Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Leadership Bullshit is Over!

Spring Leadership is over? Not really. Its only getting started for thousands of ambots making the pilgrimage to the annual WWDB Amway brainwashing meeting to pour more money into the tool scam and make their upline Diamonds at the top of the pyramid richer. Amway WWDB Spring Leadership is on this weekend April 13, 14, 15 2012 in Las Vegas. The title of this post refers to when Spring Leadership that Ambot attended had come to an end. I am getting a ton of hits on the old search engines for Spring Leadership 2012 except for a few loser ambots who don't know what year it is and are searching for information for Amway Spring Leadership 2011. Dumb ass ambots were probably told by their cult leaders that just because they're in Amway that gives them the power to turn back time. 

The Amway WWDB Spring Leadership brainwashing conference has come to an end.

Yee haw!

Let’s get in the car and get the hell out of here ASAP! We have a long drive ahead of us and about 3 hours left of daylight. The highway is going to be packed very quickly with IBO’s wanting to get the hell of out Dodge. I want to get ahead of as many of those brainwashed jerks as fast as I can and keep driving until sunset and then find somewhere to eat.

Ambot got out of the stadium fast enough but the fucking Eagle and a couple of his downline are hot on his heels. I was waiting in a 5 minute passenger pick up/drop off zone with a bunch of taxis in front of the arena so I didn’t have to pay for parking. Ambot shows up with the entourage in tow and announces the others want to go to Red Lobster for dinner and he’d like us to join them.

Hell no! I don’t want to eat dinner with those World Wide Destructive Bastards!

As much as I like eating at Red Lobster I have no interest in dining with a bunch of kiddies, one of them being the young lady who came down to the hotel dining room in her jammies. I just want to get going and put some miles behind us while we still had daylight. I had no idea where the Red Lobster was in this town but lets say 15 minutes or so to figure that out and in the past my dining experiences there have taken at least an hour. We’d be burning daylight. I don’t think so. I’m just as happy stopping at Denny’s at nightfall for a burger. Less expensive too. We’re not like the rest of those tax cheating IBO’s. Our accountant don’t let us claim NOTHING to do with Amway on our tax return because our accountant only deals in legitimate businesses not pyramid schemes.

Ambot looks disappointed but gets in the car.

Spring Leadership is done for another year.

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!!!!!

Fuck you bastards!


  1. If you are going to eat at Red Lobster, you certainly don't want to pay good money only to have "fired up" chattering brainwashed Ambots at the table making you lose your appetite with their "we're going Diamond" fantasies and embarrassing you as they prospect the waiters.


    1. That's the other problem with joining ambots after they've been brainwashed for a couple of days listening to those "motivational" Diamonds whose only real motivation is for themselves to increase their income from the tool scam. I like eating at Red Lobster but I don't like ambots and I don't want to listen to a bunch of Amway shit talk while I'm trying to enjoy a nice meal. Hell I don't want to hear nothing about fucking Amway even if I'm eating a Big Mac at McDonalds! How would you like to puke with your dinner? Yuck!

  2. Hi again Anna. I have posted in your blog few times now. I have never been a victim but it seems these mlm companies keep following us during this 2012. I am the person who has been prospected at the grocery store (amway),also by somebody we know in a dinner (melaleuca), and took a class where the instructor turned out to be an ex mlm employee (amway). All within the three and a half months of this year!!

    And as if all of that was not enough. This week after I came back from work and we were watching one of my favorites shows we got a surprise. The show was "how things are made" in the science channel a Tuesday afternoon during a commercial break. An amway TV add. I don't know if you have already seen it. It is the first time ever I see an add from this company.

    The add was not about any specific product, they showed several products but it did not mention any of them. The commercial was about their overall supposedly high quality. The set up was in a colorful busy street with people walking by and their products were flying around like magic. Then the scene changed to what it seemed to be a production factory. There was a magical box with a conveyor belt getting the different products bottles and bags out of it. It ended saying "for more information contact an ibo".

