Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How To Lose Money In Las Vegas Without Gambling!

Amway assholes claim that the “very important information” at Amway functions 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago is not the same “very important information” being taught today and us old timer bloggers have outdated information.


Nothing ever changes in Scamway except for the names.

The Amway cult leaders claim that every Amway function is the one that is life changing and the not to be missed event of the year.


Where have I heard that lie before? Could it be from our sack of shit Platinum?

They don’t teach piss all at any Amway function. There is no leadership skills. There are no sales techniques. There is no business training. Every Amway function is a social gathering (as determined by the IRS) hosted by Diamonds who earn the bulk of their Amway income from the tool scam and conning ambots into attending these major functions. Instead of the promised training all the ambots get are one Barbie and Ken after another slinking across the stage bragging about how rich they are thanks to Amway and showing videos or pictures of their riches. Or maybe that’s the magic of a Hollywood photo shoot! That’s all there is. For hours on end ambots are tortured listening to the Amway assholes up on the stage. The majority of attendees are brainwashed ambots. They are really creepy screaming like the Beatles are up on the stage and rushing to be close to the scamming lying bastards who are taunting them with their words of wisdom about how much they love you and if they can do it then you can too.

The minority are IBOs or their guests who haven’t been brainwashed into the Amway cult. They find Amway functions really creepy. Then they get angry. They were lied to. Instead of the promised business and leadership training they got stuck listening to a bunch of greedy materialistic Amway bastards.

Here are some observations from new IBO Sammy who went to the WWDB Amway Las Vegas Spring Leadership 2012. He heard the same lies I heard a few years ago. He was told to be CORE and invest in the Amway tool scam - Communikate, premier membership to WWDB, buy motivational books and CD’s, etc. He told his upline to fuck off when ordered to attend a night owl and did his own thing - went to sleep. He heard the usual lies about no need to bring money, the ever so generous (gag!) upline will help out with his food and expenses. Lies! Yeah I really want to eat a Scamway food bar in a town where I can get a beer and a hot dog for $1. And as typical with the assholes in the Amway upline they already had their hands out demanding he pay up for a ticket to the next Amway function.

Yes Sammy is one of very few people who go to Las Vegas and lose money without even going inside a casino!

He got scammed by Amway!

Glad I came to this site and am not the only one that found this stuff to be bullshit!

I went to the Vegas leadership because i was told its a "Once in a lifetime opportunity" and that it would be "life changing" if I went. 3 days of just nonstop talking about how rich the diamonds are, how we need to plug into CORE, how much they all love us, and on an on and on....I've never felt so stupid for wasting money like that before, ever! We had to sit for 8-12 hours straight and then we went to "night owls" where they just kept repeating the same shit.

I said enough and just went upstairs to the room to get some sleep. The worst part is that Im a med student and I have never heard of Amway. Ive been super skeptical since day one and when the guy told me to take out a loan to get to the convention(again, student so Im essentially broke) I just looked at him like he was insane. Loan? I just paid to get into this dumb idea, paid for a "startup package," paid for my super ultra necessary "communikate" system that gets useless voicemails while I still get txts and phone calls from everyone(I'll never understand that concept) and on top of that, Im gonna pay 50$ a month for cds and books I dont need.

I've already got one foot out the door. Im just trying to bring my friends with me(my buddy who Ive known for 14years) since I thought I was doing him a favor by bringing him into this company. I found myself bugging him to buy once he was my downline and since then, Ive stopped and am doing everything I can to get him out.

Its been only 1 month and theres already a new convention in Washington. Guess what, I cant afford to go since Vegas cleaned me out(must be a first since there was no gambling) and my upline lied to me about costs and food(his words: yea man, just bring like 50$ and we'll help you out and give you meal bars and everything!). He never helped me once while I was there and wouldnt even give me a perfect water without selling it to me.

Guess what, If I miss this one, apparently its the second thing in the world you will regret missing and "you have to be there to set the example for your downline!"

Psh, please, blow it tout your ass ambots.


  1. Anna - could you dedicate a post looking specifically into WHY ARE AMBOTS AND THE AMWAY ESTABLISHMENT SO F&%$ING CHEAP?!?!?! It's a common theme I notice. I know there are a lot of circumstantial reasons (they got no $$ because Amway impoverishes them) but there seems to be a cost for everything with these people. The concept of an ambot "floating" a guy, at least with a loan, during a convention seems completely foreign, and these scammy events seem to offer NOTHING by way of extras and amenities. So I look forward to your in depth analysis as only you can do! -M

    1. Anonymous M - I can probably do that! I have touched on cheap Amway bastards in previous posts and comments but I don't believe I've ever dedicated an entire post to it so now might be the time. Of course the assholes in my amway upline will be starring in the post! My upline are the same as everyone else's. Its all the same story. In a nutshell the reason Amway bastards are so cheap is because they have frittered all their money away at Scamway and have taken loans or taken on credit card debt so there is no disposable income for anything else.

