Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Won’t Work With You If You Don’t Buy The Amway Tools

Amway’s literature glosses over how some of their line of sponsorship groups sell motivational items. As a disclosure the Amway literature states - and here I’m paraphrasing - that purchasing these motivational tools is optional and that your upline is still required to help you build an Amway business whether or not you purchase the motivational tools.

Its kind of Amway’s bullshit way of distancing themselves from the tool scam.

Bottom line is none of those groups and here I’ll just pick on our line WWDB - World Wide Destructive Bastards - are able to sell any of the items on their tool scam list without running it past some head honchos at Amway’s head office for their approval of the item first. Really can you imagine if some Diamond says something on a CD to the effect of “I recommend you don’t buy XS Energy Drinks because they taste like cat piss!” Amway would fire the bastard and a Diamond CD like that would never get approved. Or if there’s a video that shows a Diamond doing a load of laundry comparing Tide with SA8 and the clothes washed in Tide come out cleaner! Yup. There’s a reason why Amway’s head office approves anything sold to the masses in the lines of sponsorship. They are very much aware of the tool scam but put in this little bullshit disclaimer on their literature.

Our Platinum didn’t give a flying fuck about violating Amway’s rules. He said at every Amway meeting “If you don’t buy the tools I won’t work with you.”

Of course that meant the ambots would buy tools at a feverish pace to stay in the good graces of their cult leader. They worshipped him and coveted his affection and if he wanted them to blow all their money buying useless Amway motivational CDs and books, their only question was how many?

Once I noticed that disclaimer in Amway’s literature - and this took me a few months - I phoned the head office to file a complaint against our sack of shit Platinum who was forcing IBO’s in his downline to purchase tools holding a threat over their heads about refusing to help them build an Amway business. As usual I was dealing with Amway’s help desk, better known as the unhelpful desk or the I-don’t-give-a-shit department. Their standard response went to the effect that they weren’t responsible for what is said at Amway meetings.

I mean what the fuck! Then WHO is responsible for what is said at Amway meetings? Excuse us for thinking Amway’s head office would give a flying fuck about one of their Platinums breaking the rules. Well you know when ALL the Amway Platinums are breaking the rules - because there’s no doubt in my mind that other Platinums use the same threat - Amway’s best course of action is not to take any action. Amway’s head office ain’t going to make waves with someone who might be running $25,000 worth of Amway products through his downline every month.

So even though Amway’s literature states that IBO’s are not required to purchase tools and the upline is still required to help the IBO build an Amway business whether or not the motivational tools are purchased, Amway refuses to enforce their own policy or take action against offenders.

Turn a blind eye to the tool scam!

Well I’m not turning a blind eye. I’m here blogging about the abuse we took from our Platinum. Not everyone loves Platinums as much as the people who work at Amway’s head office. People at Amway’s head office think Platinums should be worshipped and spoken about in glowing terms. They must find it really hard to turn a blind eye when they read my blog that tells it like it is when it comes to describing a fucked up Amway Platinum. For some oddball reason Amway’s preference is to let former IBO’s post all over the Internet about their experiences with Amway and their upline instead of making things right when they receive complaints. Amway prefers not to take action when they get complaints and would rather read on the Internet about a scamming lying sack of shit Amway Platinum. So one more time I send out a big old FUCK YOU to our Platinum!

And I continue to warn people about the dangers of getting involved in Amway and having to put up with an evil, lying, scamming, sack of shit Platinum.


  1. You. Are. Awesome. Broke up with the boyfriend of two years who is "building the business....." This is my therapy.

    1. Thank you Anonymous! Yes a lot of this blog is therapy. Me for writing it. Other women who are going through or have escaped from the Amway cult knowing there are others out there who have gone through the same thing. I'm sure you've heard all the Amspeak bullshit I had to put up with. I'm sorry about breaking up with your boyfriend. The Amway cult leaders worked hard on him to separate him from you. That is the goal of your Amway upline. To destroy other people's relationships. Buch of sorry sick bastards they are that can't find their own business.

    2. Sorry to hear about the breakup, but you are saving yourself from years of heartbreak, pain and financial ruin. Once caught in the Amway web and brainwashing, a person's ability to think and use critical thinking is eroded and replaced with a make-believe mindset built by Amway. The only "business" is how those upline in the pyramid suck dry the so-called "IBO's". And any spouse or girlfriend who is not part of the cult is a danger to the cult masters as they represent a voice of logic and reason to break that daze-like brainwashing. Thus, like any cult does, they turn people against all non-Amway family or friends, branding them "negative" and "dreamstealers" or whatever current Amspeak is in vogue. As long as he was in their tight grip of mind control, you would always be a distant second in his heart to Amway. Always. That's just what cults do.

    3. You said that very well Dave!

  2. Ok heres another word ambots misuse: tools. Since you lames have no idea what a tool is I will explain. A wrench, hammer, and a screwdriver are all good examples of tools. An amway CD is not a tool. Its worthless. Your shitmobile might run a whole lot better if you bought some real tools and learned how to use them. So there ya go. Some knowledge free of charge. No ass kissing required.

    1. Anonymous - if those ambots actually went out and bought real tools like the kind a mechanic, carpenter, or gardener uses and learn how to use them then they could start their own legitimate business doing repairs or landscaping and earn way more money than they ever could in Scamway.

      You know maybe I should create a CD telling them how they could do this and sell it for $40!

    2. Actually, Amway is a great place to find the definition of a tool when using an Urban Dictionary.
      Tool - One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin.


    3. I don't know Dave. Isn't "tool" used to describe someone as a fool more from an older generation or maybe another English speaking country. Don't really use it over here. I'd call someone a fool (or worse!) before I'd call them a tool!

  3. Buying all these crap is what AMO love, friendship etc is built upon. Equally you no buy, you no get love is true.

    1. Nobody in my upline loved me....

      They disliked me even worse after my husband quit Scamway.

      I can't tell you how much that breaks my heart!


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