Monday, June 25, 2012

Ambot Searchers Finding Anna Banana!

Sometimes I jot down search criteria and then put it together in a post to come up with something to update my blog and I’ve been noting some interesting Internet searchers for the past couple of weeks. Got some Amway sex demons on the loose again. And ambots searching for information that should come from the assholes in their Amway upline as part of their “teaching”. So much for the wonderful teaching and training and mentorship that Scamway brags about when IBO’s have to search for this information on the Internet. The comments in red are mine.

“How to get rid of Amway” - Amway is like a cockroach. You can’t kill it with a rock!

“I have a bottle of Amway product” - well if I were you I wouldn’t go around bragging about it!

“Amway products for 0 sperm count” - now this could really fuck up someone’s day that some Amway asshole is getting the word out that Amway’s products can be substituted for birth control products. The best birth control product is just telling potential sex partners that you’re in Amway and they won’t want nothing to do with you!

“Amway, how to break the brainwashing” - that’s something we’re trying to figure out all the time. All I can do is get the word out and make sure people know how you get treated by the assholes in your upline when you sign up with Amway. Stay away from everyone in Amway!

“Do Amway women go to bars to get laid” - well I guess they gotta go somewhere seeing as how their husbands are too busy attending Amway cult meetings and hanging out with their Amway buddies and not interested in anything unless its got something to do with Amway.

“Amway mattress” - the shipping costs on that bastard must be HUGE!!!

“Amway function June USA” -  I believe the function is in July.

“What is double eagle in Amway” - just another miserable fucking asshole in Amway who’s out to destroy your life.

“Julie Duncan Amway sex tape” - To quote Amway IBO’s - who cares????

“How to terminate Communikate” - hey this searcher made a rhyme!

“Dean Kosage fraud” - I know I’ve never written a post about this so someone must have left a comment that picked up on the search engine.

“Amway cash back” - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Ok that’s enough laughing for today!

“What is an Amway grand opening” - its a fucking waste of time and money to “announce” your business to your friends and family. Don’t do it!

“Ganesh and Neha Shenoy split reason” - yup some fucking nosy ambot looking for stuff thats none of their business.

“Artistry cosmetics” - yup I’m high on the search engines for this information.

“Amway WWDB” - yup still high on the search engines!

“Scamway” - yup come here to find out how we got scammed by Amway Scamway.

“Why did Ganesh and Neha Shenoy divorce” - oh and about a couple dozen other versions of this so this will be the last Shenoy quote I refer to in this post. Bunch of fucking nosy Amway ambots can’t mind their own business.

“Amway new car” - unlikely. Ambots drive shitmobiles that are ready to fall apart on the way to the next Amway cult meeting.

“Debbie and David Shores home foreclosure” - Again a topic I’ve never posted about so someone must have mentioned something in comments. One of the joys of being high on the search engines for just about everything related to Amway.

“Amway horror stories” - Yup my blog is full of these!

“Amway cult” - Yup I talk about the Amway cult my husband was in and the assholes we had to put up with.

“Amway sex products” - yup lots of ambot interest because they ain’t getting any. Thats what happens when you’re in a cult. Total turn off for your partner!

“Married to an Ambot rules!” - ha ha! Love it! Thanks for the shout out!

“Amway brainwash” - I talk about that on my blog all the time how my husband was brainwashed by the upline assholes in his Amway WWDB cult.

“Amway families cult” - another distressed person needing information on this horrible cult.

“Amway sex” - over and over and over and over.........

“How to get somebody out of Amway” - yup get plenty of people ending up at my blog after doing a similar type search

“No one can steal my dream” - not sure if this is an Amway ambot or not. What you gonna do if someone steals your dream? Call the cops and arrest them for theft? Dumb ass search.

“Amway what is CDs does” - hunh? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

“Procedure of cancellation of Amway member” - does someone want to cancel an Amway member permanently like kill them or is this just a roundabout way of finding out how to quit Amway.

“Amway tax evasion” - yup that is what Amway is all about!

“Boise Idaho Amway convention” - come here to find that information because its real hard to find anywhere else on the Internet.

“How to sell Amway products online” - Are you allowed to do that? Doesn’t that compete with Amway’s web page and they are already selling products online? Sounds like somebody better check their bullshit Amway contract.

“Double X sex” - what is it with ambots thinking Double X is good for sex? The best thing for sex is to get the hell out of Amway!

“Amway Nutrilite product for sperm growth” - don’t believe it! Just another lie told by an Amway asshole to get you to buy their shitty overpriced products.