  2. The thing about Amway "tools and functions" is they are not about teaching ways to help one be successful at Amway, because the truth is the best way to be successful at Amway is NOT to do Amway. When less than 1% of IBO's have any chance, no matter how hard they follow "the plan", then what can Amway do to insure they at least make THEIR money? Why, by "firing up" people, of course. Their "tools" are all about playing with people's emotions and "dreams". Teaching that thinking is "negative", and just going by blind emotion and faith is "positive".

    The conventions have one purpose only... to play with a person's hopes and dreams, build greed into them and make them think they couldn't possibly be happy without all the riches that they show on the video screens. A false illusion of a carrot they dangle tantalizingly, telling them that it's theirs as long as they WISH it to be, as long as they BELIEVE it will be.

    It has all the reality of telling a kid after he blows out the candles on his cake "Now make a wish and you have to really, really, REALLY believe it will come true, and then it will". Then, of course, when it doesn't they are told "Aw, well I guess you just didn't wish hard enough, did you?"

    Amway is all about tricking people into ignoring reality and falling into a make-believe fantasy world that says they can have whatever they desire as long as they just keep believing and ignoring whatever reality that surrounds them. They are a successful business person, just ignore all that negativity of maxed out credit cards, broken down cars, empty bank accounts, broken families, lost friends and creditors pounding on the door. To "see" all that would break the "spell" and then success won't magically happen.

    Tools and functions are for the benefit of those at the top only, not only as another means to pick the lowly IBO's pocket, but to keep them lining up willingly month after month to let it happen again and again and again.


    1. Dave - Amway is all about scamming, lying, and destroying the lives of the cult followers. All the while telling them how rich they will be in 2 to 5 years if they only believe hard enough. And if they aren't rich - well they didn't try hard enough.

      You're right the only way to be successful at Amway is not to do Amway. People not doing Amway are sure not losing money like ambots!

  3. This is great Anna! Thanks for posting my comment as an example and just so you know, I have SO MUCH MORE to tell you guys about the "new" amway.

    Did you know they now have you make a "dream board?" Whats that you may say? They have you make a collage of all the things you want in your life(cars, vacations, trips, scenery, houses, etc...) and they tell you to make this collage about 12ft wide and 6ft tall. Then, you hang this in your living room so that everyone can see how dedicated you are and just what your dreams are. Its truly pathetic and I just laughed when my upline told me to make one and he
    "expects to see it" next time he stops by.

    And there is so.much.more. going on that is even crazier. They tell us to literally burn the double x pill in front of future clients/customers to show them that it has a vegetable burn smell to it and not a chemical one. Trust me, the list goes on and on.


    1. Sammy - glad to see you dropped by again!

      Sorry to disappoint you but Amway "dream boards" have been around for years. Our sack of shit Platinum had one up in his house and tore pictures out of magazines to pin up there - you know the usual materialistic possessions that ambots like - luxury cars, vacations, and mansions. For the rest of us who "hadn't earned the privilege yet" of being at such a high level in Amway we had to be content to stick magazine pictures on the fridge door. NO!!! I did not let Ambot do that! I don't like clutter.

      That's one of the best uses I've ever heard of for Double X - burning it! What your group didn't do those phony Perfect Water tests to scam people into thinking it would help their flexibility?

    2. Haha, they had us do that with perfect water and I flat out told them that if this is the same thing like those "energy bracelets" that they shouldnt even waste their time with me on that.

      Needless to say, my uplines face didnt look too happy when I said that.

      Theres a meeting tonight and I told them I wasnt going. He said that we need to have a "serious talk" since I havent been to the last 4 meetings. Please, like Im even interested in this crap at this point.


    3. Sammy - very predictable when you miss Scamway meetings. The upline panics because they know once again the end is in sight as another income stream dries up. I'm surprised they haven't been phoning and texting you and punishing you for your disobedient behavior! Very soon your upline will be mocking you in their Amway cult meetings and saying you're a loser and a quitter and you didn't try hard enough and they'll order the other cult followers not to have anything more to do with you.

