Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Husband is Married to Amway!

“My husband is married to Amway!” Those could be my words but instead someone found their way to my blog by Googling my husband is married to Amway.

Been there done that. The resulting baby is a blog called Married to an Ambot!

Its a horrible helpless feeling when your husband is married to Amway which also means he’s married to the assholes in his upline. There was a time when your husband vowed to love honor and cherish his wife. Unfortunately when he signed up with the Amway cult he stopped loving honoring and cherishing his wife and he now loves honors and cherishes Amway and the Amway assholes in his upline.

The Amway cult group we were part of WWDB is better referred to as World Wide Destructive Bastards because all the assholes in this cult want to do is destroy other people’s lives.

The first thing the assholes in your husband’s Amway upline want to do is drag the wife into the cult. If the wife is also brainwashed then its easier to convince both of them to spend hundreds of dollars each month buying shitty overpriced Amway products, buy CD’s and books, and attend every Amway meeting and function.

If the wife is like me they probably attend some so they’ve got some idea of the creepy brainwashing worshipping shit that goes on at Amway cult meetings.

If the wife is like me and can’t stand the fucking asshole that sponsored them into Amway she’s not too likely to show up anywhere - whether it be an Amway meeting or a Rolling Stones concert - if that fucking asshole is planning to be there.

If the wife is like me and can’t stand the sack of shit Platinum Amway cult leader then she’s also going to avoid being anywhere that fucker is.

If the wife is like me and doesn’t want overpriced shitty useless substandard Amway products in the house she is going to go out and buy reasonably priced products that she actually needs and wants that taste good or get the cleaning job done and face the wrath of the Amway cult for not supporting their business.

If the wife is like me she’s going to say if the only customers your business has is yourself then you’re a fucking moron!!!!

The wife is not going to be at all impressed by the amount of money that is being sucked out of them thanks to her husband being married to Amway.

The wife is not going to be too happy at all the time her husband is forced to spend with the assholes in his Amway upline thanks to her husband being married to Amway.

The wife is going to hate the personality change that comes over her husband thanks to being brainwashed by the Amway cult and being married to Amway. The nice man she married has now become a condescending sneering Amway asshole who has the attitude that he is better than everyone else simply because he is in Amway and they’re not.

The husband also becomes paranoid of all things that he deems to be “negative”. This would be everyone and anything that has a different opinion than his sack of shit Platinum cult leader. Yup, the wife can thank her husband being married to Amway for the brainwashed demon ambot he has become.

The Amway assholes in her husband’s upline are now brainwashing the ambot that his wife is an unsupportive, negative, unchristian dream stealer and that he would be better off without her. That’s all part of the ulterior motive of WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards to separate their cult followers from anything that has the potential to cut off the money supply flowing upwards to them. The only thing that brings Amway assholes happiness is destroying other people’s lives. Yet another joy that comes to the wife thanks to her husband being married to Amway.

The husband has now become a bigamist because he is also married to Amway. Cult brainwashing complete: Amway is the only thing that all ambots must truly love over and above everything else.

In this day and age most women will not tolerate a husband who has a love interest relationship outside their marriage. Some women might try to hold their marriage together and give the husband an ultimatim - your mistress or me - forgive him, go for counselling, and rebuild their marriage. Other women will kick the bastard to the curb and file for divorce. And I’m talking about Amway here not a real live woman girlfriend. Hard to tell the difference isn’t it?

Most women who say “my husband is married to Amway” - one way or another won’t be saying it for a whole lot longer.

On behalf of all women whose husbands are married to Amway I want to send a big old fuck you to the Amway assholes in the upline!


  1. My god! You poor thing! I think you should leave that man, he is possessed and never going to be a good husband.
    I have been approached by a shameless couple a few weeks ago, who pretended to be my friends, good christians and all it was to trap me into this cult, like you called it correctly!I'm still boiling about it!!! These people have two young children and they dragging them to all these meetings at night time and trying to trap more people into this scam!
    I also found people from this cult are boring!
    Don't you find?
    Best of luck to you!