    It seems they showed it only once because I have been watching the same show this week. But it just pissed me off I had to watch this in the less expected place.

    1. Hi again Anonymous!

      Yeah people are looking for other ways to make money either a little extra side income or something that can turn into main income and think MLMs are the answer. Come on people. You'd have better luck pushing your lawnmower around the neighborhood and knocking on doors to see if anyone wants their lawn mowed.

      Yeah I saw an Amway commercial on TV this week. I can't remember if I was watching the discovery channel or a and e but I think it was the same commercial you were watching. I remember the conveyor belt and those woman standing there holding the amway boxes that came in the mail with the message about contacting an IBO for more information. Seeing that shit just pisses me off. Amway has such a tarnished image that they take out commercials but the people watching those channels have probably been ripped off by amway or know someone who was. They'd have better luck doing PR campaigns to apologize for the behavior of their IBO's and say they're slashing prices on everything and inviting people who've been scammed by Amway to come forward for a $10,000 check to be issued to help make up for the distress they've caused them.

      Amway comes out with a new commercial about once a year for about the past 5 years. I see them once or twice then nothing for another year. Guess they can't afford the advertising $$$. Look where they're advertising. Not with any major network.

  3. Yeah I attended that Spring leadership meeting and wasnt impressed at all. Sounded like the head person was just promoting his books and cd's. I lost interest and told my upline that I am not going to continue with the Amway Business. I have only been with Amway for a month and can clearly see that something is very wrong. I already had some reservations anyway during my month of being with them but that meeting and seeing my first commission check did it for me! The good thing about it, my upline didnt even argue or give me a guilt trip, probably because they know its BS anyway.

    1. 4youreyesonly - thanks for stopping by!

      That's exactly what Spring Leadership is about. The only people making money are the ones on the stage who sold tickets to the event and are flogging their other wares. Wasn't it creepy the way the brainwashed ambots in the audience worshipped them?

      Congratulations for getting out of Amway so quickly before any real damage - emotional and financial - was done.

      That's odd the upline didn't try to convince you to stick it out a little longer because they can feel it in their bones that you're about to go really big and your business is going to explode and success is right around the corner. You can be pretty sure they'll be mocking you at their next Amway cult meeting. That loser didn't try hard enough and is too stupid to see what a great business opportunity this is.

      Probably riding your sponsor's ass right now about how s/he could have allowed this to happen.

  4. Las Vegas? That sounds like fun. I used to dream of having a big function in Vegas. If I was still in Scamway I'd go and disappear into the casinos for some buffets, gambling and drinking. Much better use of a dollar than going to Spring Leadership.

    1. Anonymous - I spent a lot of time in Las Vegas when I was younger and worked there awhile. Love that crazy town! Yeah if Scamway had a function there I'd have gone too and ditched the brainwashing sermons and had fun on the town instead!

  5. Glad I came to this site and am not the only one that found this stuff to be bullshit!

    I went to the Vegas leadership because i was told its a "Once in a lifetime opportunity" and that it would be "life changing" if I went. 3 days of just nonstop talking about how rich the diamonds are, how we need to plug into CORE, how much they all love us, and on an on and on....I've never felt so stupid for wasting money like that before, ever! We had to sit for 8-12 hours straight and then we went to "night owls" where they just kept repeating the same shit.

    I said enough and just went upstairs to the room to get some sleep. The worst part is that Im a med student and I have never heard of Amway. Ive been super skeptical since day one and when the guy told me to take out a loan to get to the convention(again, student so Im essentially broke) I just looked at him like he was insane. Loan? I just paid to get into this dumb idea, paid for a "startup package," paid for my super ultra necessary "communikate" system that gets useless voicemails while I still get txts and phone calls from everyone(I'll never understand that concept) and on top of that, Im gonna pay 50$ a month for cds and books I dont need.

