Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Whooping It Up At Amway WWDB Spring Break (oops!) Leadership!

Continuing with my series on what its like at Amway WWDB Spring Leadership I originally wrote this last year but I’m bringing it up again for new readers. This is to describe some of the behind the scenes bullshit that goes on at Amway functions. Most of the new recruits are young IBO’s and are attending an Amway function for the first time. Possibly one of the first times they’ve been away from home and not vacationing with mommy and daddy and are using Spring Leadership as party time. For christsakes go to Fort Lauderdale for your shenanigans if you want to party party party! Be cheaper than attending a shitty WWDB Amway function like Spring Leadership.

Ambot and I went for a walk later in the evening and when we returned to the hotel the clerks were still flipped out from dealing with the brainwashed henchman and reinforcing to him how his credit card was being charged hundreds of dollars for the hotel rooms he held in his name and guaranteed with his credit card for payment. On top of that I gather some IBO’s were behaving badly and they were dealing with hotel guests phoning complaints to the desk. Think Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale. Great just what we want. A bunch of drunken IBO’s in various stages of dress or undress whooping it up in the hallways while room hopping.

I mean really. Who believes when the upline designates girls in one room and boys in another room that they’re really going to abide with the sleeping arrangements?

The hotel we were staying at had a complimentary light breakfast. Cereals, breads, donuts, fruit, yogurt, coffee, that sort of thing. The restaurant - and I use that term lightly - perhaps dining room is a better choice of words - the place where the food was set out and tables and chairs set up. The hotel staff said they had to keep an eye on who was walking through their lobby in the morning looking for free food. Must be a lot of hungry locals around!

There were other guests in the hotel besides Amway conventioneers and it was busy when we got to the dining room. An IBO we knew, a young lady in her 20’s, was sitting at a table with three others. The other three were dressed in their business attire ready to get going to Spring Leadership. She was in her jammies! I mean what the fuck? Have some respect girl! You are in a public place, a restaurant using the term loosely, full of other hotel guests and hotel staff keeping the food stocked up. Did you not notice how everyone else managed to pull their clothes on before leaving their hotel rooms? Even the family with the two little kids are fully dressed. And you’re in your pj’s and slippers. Incredible! And its not like your room is across the hall and you can duck over and back before anyone spots you. You had to walk down a hallway and ride an elevator to get here potentially passing other hotel guests, not all of whom are ambots.

Maybe it was just the air in this town. I went for a walk and when I returned there was a woman in her pyjamas standing in the garden in front of the hotel letting her dog do its business there. And here I thought it was bad enough to be wandering around inside the hotel in your jammies and here’s someone outside the hotel in her pj’s. And this woman had to be in her forties. We’re not talking some kid here.

Do you ladies not have any sense of common decency and what is appropriate to wear in public and what’s not? I have no idea if the dog lady was with Amway but I know the one in the dining room was. Perhaps Amway should send a message out to their IBO’s and quote Mary Kay who says the first thing you do in the morning is get dressed to your shoes. That means you get out of bed and put on the outfit you’re wearing that day, make up, and shoes. You have to be ready to greet anyone who comes to your door unexpectedly. Also means if you have to leave the house in a nanosecond that you’re ready to grab your keys and go.

Time for me to drive Ambot to the convention center and then I can spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool and reading my book.....

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!!!!

And wastes time and money!!!!!

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