Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lying Amway Asshole of the Week - April 24, 2012

So I get some lying Amway asshole from Seattle Washington who showed up at this blog to leave his lying words of wisdom. Yet another lying Amway asshole who accuses me of having a job - not that I think people who have jobs is a bad thing I haven’t worked a job for someone else in years. So I gave the lying little Amway asshole 12 hours to prove that I have a job - where I work and how much I make etc - and if I don’t then I’m going to feature him as the lying Amway asshole of the week. So here we are! When pressed to prove their lies, lying Amway assholes scramble back into the sewer like the little rats they are.

Wow you people are very misinformed or just don't care to learn some facts. Amway is a very successful business model for over 50 years. How long has your company been doing business? Are there some bad IBOs? Yes, just like there are bad people in every industry. Amway did $10.9 billion is sales in 2011 and 63% of that is returned to the producing IBO. If you don't produce you don't get paid. It is that easy. Artistry brand skin care and cosmetics is used by Miss America and all of the contestants. Amway has been giving International Environmental Awards before going green was cool. I could go on and on how you are misinformed but it is actually a waste of my time. I am trruly sorry you have devoted an entire blog to stealing people's dream. Enjoy your lives of working for other people and worrying if your company or government job will be around in the future.

Seeing as how this was a post where I made fun of a searcher who was staying at a hotel and looking for information on Amway’s book of marriage I hardly see how I was misinformed or didn’t care to learn the facts.

If there is an Amway book of marriage I admitted I don’t know anything about it but I’m not surprised that such a thing exists. Seeing as how this Amway asshole from Seattle says I’m misinformed and don’t care to learn the facts that tells me an Amway book of marriage does exist and the fact that I was poking fun at it and saying no sex when you’re married until you hit Emerald may be incorrect. Maybe you can have sex after you’re married when you reach Platinum according to the Amway book of marriage. I don’t know. Amway asshole from Seattle didn’t clarify exactly what I was wrong about.

Amway has been a successful business model for 50 years? By whose standards? Who says so? What legitimate person - who is not a fucking Amway asshole - says that and where do they have their facts? And more importantly where in my post about the Amway book of marriage did I even bring up the Amway business model? Fucking jerk ass Amway ambot!

Typical Amway ambot strategy to change the topic as a distraction technique.

Amway did 10.9 billion in sales last year? So what? That’s good for the people who own Amway. Not so good for the lying Amway asshole IBO’s in their sales force who only get a few bucks in commission. And more importantly where in my post about the Amway book of marriage did I even bring up how much Amway made or didn’t make last year? Fucking jerk ass Amway ambot! My blog is for pointing out how my Amway upline and everybody’s Amway upline are a bunch of lying assholes! My blog isn’t to discuss Amway sales and business plan.

Lets talk about Amazon! 40 billion in sales last year. MUCH better $$$ than Amway! Been around a lot less time than Amway. No one goes around accusing Amazon of being a pyramid scheme. They do get accused of other things though! Namely being a bad ass employer who don’t supply air conditioning in their warehouses and staff passing out from heat exhaustion. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2393303,00.asp You’d think Amazon could take some of that 40 billion and put in a few air conditioners.

Likewise you’d think those greedy ass owners of Amway could give their employees benefits. Amway employees show up on my blog and leave comments that the company treats them like shit. As if I needed any proof of that, in 2011 Christmas Day fell on a Sunday. On Monday December 26 the businesses that are open tend to be restaurants and retail because a lot of people got Christmas money and they want to spend it ASAP. Banks, office employees, non-essential services get the day off on Monday if Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, its the right thing for employers to do. Not Amway. I had an Amway employee who was really pissed off not to get a day off for Christmas and a long weekend like many employers offer that they were fucking around on the Internet instead of getting their work done and one of the places they surfed to was my blog.

Artistry is used by Miss America contestants because Amway supplies it and pays them endorsement fees! Fucking moron! Do you think Miss America does it out of the goodness of their heart? Do you think the Miss America pageant actually pays for this shit? Its called endorsement! Its called advertising! If McDonald’s paid me a million bucks to appear in a commercial and I had to chomp into a Big Mac and say it tastes great I’d do it too. Many companies pay models and spokespeople. And more importantly where in my post about the Amway book of marriage did I even bring up the Amway Artistry cosmetics or Miss America? Fucking jerk ass Amway ambot! Using the old Amway technique of throwing in other shit to distract people away from what is being discussed.

