Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook and Amway

Seeing as how Facebook stock is released for trading today I thought I would bring it up and how I remembered or don’t remember Facebook being talked about at Amway meetings.

I remember at Amway cult meetings our sack of shit Platinum would talk about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. I’m a little foggy on what the Amway asshole was spouting off on because he often went off on rants for an hour or so getting distracted constantly and heading off on a new rant as something else to bitch about crossed his mind.

Facebook started trading on the stock market today May 18 2012 at $38 except it shot up to an opening of $42. It hit a high of $45 before settling in around the $40 mark. If its typical of most stocks opening day will hit a high and then it will go down so often its a good idea to wait a few weeks or months before buying.

When Facebook first started many employees were offered stock options so today many of Facebook’s staff are now worth tens of millions of dollars. Many of them are in their twenties. Many of them will walk away and never work again for the rest of their lives.

A concept that is pretty much foreign when it comes to Amway. The only people who don’t have to work for the rest of their lives and have millions of dollars rolling in would be the heirs of the founders.

Ambots go around bragging that Amway made $11 billion in sales last year. I’ve had brainwashed ambots leave those comments on my blog. That’s great for the owners of the company but not so much for employees. Well unless any employees are given profit sharing options. I doubt it because I’ve had employees show up here to say that Amway gives them fuck all in benefits.

Take that 11 billion in sales. That’s not profit. That’s sales. Now comes overhead - cost of production, cost of maintaining Amway buildings, payroll, taxes, etc. I’m not sure how much is leftover after all financial obligations are met for profit for the Amway owners. Maybe a billion or so? The owners ain’t splitting their profit with the lowly employees/IBOs. They’re donating to charity so they can take less of a hit on their personal income taxes and they are living in mansions and jet setting around the world. The heirs are not showing up at Amway functions flogging their wares.

The majority of IBO’s get a commission check of around $10/month from Amway if they bought the required quota of 100PV about $300 worth of Amway products that month. That’s how Amway makes that $11 billion in sales. An army of brainwashed ambots who will keep buying these overpriced products until they get tired of losing money and quit. Its bad enough losing all that money buying Amway products when the same products can be purchased at grocery and drug stores for less, therefore saving money. I might not be getting a $10 commission check from Walmart but if I spend $75 buying the same products that it costs me $300 to buy from Amway then I’m coming out ahead. Especially since I’m buying better quality products from Walmart. I mean nothing pisses me off more than spending 3 to 4 times more money for Amway’s shitty dishwasher soap that doesn’t get my dishes clean when I can buy a better product at Walmart for a fraction of the price and I don’t have to wash dishes a second time around by hand.

I would say Facebook has probably created a lot more millionaires than Amway when it comes to people in their 20’s who can now retire and never work again.

I would say that Facebook doesn’t get called a scam or a pyramid scheme nowhere near as much as Amway does.

I would say that Facebook created a lot more people than Amway who were able to work for two to five years and then walk away and retire on their riches or have residual income rolling in for the rest of their lives.

I’d say Facebook doesn’t get accused of brainwashing and using mind control techniques as much as Amway does.

I’d say Facebook doesn’t get accused of followers losing tons of money the way Amway does. At least not yet! Who knows what the stock market will do!

I’d say Facebook doesn’t get accused of destroying marriages and causing as many divorces as Amway does.

I’d say Facebook doesn’t get accused of causing as much emotional distress as Amway does.

I’d say Facebook doesn’t get accused of ripping people off like Amway does.

So just what did our sack of shit Platinum say about Facebook? Its starting to come back to me now! Mostly he bitched about this 22 year old founder who is worth billions of dollars. The fucker was probably jealous! The typical WWDB doctrine of destroying what other people have because nothing makes those World Wide Destructive Bastards happier than when they’re destroying other people’s relationships and finances.

Mostly the sack of shit Platinum talked about using Facebook to snipe prospects into Amway. Not a good idea because Facebook will suspend your account if you’re spamming recruits.