      As a medical student and an athlete you probably understand more about how water and oxygen intake affect a body. Amway's head office sent word down the pipeline that ambots are not to do those Perfect Water parlor tricks and make false claims about the benefits but ambots just go ahead and do their own thing anyway. Really what's going to happen to them? Amway's head office does nothing when they get complaints. What's head office going to do? Fire IBO's and lose the profit they make by selling them overpriced products?

    4. If I saw someone make a 12 foot by 6 foot wall collage in their house of magazine cutouts of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, I wouldn't think they were dedicated, I would think they were fucking batshit crazy.

      Or in Amway. Same difference.


    5. Dave - in addition to the "dream board" our sack of shit Platinum had wooden stuff he had made up hanging around the house on bookshelves and tables that said DREAM and FREEDOM and that kind of thing. They also had an Amway room which I think the architect who designed the house originally had it as a dining room and that was an Amway shrine in there instead. Creepy shit in that kibbutz!

  4. amway.. or as we like to call it SHITSTAR! This blog is exactly how i would've wrote it... it was like i was reading my own story.. haha... i love how you gave the uplines fitting names.... i'm so happy we are not affiliated with such a bunch of fake brainwashed asshole bullshitters... We started in 01 and officially quit 08.... i personally quit 02..lol.. my hubby was an ambot for sometime, but eventually all the smoke and mirror were no longer and he realized how shitty shitstar was... no wonder they are in a class action lawsuit.. we just might be able to get a fraction of the thousands wasted. i don't know how these mofos can sleep at night. anyways awesome blog....

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thank you for dropping by. Isn't it amazing that we can read other people's stories of their time in the Amway hell hole and say I could have written that. Or that's pretty much my story with a couple of small details difference. Nothing ever changes in Scamway.

      Shitstar! Love it. Good name!

      I must say that's a long time for you to put up with your husband's expensive social club. Most women - including me! - would have walked around the one year mark.

    2. you know our relationship was strained, i would've bounced if it weren't for our beautiful kids and me knowing it was just a matter of time that the facade would end. :/ We are still recovering financially from that money pit of a " bullshit business". they taught my hubby at the time to forget about his credit score, and go ahead bounce checks, don't pay your bills... omg... it was a nightmare. if never got scammed we would've owned our own 5 bedroom house by now. but no we are living in a 2 bedroom house with 3 kids. my hubby became an asshole big time, i didn't recognize him.... i think instead of leaving him i checked out emotionally. As of now we are slowly working on our relationship..He is back to his original happy go lucky self! lol... I've done tons of forgiving... lol.. we are fixing the credit score and we are way happier and FREEEEEEEEEE! I hated the way the women were fake and pretended to be my friend. oh but if you didn't do pv, no one would talk to you. I HATE ANYTHING AMWAY/QUIXTAR! That one tape "friendship first, platinumHIP second" TOTAL BS... LOL. i can't believe that the story is still the same even after we left.

    3. Anonymous - we all know that eventually our husbands are going to quit the Amway scam - just took yours longer.

      A lot of former IBOs would be a lot further ahead today if Amway hadn't destroyed their lives. That $700/month "investment in your business" could have gone towards a much better investment - a second home to rent out or buying stocks or whatever.

      Yup the Amway upline assholes give really bad financial advice, a lot of it skipping paying rent, mortgage, or other bills so that Amway products can be purchased instead. These same assholes who go around saying if you sign up with Amway you will be debt free and have thousands of dollars in residual income rolling in the rest of your life. All Amway does is create more debt while ambots go in a shopping frenzy of shitty overpriced Amway products to appease the assholes in their upline.

      Most men involved in Amway become assholes. Its a huge personality change. I've written about it before in my blog. Its the whole Stepford Wives syndrome.

      The Scamway story will never change. Just the names of the cult followers who got scammed.

      Its a horrible evil cult that destroys lives.

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  7. I dropped out when I was actually pulled farther into debt because of them and their crazy functions. Got zero help from any of my up line, was told to "focus on the who not the what" who the hell cares about someone they don't know!?!? Not one single function was life changing for me. They all brag about what they have and we will never have. They are all going to go broke paying the irs for back taxes. Oh wait. One already did that!!

    1. Anonymous - at least you got away. As you discovered Amway is all about putting people into debt. Its all about brainwashing. Trusting the Amway cult leaders. Especially the bullshit that in 2 to 5 years you'll have bazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month. And you're right no one in your Amway upline gives a fuck about you except for any money they're making off you. Not a single Amway function is life changing except in a bad way - debt, losing money, losing brain cells. Amway only brings financial and emotional misery.


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