Sunday, May 20, 2012

How Not To Throw Up After Taking Double X Vitamins

Google search criteria: “how not to throw up after taking Double X vitamins”.

There were many reasons I didn’t like Double X. Too expensive being the main one. $70/month for vitamins? Holy fuck! I can buy $70 worth of fresh produce a month and eat something that’s good for me and fill me up so I’m not hungry. Popping a vitamin doesn’t give a person a feeling of fullness.

On Amway’s webpage it shows the current price of Double X of $80.80 for a 31 day supply.

I went to Walmart’s website and looked at Equate’s multivitamin in the 50 count bottle - one vitamin a day - for $2.84!!!!

Oh there’s a .97 cents shipping charge if you don’t buy enough other stuff at Walmart to reach their $45 minimum for free shipping.

I was also able to find other vitamins in 50 to 100 count bottles for under $10 on Walmart’s website.

Does anyone else see what’s wrong with the big picture here.

Amway = RIP OFF!!!!  RIP OFF!!!!!  RIP OFF!!!!!!!!

But anyway getting back to the searcher’s question. Can you imagine an ambot approaching their upline and saying “how do I stop throwing up after taking Double X vitamins?” I mean that is something you could not ask your upline without incurring their rage and wrath. The first thing the upline would do is accuse the ambot of doing something wrong because Amway is the whole blame the victim scam. If the vitamin ain’t going down the hatch right that’s because there is something wrong with the user. There never could be anything wrong with “Amway’s fine products”. Oh yuck! Fucking gross. Even just typing that and putting it in italics made me want to puke! But yes that is exactly the response we got from our upline when we talked about not liking a product or it not tasting good or whatever and we wanted to return it we got the old incredulous response of “Who would want to return these fine products?” Like in a tone of voice suggesting only a fucking moron would consider that. Then the old bullshit about how you lose your PV it comes off your account and likewise off the entire uplines accounts and people are gonna be PISSED!!!!

My previous post about Double X - oh and here I have to put in SEX again because of the multitude of searchers I get who have been brainwashed into believing Double X is good for sex - talked about the last day I took Double X after an unintentional dosage of painkillers and the two combined made me very ill and I did puke a couple of times. Several people who left comments also talked about side effects taking Double X.

Its just not worth it taking shitty overpriced useless vitamins if they’re gonna make you puke!!!!

Double X are a puke green color and they are two rather large foul tasting tablets. That’s a recipe for disaster when trying to swallow. Smaller things are easier to swallow. Soft foods are easier to swallow. Nice tasting things are easier to swallow. Honking big shitty tasting Double X Nutrilite vitamins are horrible to try to consume which leads to gagging, throwing up, etc, etc.

If something makes you puke logic dictates that that is something you don’t ever want to put in your mouth again and try to swallow.

So if an Amway IBO told their upline about digestive issues surrounding Double X all that would get them is being accused they are doing something wrong and then ridiculed that nobody else is having that problem. I would say there are lots of ambots having digestive problems with Double X and they’re too scared to bring it up with their upline for fear of their wrath and being mocked at the next Amway meeting.

Really you wanna torture yourself and take something that’s gonna make you puke? Try ipecac!


  1. The real question is "How not to throw up when an Ambot gives you his 'great business opportunity' spiel". ha ha

  2. The body has its own defenses. One of them is when you swallow something that it decides is not good for it, it will set into action the puking reflex.

    It's the body's way of saying "GET THAT SHIT THE FUCK OUT OF ME!!!!! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING????"


    1. That's right Dave. Your body will reject things that are not good for it in one way or another!

      Its kind of the same way that I reject any Amway item that came into my house. GET THAT SHIT THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!!!

  3. Well, I do love and agree with everything you're saying, but I do take the Double X (I think I only paid 40$ for 2 months supply since Im not taking 2 pills per day) and I will say that it has helped my running and cycling. Im a triathlete and Ive tried them all.

    Im also an IBO and I do know that Scamway is exactly that but I have found a way to cheat the system and actually make money without taking a penny from anyone ever. I wanted to talk to you about that(maybe through private email) since it may be the best way to get back at amway and you shitty upline!


    1. Sammy - see if you can find an Amway employee and buy Double X from them because they can buy them at cost plus $5 = $12 to Amway employees.

      Our Platinum also taught us how to cheat the Amway system. That's the high quality of scammers that Scamway attracts.

      No I really have no interest in getting back at Amway. My beef is with the assholes in my upline.

      PS - I'm probably going to use your story you left a few days ago as a blog post later this week in case some of my readers missed it. Well written and very accurate at what happens at these bullshit Amway functions.