It costs $300/month minimum to invest in “your own” Amway business. For that you get back a $10 commission check. Take that same $300 and buy 7 shares of Facebook stock. Or if you’re a CORE ambot you spend closer to $700/month investing in “your business” and you can take that $700 and buy 17 shares of Facebook stock. Even if Facebook drops in half overnight and you sell, you still make more money than that $10 you get back from Amway! And you probably have a whole lot more fun losing that money than you do losing even more money in Amway! Because when you’re losing money in Amway you still have to put up with being abused from the assholes in your Amway upline. At least when you lose money in Facebook nobody is abusing you and calling you a loser quitter negative unchristian dreamstealer when you decide to quit and sell your shares.

I know I’d rather go around bragging that I own shares in Facebook stock than bragging that I’m an Amway “business owner”. One of them gains respect in the eyes of the person you told that too. The other sinks you a few notches down the old shithole that you’re a dumb ass for putting your money into a pyramid scheme.


  1. Hi AnnaBanana
    So yeah, I have a friend who joined this cult like three years ago. She used to be in Avon, so I guess she has a thing for MLMs. Anyway, she's now a completely different individual and she just spouts Amway all day long. She's the kind of person who goes to weddings, graduations, and get-together's to prospect! Her friend who got her into this had a little bit of an accident on their last convention. She told me a couple of months ago that they were on their way to a major convention when this girl's car (a 2003 PT cruiser) lost the left-side front wheel (the whole thin, whatever connects the rim to the car, and the rim). The whole thing broke off in the middle of the road! She told me there were other IBOs driving their cars as well, and they helped them push the car away from the intersection with the help of a few police-officers. Her friend is now shopping for another car, but she can't afford even a payment on a slighty-used vehicle for $10,000, I assumed these people were making great amounts of money! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of a dude-in-drag on my friend's facebook-wall (you know, just trying to be funny and shit). I labeled the photo "Miss Artistry Cosmetics 2013" and send it to everyone I know from work as a stupid 'gag'! So then she acted completely cold to me (she gave me the cold shoulder for that stupid joke). Can you believe she's even more sensitive about Amway Global than when I called her a fat-ass to her face a few months ago! Anyway, she insisted a few days ago that she uses her facebook page to bring in prospects and my simple "joke" could have brought an end to her credibility with clients. I told her I didn't give a shit, and she knows it, she knows me, how I am and stuff (I don't give a fuck about shit like that). So we're good again, and I get to have XS and food-supplement bars for free from her stack (I wouldn't eat that shit otherwise). I guess she can't afford "Perfect Water" because she buys the regular brands of everything from the average grocery store. She's weird about it though, she insists she won't promote for other brands, so she'll remove all the labels on everything she buys from the grocery store ( MY FUCKING SHIT...these people need psychological help man). So yeah, thanks for your blog Anna...and my stomach gets upset when she adds that red-ink shit to our water when we go bike-riding (WHAT THE HELL IS IN THAT THING ANYWAY)...and yeah, I still call her a fat-ass to her face often and she's fine with that (weird huh)!

    1. Hi Anonyous.

      Sorry to hear about your friend:(

      People who have been brainwashed into the Amway cult are ambots. They change for the worse and all they do is quote the assholes in their upline.

      I'm amazed that she is still friends with you because you are not in Amway. The cult separates their followers from friends and family who are not part of Amway.

      Yes ambots are taught to recruit for Amway prospects at all occasions and to look at everyone as a potential Amway IBO. I even had one reader on my blog say that an ambot was prospecting at her sister's funeral.

      They all lie about how much money they're losing. Their upline tells them to tell everyone the meet that business is going great even though over 99% of Amway IBOs are losing money. Your friend has likely maxed out all her credit cards buying Amway shit and that is why she can't get a loan to buy a new car. Most ambots that I knew drove around in piece of shit clunkers that they bought for a couple of hundred dollars. If they broke down they abandoned them and bought another shitmobile. You'd think a 2003 PT Cruiser would be worth fixing rather than buying another car. Unless of course she hadn't been keeping up with the maintenance on it or it was already one of those ambot shitmobile specials!

      Good one! I also posted a picture of myself of when I used to be an Amway Artistry model!

      Those ink squirts are Nutilite twist tubes and they're snake oil. Amway ambots claim it'll cure just about everything that ails you from a cut on your finger to cancer.