So who gives a flying fuck if Amway has been giving environmental awards or not? Where in my post about the Amway book of marriage did I even bring up the Amway and enviromental awards? I brought it up in another post a long time ago. Fucking lying jerk ass Amway ambot!

If you want to waste everyone’s time on how misinformed we are about the Amway book of marriage that was pertaining to my post - then keep to the fucking topic! How are we misinformed about the Amway book of marriage and that the Amway asshole looking for it isn’t a fucking loser. Stick with the topic you lying Amway asshole instead of throwing out distraction bullshit about how misinformed we are and then spouting off a bunch of bullshit that has nothing to do with the topic I posted about which is making Amway upline look like a bunch of assholes.

I have devoted my entire blog to stealing people’s dreams? Where in my post about the Amway book of marriage did I even bring up people’s dreams? Fucking lying Amway ambot asshole! My entire blog is devoted to showing everyone what a bunch of assholes my Amway upline are and how the lying Amway ambots that show up here to post comments are a bunch of assholes too? How is discussing Amway assholes stealing people’s dreams? Fucking lying Amway asshole!!!! Amway is the biggest dream stealer around!

Enjoy my life working for other people? Here’s what got you in trouble in the first place you lying little Amway asshole from Seattle. What job? I enjoy my life just fine helping my husband in our business as we slip into semi retirement so our business won’t be around forever when we decide to retire for good. What’s it to you anyway you fucking lying Amway bastard from Seattle? How does whether or not our business is still operating years from now affect your life one way or the other? We're a local business. We don’t have clients in Seattle so obviously you’re not one of our customers. Whew! I wouldn’t want a customer who is a lying Amway asshole anyway!

What makes you so sure Amway is going to be around in a few years? People who have been scammed by Amway and Amway’s former cult members take to the Internet and let others know of our experiences. Eventually due to mass saturation the Amway pyramid scheme will be so well known that the cult leaders will be unable to recruit more members to scam.

So why don’t you take a one way trip up the space needle you fucking troublemaking lying ambot? The world doesn’t need any more lying Amway assholes!


  1. Amway is all about lying and deceit. Not only to other people, but to themselves, as well.
    I always laugh when they bring up how much money the company as a whole brings in. What does that have to do with the reality being that the REASON the top of the company makes so much money is that they have unpaid recruiters to trick suckers into coming to a meeting by disguising it as a BBQ or some other kind of vague business "opportunity". "Is this Amway?" "Oooooh noooooo! No no no, not at all!!" Lying sacks of shit. Then once they have a captive audience, they begin the task of reeling in the fish. They can't be upfront with the reality and truth of the "business". That the products are way overpriced, even after "bonuses". They can't talk about the monthly quotas of self-consuming that make folks buy way more than they would have if they were just buying from Walmart (more money in the hole). They can't talk about the constant recruiting of "prospects" (suckers) that has to go on and on forever until everyone they know is seen as only a potential recruit up until they've chased away all their real friends and family (the Amway family "loves" you ONLY as long as you are lining their pockets). They can't tell you about the endless money pit you'll be throwing your cash into in the form of tools for brainwashing called CD's, books, seminars and meetings. And I don't think they can talk about the fact that less than a fraction of 1% of IBO's will ever make any kind of money at this "greatest of business opportunities".
    So what DO they talk about. Smoke and mirrors. Dreams. Hope. Greed. Appealing to the emotions of a person to bypass their common sense. Never really answering questions with hard facts, just runaround techniques. Making it all sound so easy and such a sure thing. Reeling in that fish slowly. Trying to get them "plugged in" to the brainwashing of the CD's. Until they've broken down their defenses and real life view of reality and replaced it with one of Amway's making. One that doesn't allow them to see all the money they are losing, always teasing them with "success is just around the corner, just one CD away, one function away... keep going, keep going, sell your house if you need to, leave your wife if she won't support you, keep looking at those pictures on your refrigerator", until they either one day wake up to the truth or just plain run out of money.

    Gee, it's no wonder those at the top of the pyramid are so rich. When they've milked one batch of IBO's dry, they just move on to new suckers to start all over with.