    I've already got one foot out the door. Im just trying to bring my friends with me(my buddy who Ive known for 14years) since I thought I was doing him a favor by bringing him into this company. I found myself bugging him to buy once he was my downline and since then, Ive stopped and am doing everything I can to get him out.

    Its been only 1 month and theres already a new convention in Washington. Guess what, I cant afford to go since Vegas cleaned me out(must be a first since there was no gambling) and my upline lied to me about costs and food(his words: yea man, just bring like 50$ and we'll help you out and give you meal bars and everything!). He never helped me once while I was there and wouldnt even give me a perfect water without selling it to me.

    Guess what, If I miss this one, apparently its the second thing in the world you will regret missing and "you have to be there to set the example for your downline!"

    Psh, please, blow it tout your ass ambots.

    1. Sammy - you would have had a better time and possibly made some money if you'd stayed in the casinos instead of going to a Scamway convention!

      How do you know when someone in Amway is lying to you?

      There mouth is moving!

      Those lines you heard about once in a lifetime opportunity and not to be missed event and biggest function of the year, life changing event. Blah blah blah. I've heard it all before. That's what is said at evey Amway meeting where they are promoting the next Amway function.

      The only thing that changes about the function is the name. Plus big change over in the IBO's who attend. The ones you saw last month the majority won't be back next year. You summed it up. Spend 10 or 12 hours being bored by one Ken and Barbie after another strutting across the stage bragging about their riches and how you can have it all too thanks to Amway but never any actual concrete business advice. Late night meetings are because when people are tired its easier to brainwash them. Tired people will agree to almost anything just so they can get the hell out and get some sleep.

      You're obviously a smart kid. Not everyone has what it takes to become a doctor. But just about everyone should understand that a business opportunity where less than one quarter of 1% of people will actually make money. 99% will lose money. That's a really shitty business opportunity.

      Here's a link to a free ebook written by a former Emerald. Here's a guy with 1000 people in his downline and he's earning $3000/month in Amway. So everything your upline has told you about expected income is a lie. This book tells you about the hard work for little compensation and plenty of being abused by your upline. Its a horror story unto itself.

      Stick to your guns! No money no going into debt to go to Washington. Sticking in Amway will only bring you debt, and financial and emotional distress. You're young enough to bounce back but nobody needs to go through this hell.

  6. Greetings from New Zealand! About a year ago, I was introduced to the Amway "business" by a school friend of mine. We were both 18, fresh out of high school. In fact, I found it a bit random that she called me as we hadn't spoken to each other for about 6 months. Over the phone, she invited me to a "business meeting", which was held at a cafe. Upon arrival, everyone who was there (the 6 of us that had gathered) were old school friends, bar one adult guy, who was later introduced as our upline. That night, he showed us the plan; I immediately signed up. Being a piss-poor student, I thought $80NZD is nothing if I'm going to have income like that! However, it was not to be. On top of the $80, I was strongly encouraged to attend a Weekend Seminar to be held a month later. I remember paying $190 for my ticket, $100 fuel, $120 accommodation, and around $80 for food while I was away (the seminar was held in a city 600kms from my hometown). On the same night of signing up, I was also encouraged to sign up to the "education" program, which I did. Later, I opted out of this as I couldn't afford it (I'm a piss-poor varsity student, remember?). Fast forward a few months, and our national convention was to be Australia. My upline were expecting me to fork out for flights to Australia, as well as accommodation, food, and tickets. I can't count how many times I had to say no to them. All the while, they continued to praise me, saying I would be NZ's youngest platinum, etc etc (as they do). In January 2012, a "Business Development Seminar" was held. I had no intention of going. On the afternoon of the seminar, I received a phonecall from my upline, asking me if I could attend the BDS (at my own expense), as he had a job for me. Turns out he wanted me to sit in the crowd so he could be recognized for having x number of people present. The consistent lying really got to me, as they weren't making an effort to hide their lies. In March, my uplines got married (they had been engaged for a long time). Due to my lack of involvement in the "business", I was omitted from the wedding, however pictures on Facebook show that all the other IBO's attended. However, I think it is important to note how they use people. One of their downline is a chef, so they got him to do all the catering. Another is a musician/singer, so they got her to entertain the crowd. The way the Ambots use people as they wish, treating us like puppets, is disgusting. As an 18 year old, I had no idea of Amway. When I came home and told my parents that I had signed up, they were horrified, and warned me of the dangers. I, too, started speaking like an Ambot, however I am glad that I have no interaction with these people whatsoever. I scoffed at how they happily told us to switch off the TV (for good), and that we NEED to invest in a overpriced water purifier, even though we already have one. I also didn't like how they say they would do things, but never did them. Ambots aren't only in the US and Canada, they are all around the world. Just as a last point, I have a huge interest in makeup, fashion, and other girly things (I'm a real girly girl). My female upline offered to teach me makeup artistry, however it took her nearly a year to get around to it. In the meantime, she has been able to teach the other females who hang onto her every word. When she finally did get around to teaching me, she told me it was off after the second week as she had other things come up.