    1. Anonymous - I just about did! Most women can't stand the ugly person their husband becomes after being inducted into the Amway cult and the savings dwindling and the debt rising to pay the almighty Amway gods!

      Ambots all pretend to be your friends but all they really want is your money. Ambots "meet" new people with the sole intention of scamming them into Amway.

      The reason ambots are so boring is because they have no life outside of the Amway cult and that is all they talk about. And their greedy pursuit of material possessions they talk about that too.

    2. Anonymous, luckily for Anna her husband finally did get out of the cult (after his upline openly prayed that their marriage would end so they could have his wallet all to themselves). The stories that Anna shares are many of the experiences from the time her husband was fully brainwashed into the cult.

      Sorry, Anna, didn't mean to step on your toes there. Just wanted to explain to the newcomer that, luckily, your husband is no longer a part of that cult and isn't putting you through the trauma of being an Amway spouse anymore.

      And perhaps that gives hope to current non-brainwashed spouses of Ambots. Or at least to know they are not alone in the pain - both emotional and financial - that Amway brings to relationships.


    3. Yeah I'm just here to describe what its like being married to Amway. Fastest route to divorce court! All women deserve a better life than being married to an ambot aka being married to Amway.

    4. Thanks to the blog. My husband and I were approached right after having first child 2014. Husband completely idolized these people. I saw through within first month and fought and fought after savings, 401, and any other previous goal of ours was wasted on this rediculous scam. Took. Prayed and prayed and litterally almost divorced. God finally broke through his deception 9 months later and he quit. Only to go behind my back deck 2017 to meet up with the heartless couple right after we found out we were pregnant with 3rd child. I pleaded cried and gave ultimations (which only hurt worse when told and shown the business is over you and kids) promised he would quit in July if not launched 3 ppl. I'm currently due to Aug. Stress has made pre labor complications. He hasn't launched no one. I split bank accounts to ensure rent is paid. And just told that he and his upline decided he wouldn't quit. Big shocker. They are wolves. Not Christians and did and still do the same of disgracing me and my role as wife. Told all the same stuff as first comment. Told not to even have kids. He most likely will meet a supportive women in wwdb that encourages his dreams of mansions not working etc. Funny the upline he has has been in. There for 12 years. More then half million in and both still working and not bringing in steady cash flow. My husband is nothing and no one like he was. Completely decieved to these evil spirits and convinced it's from God. He has told me he is doing the business with or without me and ready to sign divorce papers. Heartbroken and esp for my kids. I hate to know it's happened to others and keeps happening. I read these blog cuz I feel like my friends and Christian leaders have no idea the pain and anger it is to have your husband taken by a scam. Totally rediculous.

    5. Hi Anonymous. I'm glad you found us. At least you can see so many other women have been where you are - married to an Ambot who has chosen to devote his love and his money to the fucking assholes in the Amway upline instead of his family.

      It's something that still boggles my mind today. How did my husband idolize these Amway losers? Scammers and liars and get snookered by these motherfuckers. How did he put these Amway losers first over his family?

      And the personality change. Amway takes nice, decent, caring men and turns them into negative, ugly, sneering bastards.

      All the joys of being inside Amway the Cult of Greed.

      The first thing you need to know is that nothing brings those sick Amway bastards more happiness then destroying other people's marriages. Fucking miserable sons of bitches can't mind their own business. You can be dead sure they've been grooming your husband for a long time to leave his negative unchristian dreamstealing wife.

      Those are the Ambots words. Not mine. Heard them tons of times when we were in Amway and many more times by fucking Amway losers leaving comments on this blog.

      Here's the thing. Your wake up call. Your Ambot husband has told you he's ready to sign the divorce papers.

      You get yourself ASAP to a lawyer! If you can't afford one your state will have legal aid where they provide service for free or very nominal charge like $10 or $20 an hour. You walking in looking like you're ready to have a baby any minute will garner great sympathy I'm sure! You need to know what your rights are. You need to know what to do next. Your lawyer may even have ideas for suing the fucking assholes in the Amway upline for alienation of affection. You mentioned those bastards have jobs. Their wages can be garnished. Do you have family you can stay with? Child custody? Your husband is in a cult. No child should be brought up in a depraved cult lifestyle.