    Getting the Amway minions to go out and pull in new suckers, not caring about how the business will hurt them, but only with the hope of stepping on them in an attempt to climb out of the pit themselves reminds me of a story I once read about a dictator in an oppressive country and how he would empty his prisons. He would put one prisoner into a cell and tell another that he would free them if they went into that cell and beat the other to death with a sledgehammer. The desperate guy would go in there and beat the other person to a pulp, then when he was slumped in a corner crying and almost mad from his deed, the dictator would bring in another prisoner and hand the sledgehammer to him and make the same offer if he would kill the first guy he made the offer to.
    For some reason, Amway recruiters remind me of that. They got sucked into a losing proposition and they see the only hope of ever getting out of it as being pulling others in to suffer financially as they have. One cannot have a conscience and sense of honesty and make it in Amway. How could they when lying is such an important key to their "success".


    1. Good comments Dave. Of course that's mostly stuff that I don't go into except when I make fun of our Amway upline and use examples as witnessed happening to my Ambot. All the lies. Its just such an unclean business to get into. No matter how much Amway soap is involved! One feels dirty having to lie and scam others just to make a buck when they're at the bottom tier of the Amway pyramid.

      I just can't get over how some ambot shows up on a post where I'm making fun of some Amway asshole looking for the Amway book of marriage and then decides to leave a comment having nothing to do with the topic at hand but instead spouts off a bunch of Amway bullshit propaganda that the upline cult leaders have brainwashed him to quote.

      I mean get a clue dumb ass ambot. If you show up at a post where I'm making fun of some Amway asshole what do you think's gonna happen to you when you leave a message that only an Amway cult leader could relate to.

  2. The funniest part to me is that they really are convinced that anybody especially the owners of amway really give a shit about their dreams. Do you really think the stockholders of any corporation give a shit about the dreams of the guy who cleans the bathroom? Its all about profit. 63% of the profit goes to ibos? Is that what they told ya? And you believed em? Hey check this out send ME a $500 check and youll be sippin margaritas on mars in no time! Welcome to corporate america dumbass!

    1. Anonymous - you are very correct! The Amway owners don't give a shit about the dreams of any of the IBOs. Neither do the any of the Amway cult leaders. The only people who take note of IBO dreams are the assholes in their upline that they deal with on a daily basis. Those Amway upline assholes only want to know their downline dreams so they can use them against them at a later date. I wrote a post about that a few months back. The Amway upline assholes will use the dreams against the IBO when they aren't signing up any new recruits or finding any customers to buy shitty overpriced Amway products. They they'll mock their downline and say I guess your dream wasn't big enough. Of if your dream is to be a doctor and cure cancer then they'll say just think of all those people who are going to die from cancer because your Amway business isn't going big. Sorry sick sons of bitches that those Amway assholes are! And yes my husband was victim of a similar ploy where the assholes in his Amway upline twisted his dreams and mocked him. Yup. The best reason to get out of Amway is so you don't have to put up with the assholes in your upline.

    2. Amway uplines pretend to be experts at business economics, financial planning, marriage counseling and they wear a myriad of other hats in the attempt to keep their downline completely under their thumb.

      The only thing uplines are really experts at is manipulation and mind games. And, yes, they use their knowledge of a downline's dreams and hopes to string them along while they bleed them dry.


    3. I should probably revise my counsel with upline post and put it up again. Those phony Amway "counsellors" are as phony as the business they pretend to run! "Counsel with upline" = getting brainwashed by the assholes in your Amway upline!

  3. Anna you are CORRECT! Here is my son, junior chemical engineer 3.9 GPA. Brainwashed by Amway idiots...now is thinking to quit the University to make the promising millions$ I need help!any advise?


    1. Anonymous - sorry to hear that your son has been brainwashed by the Amway cult. Another mother stopped by a year ago and said she had to do some tough live because of how disrespectful her son had become since joining the cult and she kicked him out of the house.

      I'd say that's a good starting point for you too if he lives at home still.

      Unfortunately your son is going to go through his savings account and run up credit card debt. He likely will only quit once he has no more money to give the Amway cult leaders. And he likely will drop out of school too once he's been counseled to do so by the assholes in his upline. He will turn into an ugly person and there's not much you can do until he figures out that he's been scammed and there will be no millions of dollars unless he marries one of Amway's heirs that is!

      You need to read a free ebook called the Merchants of Deception to help understand what your son has gotten himself into.

  4. Amway leaders are making a good chunk of their income from the Britt World Wide BWW scam which include books, CDs, meetings, seminars and conferences. The only thing they care about is to make money from you by lies, deception and brain washing tactics.


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