“Amway teams and married couples and sex” - OK whatever turns your crank.

“Fuck Amway family reunion” - Hey my alter ego is out there somewhere! My sentiments exactly!

“Amway Ribbon product is crap” - oh come on now call it like it is. Its shit!

“Amway asshole” - Yup I talk about the assholes in our Amway upline all the time!

“Amway dog food” - I get a lot of searchers who end up hearing about how my dogs ate this food and churned out Great Dane sized dog shit. Big enough dog shit that it clogged our toilet. Each dog filled - and I mean FILLED - at least 10 baggies a day while we were feeding them shitty Amway dog food.

“Make me an IBO” - why the fuck would you want one?

“Does Amway have a car bonus?” - Ha ha!!!! Thanks for the laugh!

“Amway makes you retire” - Nope. But Amway does make you file for bankruptcy or make your partner file for divorce.

“How to say get fucked in ibo” - surely you mean igbo? If you really mean IBO they’ll fuck you over for sure!


  1. Very funny searches (and responses).

    I read an article in Yahoo today that made me think of Amway. Although it was talking about a different scam (sweepstakes scams that target the elderly), there was so much in it that sounded like how Ambots get "hooked" into the scam and reality and reason seems to evaporate as they turn a deaf ear to their family trying to warn them and talk logic with them.

    Here is the link if anyone wanted to read the story:

    Like I said, even though it wasn't Amway itself, so much of the sleazy, lying trickery and pretending to be "friendly" at the same time as being pushy, is there and found in Amway, as well. All scams ... Amway included ... have plenty of similarities in how they operate and manipulate people's minds.


    1. Dave - thanks for the link. We've all heard of scams like this. People in Amway aren't the only scammers out there. The similarity is that no one in these scams get rich. In the Amway cult its about brainwashing the followers to believe that they will be rich one day in 2 to 5 years when all the ambots are doing is making the owners of Amway richer by buying their products and making the Diamonds richer by buying their motivational tools and paying to attend meetings.

  2. Hey Anna,

    I want to thank you the awesome blog!

    My friend for many years now have been involved with WWDB/Amway and due to the stress he was causing in my life I had to exclude him out of my life. The red flags for me started when he referred to these meetings as 'sessions' and later 'business opportunity' and 'entrepreneurship'

    Then I started to notice the change in behavior. He went from a pretty easy-going guy with strong beliefs in Buddhism to posting motivational pictures on his facebook about 'positiveness!' and 'dreams are possible!'

    When I confronted him about my concerns and asked him point blank if they warned him about how people like me or family will try to 'bring him down' he replied with a 'yes they did' I knew he was in too deep.

    Reading this blog really helped me see that for now I can't do anything for him. Probably not till he realizes how much money he's losing.

    Again thanks for the blog! Keep writing and I'll keep reading!

    1. Hi Anonymous - thanks for stop by. Glad you're enjoying my blog!

      The Amway cult changes peoples personalities which is why you've noticed the change in behavior. My husband turned into an ugly sneering insulting Amway demon and I've heard similar comments from other wives of ambots.

      Ambots do stress out other people because their only mission in life is to sign up other people to be Amway IBO's, get people to attend Amway meetings, and buy Amway products. When people don't want nothing to do with the Amway shit the ambot takes out their anger on them. Who wants to be around an Amway asshole like that? Not me!

      For all the Amway bullshit about being positive, ambots are the most negative people I've ever met.

      You didn't say how long your friend has been involved in Amway but 95% of IBO's quit in 2 years. Its hard to justify to everyone else why they keep at it when they're losing a lot of money. By that point they've probably maxed out their credit cards and drained their bank accounts so the well is dry and they can't contribute any more money to their great Amway gods and thats when they quit and try to rebuild their lives.

    2. Hey,

      That 95% dropout rate (for context, he's been involved for 2 years now)is comforting. Might be a bit tough for him to get out though because his roommate is involved with the cult as well.

      Hard to get out of something when there's someone with you enabling that behavior. :(

    3. Anonymous - when they've got nothing left to give to the Amway gods and they've got no money left to survive on they quit. No one in Scamway will loan them money to get by on because none of them have it either. Amway's literature says .0726% of IBO's or some similar number are grossing 80k. Their Amway expenses may be around 4k or 5k a month. That's less than 1% of IBO's who make money in Amway.

      And yes it would be difficult to quit when the rommate is in the cult and enabling the behavior. Find a new roommate? Losers like to hang out with other losers and pump themselves up with lies about how they're winners and going to be rich one day.