      I get that this is a really tough time for you and very stressful and you don't need that while carrying a baby but you and your children deserve better than being stuck with a broke Amway loser who will never put his family first. There is nothing more important to him than tithing the Great Amway God and spending time with Amway Ambots.

      And what really takes the cake are the Amway losers who say they're Christians. Well if being evil motherfuckers is all about being Christians I want no part of that.

      The Amway cult is no different than any other cult. They twist religion to suit their purposes.

      You talk to your family if you have any who can help you, and by that I mean give you some place to stay while you're seeing a lawyer and getting your life back together. Assuming you don't work or won't be working very soon which means no income, you really need legal advice in your situation.

      More so because your husband is ready to sign divorce papers! Wake up call! See a lawyer and know your rights! I know it's heartbreaking and maybe your husband will come around and quit Amway and you can get your marriage back on track. And yes, maybe he's got his eye on an Ambot woman.

      And WWDB is Amway's worst cult sect out there. They're nothing but a bunch of evil bastards who want to destroy your life. Amway brings you nothing but financial and emotional distress.

      You deserve better. Just keep telling yourself that. And your kids deserve a life where they're not subjected to an evil cult.

      Good luck to you!

  2. Hi Anna

    First, thanks for your page, and second, I commend you for sticking around with your husband, as it might be unimaginably hard to withstand all that amtalk 24/7! I was suckered in to an 8-o-clock meeting by a couple I’m friend’s with from work. The meeting was held at one of our Holiday-Inn locations near town and I believe it’s the only business this establishment sees year-long!
    The way I was approached was in regards to computers, since I do my shopping there and most of my work involves basic Microsoft programs…yeah right, there’s nothing computer-wise about Amway! It’s also convenient to pay your bills online now so most of the time, I spend online at home unless deliberately going into the city. I believe it went along the lines of: “If you love shopping online you’re going to love shopping with us, and maybe even get to make a little money on the side”. I was startled as I’ve never been accosted by Amazon before, or Ebay for that matter and I’ve shopped with both for like since ever right! Anyway, they mentioned I would as well be able to sell online and have a steady stream of customers on a daily basis, from which I would eventually derive a living income once I’ve become established in the network system. I have to admit nothing sounds legitimate to me unless it involves Amazon or Ebay (among other big names out there). According to them this was not investing, this would be me directly selling online through a website sponsored by their system. So I thought, what the hell…what’s one hour of my life to devote to a meeting tonight!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying my blog.

      Amway meetings are always at 8pm. The ambots refer to themselves as warriors so they march off to the Amway war zone at 8pm multiple times a week.

      I had to laugh that they conned you into thinking Amway meetings only last an hour. And then I read the rest of your post below!

