Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On the Topic of Thieving Amway IBO’s

I mentioned in a previous post how an ambot in our WWDB crossline has lost his phone at Amway Spring Leadership brainwashing conference. Though I’m sure the real story is he put his phone down, buggered off somewhere leaving it unattended to record the words of wisdom from the Amway cult leaders, and an IBO saw it and said hey free phone! and took it. I don’t know what kind of phone it was. Our sack of shit Platinum was encouraging everyone in the downline to buy a Blackberry so it might have been one of those. All I know is there were enough bells and whistles on it to include a recording device. Yeah its kind of like a news story I heard a month ago where a bunch of cell phones - I think iPhones - were randomly dropped off to see if honest people would return them. They all had tracking devices and were able to be monitored to see what sections of the phone the finder would access.

I was at a park a couple of years ago and seen a young woman was running down the path. She stopped and asked if I’d seen her iPhone. I hadn’t. She’d been in the park and had got back to her car 5 minutes earlier and realized her phone wasn’t in her pocket and was hoping to find it dropped somewhere on the path. But she seemed to doubt she’d ever see it again. What do those things cost? Around $500? Not everyone’s going to be honest enough to return them.

But enough about phones. We were at World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion and it must have been dinner break. Ambot and I were walking back to the arena from wherever we’d scrounged up food. There were probably about 20 or so ambots walking near us, you know we all get stopped by a traffic light and have to wait to cross so a little group forms. As we got on the arena grounds I noticed a wallet lying on the lawn, about 15 feet or so off the path. So I said hey there’s a wallet and walked over to pick it up. Now I had an audience. All the ambots stopped to watch. What am I? The evening’s entertainment? Or are they all thinking oh fuck she saw it first so I’m out of luck at taking whatever’s inside. I flipped it open looked at the driver’s license and it belonged to some guy out of state most likely an ambot. We had no idea who the guy was so I told Ambot we should go back to the arena and look for security and hand it in. And we continued walking. One of the suck up ambots that was walking near us said something to the effect of where else could you lose a wallet and end up getting it back again but at an Amway function.

Um, just about anywhere in the world. There are honest and dishonest people everywhere. Ambots are liars and scammers so right there is the proof that people in Amway are not honest. The wallet had no money in it. That tells me another ambot came along before I did and found the wallet probably on the path, removed the cash, and then tossed the wallet 15 feet to the side. Not quite good enough aim to make it into the garden and the thief probably didn’t want to call attention to him/herself and retrieve the wallet and make another attempt to hide it.

We had some items stolen by our upline. Mostly things that ambot loaned to our thieving Amway upline and never got back again. One was a cooler that said XS on it. Bought the XS gear at a hugely overinflated price. Not that I give a shit one way or another if I ever see it again because we have enough coolers and I don’t want to go around advertising the cat piss drink but I’m just pointing out that some scamming Amway IBO stole it off us.

We also had a bunch of marketing material stolen off us from people in our Amway upline. Again, nothing that I give a shit about. Its not like I want it back. Just pointing out that Amway ambots are a bunch of thieves and will steal instead of buy. See my ambot had to buy all this shit and provide it for Amway meetings even though that “honor” was supposed to go to higher pins, none of them could afford it so Ambot would jump in and buy it in other words put another Amway related charge on his credit card.

The last stolen item our Amway upline stole from us was a camera and the camera bag. Ambot tried for months to get that back and finally threatened to call the police. At that point someone in his upline got it back from whoever had stolen it (Ambot knew who had it) and we got it back. Broken of course. We have no idea who broke it. These are all a bunch of lying scheming Amway ambots so they would all deny breaking it. No one in Amway takes ownership of anything other than pretending to be fake business owners. And seeing as how they’re a bunch of irresponsible Amway IBO’s none of them would step up and take responsibility and get it repaired. Fucking assholes!

Just give us more reasons to hate Amway and World Wide Destructive Bastards! Not content at just destroying relationships they will destroy your personal property too!

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