    4. The thing that really shows the power of a cult and mind control is the way they can twist a person's mind to put more trust into someone they just met over family and friends who they have known and trusted for so many years (if not all their lives). Suddenly this new "friend" and influence can get them to consider people they used to trust as "enemies" who only want to take away their dreams and hopes. And that is the only product Amway really gives... dreams and hopes. Empty illusions they paint with excited, breathless spiels of untold riches and material gain for those who will follow them without question and do exactly as they are told without "negative" thinking. And once hooked on the dream drug, nothing friends and loved ones say can make them see any reality other than the phony reality spun by the upline con men.


    5. Dave - that is one of the really disturbing things about the Amway cult. Why the hell is my husband listening to these assholes that he barely knows who are telling him to buy this that and then more of the same instead of listening to me who is saying didn't you fucking get it the first time around. Amway is a SCAM! We're going to lose money again. The credit card debt is going to go through the roof again. Why the hell would he listen to his fucking asshole friend who I have never liked and never had anything to do with and is one of the biggest troublemaking bastards I've ever met in my life instead of me. Stay away from that asshole! He's trouble! Amway the cult that brainwashes its followers into becoming greedy bastards driven by an all consuming frenzy to acquire material possessions.

    6. What I find interesting (especially so after reading about it) is how when confronted about the cult the cult members are programmed to say certain phrases and try to manipulative the conversation into another area without actually addressing the issue.

      Case in point, when confronted my friend loved to keep saying:

      'I'm not offended' (sure you're not...)
      'I don't judge you on not believing' (hahaha yea you do)
      'well are you happy with your job?' repeated about x5 times

    7. Anonymous - tactics that Amway cult members use are denial and distraction. Its how they avoid the truth.

  3. Hi AnnaBanana

    Thanks for your blog, please never go away! Many will need your blog once they’ve been cured from this infection. Anyway, my brother joined this thing a few weeks ago, and he’s planning to bring Amway products to our 4th of July barbecue this upcoming week. So far he’s been talking to everyone in the family about this stint. No one really listens, they know to stay away…I’ve spread the rumor beforehand. He was told by some of our family members that he should keep his Amway products and testimonials to himself. Most of us in the family don’t deal with money scams that well!

    I have a question for you, when will this Amway-disease wear-off? He’s really starting to creep me out; he’s no longer the same person I grew up with. He no longer has interesting conversations, he doesn’t want to do anything other than go to meetings or find prospects, or travel to out-of-town conventions. He no longer shops at the grocery store, and he’s constantly eating those bars and that bottled water they sell. He bad-mouths everything that is not Amway…I’m scared a bit. I have to admit I’m a bit tearful as I write this message; we used to be so close when younger. Now he barely even looks at me, nonetheless talks to me, unless it’s one of his usual pitches to try and convince me in regards to anything about this business. He looks so tired all the time, and he’s always secretive when it deals with specific details about the venture. He becomes uncomfortable when you ask normal business-questions that you need in order to make a wise decision about becoming or not becoming an Independent Entrepreneur.

    This is greatly upsetting to me; I never imagined something like this would hit my family! I hate this company; they took my brother and turned him into something I can barely recognize! I don’t know if he’s loosing money yet, I did hear he has been late on his rent a few times now.

    I just hope this blows over soon.

    A concerned sister

    1. Hi concerned sister. I'm sorry that Amway has invaded your household. Everything you've described about your brother is exactly how ambots are. People in Amway are creepy, they have no outside interests, they only want to talk about Amway, they have personality changes for the worse, they lie, they're secretive, they're tired all the time because they have to stay up late at night being brainwashed by the Amway cult leaders.

      You forgot to mention that he's probably sneering at everyone in your family that has a job and calling them losers because they're not business owners.

      Being brainwashed into the Amway cult is like having some kind of mental disorder. And I really do think that a lot of people in Amway or used to be in Amway have some kind of mental disorder whether or not it is previously known to them.

      Most IBO's quit Amway inside a year. They eventually figure out they're not making money and nobody wants to come to their Amway meetings so they can't sign people up. Some take longer. When they try to quit their upline Amway cult leader will mock them and call them a loser and quitter and convince them they can't quit now not when success is right around the corner and convince them that they should go to at least one more Amway function.

      Unfortunately ambots flock to BBQs to flog their shitty Amway products. If your brother is hosting a BBQ or a "grand opening" sometime in the near future - stay away. Its all part of the Amway scam! If this BBQ is being held at someone's house instead of a park or beach then you need to get the houseowner on board and get them to make sure your brother understands that no Amway products are to come onto the premises. Though he'll still probably bug the shit out of everyone talking about Amway.