  3. I met them at the Holiday-Inn location we agreed upon, and realized there must be about close to one-hundred individuals attending this ‘business’ workshop (yes, they described it as a business workshop). They said it would enhance my Marketing skills, and if nothing more, serve to teach me people-skills.
    Walking into the meeting room, I noticed everyone taking their seat, and a white board at the front of the room, which I assumed would be for a business plan of some sorts. My first impression of the group was they seem like they never get any sleep, they look horribly tired and like they’re on something that keeps them motivated and permanently happy! They all display this glazy stare, and this frozen grin, that never goes away. They all want to shake your hand, know your name, and meet you like they know you personally. Only a selected few may speak and direct the room which means most are still learning (this includes the couple I know from work…that disappointed me). They talk about personal growth and mental goals, but farther than that it never really reaches anything close to marketing other than “take this idea and multiply it by millions in two years, and by billions in five years”. They refer to the 9-5 job as just a mere ski-trip for the mythical boss you’ve never heard in person and will never meet. One of these guys was recounting his experience as a homeless drunk living in a card-board box who saw the light depicted in this ‘new American dream’. At around twelve I had to get out of there, it was awful close to being way too late for me, and of course I have work tomorrow. I told the couple I would be leaving, and they asked what I’d thought about the meeting and if we could have lunch sometime near the end of the week. I asked “what for?” I mean, if it’s about this meeting there’s nothing of relevance I’d utilize in terms of marketing or business administration. They suggested they would show me a business plan and answer all my questions then and there (tonight…this morning, after 12am!). I smiled and assured them I just came to the meeting as a favor to them, and more importantly I’m not really looking for anything else to do after work (sometimes I work twelve hours a day…I really don’t have the attitude to come home and head back out there). They smiled warmly and assured “maybe it’s not for you now, but it could be for you later”! I replied other than my current job I’m not interested in doing sales, unless of course they are directly linked to my job. I wished them good luck in their entrepreneurial quest and headed to my car. A few days later the husband caught up with me after work, on my way to my car. He invited me to their first summer barbecue on a Sunday, they’d be at service like every Sunday he commented, but everything would be set for them to start the barbecue right after church (who can start a barbecue right away after church). I smiled again and assured I would try to make it, as my Sunday I like to keep busy, I go visit family, have a work-out session at home for about 2 hours, then lunch at around 3pm. And maybe go watch a movie or do dinner with friends after seven. He seemed perplexed, and asked if I attended church on Sundays, or any day of the week. I answered I was Agnostic, to this he answered warmly “of course, of course”. Well, as you would have already guessed, I missed the barbecue but even though they work in the same place I do, I haven’t heard from them since then…I guess you have to be religious in order to fit in with this kind of thing (glad I wasn’t). Oh, yeah…they mentioned the dreaded term Amway (or AmericanWay) near the end of the presentation in the meeting I accompanied them that night at the Holiday Inn location.

    1. Yup sounds like an Amway meeting. 100 people. A white board. You forgot to mention they were all dressed in business suits and packing cell phones. And piece of shit cars were all over the Holiday Inn parking lot.

      You're lucky they only wanted to shake your hand! Normally the Amway cult members love bomb you with hugs!

      Yup Amway meetings normally ended around 10:30 to 11 for us but we couldn't leave yet because the "teaching" portion was about to get under way and last until well past midnight.

      Yup they always have some token ambots with a poor me story and look where I am now rolling in the riches.

      I've been to some meetings where they don't mention Amway at all. If they mentioned the dreaded "A" word it would be later in the meeting.

      And they say they're not embarrassed to be affiliated with Amway! Then just come right out and say it instead of the bullshit ecommerce online business.

      Stay away from BBQs put on by ambots! Its a trap. Been there done that! You'll see all their products displayed and their propaganda and the sales pitch will come out. There are no free BBQs when you get invited by someone in the Amway cult.

      If they bug you again tell them your dream is to produce and star in porn movies and ask them if they think you can make enough money in Amway to get started on the porno flicks. Ask them if they'd like to appear in your movie. You gotta work hard at keeping a straight face. Ambots are a bunch of prudes. You'll lose them real fast. You'll lose them even faster if you tell them its gay porno flicks.

      The Amway religion is one of the most screwed up religions you'll ever come across. The Book of Amway is always being quoted.

  4. It's the same story with Scamway, destroyed relationships, etc.

    anonymous on April 22nd, 2012 5:08 am

    Up until two days ago I was engaged to the man of my dreams. We had great plans for the future…for us…for a family. He had always been in Amway and he never actually worked at it until I pushed him to do it. I told him that if he was going to do it he should do it 100% or he would never see a profit, because he wasn’t seeing one. I challenged him that if he didn’t make a profit or see any prospect that he should quit or drastically cut back on the money he wasted on it. He agreed. Time came…no profit…he didn’t keep his promise.

    Lately, he became more and more distant from me. He wasn’t even himself anymore. He was hiding things from me and I knew he wasn’t happy but he could never put into words why. It was very comparable to someone addicted to drugs and hiding it from their loved ones. I comfronted him about my fears and he only shut me out. He turned me into his enemy. Everything I said was against him and against amway in his opinion. Every decision he made was based on amway instead of based on us.