    2. I know what you mean. Im already one foot out the door and Ive only been in it for 2 months.

      Thats awesome if you want to use my example and if you need anything else or more info just let me know!

      I've forwarded your blog to my friend since Im trying to get him out of Amway(my pos upline talked to him when I was in class and signed him up without me knowing!).


    3. Sammy - most ambots who aren't drinking the kool aid decide in 2 - 3 months that something is not quite right here and they were lied to. The ambots who actually like their upline and want to stay friends with them know they'll have to stay in Scamway and keep buying overpriced shitty products. The emotional and financial toll just ain't worth it. Those ambots usually renew their membership once and then drift away before the year is up.

      Of course your upline snuck around behind your back to sign your friend up. Amway is all about lying and scamming.

  4. All you do when you take double x is overload your body with vitamins, which is why your pee is yellow and smelly when you take double x.

  5. The Amway Crime Boss Families know that these Double "Cross" vitamins are the money cow in their "closed market swindle." Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel, originally Nutrilite snake oil salesmen, stole their MLM scheme's blueprint (as well as the snake oil compressions) from Mytinger and Casselberry. Amway in essence is merely the continuation of the MLM fraud began by Mytinger and Casselberry.

    Significantly, snake oil concoctions have a long history of making people ill rather than being the complete cure-all. I find it significant that the claims made for Nutrilite vitamins are so similar to the claims made historically for all snake oil concoctions, some of which actually had the potential for causing death and blindness.

    For more information:

    Even if these vitamins are harmless, their price isn't! It is always said you get what you pay for. Yes, Jack could have bought a cow, but ended up with magical beans. Ambots might lead you to believe that there is a 'beanstalk' at the end of the Amway magical beans, but sadly, that is merely a fairytale. Ambots want to believe their own lies and victimize others into their scheme, most of which begin with pushing these badly overpriced Nutri-scam vitamins on suckers downline.


    1. quixtarisacult - thanks for the information!

      I like just about all foods and I do not have a weak stomach. The Amway products that didn't make me ill or gag just tasted nasty. If a swindler is going to market snake oil you'd think they'd want to make it taste good - might drive up some more sales at least while they're ripping people off.

  6. Anna...

    Let the buyer beware. The double X vitamins never sat well on my stomach. I stopped taking them within days after they were foisted upon me. The Ambot "pusher" had convinced my wife that urine the color of coffee was proof that the vitamins were effective. Strange, my wife started feeling ill after taking them and soon quit them as well. I convinced her that common multivitamins were just as effective and wouldn't make her feel sick.

    You see, I was married to an Ambot as well. I should say that my wife was married to her Ambot daughter and son in law and their scheming upline.

    What a tremendous waste of money Amway products are! My wife's Ambot daughter ordered so much crap that my wife had a whole larder full of stale nutrition bars and other rather unappetizing--supposedly nutritious--"junk food." Eventually I threw the whole stale lot of it in the trash.
    My wife's Ambot daughter threw a crying fit every time my wife asked her if we could return anything. It was always the same: Mom, you aren't supporting me in our business when you do that! (Well, so much for Amway's return policy.)

    It would probably be wrong if I said each and everything that Amway supposedly sells tasted bad. The one thing I can say about those acceptable items is, they left a bad taste in the wallet where money used to be. What shocked my consciousness right away was how much the Ambot faithful was willing to pay for the own products. And, I just couldn't understand why supposed business men wanted to consume all their own inventory! Of course it became obvious that Amway and nearly all Amway clones operate a sophisticated recruitment scam where all downline IBOs are encouraged to be their own best customers. That is the way their plan for wealth operates. Makes suckers of nearly all by the way.

    1. quixtarisacult - yup we were always told by the assholes in our Amway upline that we should be our own best customers and Ambot went out of his way to go on amway shopping sprees with borrowed money on his credit card.

      The only thing that Amway sold that didn't taste horrible was their juice. They had 2 types. I can't remember the names. One was good the other less than OK. But really expensive. Came in a little can that of course could only be purchased in a box of 6 or 8 or however many in the box. The price per can equaled a large jug of juice at the grocery store so it was a real rip off.

      The water didn't taste bad either. It just tasted like water. Not the miracle cure all that had been oxygenated 14 times or however many the ambots bullshit you about.

      Your wife was probably her daughters only customer. When you return Amway products you lose your PV. Likewise everyone in your upline will lose that PV. Then the wrath comes down the pipeline. Rather than be humiliated and abused by their upline ambots won't return useless shitty tasty products. Thats why the daughter was crying. She knew the abuse she'd get from her upline if your wife returned anything to Amway.

