Friday, June 15, 2012

Recent Search Criteria to Land On Married to an Ambot

My blog is pretty high on the search engines for just about anything related to Amway so I decided to put down what some of my searchers have been using to end up at my blog over the past day. Followed by my thoughts on that search!

“sex sex sex Amway big” - those Amway bastards ain’t getting sex because being in Amway is such a huge turn off that they gotta head to the Internet for their sex fixes

“XS energy drinks” - what can I say? Piss water!!!!

“Amway IBO” - seems a little on the tame side as far as searchers go

“Brad Wolgamott affair” - mind your own business you fucking nosy ambots!

“how to quit the Amway website” - how about just stop visiting there? Don’t click the link!

“Ron Puryear scandal” - I can’t nail down only one

“Platinum level income Amway” - whatever amount the lying sack of shit tells you. They lying Amway assholes like to throw around $100,000. They’re losing money though they won’t admit it - fake it till you make it!

“Amway summer conference 2012” - yup see Anna Banana for your Amway info cause its top secret info that you won’t get out of WWDB or Amway!

“Equipo Vision Amway scam” - I believe this is a Spanish speaking Amway cult.

“Amway Boise 2012” - yup still number one for ambots to find their info!

“Inspiring letters from Amway Platinums” - oh excuse me while I puke!!!!! Ha ha ha!!!!

“go to hell Amway” - Impossible! Amway is already there!!!!

“Amway CDs for sale” - why the fuck would you want one????

“Family Reunion WWDB 2012 location” - at least ambots can find that info from my blog because its very hard to find from their cult leaders or anywhere else on the Internet. Top secret location for big cult meeting!

“fuck Amway” - yup that searcher came to the right place!

“Amway Double X” - yup we’ve discussed this one a few times. Puke city!

“WWDB is a scam” - you got that right!

“Amway sex” - yawn!

“We hate Amway” - usually the searchers just say “I hate Amway” so I got a tag team here

“my wife is an ambot” - ooh, I feel for you guy. Maybe you should write a blog too giving the male perspective. You are in the minority. Usually its the husband who is the ambot.

“how do I cancel Communikate” - yup we have that covered here too!

“Amway free gift” - ha ha ha!!! Now there’s a laugh. And was a topic of a post I wrote so this search comes up often.

“quit IBO” - I ain’t quitting you!!!!

“Can I quit Amway through the website” - Amway makes it very difficult for IBO’s to figure out how to quit. The simple way is to stop buying Amway shit, stop attending Scamway meetings, and don’t renew your membership at the end of the year. Its not like you get a refund on your membership fee for the unused portion for the rest of the year.

“Ganesh Shenoy divorce” or various themes on that. A lot of nosy ambots out there.

“fuck Amway” - or did I already cover that one. Get it a lot from my searchers!

“kicked out of Amway” - oh you should be so lucky!!!

“Amway school sex” - Amway has schools for sex classes? Holy shit! Just one of those things you don’t really want to know about!


  1. Hi Anna: I wonder why that Ambot, Jonathan is no longer posting on your blog. I can think of two possible reasons. One is he can't make a firm case for building a Scamway business, because everyone loses money while in it and will not divulge documents like income and expense sheets, Schedule C and other income tax return information regarding his so called business. Another possible is his upline told him not to visit negative websites and blogs like yours, because they wasted his valuable time, which could be used toward building his business. ;). I must confess he really has the spiel down pat. He really was able to put it across well on the blog. No Dice Jonathan! Come out and debate like a man Jonathan, you coward! Prove to me you and everyone in your organization is profitable! You gave up so quickly Jonathan. What ever happened to tenacity and persistence?

    1. Hi David. Ambot Jonathan also deleted his posts on my other blog Amway - The Dream or the Scheme!

      Yup probably one of those 2 reasons was why he came back to delete. His posts were just the usual brainwashed canned amspeak bullshit laid out a lot more politely and coherently than most ambots who stop by here. He was in Amway once before a few years ago and claims he didn't put the work in and that's why he didn't make it but now that its round 2 he's fired up and going big. Gee where have I heard that one before? From the Amway assholes in our upline who fed that shit to my husband! Hopefully Jonathan will wise up in the next few months and not renew his 2013 Amway membership fee because I can pretty much guarantee his wife will be fed up with Scamway very soon. Losing money to the scam and not spending any time together and all the other bullshit that goes along with being brainwashed in this cult.

      If nothing else I hope he took my advice to download a free copy of Merchants of Deception and read it

  2. You-"She showed the plan to 1000 people and never made a dime."
    Me-"Did she sell anything?"
    You-"A few things here and there."
    Me-"How did she expect to make any money?"
    You-"They say you need to get other people 'in' the business and they'll sell for you."
    Me-"Ok...that's not how business works. You need to sell something."
    You-"But I'm not a salesperson, and neither is she."
    Me-"Then I guess you're stuck working for somebody else forever."
    You-"but I could own my own business doing something else."
    Me-"Then do it already! But be prepared for people to say what a scam you are and how much you suck. That's just one small price to pay for greatness."

    Maybe Amway is a scam, maybe it's not. But if I sell 100 widgets and make $1 on each widget, then I made money. If I simply showed a few people how my business works and didn't get them to buy a widget, then I'm just another idiot like all those people who blame everything and everyone else who couldn't "get it work" for them. But that's just it, they were so concerned with getting something to work that they forgot to actually get TO work on something.


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