    One night it got very bad and he randomly stated that he had bought tickets for an amway conference the day of our bridal shower. I know boys don’t usually go to the shower, but he had already promised me he would be there to help clean up afterwards and go through everything with me. I was excited. I knew there was a conference that day, but he promised me he would be there for me. He went behind my back and bought a ticket anyways. I explained to him that it was very hurtful and there would be other conferences, but only one memory of our shower celebrating us.

    He looked me straight in the face without any emotion and said he cared more about amway than he did my feelings.

    Now he says he can’t remember saying it, but he knows he did. This is the kind of mentality and addiction it has become for him. He regrets this action now, but he knows it isn’t exactly something you can just take back. He is sick…just like someone addicted to drugs. Only I don’t know how to help him with this addiction. We couldn’t even go on one date without him trying to contact our waitress/waitor. It consumed his every though like a crack addict desiring one more hit and doing anything to get it.

    I wanted to believe that amway was safe and it could be done in moderation. Hey, I liked the idea of retiring young too. I was there for him and supported him through it all. Now I see that it isn’t right. A half lie is still a lie and amway cannot be done in moderation. A gambler can’t just gamble a “little.”

    At this point I wouldn’t care if amway were possible and being a millionaire was only one contact away. I would rather be homeless than a millionaire and see someone I love so sick and not be able to help them.

    This is the result of amway in my life. I have to watch someone I love deeply be consumed by it and addicted to it and make nothing from it. I fear he will be like that for the rest of his life. It will never be enough. He will always need one more customer, one more prospect.

    He has been in amway 2 years…has no people under him…and no customers but himself and his mother when she can afford it. He did everything they asked, went to the meetings, listened to the cd’s, went out 7 times a week to contact.


    1. ExAmbot - most of us have similar stories. I can't believe this woman still went ahead and married someone who says he cares more about Amway than her. But that's how it is when you're brainwashed into the Amway cult. Amway and the cult leaders will always come first.

      He will never have customers or any downline beneath him because they're just too hard to find.

  5. But wait there's more...

    Patsy Frank on May 1st, 2012 11:20 am

    I can understand and relate to the author of this article. My difference was that he told me about “the business” at the start of our relationship, 5 years ago… However, he didn’t tell me it was Amway, until about 2 years ago. My guy has been on and off with it, and thinks that is why he hasn’t been “successful”. Recently, he purchased “Live The Dream” and it has propelled him into full swing. He already has 2 jobs and is a full time student, (yes, he is only getting a degree to be a better IBO). This leaves very little time for our relationship, and he knows time is important to me. Recently, I just broke down and asked him to choose, me or Amway. He gave me his answer, with no hesitation, loud and clear, Amway. I stupidly, still fight for this relationship!!!! That tells me that something is fundamentally wrong with ME to still hang around!!! When he is listening to those CDs and motivational books, he acts like a completely different person than he normally behaves, just like the author pointed out about her fiancée…I wanted to share my agreement with the author, and ask if anyone knows of any particular groups out there that is available to help us, the ones who have lost the loves of our lives to this wrecking ball of a corporation?


    1. ExAmbot - that woman made a big mistake when she gave him an ultimatum and didn't follow through with leaving him when he chose Amway over her. Men become such fucking assholes to their wives and girlfriends when they get brainwashed into the Amway cult!

  6. I hope the lesson learned from others who may be in a situation of being with a partner who is more devoted to Amway than to them is to be aware of the life ahead of them if they choose to stay with (or marry) that Ambot. It's never a good idea to stay with someone under the hope that things will change. Maybe they will... maybe they won't. But a cult addiction, just as a drug addiction, changes a person. They crave and need that addiction. Anything or anyone that stands between them and that addiction becomes the enemy. Any plans made have Amway first, the partner second. Their finances tithe to Amway first, and if anything is left over, then maybe there will be something for a vacation or household item needed (unless, of course, it's some overpriced Amway shit, then the Ambot will only be too happy to add that to his/her monthly PV.