    1. Hi Layla - thanks for stopping by! Your story is the same as so many other people. Though you are a little younger than most IBOs!.

      Not hearing from someone for 6 months? You're still young and out of school but I get comments left here from people who haven't seen someone since high school - 10, 20, 30 years ago - and all of a sudden they're getting contacted out of the blue to be prospected into Scamway!

      As I've been saying for a long time the Amway upline are a bunch of greedy assholes. They are only out to use people. That means stealing their money to further themselves up the Amway pyramid or slave labor or providing free items such as catering for a wedding or the musical entertainment.

      The lies you heard are the same as everyone else hears from their Amway upline. If you don't obey the assholes in your Amway upline they become downright mean.

      You are still young enough to bounce back financially and emotionally. You're a student. This was a learning experience and most learning costs money doesn't it.

      Your Amway "friends" are only your friends as long as they are making money off you. If you aren't forking over the cash they'll drop you fast or do things to punish you such as not inviting you to the wedding. These are not real friends. You'll never hear from them again unless they want something from you. $$$$

    2. As Anna said, this story is repeated again and again and again everywhere. Ambots are the same the world over. Anna gets ambots coming on here saying "oh, you must have had a bad upline. Not like MINE at all". Sure. They all say that. It's part of that cult's culture to use people for their own benefit. Pyramids work that way. In a pyramid, for every person who wants to step up, there has to be those below them on which to step upon to get there.


    3. Its amazing how when ambots are being brainwashed by the Amway cult that their upline are the most wonderful people they've ever met in their lives.

      Not so much when they quit Amway!

      Its easier to see the truth when you're not being brainwashed not to think or speak anything that could be construed as negative.

  7. I experienced all of the horrors listed above between 1991 - 1996 which left me thousands of dollars in debt and a lifetime since working low paying jobs because I invested all of my time and money into the Bill Britt System instead of an actual education.

    1. Anonymous - I'm sorry to hear that. The devastation the Amway cult causes can have lifelong repercussions of destroyed finances and relationships. I hope things get better for you one day soon.

  8. There is an executive diamond Sugeet Ajmani. This skinny little prick is so deceiving and arrogant by bullshitting all sorts of lies. He is so self centered and manipulates people with continuous brain washing garbage to his downlines. All the top earners of Amway are making a majority of their income from Britt World Wide (BWW) system that includes books, CDs, meetings, business seminars and major functions. The best part is that there are 4 major functions in a year and each event ticket costing over $100 which does not include hotel, food, fuel etc.

    1. Winter conference (January)
    2. Spring conference (April)
    3. Summer conference (July)
    4. FED (October)

    1. Hi Anonymous - that skinny little prick doesn't sound any different than any other Amway asshole. You described every ambot in a nutshell.


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