Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Waking Up When I’m Not Done Sleeping

Last night was one of those nights when I kept waking up. I couldn’t stay asleep. I finally woke up just after 6am an ungodly hour of the day for me. I’ll probably go outside and lie down on the lounge chair with a book and end up falling asleep in the sun and then I’ll really be groggy for the rest of the day!

At the many Amway meetings I attended the cult leader speaking to the group would say something to the effect of “wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning when you’re done sleeping”. I know I heard our sack of shit Platinum said that at every Scamway meeting that his wife gets up once she’s done sleeping. Sounds a little irresponsible when you have school age children. Their kids were teenagers - a boy and a girl - I think about 13 and 14 at the time. Does mom not want to make sure the kids are getting themselves out of bed on time, eating a decent breakfast, packing a lunch, and making sure they get out the door? Would Platinum dad be doing all this? Unlikely. That asshole is a male chauvinist pig and childcare he would put under the category of “woman’s work”. In which case his wife is very likely getting out of bed when the sack of shit shakes her awake and says “you’re done sleeping. Get up now! I want my fucking breakfast!”

The main reason the Platinum says his wife gets out of bed when she’s done sleeping is to sneer at the downline who have jobs and set their alarm clock daily and get out of bed in time to get to work.

“Wake up when you’re done sleeping” is something I have a hard time getting my head wrapped around. First off most parents who have school age children don’t laze around in bed and get up when they’re “done sleeping”. Maybe - and that’s a big maybe depending on how mature and responsible the kid is - once the kid is a junior or senior and is capable of getting themselves out of bed on time, dressed, eat breakfast and off to school. Parents who have younger children need to get them out of bed, dressed, prepare breakfast, fix a lunch bag, and walk them to school unless there are older siblings who can walk with the younger child. Its my guess that most stay at home parents wake up by at least 7am. They probably don’t go back to bed once everyone is out the door either.

Unless of course you’re a lazy ass IBO who is following the upline’s advice about not getting out of bed until you’re done sleeping.

Unlike what the Amway assholes say about wouldn’t it be nice not to have to wake up to an alarm clock every morning I very rarely set my alarm clock. If I set my alarm its because I have somewhere to be early. Alarm clock or not I’d say that I very rarely wake up when I’m “done sleeping”. Like today for example! I ain’t done sleeping yet! So I’m working on a blog post!

Just because Platinums and Diamonds praise the value of staying in bed until you’re “done sleeping” doesn’t mean its something everyone aspires to do and not something that is necessarily practical. I guess none of them ever heard of Benjamin Franklin and “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily go to bed early though since we’re no longer in Amway I’m able to get to bed before midnight. Does it make me healthy waking up early? When I get up I walk the dog, have something light to eat, and then I either swim or do yoga. Healthy enough I suppose. Or healthier than lying around in bed until I’m “done sleeping”.

Let’s compare that to an Amway IBO. Say the lazy bastard hauls ass out of bed around noon. They go to the kitchen to prepare a meal of an energy drink, food bar, and vitamins. Next will probably be checking email, text messages, and making lots of phone calls. Next thing its late in the afternoon and the laundry and housecleaning aren’t done. What about yard work? When was the last time the lawn was mowed or the garden weeded? Who’s got time for that? Now its time for counselling with downline because they’re starting to get off work now and then the 8pm board plan meeting and the night owl. Arrive back home around 2am and do it all over again the next day.

Lying around in bed is a waste of time to many people. I’ve always gone with the philosophy that the quicker I can get things done the quicker I can relax. Even though I can lay around in bed until noon if I wanted I don’t do it because the day is getting away from me.

Waking up when I’m done sleeping does not work for me.

Neither does waking up when I’m not done sleeping!

But I still press on.

At least I’m not an Amway asshole who lies around in bed half the day because of a feeling of entitlement because that’s what the upline tells them to aspire to - get up when they’re done sleeping.


  1. This certainly doesnt jibe with the "dress for success - image is everything" mantra of scamway. I figured they'd be more like the "get up at 5am each day" type. Can you picture anyone who rolls out of bed at 10am each day a roaring success? Anyone? Get your stories straight ambots. -M

    1. M- nothing about the Amway cult is typical of a normal legitimate business. No ambot that I know of took out a business license, bought small business insurance, had a business plan, made profit and loss statements, etc.

      Pretend business owners pretending to own their "own" business instead of accepting they are commissioned Amway salespeople following their rules and policies for meager commissions.

      Real business owners get up early and either plan their day out or get rolling. And then they don't stop until the work is all done. Real business owners don't wake up when they're done sleeping. Thats what lazy ass ambots to aspire to because its what their cult leaders brainwash them into believing is their right as an Amway IBO.

  2. The idea of "waking up when you're done sleeping" is probably a pretty juicy carrot to dangle in front of a bunch of sleep-deprived Ambots--the better to brainwash you, my dear!--who've been kept up 'til all hours for Night Owl meetings and the like.


    1. Chelsea - the Amway upline cult leaders keep the ambots sleep deprived because its easier to brainwash a tired mind. Those ambots must look forward to the day when they can finally sleep in. Try quitting Amway and then you'll have enough money to take a vacation and sleep in. You can sleep in anytime when there's no cult leader riding your ass to get out of bed!