    2. Thanks for your reply Anna,

      I had a heart-to-heart with her last Thursday after our walk-in-the-park. We occasionally bike-ride or walk on a bike-trail near my place, and I deemed it the appropriate place to have a word with her about the ‘business’ (BIG MISTAKE). I have to admit I had no idea how deep she is into the ‘ business’ and therefore assumed ‘the-talk’ would be a no-brainer for either one of us (HUGE FUCKING MISTAKE).

      These were my words exactly: “If you ever feel like the ‘Amway Business’ isn’t working out, just let it go, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and I won’t make fun of you or anything…it’ll be like any other venture, you win some and you lose some.” I didn’t know until now how inseparable she and Amway Global had really become! Her words: “Well, my upline did tell me no one would believe in me, and that all my friends and family were going to try to question Amway’s validity…however, I’m using my own money to achieve my dream, and therefore, as long as I’m not asking anyone else for money to build my ‘business’, it should be my problem what I do with my time and money!”. Her eyes became teary, and her voice incredibly shaky, it looked like she was about to cry. This is my problem with her reaction, I know this girl from our high school years, and she’s one of the toughest women I know! We’re talking tough as in I’ve never once witnessed her cry. She’s always been the party-trash-talking female of all time…the type that beats-up men and only dates when she wants to (but if you’re a man…you can’t touch her, unless she wants you to-and if you’re a guy, she never does want you to touch her!). As now, I’m talking to her about something as simple as a stupid business-venture, and she’s about to cry her ass-off (WHAT-THE-HELL-IS-WRONG-HERE). We had decided to go to Denny’s after the park-trail thing but after I had dropped her off at her place, she called me almost immediately to let me know she couldn’t make it. I told her it was ok, as I would be going with someone else then.

      The following day after work, her sponsor (her friend from diapers) came to say ‘hi’ to me (strange, as we don’t talk as much since she’s joined the ‘business’). She asked me if I had any questions about ‘the business’, and if I did, I could simply accompany them to one of the weekly meetings they hold in town three or four times a week (I’d rather set myself on fire). She said I could listen to many testimonials and get to meet a few important people whom have achieved wealth thanks to ‘the business’. I told her “no thank you…but it looks like she can’t even handle criticism on her own anymore, she’s an adult, she needs to have the ovaries to handle opposing opinions and make sure she fully uses your upline’s rhetoric!” Shit, talk about little babies with a tantrum…I mean, what in the hell are these losers doing to these people. We still hang-out, except now she uses the ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ shit that all the others are talking about! I guess her programming has climbed a level or two.

      Oh yeah, before I forget...CASSETTE TAPES!!!!!!!!!

    3. Hi Anonymous - your friend has been brainwashed into the Amway cult. Part of the brainwashing is to convince their cult followers that they are not to believe anything that any sources outside of Amway. The Amway cult leaders convince them that they are the only ones looking out for them and they are the only ones who will tell the truth to them.

      Its a hopeless feeling when you can not get through to someone who has been brainwashed by a cult.

      She's invested 3 years into the scam and has been convinced that she has to spend 2 to 5 years in Amway and then magically she will be rich and never have to work again for the rest of her life.

      You should download a copy of this free ebook called Merchants of Deception to help you better understand what is happening to her. A true story and its horrifying what goes on inside the Amway cult.

      If you can convince your friend to read this book too you will be doing her a big favor. Maybe you can bargain and offer to sit in on an Amway meeting with her after she has read the book and you've both discussed it. That is if after reading the book she still wants to have anything to do with this pyramid scheme!

      Ambots are paranoid of all things they consider to be "negative". Basically that means anyone who doesn't like Amway or their products or anyone who has opposing opinions to their cult leaders. Or products that are similar to what Amway offers at a fraction of a price and taste much better or do a much better job of cleaning.

    4. Brainwashing can do a number on even those who we had considered strong-willed and independent thinkers. It's startling to see someone like that lose their capacity for critical thinking and depend on the group-think of a cult to tell them what they should or should not believe.

      I've had relatives fall into religious cults, and the M.O. is basically the same. They worship the leaders of those cults and are told "those who are not one of us are not to be trusted. The devil will speak through your family and friends to deceive you and drive you off the path towards heaven".

      It's sad. It's all about power, control and enriching themselves at the expense of their sheep who they shamelessly fleece with loving-sweet smiles on their faces. Whether it's an MLM cult or religious cult.