    Empty bank accounts and maxed credit cards become a way of life. The Ambot will proudly point to the tax return money as a "benefit" from deducting each and everything associated with Amway, but if the IRS ever audits... look out! After two years, if there is not a net profit after these "expenses", then to the IRS, Amway is just an expensive "hobby", and as such, the expenses are not tax-deductible. Of course, their upline will never tell them that.

    No one can tell another what to do with their heart. But I think it's important for a spouse, or potential spouse, to have their eyes wide open and know the life that would be in store for them with a spouse addicted and brainwashed by the cult of Amway.


    1. Dave - everything you said is very true.

      Sometimes us women think we can change the men in our lives but when its a serious addiction nothing else matters to them. It comes first in their lives.

  7. Please help me save my marriage. I love my husband more than anything else in this world. But he is addicted to Amway. We have been married for 2 years. He is a perfect husband except for when the Amway thing. This is breaking our relationship. I can't live without him, but I also can't live with him being his 2nd choice. I have got into depression. It's killing me

    1. pooja - I'm sorry to hear about your husband. This blog is full of advice and support for women just like you.

      95% of Amway ambots quit inside 2 years (Amway's statistics). The majority of ambots quit after a few months when they realized they got scammed and aren't making money. Most women can wait it out and deal with the financial and emotional distress that comes with being in Amway.

      You're lucky you're only #2 in your husband's life. Most wives of ambots aren't in the top 5, closer to the bottom 10 of an Amway ambot's list of things that are important in his life.

      The nasty son of a bitch your husband has turned into is very common for a brainwashed Amway ambot. He'll become the perfect husband once he gets away from this cult.

      Your choices are to find a cult interventionist who can help you. Or talk to your family and friends. And talk to a lawyer and make sure your ducks are in a row. After 2 year marriage you probably don't have a lot of joint marital possessions and any savings has gone down the toilet thanks to Amway. Unfortunately any debt your husband has rung up thanks to Scamway is going to be your debt too. A lawyer can give you better advice. You need to see a counsellor about your depression. It sounds like you need to get away from the ambot and Amway and it might be time for a trial separation and hopefully that will bring him back to reality.

      Good luck.

  8. I cannot tell you how I've appreciated reading the experiences shared on your site. My husband and I have been married for 2 years now but he's been involved in that same faction of Amway for almost 12 now.

    I was initially impressed and intrigued by the (seemingly genuine) overt love and support expressed by the people I met through the business (up and crossline). So, naturally, I was active in and supportive of my future-husband's business venture.

    Although I had no idea what their profit margins were like, I could only imagine by the intensity and excitement generated at meetings and events; initially I did assume that everyone was doing well financially.

    I was discouraged by my husband from working the job I had in the field of mental health and talked out of pursuing my doctorate, as “the business” taught that higher education is essentially a moneymaking racket; banks and universities are taking advantage of young people and causing more harm than good; i.e. student-loan debt. I had been midway through the process of beginning graduate school but I was fascinated by this idea of "wealth mentality." I grew to learn that I suffered from what they in the business call "broke mentality" and I began to believe that not only was I more than well-educated, but I had learned that I was being taken advantage of by the system - I was not being paid what I was worth – soon I despised the policies of the company I worked for, as well as my boss. I challenged a co-worker to “pull your head out of the sand” and look around. See how we were being capitalized upon. I learned that true control of my destiny was financial freedom.

    I gave up on the idea of counseling patients one-on-one and bought into the “leverage” of the Amway business vehicle. Looking at it from this perspective, you can see how I was convinced that I could actually help more people (my dream all along) by simply making more money in the business sector and allocating that money to the programs and charities I believed in. So, having little idea of what our income from the business already looked like (my husband handled the finances at this time) and with his assurance that we were making more than enough to live on from his "day job" (which was true) I quit and became fully committed to the business.

    It doesn't take a genius to predict where things went from there. The Amway business model, as it is, is not sustainable in itself. As we have seen, it takes money from supplemental sales such as that of "business tools" or tapes/CD's, and profits from throwing large business conferences (rallies, meetings, seminars, master-minds, attitude sessions... I've even heard them called vacations!) in order to grow the immense wealth presented from the stage at these very events...

