their free time outside of their real job that actually is what pays for the cult by attending costly brainwashing rah-rah meetings and conventions, and destroys families, friendships and marriages.

      Gosh, but you just have a real wonderful day yourself!


    3. Dave - this guy is too brainwashed to understand what you're saying. Not that he gets any real business advice from his upline other than the hype about having an Amway grand opening - and as many of them as possible to "announce" his new business. I write posts like this because ambots don't have a clue what a grand opening is and rather than asking their upline and risking public humiliation at the next Scamway meeting they search online to see how to hold a grand opening. And find me! My advice? Don't waste your time and money. Not what the ambot wants to hear.

  7. Replies
    1. Hey anonymous from Edmonton Alberta how come you're doing a search on the Internet for ideas on holding a grand opening instead of asking the assholes in your upline. Could it be because they're as useful as a sack of rocks when it comes to actually helping people? Don't waste your time and money. Or you can be a dumb ass and not listen to me and learn that lesson the hard way.

  8. Hi im involed with amway im sorry you had a bad hit with them I'm doing really well... Im researching hold Amway partys wit a High light like the Emma page or maybe the Artitstry. My upline are great people they have become my best friends as well as the people that go to the BDS every month when I go i tend to come home with a New friend.
    Maybe Amway isn't the Problem Maybe your personality is???? Just a Question

    1. Amspeak! How come all Amway assholes have the greatest upline around and their new best friends.

      My personality was definitely a problem. I don't have a salesman personality. I don't have a liars personality. I don't have the kind of personality to scam people. I don't have the personality to pretend to love and worship the fucking assholes in my upline who think we should kiss their asses because they signed up for Amway before we did.

      And Amway is the problem.

    2. You are a jerk lady. You have no self respect and you lack respecting others big time. You hide in your dorm and write all these stupid blogs. I wish you would have spent more time building the business and also mellowing your language instead of spending so much time in blogging and OH!! making no money for it. Isn't that sad?? And I am sure you are having a great party by so called (HELPING) similar people like you. Stop going to your job (if you have one - which i doubt with your attitude) because you don't go and question your boss when he/she whips your back for no reason everyday. You love living in boredome. People like you are so hypocrites. $11.3 billion company in 90+ countries with over 3 million IBOs accross the world. Shame on you.. You should become the Supreme court judge, because all these countries probably didn't do a good job in checking the credibility of this company.. Call yourself Stupid, you and all your friends here who are in support..

    3. And I give a flying fuck what some fucking Amway asshole thinks because?????????

      Amazon made over 60 billion in 2012 and that's because they're a better company. So your point about Amway's sales dropping from the previous year is because????

      My life is doomed with putting up with fucking piece of shit Amway assholes.

    4. Anna, Anonymous is correct. I don't like to brag about how much I earn, however I left my IT Consulting job for this business as I actually earn a little more than I used to. Plus I have all the time in the world to spend with my children, I have no employment commitments, and the best thing about this business is anyone can do it, you just have to face your fears and actually go up to people and change their lives, instead of sitting on a computer "Blogging" on something that has nothing to do with you. However I love your blogs, it just proves that people with your thought of mind will never have what I have. I know its an Amway Cliche, FREEDOM. I drop my children to school, pick them up to. If I needed to go visit family abroad, I do not need to tell my 'Boss' for permisson (I'm 38 years old). I rule my life, I've got the income to support myself, my children, my childrens children.

      I would just like to say, Amway 100% works, as long as you put work into it. I worked hard for 5 years, and I don't need to work as hard ever again. Of course people drop out, they most probably don't have the 'Can do' attitude. Please carry on with this blog, myself, my upline and downline love it as it makes us work harder to prove you wrong.

      Mr & Mrs Bhathia.
      Financially Free
      £81,000pa and going.

    5. Actually, I'd say Amway works 0.0000001% of the time EVEN if you put work into it. It can't be anything else when all you do is funnel money upward.


  9. I was solicited on 2 separate occassions...
    1) when I bumped into a random stranger while walking, he said I looked familiar. I told him about some of the career fairs I went to and probably met him there. When I mentioned I was looking for work he gave me his business card about an "E-commerce opportunity" and to call him.

    2) I got cold called from a former coworker. I was suspicious, and they proved true when he mentioned that he noticed I was always looking for more work to do and a "go getter", unlike some of the other coworkers who just surfed on the internet. I called "BS" in my mind, because our offices were never close enough for him to see what I was doing. Again, "E-commerce opportunity" was the same hook used.

    On both occassions, that's what it must've felt like to have your "spider senses tingling" or that "jedi sense" of something is amiss.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your comments. I'm going to bring them forward into a new post sometime soon otherwise my readers are going to kiss this because it's an older post. I'm doing posts on how ambots prospect people so your comments will be great!

  10. Well, with the way you talk shit about everyone and everything and life and successful individuals, it is no wonder you weren't successful in Amway. My fiancée's sponsor makes enough money so his wife can be a full time mom, as well as his sponsors wife. Amway makes it clear that this isn't easy money, and it isn't. The hardest part is finding the right people to sponsor. And so far, we have had very little luck. But if his sponsor can do it, I know we can. I'm sure as hell a skeptic to stuff like this however being negative towards everything and everyone isn't going to make things any better, and it seems your relationship with your husbands friend or whomever you insisted on consistently calling a bastard, got you in the way of your feelings to the company and its products. For example, XS doesn't taste like cat piss. Perhaps your just being way to bitter? My sister loved it. I thought it was pretty good, not a huge fan. I am a fan of the shampoo though. Not the one in the large bottle, but the Bamboo and Green Tea. My hair has never felt this clean and it is as soft as it was when I was a child. Plus it is not greasy. Not all their products are the best, but this shampoo has lasted me maybe two months? And its not even close to being finished AND I received two bottles. Like I said, not all their products are amazing, but you can't say all companies have amazing products. When we become financially successful in Amway (yes, when, because my fiancée is trying to have positive surroundings and I believe he CAN do it) I'll be sure to let you know :) and when I do, I'm sure you'll realize you were just not committed to something as difficult as this. And maybe that isn't a bad thing, marketing is not everyone's forte.

    1. Anonymous - I've met many successful people - none of them in Amway.

      Many visitors to this blog describe XS as a mix of cat piss & cough syrup. Funny how everyone who claims they love XS do much doesn't love it so much when they quit Amway and don't buy it no more.

      You miss the irony of this blog. When you're in Amway the cult leaders bash everyone who isn't in Amway and call them losers, negative, dream stealers, etc. This blog exists to turn the tables on those bastards and curse them out.

      Just as marketing is not everyone's forte neither is being a business owner. And that gives people in Amway the right to insult and mock those people? And they come to this blog and find the tables turned.

      Come on if you're as good at marketing as you think and have the drive to own your own business surely you can find one with a better success rate than a fraction of 1%.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by with those links!

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