    5. Dave - Amway also falls into the category of religious cult. Religion is constantly preached at Amway meetings and at the major functions they have a church service on Sunday mornings and one of the Diamonds is the preacher. These guys are experts on everything. Don't need no stinking schooling!

    6. Hi AnnaBanana
      Thanks for your reply; I think they must have changed her level of brainwashing once more! We went out for a walk and ice-cream yesterday, and she was telling me how she was talking to another one of our friends about the ‘business’ and she insisted that even if you happen to NOT make it to the ‘2-5’ year retirement plan in Amway, those in your family will benefit from a residual income developed through your hard work (after many, many years…if not decades, once you’re gone/ YES…YOU GOT OLD AND DIED WITH YOUR AMWAY DREAM)! They actually believe now there’ll be a stock-investment opportunity left over from your prolonged participation in the Amway Global’s program! Continue to 2nd

    7. Hi AnnaBanana
      Thanks for your reply; I think they must have changed her level of brainwashing once more! We went out for a walk and ice-cream yesterday, and she was telling me how she was talking to another one of our friends about the ‘business’ and she insisted that even if you happen to NOT make it to the ‘2-5’ year retirement plan in Amway, those in your family will benefit from a residual income developed through your hard work (after many, many years…if not decades, once you’re gone/ YES…YOU GOT OLD AND DIED WITH YOUR AMWAY DREAM)! They actually believe now there’ll be a stock-investment opportunity left over from your prolonged participation in the Amway Global’s program!
      Also, one of her other friends, while on one of our outings to the city, confide in me that she tricked her into giving up phone numbers from people she new(AN ENTIRE LITTLE BLACK-BOOK WORTH OF NUMBERS), and later suffered the wrath of many of her friends calling her telling her they no longer wanted to be friends with her because a crazy woman called and prospected them for Amway…and not just prospected, but insulted them saying they would die broke and alone because AMWAY is the only way to make a living, and the only way to help people, and if you were not in AMWAY, you were not a person of integrity and morals, just another negative loser whom wanted to not just kill your dreams, but everyone else’s! This girl is certain she’s lost many friendships over this misunderstanding.
      continue 2nd entry-

    8. 2nd entry-I advised her to stay clear of her, and not give up anything worth of info including email addresses, facebook addresses, phone-numbers, addresses…anything that would allow her access to other people! I told her I myself have forbid anyone in my family members from talking to her; I’ve dissected Amway Global to every and each one of my family members. I’ve gone as far as showing the Chris Hanson dateline MBC Quixtar episode, showed them the “Merchants of Deception” book by that Emerald guy. I’ve even gone on youtube to have them view small clips of the conventions, the gatherings, the meetings, anything Amway Global relevant! They have seen this thing to the point of nauseating. Now, whenever she comes by, and starts her Amway-babble (24/7…EVERY FUKING WORD OUT OF HER MOUTH, HOLY-FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) They smirk; whisper silently to each other, and just nod…then walk away of veer their attention to whatever else is in the room (a fly in our soup…hopefully alive, so they can stare at it as it flies away!) She has admitted that her sponsor did insist she make new friends, whom would help her succeed in the ‘business’ , and leave behind her old ones, since those would only speak ‘negative’ of the business, but she insisted she would keep her personal life intact (SHOCKING HUH… THEY BELIEVE WE’LL EVENTUALLY FALL FOR THEIR TRICK), Amway would only be her business life!
      continue with 3rd entry-

    9. continue with 3rd entry-
      I guess she’s still sort of strong-willed, but not completely! She also confide in me that her and her sponsor have been attending personal meetings catered specifically to women, where they have been instructed to better their feminine side. They are being taught how to treat men, how to idolize men, and how to be courted by men. According to the women leading this lecture, there is no such thing as the ‘wrong man’, just the unavailable, undisciplined, aimless woman! Women are not to be more or even equal to men, but the force to drive them to succeed (in other words, stay silent, only praise, and keep them company when asked). She admitted that she herself told the leader of this lecture she didn’t have a clue to even begin to establish herself into this new persona, she not willing to accept something so absurd…she told me she told that woman she strongly believes men aren’t equally capable, and need a woman to take charge, because women are superior (she’s a feminist at heart). As she also wanted to consider the possibility of allowing men the opportunity at being something more in her life than just bystanders or weak elements of nature. THE END-CASSETTE TAPES

    10. Hi Anonymous - thanks for stopping by. Everything you have described is actually how I saw it when my Ambot was immersed in the Amway cult.