    Unfortunately, my husband refused (and still fully refuses) to believe that the people he trusts and so idolizes on stage actually make a significant portion their profits from speaking at events and conferences as well as the sales and promotion of "business tools" (essentially, CD's they have recorded of themselves speaking at said events).

    To take things one step further, my husband recently quit his "day job" as well to pursue this venture unencumbered by the overbearing burden of the 9-5, J-O-B. Despite heartfelt attempts to appeal to a rational bone in his body, my husband has never been more entrenched in the belief that if it can work for anybody it WILL work for him, and he has become bound and determined that Amway will work for him.

    Despite his integrity, his persistence, and his good heart, profits via the Amway business were never there... and as you could project, they certainly are not there today. It is hard to see so many people come in and out of his life; he truly believes, and I support the notion, that there is good in an opportunity for the average American to own their own business... just maybe not a business where your largest customer is you.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I'm glad you stopped by to share your story. Its on an older post so a lot of people will miss it. I'm going to bump it up in a few weeks to a newer post.

      Yes, you have described my life and the life of every other women married to an ambot very well!

      I'm just surprised you got married knowing he'd been in Scamway for 10 years other than he was doing the fake it till you make it routine as counselled by the assholes in his Amway upline, and faked you out into thinking he was a big successful Amway salesperson making big bucks, same as all the other Amway losers he hangs out with. They're all getting rich! Or that's what he wants you to believe.

      The Amway business model is designed for failure. Any business that has over 99% failure rate is designed for failure!

      Your biggest current problem is that your husband has quit his J.O.B. to focus full time on being an Amway "business builder". I know that sounds funny to the rest of the world but you're being catapulted towards bankruptcy and divorce thanks to Amway.

      I don't know if you've gone back to work but you need to get yourself financially good to go. Because unfortunately it looks like you will go. Someone who's been in Amway for 12 years is a lifer. He's not going to quit until he hits rock bottom and there's no money left in the savings account to buy Amway products or no room left on the credit cards. He will be counselled to skip rent or mortgage (you didn't say if you are homeowners) to get to the next Amway function. Your landlord or your bank won't be too thrilled and you'll be on your way to being homeless. The assholes in his Amway upline will also be riding his ass to destroy your relationship because you're an unsupportive wife.

      You don't want to be the only person in your household with an outside income and funding his expensive Amway habit while he bullshits with other Ambots about how rich they're all getting.

      Good luck to you. You have a difficult time coming up.


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3. Naming names? Public figures like politicians and actors and people known in Amway are probably OK – the owners, Diamonds with CDs or who speak at functions, people in Amway’s publicity department who write press releases and blogs. Its humiliating for people to admit their association with Amway so respect their privacy if they’re not out there telling everyone about the love of their life.
4. Gossip that serves no purpose. There are other places to dish about what Diamonds are having affairs or guessing why they’re getting divorced. If you absolutely must share that here – don’t name names. I get too many nosy ambots searching for this. Lets not help them find this shit.
5. Posting something creepy anonymously and we can’t track your location because you’re on a mobile device or using hide my ass or some other proxy. I attracted an obsessed fan and one of my blog administrators attracted a cyberstalker. Lets keep it safe for everyone. Anonymous is OK. Creepy anonymous and hiding – go fuck yourselves!
6. Posting something that serves no purpose other than to cause fighting.
7. Posting bullshit Amway propaganda. We might publish that comment to make fun of you. Otherwise take your agenda somewhere else. Not interested.
8. Notice how this blog is written in English? That's our language so keep your comments in English too. If you leave a comment written in another language then we either have to use Google translate to put it into English so everyone can understand what you wrote or we can hit the Delete button. Guess which one is easier for us to do?
9. We suspect you're a troublemaking Amway asshole.
10. Your comment got caught in the spam filter. Gets checked occasionally. We’ll get to you eventually and approve it as long as it really isn’t spam.