Monday, March 12, 2012

Who is Worse? Your Boss or Your Amway Platinum?

A recent comment left on my blog got me to thinking this would be a good topic for a post. Who is worse? Your boss or your Amway upline?

Its been many years since I’ve held a job. No matter what those dumb ass ambots say who show up and leave comments on my blog that I work for somebody else! Prove it liars! I’ve always gotten along fairly well with bosses at various places I’ve worked. There have been a couple of bosses along the way who weren’t the type of people I’d want to hang out with after hours, but didn’t affect professional behavior inside the workplace. When I look back at jobs I’ve held, my workspace was usually in a different part of the building than my boss. Sure I’d interact with the boss throughout the week, either by phone or in person, and as technology came into the workplace, by email. Some jobs I’ve held there were department meetings once a week or so. For the most part in every job I’ve held I did not have a boss hanging around watching what I’m doing or working closely in my area. I know what my job is or I get a list of tasks to do and away I go. I probably dealt with former bosses no more than 2 hours a week. Most jobs are probably the same. The boss is busy dealing with their own work and not hanging around their employees constantly yapping.

In Amway the main cult leader that most new recruits have to deal with is the Platinum. That’s the boss. When you go to Amway business meetings they last at least 3 hours and probably go closer to 5 hours because there was training or night owls or nuts and bolts or whatever bullshit they called it. In Amway meetings you’re stuck listening to the sack of shit Platinum the whole time. There is no getting away from the asshole to get other work done. The Amway cult meetings will be 2 or 3 times a week. Then the Platinum sends dozens of emails/text messages and if you’re really unlucky the bastard will phone you too. Then there are other Amway meetings throughout the month, at least once or twice a Diamond comes to town and the Platinum orders all the downline to attend. Rallies, seminars, major functions - the Platinum will hold a meeting before and/or after for his downline. Let’s just say you’re dealing with the Platinum cult leader a minimum of 20 hours a week on a more or less individual or small group setting.

At the end of the work day you go home and do not have to deal with the boss anymore.

Amway Platinum expects downline to give him complete attention any time of day or night whether you are working your job that pays the bills or at home relaxing. You can not escape the fucker!

Boss at work is responsible for paying the employees. Lets just call it $3000/month salary.

Platinum boss pays his employees - zippo! Free IBO labor! If the Platinum bullies his downline into buying overpriced Amway products and investing in the tool scam. Platinum causes his IBO employees to lose money.

Your boss at work is probably not out to scam the employees.

The Amway Platinum scams everyone in the downline, mostly telling them to buy overpriced Amway products and invest in the tool scam.

The boss at work probably does not threaten their employees unless they want to be sued!

Amway Platinum threatens the downline with whatever they can get away with to make them toe the line. One of the threats heard at every Scamway meeting was if you do not buy the tools the Platinum will refuse to work with you.

Depending on your business, your boss from work is probably honest, trustworthy, treats employees well, and values integrity.

Our Amway Platinum is a liar, dishonest, twists the truth, treats the downline like shit, tries to destroy others finances and relationships, and is extremely negative.

Boss at work likely does not bring up religion in the workplace.

Amway Platinum preaches religion constantly at business meetings.

Boss at work probably does not greet employees by hugging and kissing them and gushing all over them.

Amway upline love bombs everyone.

Boss at work probably does not sneer at people who work for others and do not own their own business.

Amway Platinum sneers at everyone who has a J.O.B. and reinforces how everyone in Amway is better than everyone else because they own their own business.

Boss at work may or may not be abusive to their employees.

Amway Platinum is always abusive to the downline.

Boss from work doesn’t send emails to employee’s home or texts or phones when off shift. Well, maybe occasionally if someone has called in sick and they want to know if you can cover. But it would be rare for a boss to contact an employee outside normal working hours except in unusual circumstances.

Platinum boss is constantly on the IBO employee’s asses: phone calls, texts, maybe emails, or demanding the employee’s presence somewhere. 24/7.

If your boss where you work is an asshole and you don’t get along, you quit and find another job you’ll like better.

If your husband is a brainwashed Amway ambot and the Platinum is an asshole its tough going to make him quit because he’s been brainwashed to believe that people who quit Amway are losers and success is right around the corner.

Its my calculation that I much spent less time during the workweek with any boss I’ve ever had than with the Amway Platinum.

I’ve made more money in a day at any job I’ve ever had than I’ve made in a month of being an Amway IBO. Hell! Probably made more money in an hour at any job compared to a month of what I earned being an Amway IBO.

If I had to choose between going back to work or going back to Amway, I’d find another job. Amway is hell! Most jobs working for someone else are tolerable.

If I had to choose between spending a day with any of my former bosses or a day with our former Platinum, I would choose a day with any former boss over an Amway asshole.

So to answer my question of who is worse - my boss (if I currently had one so I’ll choose a former one) or our Amway Platinum - our Platinum is the biggest motherfucking cocksucking son of a bitch straight out of hell’s worst nightmare I’ve ever met in my life. Can’t say that about any of my former bosses.


  1. Jeezus. Imagine having to go to the amway beach house cat piss party and pretend you like that SOB! Company picnics where I work are fucking awesome. And you can bring your kids. Just about every amway function(maybe dysfunction is a better word) ive seen there are no kids allowed. When ambots gather at a house the kids are told to get lost. So my conclusion is that those evil sons of bitches must dislike children! Id rather take a haymaker from tyson in the junk than spend 5 minutes listening to anyone from amway speak.

    1. Anonymous - Ha ha! Well at least you didn't want Tyson to bite your ear off!

      The whole Amway thing is a game of pretend. Pretend you own a business. Pretend you like shitty food bars and drinks that taste like piss and overpriced vitamins that don't do nothing for you. Pretend you like the people in Amway. It would be safe to say I got a failing grade in all of that!

      And of course the biggest pretend of all is denying you have anything to do with Amway when you're trying to recruit someone and they say "is this Amway" and you have to lie and say no and pretend you're something else like WWDB.

      I think the only reason people in Amway have kids is for the tax deduction benefits!

  2. Upline is worse! They are hogs for free labor from lowly ambots at their homes or wherever they imagine, like upline moving. Go hire a mover scumbag!

    1. ExAmbot - that's what they wanted my husband for. His truck and his muscles. I could have sworn I wrote a post about that and the day his truck broke down but I don't recall for sure.

  3. Very True, upline (some) are blood suckers.

    1. I would say upline - the majority - are blood suckers. The upline who aren't blood suckers aren't really immersed in Amway and probably not renewing their membership.


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