      The obnoxious behavior. The sneering. The snide comments directed at people who are not in the Amway cult. Exactly. Seen it all. Unfortunately a lot through my husband's actions and words. Amway cult members turn into horrible people thanks to the brainwashing from the assholes in their upline.

      Amway's head office has instructed their cult followers not to say there is residual income in Amway because it just ain't true. Last year the person who runs Amway head office blog also told ambots not to say there is residual income because it just ain't so. Residual income is a lie told by the assholes in the Amway upline.

      I was unaware Amway had stocks trading either publicly or only available to employees. You'd think that would be something the assholes in our Amway upline would brag about but I've never heard about stock. I thought Amway was a monopoly controlled by the owners and/or their descendents.

      No it is not a willable business. Amway is a pretend business. Amway IBO's do not "own" a business. They are simply commissioned salespeople for Amway. Its like any job. If you die you can't say in your will that you want your son to take your job. Your boss decides who will fill the vacant position. With a commissioned salesperson position you got to have clients. If someone willed an Amway business - and oh I'd be mighty pissed off if someone left that to me in their will! - then that person still has to scramble to Amway meetings and recruit more IBO's and sell Amway products. Ambots never retire. They keep on working because once they quit or die the income dries up.

      Fortunately I never got invited to any Amway "women's club". Us loose women of the 21st century who have no morals!!! Ha ha!! How to be a good little ambot wife. I don't think so. But you described it. Just sit there and smile and nod and look stupid and the husband is the boss and all the other circa 1800 old fashioned Amway male chauvinist pig values.

      I'm assuming your friend is single. I know for us women its a huge turn off if a man is in Amway. I wonder if it works the other way around too?

      Got to channel my alter ego Joecool and think about that one!

    11. Hi Anna Banana
      I downloaded “Merchants of Deception” for myself a while back, sort of a sneak-peek into the hidden world of the ‘top-dogs’! I have to admit that for three days I could not get more than four hours of sleep. The book is outstanding when it comes to captivating the reader. There is no other way to describe the pain I felt through the writer’s personal feelings when it came to his personal isolation from himself. Many times I felt like screaming “YOU FUCKING IDIOT…THEIR TAKING YOUR MONEY, YOUR LIFE, AND YOUR FAMILY”! However, I won’t be able to pass it over to my Scamway-friend, she’s too far-up in the scheme for me to trust her. I’m certain she’ll just pass it up to her upline and their upline. I do not wish for them to ridicule another innocent victim. I’m also certain they’ll go over it during one of their meetings (a show and tell for all the ambots to see what a looser sounds like). I will not give them that sadisfaction. However, I did something better, a few days ago, we were driving in her car to another town (it’s actually her dad’s car…her car broke down two years ago).

    12. This vehicle is a pile of shit; it died on almost every red-traffic light and stop sign! I told her she couldn’t go on like this any longer. She seemed to also agree with me but did not voice it as she knows I’ll jump right on the Scamway-wagon if she even utters one word of agreement. After her drop-off delivery, I convinced her to stop at a Hyundai dealer to test-drive one of their units. From what she was telling me, she loves some of the newly introduced base-models for the 2011 and 2012 years. What shocked me then was she couldn’t even test-drive herself because she’s been driving on an expired license for a while! I test-drove the vehicle for her, and we sat down to work some numbers over with the sales-guy. The three of us didn’t really come to a conclusion in regards to the unit she had chosen (she fell in love with this midnight-blue elantra). I asked her about her credit score, but she was a bit shady about that information and just insisting her bank would back her up 100%! The following day she picked me up to help her close the deal about the car, and surprise-surprise, she had her mother in the car with her! Apparently, she had tried to dump her piece-of-shit (the dead-car at home) car as a trade in, but the title of the vehicle was actually on her grandfather’s name (her grandfather died eight years ago). When we got to the dealership she brought out a case of XS-shit and tried to get the sales-guy to buy it from her in exchange for purchasing the car. He took one look at the price and laughed his ass-off all the way into the business office. After what seemed like hours, she had her mother co-sign for her and the rest I guess she won’t talk about. What I loved was, the fact she only dropped about $2,000 as down-payment for the vehicle ($19,000 worth 2012 elantra). I’m not sure what she’ll be paying in interest but I hope it’s high. She told me she counseled with upline about it and they gave their permission to go ahead with the purchase since that would aid her in meeting more prospects and driving farther to do more meetings and attend more conventions and do more seminars.

