Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Ambot Amway Leadership Dilemma

So I get some brainwashed ambot asshole from Minneapolis doing an online search about WWDB Amway Spring Leadership at the Orleans Arena - which is in Las Vegas. He ends up at a post I wrote in 2011 about Amway WWDB Spring Leadership. Left me the typical canned amspeak response that I’m broke. Oh shit! What will I ever do with my house and my cars now that I’m all of a sudden broke because some fucking Amway ambot declares it so! Surely a person as broke as me with an income more than what Amway says the average Diamond grosses is DOOMED!!!! It never fails to amaze me that ambots have such low opinions of their Diamonds. If our income is higher than a Diamond and I’m broke - then what does that say about their fucking Amway Diamonds?

But back to the asshole ambot searching for Amway WWDB Spring Leadership being held at the Orelans Arena. I know some people might be thinking so what. Maybe its the closest Amway WWDB Spring Leadership location closest to the fucking ambot’s house.


Amway WWDB Spring Leadership is being held in the Minneapolis Convention Center on May 5 and 6 2012. Logic would dictate if a brainwashed ambot lives in Minneapolis and Spring Leadership is being held there then wow don’t get much better than this. Can do Spring Leadership cheaply no hotel and bare minimum transportation expenses.

But the ambot asshole is searching for Spring Leadership at the Orleans Arena. That would be this coming weekend April 13, 14, 15 2012 in Las Vegas.

Well I know why I would want to go to Las Vegas and its got nothing to do with being brainwashed at some fucking Amway conference! But the only reason this ambot is looking to go is to catch World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership. So there are at least two opportunities for asshole ambot to attend: in his/her hometown and spending some bucks to go to Las Vegas. Yup those ambots are encouraged to attend as many Spring Leaderships as they can. Gotta invest in the tool scam. Gotta make the cult leaders perched on top of the pyramid even richer.

That asshole ambot will probably be back searching for Spring Break in some of the other cities too.

Had a good laugh the other morning. An employee at Amway’s head office in Ada is fucking around on the Internet instead of getting their work done and searching for information on WWDB Spring Leadership in Washington DC and what is the first link on the search engine? Married to an Ambot blog! Dumb ass clicked it on it a couple of times. Amway and WWDB in their quest for high secrecy doesn’t make this information available so ambots have to search online and they all find their way to Anna Banana!

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  1. I have a funny suspicion that many Amway diamonds might be living on the edge themselves. A diamond lifestyle is simply not easily sustainable on $200,000 a year or whatever some of them make in a year. After taxes and other expenses, they are living in the middle class. If they have mansions and Ferraris, the are probably in debt.

    1. I think its plausible that some Diamonds have the income they claim and/or their materialistic possessions through other sources as well as Amway - inheritance, investments, life insurance pay offs, etc. Much the same way other people come into money. The poor little me act before I found Amway that they all seem to tell the same story is just another lie. Amway says Diamond income is just under $150k so nobody buys multiple mansions and sports cars on that kind of income unless they're heavily in debt. Nicholas Cage earns a few million on his movies, way more $$$ than an Amway Diamond earns, and even he can't afford an Amway Diamond lifestyle and is in debt.

  2. I can't tell you how many times during our years in Scamway that our upline encouraged us to go to more than one Dream Night or FED so we could "experience more of the magic". Yeah right, you mean add to the coffers of the Scamway bigwigs and shell out our hard-earned dollars and maybe get sucked in to buying more tools.
    I don't know about Leadership or Family Reunion- at the time we were in the biz, there was only one each per WWDB Diamond or above, depending on your upline. Maybe Scamway has shrunk so much the big pins have to pool resourses and go broader, know what I mean? We were part of the Nelsen (oops- I just realized I've been spelling it wrong, bad me) family, so our upline "family" was all about the Hawkins', Harstads (left Scamway, now in Eniva), Gonsers, Halls (in and out of diamond qualification), Goldens, Felbers, Kizirians, Danziks (Howie and 1st wife, Ann, divorced right after they became diamond, 2nd wife Theresa was downline from another WWDB diamond out of Hawaii), Popovich's, etc. Since it's been 10 years since I left Scamway, anything's possible but I'd bet my year's supply of Tide on downsizing and combining to save them money.

    1. Anonymous - it would be more fun to be backstage at one of those WWDB Amway functions and listen to the Diamonds fighting over how they're splitting up the proceeds!

    2. Yep, like hungry jackals snarling and snapping at one another over a carcass.



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