  3. I've been reading the site a bit for the last few months. To be honest it's probably the only one of it's kind. girlfriend I saw myself with got snatched up by Amway at a local Target. I went to a few meetings with her to be supportive. Then the cross country trips to whatever they are called. the big events with "diamonds" began. I still tried to be supportive but felt the rift beginning. Then the day happened. She told me she couldn't stay with someone who's not in the "business" I got dumped because she thought over priced cleaning products and energy drinks were better worth her time. Ouch.

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for reading my blog. Yeah my blog is different than the others that focus more on the business side of Amway and why its a bad business opportunity. And although I bring that up I deal with the emotional damage that this evil cult does to people and the assholes I had to deal with in Amway and the upline abuse. The kind of stuff current ambots want to sweep under the rug and deny exists.

      Sorry about your girlfriend. That's one reason I call WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards because all they're out to do is destroy people's lives. Over 99.5% of IBOs will not make money in Amway so they take out their frustration in destroying other people's happy lives. Sick bastards that they are. I know what you mean you want to be supportive but you know there is no way in hell that this pyramid scheme is going to pan out. The only people getting rich are at the top of the pyramid and the bulk of their income is mostly due to ticket sales to Amway functions not from commission on selling Amway products.

      Your girlfriend's Amway upline brainwashed her and convinced her not to stick with some "loser" who is not in Amway. The Amway cult leaders have to separate their followers from anyone in their lives who can reason with them and make them see the truth that they will never make money in this scam. If that IBO quits then that dries up a money stream for them. Can't risk it so they'll destroy the relationship. You can be pretty sure the Amway cult leaders told your girlfriend that she's going to go really big in Amway and make lots of money and once she's rich thanks to Amway she doesn't need you around taking all her money from her. That's what the Amway upline is for!

      Its incredible that people can be brainwashed into believing that shitty overpriced Amway products and the assholes in their Amway upline are more important than their friends and family. This has come up a couple of times recently so I'm probably going to write a post about it.

      And you're right. Ouch it does hurt when your significant other puts more worth into XS piss water and useless cleaning products than in a long term relationship.

    2. Thanks for the awesome reply Anna. The ex was nice enough to come by to download some pictures I was keeping on my computer. Only to let me know she had started dating someone her upline had introduced her to. This week keeps getting better and better.

    3. Yet another relationship ruined by the Amway cult.

      Anna is right. Amway teaches their brainwashed flock that anyone who might have influence outside of their cult are losers and inferiors who should be ignored, shunned, mocked and cast out of their lives. Like in religious cults (where they tell their followers that Satan will try to take them off their path to heaven through family and friends who "don't understand"), Amway also fears anyone who could break the brainwashed spell they have over their Ambots. Cults do not want their minions to regain their ability to think for themselves and see how they are being used and manipulated. They call any sort of thought that is outside of their control "stinkin' thinkin' ". They push a childlike principle that one has to only wish and dream of something to happen without any sort of logical or critical thinking to make it happen. Like it will magically make it come to pass, like Santa Claus.

      Sorry to hear that your girlfriend got hooked on the dream drug. One day she will wake up and realize that the only thing she has accomplished with "the business" is losing her shirt. Most people realize this within 2 to 3 years. Though some deeper into the system of brainwashing lose all touch with reality and for years and years still believe that riches are "just around the corner", despite all proof to the contrary. Mind control is a powerful thing, as you have discovered by this loss.

      Good luck to you as you move on.


    4. Anonymous - That was nice of you to let her download pictures from your computer. I would have told her to come back when she's no longer in Amway and download the photos then.

      That was a pretty lousy thing for her to do but do you suppose she was already involved with this ambot while seeing you? That's the kind of sneaky behavior that people in Amway specialize in.

      You just have to move in and find a girlfriend who is not in a cult. There's a fellow who leaves comments here from time to time who had the same problem. His girlfriend was the ambot and he tried to be supportive but couldn't put up with the change in her behavior or the assholes in her Amway upline and he has a new girlfriend now and life is better.

      Really you don't need the misery the Amway cult will bring to your life.

    5. Although it hurts now, Anna is correct that life will get better. Being with anyone who is inside a cult, if you are not equally brainwashed into it, you will always be an "outsider" to them. You will always come second to what the upline in the cult say or want. One of my cousins in Canada who got caught in a religious cult became very adversarial to his wife and family. He told them they were going to hell (nice, eh?). He tithed 30% of his earnings to the cult. And they always came first. Even if food ran out, bills weren't paid, etc. He didn't care about his wife's opinion or needs. He saw anyone outside of the cult, including her, as inferior and contemptible.
      And that is what life would be living with a cult member. In the long run, you will find happiness, which would have alluded you being with someone who has given their heart and soul to scammers.


  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the good advice. Anna, I doubt she was seeing this guy on the side really not her MO, despite the Amway call. To be honest I had kind of prepared myself for it (felt it coming for a month or so) so the sting wasn't all that bad. I really feel bad for her... she's just the kind of person who is never going to be happy with herself. That's the one thing I'll always regret.


    1. Evan - if your ex is not the kind of person who is ever going to be happy with herself then she is never going to be happy with you no matter how hard you try. Her and her new ambot boyfriend will end up making each other's lives miserable because they have no money and no privacy because they have to spend all their free time devoted to Amway or their upline. Then one of them will want to quit Amway and then they'll break up.

      Amway destroys relationships.


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