    13. As of lately, I’ve begun to see she’s strapped for cash and is not purchasing as much Amway-shit as she used to before the purchase! I’m glad I was able to divert her funds slightly just to give her upline a little grief! Now with the car-debt, she won’t even have enough money to go on conventions (I hope). Oh, by the way, her sponsor (her best-friend/the girl who got her in this shit-business) is no longer attending any meetings! She has only gone to one year-convention, and from what I’ve heard, she’s almost none-existent in anything Amway now. My friend told me her family (she still lives at home) will not endorse this scheme, they’ve told her they will not babysit her four-year old child if she continues in this venture, unless she leaves it and gets a real job! My friend told me she went to speak to them to try to convince them to see Amway for the great opportunity that it was, but they ushered her out of their house! My friend questions me every-now and again to see if I’ve talked with that girl as of lately, she wants to know if we’ve gotten together (she wants to know if I’ve been trying to mess with her Amway-dreams)!

    14. Hi Anonymous - that is pretty funny trying to use a case of XS piss water in exchange for a new car! Those ambots have unrealistic views on everything! I thought for sure she was going to ask you to cosign the car loan!

      She probably couldn't afford to renew her driver's license. Cost about as much as a case of that XS piss water!

      When I read Merchants of Deception I did it pretty much in 2 days too. I was about at the end of the rope with my husband but the book helped me realize that he was really in a cult and had been brainwashed and I was able to move forward with that information. I always suspected the assholes in our Amway upline were lying to us and now I had the proof.

      She lives at home because she can't afford to move out on her own with all her money being sunk into Scamway. I would send her mother a copy of Merchants of Deception because we all know what's going to happen is that she will counsel with upline and skip some car payments to buy Amway products or attend an Amway function and mommy is going to get stuck paying the loan.

    15. You've got that right, Anna. Her upline couldn't care less about her bills or financial situation beyond making sure they get their cut of her money for their crappy products, tools, meetings and functions. And they, of course, will have an answer for everything. "But if I use this month's car payment to go to that convention across the country, my mom will end up having to pay the bill and be furious". "She will get over it when you are a millionaire and buy her a Rolls Royce or two."

      I love how an Ambot enjoys making fun of people with "J.O.B.s" and speak of them being a slave to their boss when they can't see the heavy chains that tie them to their own upline. Trust me, I can go out and buy a car and I certainly don't have to get my boss's permission to do so. I don't "counsel" with my boss on ANY of my purchases or lifestyle.

      They say their upline doesn't "force" them to buy the tools or go to the functions, but like any good brainwashing, the trick is to force someone into something and make them think it was their idea to do it. Yeah, they don't "have" to buy the tools, but the upline makes it quite clear that if they don't then that means they aren't "serious" and they won't do shit to "help" them. Though, the only actual help is the way they "help" themselves to their downline's money.


    16. Hi AnnaBanana

      HAHAHAHA…she probably will, she’ll never be able to leave her parents though! I mean, she’s about to turn thirty and she doesn’t have an approved credit-score from what I could see. How embarrassing, I’ve never needed co-signing from anyone on anything I own. Anyway, we were having a conversation about some friend of hers yesterday, and she was explaining how this individual wanted to borrow money from her because he had heard that she was now a business owner. She also added a family member had also inquired about her ‘independent’ business and was trying to convince her to co-sign for their house…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, YEAH RIGHT! I laughed a little and told her that was ridiculous, no one is considered to co-sign for a house unless they earn a specific amount of money each year, have an approved number of years in this job (and place of residence), and the required down-payment if needed. I may be wrong, but I believe you might also have to prove you have a number of available assets they can get their hands on if either party can’t comply with the mortgage (co-signing for a house isn’t for imaginary-business owners)!