      Tough love. There was a woman who stopped by my blog last year who had to kick out her son or her step-son I don't really recall which. He was around 21 years old and really disrespectful to everyone in the household as is part of the Amway teaching and training system. You might have to go that route and tell him you don't want to see him until he quits Amway. Eventually he'll quit. 95% of IBO's do. The Amway business opportunity has a 99% failure rate.

      If you haven't already downloaded a free copy of Merchants of Deception you should do so to better understand the cult and the brainwashing your brother is going through. Its horrifying and its a real eye opener. Written by a former Emerald who I think was in Amway for around 10 years and who had about 1000 people in his downline and earning around 30 - 35k. And drowning in debt.

    2. If your brother is missing rent payments, then he is already falling into debt. It doesn't take long when considering the cost of everything they are expected to buy each month. At least $300 for their PV (stuff that would cost half of that, if not more, at Costco), "tools for success", such as rah-rah brainwashing CD's and books, fees for meetings, buying food and coffee for their worshiped upline, gas and travel and a lot more if he goes out of town to a "once in a lifetime" convention, that's where he really will shell out a ton of dough. (Funny how often they have those "once in a lifetime" conventions). And if he's lucky, he'll get in return a ten dollar bonus check. Oooooo, ahhhhh!

      Here's hoping he wakes up and realizes he's being scammed eventually. There's not much you can do for him at this point. Those who are brainwashed are deaf to voices of logic and reason. The brainwashing teaches them to tune them out. You could have pages of statistics and graphs showing the flaw of their "perfect plan". Doesn't matter. Which is why he is evasive in regards to reality business questions in regards to Amway. They focus only on "dreams", not truth and real life.

      I'll keep my fingers crossed that he has his personal wake up call sooner rather than later and he regains his own mind and personality. Hang in there, the odds are in your favor as the vast majority of "gung-ho" Ambot newbies will snap out of the fog once reality becomes too obvious to ignore.


    3. Concerned sister,

      Thanks you guys, I really appreciate the support and I love the fact there's a blog going on on this topic. I wonder what people did for moral-support before the internet?

      Also, thank you AnnaBanana for the courage to start this blog on your Platinum-upline. You're truly god-send! Thank you Dave for the reassurance and hope. I agree with you, I hope he sees the light before it all gets pitch-dark for him sooner than later!

      I just feel sad now because it's begun to feel as if he's lost his soul! I know it sounds weird, but I feel these people have taken away his soul. He's just a shell with a re-run tape that's just programmed every now and then! He almost never has anything new to say, he just goes on and on about why the rest of the world is going bankrupt and why now more than ever everyone should look to Amway Global as the answer to all our problems. He even claims he knows someone whom earns $50,000 a week and assures everyone he'll be in that boat in less than three months!

      Who are these people, and why are they lying to ignorant individuals like my brother when they know DAMN well how vulnerable they are! No one earns that type of money without already having it!

    4. Concerned sister - that was one of the reasons I started writing this blog to help others in similar situation except I was seeing wives but the reality is I have all kinds of Amway victims coming by my blog.

      Its the anger I feel towards my upline and complaints to Amway doing nothing that I took to the Internet to get our story out there and make sure everyone knows about the abuse inside the Amway cult. Financial and emotional. I take great pleasure in cursing out my upline and at the same time I'm cursing out everyone's upline so people can live through me because I'm saying what they want to say!

      That's why people in Amway are called ambots. They are shells of their former selves. Programmed Amway robots who can only quote their upline. Their opinions are those of their upline. That's part of the brainwashing process.

      Nobody in Amway earns $50,000 a week except the owners of the company and their heirs! Ask to see financial statements or copies of tax returns. They won't show them claiming they're private and personal. Nope. When you're selling a business or a business plan you have to show that it is a profitable business otherwise they won't buy in. Amway's a pyramid scheme. They also write off all their Amway expenses against their employment income from their job so they can get a tax refund - about the only way you can make money in Amway. The problem is the IRS is on to Amway and doing audits and IBO's are ending up in big trouble.

      If you think you can keep a straight face ask your brother what products Amway has to stop sperm leaking. Somebody keeps ending up at my blog after searching for that. Oh and if your brother asks you what your dreams are, tell him you want to star in and produce porn movies. Ambots are huge prudes so that will shock him.

      Good luck!


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