  7. Anna...

    Yep, returning an Amway products was tantamount to treason! I liked the Mocha Ice Coffee drinks (not actually made by Amway). I drank several that I found stashed in the wife's larder. (She liked to hide Amway crap because she knew I wouldn't approve and she knew it cost too much money). Strange, she had absolutely no plans to sell any of it either, as it was for all intents and purposes unsellable. Later I got scolded by my wife; she told me how expensive these coffees were; (liquid gold). My gawd how expensive!!! It wasn't that they were all that great; on par with ones you can buy at your local carry out (and found for less at Walmart, or that other legitimate Michigan retailer, Meijer).

    Yep, the daughter always seemed to be under the stress of pleasing her and her husband's upline.

    Speaking of their upline, the one man that recruited them into Quixtar at the time had been doing Amway for something like 20 years (a lifer) and he up and died one day--massive heart failure. Come to find out that although he 'feigned' Amway riches, he lived at home with his mother, was trying to scrape up enough money to make a down payment on his own house, and was deeply in debt. Yet, he was mentoring the daughter and son in law on how to obtain financial freedom in Amway's soviet style 5 year plan. What a crock of shit!

    It was maybe a year later that most of all the stale bad tasting Amway crap got trashed.

    1. quixtarisacult - I don't remember the iced coffee mocha. I'm not a coffee drinker though a couple of times a year I might have an iced mocha. So if Amway had the iced coffees I wouldn't have noticed. I'd rather have one from Starbucks with whipped cream on top.

      Yup they are really expensive. I know how your wife feels. I get pissed at my husband when he guzzles an expensive food item down. Expecially if I didn't get a chance to have any!

      Her daughter acted the way she did partly out of fear of her Amway upline who were most likely telling her husband to leave her if she didn't buckle down and become a good ambot wife and support his Amway business and all the other bullshit that goes along with it.

      Well its always sad whenever someone died but I can see how stressful it is to be in a cult and losing money for 20 years. Probably what caused the heart attack.

      Yup we had all these rotten little Amway bastards who Ambot was "counselling" with in their 20's who are renters, drive clunker cars, and have no savings who are trying to give him financial advice.

      Sell your nice car and buy a shitmobile.

      Take out a 2nd mortgage or loan against the equity in your house.

      Yeah I'm really going to take financial advice from a bunch of Amway assholes that I can't stand who don't know the meaning of the word responsibility.

    2. That is one of the more laughable parts of Amway (of which there are many), and that is morons who are stuck in a cult which is bleeding their own finances dry giving financial advice to other people. Kind of like that mom in the news with the abusively tanned faced giving advice on how to avoid skin cancer.

      In other horror story boards I've read, there was one where the upline advises his destitute downline to sell off all his wife's jewelry (including her wedding ring) to attend a function because "you can more then make up for it when you can buy her diamonds the size of a walnut after benefiting from this must-see event". They know no shame at all in their attempt to milk every last drop out of a victim before they abandon them and tell them their failure was all their own fault.


    3. Dave - simply because they are in Amway that now makes ambots experts on everything under the sun. One of the assholes in our upline was phoning us for medical advice regarding their kid. I asked Ambot why he didn't take the kid to the doctor and apparently he had but was looking for a 2nd opinion! From someone who's never gone to med school much less never went to university! Dr. Ambot! Ha ha!!! That's how whacked out these cult followers are!

      Tanning mom is an Amway Artistry model. That's the type of attractive good looks Artistry looks for in their models.

  8. I vomit when I have an empty stomach. It makes me feel uncomfortable, I make 4000 a month residual from Amway. It's obviously the system. It works.

    1. Unknown - yeah right you're making $4,000/month in residual income from Amway. You'd be posting links to prove this otherwise we'd just call you another lying scamming Amway asshole.

    2. How many in your downline, Unknown? How much PV/month are each buying? How many actual customers and how many are just self-consuming and filling up their garages? Because you know the latter will fall off the radar because it is unsustainable for someone to keep buying for themselves or just filling up closets because there is no profit in that and thus they run out of money. We all know there would be few "real" customers because Amway is horribly over-priced so non-brainwashed people don't want to waste their money for things they can buy far cheaper, more conveniently and for better products just around the corner from them.

      Ambots never address those realities because it's just easier to lie "oh, I made $400,000 last year and am on my way to $1 million this year. I'm fired up!!! Business is great!!" But, of course, that's all in their fantasy and in reality they are still "following the dream", deep in debt but believing their upline that says "you can't quit now with success just around the corner!"

    3. Those are good points Anonymous. Wasted on a brainwashed Amway Ambot but the rest of us get it! LOL!

      Yup to be in Amway you got to be a liar. Lie about how much money you're making, lie about how much money Amway makes like anyone gives a shit, and lie about how good those nasty shitty products taste! LOL!


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