      She herself said, in her own words: “I told him I don’t earn anywhere near $5,000 a year, more or less $50,000”! She added: “But I will soon, I mean I do have over two-thousand employees working for me in Michigan”…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, FUCKING SHIT, SHE BELIEVES AMWAY STAFF IN DIFFERENT AMWAY LOCATIONS ARE HER STAFF…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, FUCKING SCAMWAY LOOSERS! I laughed for a bit and told her those were Amway-staff, people whom get hired, work and get fired by Amway Industries, NOT HER! My words exactly: “You guys are just door-to-door sales-reps, unless you own actual company stocks (and it better be A-LOT of stocks), you’re not really a partial owner of the Amway branches!” She continued to repeat that she indeed owned Amway and those were her employees, and I continued to advice her, those were indeed not her employees, unless she was one of the DeVos Scampigs!

      I hate how these people have such an entitlement issue, they seem to believe that just because you hand out about $700.00 (most definitely more) a month for being an IDIOT, you have the right to act snobby and call yourself whatever you want! One of these days I’m going to get pissed-off enough to go in there and shoot each one of these bastards on the head…IF YOU’RE IN AMWAY, YOU’RE GOING NOWHERE, YOU HAVE NOTHING, YOU’LL NEVER BE ANYTHING, AND YOU’RE HANDING OUT YOUR MONEY THROUGH THE DILDO STUCK UP YOUR ASS…YOU’RE A NO-BODY, PETHATIC WANNABE, AND PETER ISLAND DOESN’T EXIST YOU STUPID BITCH-ASS RETARDS, IT’S AS REAL AS THE VAGINA ON MY ASS!

      Oh yeah…wait for it, wait for it…CASSETTE TAPES!



    18. Dave - yup these are grown adults asking their Amway upline for permission to buy anything. My attitude was fuck you bastards if I need something I'm buying it and tough shit if you throw a hissy fit because I didn't "ask permission" first.

    19. Anonymous - your friend suffers from a failure to launch syndrome and that may partly be due to Amway keeping her broke. Her parents need to show her some tough love and kick her sorry Amway ass out of the house.

      If she had the credit rating to be a co-signer on someone else's mortgage then she would have good enough income to buy her own house. Which she can't if she still lives at home with mommy and daddy at her age.

      Yup Amway ambots have a sense of entitlement. I can't tell you how many ambots show up bragging that Amway made 11 billion dollars last year like they think they're actually going to be getting a hefty portion of that. All they have to do is put in 2 to 5 years of buying Amway products and attending Amway cult meetings and then Amway will automatically bless then with a million dollars in their bank account every year for the rest of their lives just for showing up.

    20. Yeah, that is seriously someone who is out of touch with reality. It's like someone being the graveyard shift janitor at Microsoft and going into Bill Gates' office after hours to sit in the executive chair and put his feet up on the desk while pretending to make big decisions and fire random people who displease him. Then telling everyone how Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar company and he owns it.

      The fantasy world of the pretend "business owner". Where dreams and reality never have to intersect with one another. Sad.


  2. Yeah, it sounds just like an Ambot to use the occasion of a funeral to prospect those paying their respects.

    I wonder if there is a book or CD that teaches them lines to use at a funeral.

    "You know, the mortician could have done a much better job on Grandma Ethyl had they used Artistry products."

    "Speaking of death, did you know that 97% of the people in the world will end up dead and broke unless they take advantage of the great business opportunity I have information about?"

    "Sigh. I'll bet the healthy nutrients of Nutrilite would have kept Uncle Elmer alive another 20 years."

    "If only Grandpa Mulligan had been able to attain all his dreams, I'm sure he would have died a lot happier. By the way, what are YOUR dreams?"

    Ambots, when trying to find a silver lining to their wasted years in Amway, often say "I feel it was a good experience as I've become a more positive, more outgoing person", when in fact it would be what the rest of the world would call "shamelessly obnoxious".


    1. Dave - there probably is an Amway CD about how to prospect at a funeral and those are probably some of the lines an ambot is taught to say to strike up a conversation!

      Pretty sad but that's given me an idea for a topic for another blog post!

      Ambots don't care who they hurt or how obnoxious and inappropriate their behavior is in their greedy quest to get rich quick and receive the adoration of the assholes in their Amway upline.

    2. Dave: Your comments are flat out hilarious! Thanks, I needed a laugh today.


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